Informational Blog Entries About Wonder Girls
The following are a list of blog entries which I think is informational and will enhance your understanding of the Wonder Girls on the whole regardless of whether you are new to them or a hardcore fanatic again. Feel free to suggest any additions that I might have overlooked. (Sorted by most recent at top)

We Are the Wonder Girls

Best UFOtown replies from the Wonder Girls
Wonder Girls Message to Wonderfuls 081119
Reasons Why Wonder Girls Deserve Their Success

Reasons Why We Love the Wonder Girls
Reasons Why Min Sun Ye is the Leader of the Wonder Girls
Words of Thanks from Wonder Girls to 2AM & 2PM

Self Composed Song By Ye Eun Sparks Interest
Words of Thanks from 2PM to Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls 24 So Hot Promotion Outfits
Dae Sung and Ye Eun, the unlikeliest idols in this world
Wonder Girls Ye Eun Honor Student in College Too
So Hee and Sun Mi Were Rivals Before Debut
So Hee, Sun Mi and Yoo Bin Looking Pretty Without Makeup
Wonder Girls, “We Don’t have Princess Complex”
Sun Mi, So Hee, Yoo Bin Express Regrets About School Life
Wonder Girls, “Vocal Problems? We Are Working On It”
Wonder Girls Too Popular for their Own Good?
Wonder Girls Learning English Diligently to Break Into Overseas Markets
Wonder Girls So Hot Known Worldwide Thanks to Youtube

Happy 16th Birthday to Mandu Pie Ahn So Hee
Sun Ye Crying and Saying, “Thank you Grandma”
Ye Eun says “I’m Not Good At Maths…”, 86 points is doing badly?
Happy Sweet 16th Birthday to HyunA

Happy Sweet 19th Birthday to our Park Oppa
Ye Eun Has Never Skipped a Lesson in University
Happy Sweet 16th Birthday to 4-Dimensional Girl Sun Mi

Next stop, Wonderland

Sun Mi & So Hee First Day in High School = Chaos!!!
Story behind individual group member success in idol groups

So Hee troubled childhood revealed
Ye Eun reveals her study method, learn from the top student!
How Wonder Girls individual nicknames came about
Ye Eun is a bookworm

Wonder Girls ideal man
MTV Wonder Girls, most successful local production in recent times
So Hee is not just a pretty face
So Hee looks upon Sun Ye as a sister she can trust
JYP reveals Wonder Girls strengths and weaknesses
Wonder Girls reveals the body part they are unsatisfied with
Sun Ye, Sun Mi & Ye Eun sad stories

Wonder Girls & So Nyeo Shi Dae are best friends
Wonder Girls then and now
Wonder Girls before their debut
4 Dimensional Sun Mi – The Stages Of A Wonder Girl
The Wonder Girls story so far…
Ex-Wonder Girl, HyunA will always be part of Wonder Girls


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  1. i really feel that wonder girls , you girls are really special . hope all of you good luck ….
    hope will see wonder girls live next month when i go korea ..

  2. Hi,

    I am a professor in Ajou University, Korea. Currently I am writing a book chapter which is a part of the book “Systems Biology for Signaling Networks”. The systems biology is a relatively new field which focuses on systematic analysis of biological networks.

    I was looking for an example to easily explain this area to the students and found presenting the picture of Wonder Girls in this web site can be a good way to start. So, could you please allow me to use the picture (the second from the top, which shows whole bodies of the members)? The web source will be also presented with this figure. If you need further information I will provide. I appreciate it.


    Sangdun Choi
    Sangdun Choi, Ph.D.
    Department of Molecular Science and Technology, Ajou University, Suwon, 443-749, Korea

    Tel: Int + 82-31-219-2600
    All three of us knew HE knew, but the game had to be played.

  3. Hi, I really like this space it has a lot of information which is useful with updates too. I like the Wonder Girls I think they are a good group. I wonder when they will be releasing a new album?

  4. Hello!
    I require a little help & was wondering if you could give it.
    I am very new to wordpress and was wondering, you know the columns over here –> –>

    How do you put a seperate one up, like you have done with the Sun Ye & Snowman & Comment Policy?

    I know that you’re extremely busy but I’d really appreciate it if you just left me a tip or two back at my wordpress which should be linked by my name.
    Thank you & Happy Holidays!

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