Ex-Wonder Girl, HyunA will always be part of Wonder Girls

Ex-Wonder Girl member Kim HyunA has got into the high school of Korean National University of Fine Arts becoming Sun Ye’s junior. HyunA got her admission notice on December 3rd and blogged about her latest developments on her minihompy. She also posted pictures of her school life. There were many notes left on her minihompy to congratulate her and best wishes. HyunA expressed that, “Although I have left the group (Wonder Girls), I hope to continue developing my singing career, that’s why I chose this school. I had discussed this with Sun Ye and listened to her opinion before deciding on this.”

HyunA had left the group in July 2007 citing health reasons. Wonder Girls had expressed in a recent interview that even though she (HyunA) has left the group, she will always be part of the Wonder Girls. Songs in their first album, “The Wonder Years” like “Irony“, “Mianhan Maeum” plus many others will retain HyunA’s voice in them. Her portion will not be deleted nor re-recorded.

Even though HyunA left for health reasons, she was the founding member of the Wonder Girls afterall, and without her, there will not be Wonder Girls. Lots of love for her and may she find success along another path.


21 thoughts on “Ex-Wonder Girl, HyunA will always be part of Wonder Girls

  1. yeah! it is so unfair to hyuna. without hyuna do you think wondergirls would have formed? without her, how would wondergirls be so popular? how would you expect wondergirls to be so popular when they just started? Didn’t Hyuna become popular after her solo debut? Why dun you say wondergirls impeded her popularity? It would be unfair to wondergirls too.. so dun be so unfair to hyuna!

  2. WTF are you saying? no one knew wonder girls before?
    1. hyuna was just in the FIRST MV so they just begun their career then
    and second a lot of people knew and liked them with hyuna .. the dream concert where they performed irony
    the fans screamed really loud for them

    a lot of people are now saying that the groups only famous cause yubin is in it now
    thats not true and also very unfair towards hyuna

    when the original MV of tell me with had been released the people couldnt say that its because of yubin
    but it wasnt like that so stop blaming hyuna

  3. I love HYuna now, she is so sexy and cute.
    love watching her in invincible youth and interacting with the other G7 and also her relationship with 4-minute.
    I like her in 4-minute better than in WG.

    and also LOVE her Change performances………SO SEXY!!!


  4. Im sooooo glad that she is back in 4 minute!!!
    i missed her so much but now shes back 🙂 hehe

    wondergirls fighting!!!
    4 minute fighting!!!

  5. I don’t like HyunA . Yubin is way better than her. When HyunA was in WG , Wonder Girls were not popular at all, they just like a normal girl group. But when Yubin come, everyone loves WG until now on and they are very very very popular.

    [Sorry if my English’s bad ^^”]

  6. I don’t consider Hyun Na still being a part of Wonder Girls. She is now part of 4minute. 4minute is a Korean female girl group and Hyun Na is currently a member of 4minute. Yu Bin is sooooo much better than Hyun Na. I am sooo glad Yu Bin joined Wonder Girls.

  7. hope she comes back so i can see how she performs
    because I just found out about Wonder Girls when me and my brother were looking for Big Bang vids on youtube and found this vid where Big Bang and Wonder Girls joined fores singing Tell Me and Lies together

  8. miss her so bad. 😦
    i’m glad she’s still continuing life.
    hopefully she’ll come back into the industry sometime in the future. (:
    much love for her & i’m SUPER happy they still consider her ‘a WG’.

  9. i think the 3 songs from their debut single that was re-included on their first album are the 3 songs which has recordings with hyun-a [although i noticed that the song ‘irony’ on the album has deleted the ‘jyp…introducing…the wonder girls’ intro that was present on the single ] . but i noticed on the ‘The Wonder Years’ CD sleeve that [ please correct me if I’m not right 🙂 ] almost all the songs in the album [ eg. ‘가져가’ ] has credited hyun-a as ‘Background Vocals’.

    i guess hyun-a was still included on the recordings when she was still with the group [ note: they were already practicing 이바보 during the MTV Wonder Gilrs Season 1 episodes ]that’s why JYP still included her in the credits of the first album.

    and if you noticed the video clip of ‘Tell Me’ with hyun-a on it where she was originally supposed to play the part of the Wonder Woman and the ‘dance solo’ part that so-hui took over later on…there was no ‘rap part’ on it, i think the rap part was added later on when yu-bin joined the group as a sort of an introduction of her as the newest member and the ‘resident rapper’ of the Wonder Girls.

    aww…i missed hyun-a very much [ she’s still my most favorite Wonder Girl…next is Yu-bin, then So-hui :). ]

  10. really? which parts are hers in the other songs (“plus any others”)? I’m not familiar with her singing voice since I only heard a low-quality audio in that video where they were shooting the original “Tell Me”
    I only knew it was her in the 3 songs that were also from “The Wonder Begins”

    That’s so sweet. I wish her the best!

  11. Honestly, I found out about the Wonder Girls after she left, so I can’t say I have any emotional attachment…good luck to her though.

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