Sun Mi, So Hee, Yoo Bin Express Regrets About School Life

The Wonder Girls successfully continued the “Tell Me” mania of last year with “So Hot”. But the two maknae members of Wonder Girls, So Hee and Sun Mi expressed their regrets over being unable to attend their study tours organized by their schools because of their busy schedules.

This was the answer they gave in a recent interview about what they missed the most since they became trainees at such a young age.

Sun Mi who entered high school this year expressed, “There was a training camp in school recently but I was unable to attend because of the schedule”, “I wanted to create good memories, etc with my friends, what a pity”. So Hee who is of the same age also said, “It was really a pity not being able to go on study tours and spend time together with my friends.”

Although they were unable to create memories with their friends but So Hee and Sun Mi still attends school diligently. They expressed, “We still attend school like normal days in between breaks from our schedule”, “Although we are unable to attend school as much as we like because of our schedule, we always make sure we attend when we have breaks or gaps in our schedule.”

Yoo Bin who is currently attending Myongji University also expressed regrets with regards to school life, “Although I am in university now, but I don’t have any chances to meet up with my friends.”

On the other hand, Ye Eun who is studying at Kyunghee University had less regrets than the other members. Ye Eun expressed, “Because I wasn’t a trainee before and just entered the group (Wonder Girls), my high school life was quite normal. Most of my lessons in university happens in the morning so there isn’t much problem of it clashing with the schedules.”

For Wonder Girls leader, Sun Ye, she will be aiming to get into an university this year after failing to qualify for Dankook University last year .


36 thoughts on “Sun Mi, So Hee, Yoo Bin Express Regrets About School Life


    Tch, whatever she deserves a better uni.

    😀 Lol sorry . xD But seriously who wouldn’t except SunYe?

  2. i want to live in a world where we can say Wonder Girls without some random person bringing up SNSD… really, its tiring, annoying and i really don’t want to associate the two…NEVER!

  3. @fiyahh, if you consider getting rejected from a first choice school means someone is stupid then you’re calling sunye and the majority of college apps. stupid, lol.

    1. getting rejected doesn’t mean you weren’t smart enough for the school since, most people don’t bother doing things in the school like sports and crap and colleges really look at stuff like that.

    2. you could be rejected if you apply late, which then you will be told to re-apply if you still want that school, which I believe happened to sunye.

    3. The girls in SNSD are IDIOTS. Because Korean singers esp. in a group that big wont be making any serious money, never, not in their lifetime. lol their tiny check has to be split up with SM ent. and then among the members, it’s enough already that Korean stars don’t make a quarter what US stars do, even solo top stars like Hyori, she makes as much as a C List star in the US makes, nothing special. So um yah SNSD are screwing themselves over for when they flop. =)

  4. Honestly, if you guys have been analyzing lately. Certainly things lead to an above usual normal relationship between Sun Ye and Park Tae Hwan. There have been a lot of incidents lately that could be used to support this idea, one of them being that she is trying out for Dankook University, the university where Tae Hwan is in. Hmmm…~ pretty fishy eh? hehehe

  5. the girls of snsd didn’t get into any schools lol, I didn’t get into my first choice like most people. I live in Boston btw, all the schools here are good.

  6. all i can say is don’t regret it because billions of people wants your life now… later on you’ll understand that…

  7. P.S. calling the girls of SNSD stupid for not being able to go / not being in college is ridiculous. thats like setting up an insult for yourself since you got rejected as well, no? ^___^

  8. @ IluvYubin –

    i like how you go back and forth in this comment section with rude and “sincere” comments — i don’t mind you talking trash about other groups (but really, i don’t think this is the place for that), though you should really watch your mouth around fellow readers just out of respect and courtesy.

    we all come here to read about wonder girls and recent news about them – not to bicker and start shit with one another.

  9. @sisi
    You’re correct, Sungmin is from suju, and Yunho & Junsu from DBSK.
    Anyways, I think its awesome of them to keep in track of the many things they do with their lives. They shouldn’t worry too much though; its the those things you give up for them to be in the great position they are in now. They shouldn’t worry too much and continue to focus on the task(s) at hand.
    Wonder Girls fighting~

  10. actually junsu and yunho are from DBSK & sungmin is from suju

    but i’m not sure *i’m not really fan of suju & dbsk*

  11. yoobin goes to school with junsu, sungmi and yunho? they are all from suju right? ^^ thats really cool lol. I wonder if they’re friends in school. =D

  12. its not that big a deal she didn’t get in. Obviously she must have only applied to that school she really wanted, when you’re suppose to apply to many, which is why she is waiting to re-apply. ^^

    I think she should consider other schools if this one keeps rejecting her. my first choice rejected me also lol..T.T

  13. @June and cat_yubin

    there are some pics of yoobin and junsu,sungmin,yunho for attending a university activity
    i’m sure coolsmurf posted it,so check them out in this blog

  14. they always gotta rub it in sunye’s face that she didn’t get into university, don’t they??? sheesh

    i do forget that these girls are real girls sometimes. and 2 of them aren’t even grown up yet. i wish the best for sunmi and sohee in their futures– but i think they’ve got good heads on their shoulders ^^

  15. i mean, seriously, what did they think… they are trying to become singers and entertainers and they worry about not going to school?

    sure u can be good at many things, but in the end, you’ll need to choose: entertainment industry or your own w/e life.

  16. its great that even though they have such busy schedules they still try to keep up their school work. good luck in balancing your lives! and good luck to Sun Ye in getting into a good college!

  17. hey june.. i had to agree with you on that one.. i dont see any pics or news about yoobin attending a university..

    wg are such great models.. they study and work at the same time^^

  18. sun ye didnt pass her college entrance exam for a certain university. But I think she’s trying again this year =]

    and while they can’t always have their high school memories, they have their WG memories xD It’s very bittersweet, i guess.

  19. Wow, there’s no need to bring SNSD into this.

    High school memories are considered to be the best, right? It must be very hard for them to be missing out on these. Just imagine, they could be going out with friends to eat in one of the kiosks along the side of the street, they could be shopping and trying on different clothes just to mess around, they could spend the night at a friend’s house, etc. At least they’ve got the other members to share their pain with…

    I hope they continue to study well on their own time.

  20. I know Yoobin attended a university function a while back, but it’s weird how we rarely hear about her school activities compared to Yeeun. She’s one of the more popular members, but there really hasn’t been any pictures of her at school?

  21. Wow if Wonder Girls are really busy with promoting So Hot and performances, how do they study, do homework, prepare for assignments? I mean Yu Bin should be having it tough since she is in University, that means she must have a huge amount of homework? Sun Mi and So Hee should have a lot of homework too..

  22. iluveyubin, you need to stfu. why do you have to flame on snsd so often and to excessive levels?

    wg shouldnt worry about missing several key events at school, theyre doing bigger and better things! they will still create wonderful memories of their high school years, no doubt.

  23. oh, poor SunMi and Sohee,

    high school life is once in a life time thing, but also as being Wonder Girls…

    do your best, Fighting

  24. Aw..
    It sucks for Sohee and SunMi to be doing this at such a young age. They miss all the things that you should get to experience as a teenager. But I guess they trade that in for Inkigayo’s top award. ;). And plus they make their own experiences as a group. But I do feel bad for them.
    Lucky YeEun though she’s got most of it all xDD.
    Good luck to SunYe!! :DDD
    I’m sure our bright girls will see past this and make it worthwhile for everyone.

    thanks coolsmurf!

  25. whoa I had no idea they had members in college =D that just makes me love them even more than I already do ^^ lol I guess snsd was too stupid for college, lol.

    Anyways they should be able to attend special events like that, their career is not more important than school. =O

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