Ye Eun says “I’m Not Good At Maths…”, 86 points is doing badly?

Wonder Girls Ye Eun was a honor student during her middle school years.

In the recording for SBS “The Star Show” talkshow program on the afternoon of 5th June, the Wonder Girls who was making a comeback with their “So Hot” mini album showed their report cards to the hosts.

Ye Eun who is known to be a top student said

Although my exam results are very good but my self study review isn’t that good. In my first and second year, I got first for my final term exams. But if you add the projects and self study review, I would be second instead.

She added

Although I am fond of reading books normally, my maths isn’t that good. In my second semester, my results was rock-bottom.

MC Park Soo Hong then took a look at Ye Eun’s report card and replied

In all of your subjects, you got 90 points but only in maths, you got 86 points. Is that supposed to be bad?

Meanwhile, leader Min Sun Ye middle school results were also revealed and other than one subject being “excellent”, the other subjects were all “good”. The results of the two youngest members were also revealed with Sun Mi having got number one before in her class. For So Hee, she did hover in the upper echelons of her class before. No mention was made of Yoo Bin’s results.

“The Star Show” episode that reveals the report cards of the Wonder Girls will be shown next Monday night, 9th June at 11pm on SBS.

note: cutegiurl have come up with a Wonder Schedule page, so if you want to know the latest schedule of the Wonder Girls, head on over there.


22 thoughts on “Ye Eun says “I’m Not Good At Maths…”, 86 points is doing badly?

  1. i’m from singapore…i’m 15….in here when i even get a 75 and above…i did already be delighted….our exams are a torture…..because we need to rely on human talents…thus the government is pushing us very hard over here..

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  3. wow. that’s high actually. but for an honor student. she cud have done better but in korea, i think that the syllabus there is tougher. yeun should be proud of herself. for sunmi, wow, i never expected that to happen-she made me like her even more. sun ye- what more to say? you can tell she is dilligent. hee, i dont really care but well, i think she does well in school. yoo bin too. wow. its so amazing–wonder girls are smart! yay…good role models…

  4. 86 is bad? well for me its a high score already and my math scores are even lower than that.

    but our park oppa is intelligent and really a hardworker so i know she can get scores higher than that, go park ye eun fighting!

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  6. well i know where ye eun is coming from. i used to live in korea up until 2 years ago when i moved to the states and comparing the scores from here to there, it is way different. anyway she is very smart and way smarter than me 😀

  7. X| Sorry, guys, but I’m going to have to agree with Ye Eun. 86 is pretty low. Even 90s are low for me. -_-” I guess it’s because Ye Eun and I are both high achievers.

    I think they couldn’t get a hold of Yoobin’s grades because her records are in the States, but her university should have a copy or something. I don’t know, but Yoobin’s grades must not be bad. Her university wouldn’t make her an ambassador solely because she’s a celebrity.

    I love Yoobin’s outfit, but OUR SUN MI! Oh dearie, she’s showing so much skin!! O.O

  8. lmfao, its the asian “i failed”….. anything lower than a 90 is a fail.

    i have friends who get below 90 and they say they failed. =P

  9. aah theyre not only talented and pretty theyre also clever =)
    i knew they were special .

    ooh was yoobin in the states? i didnt know that

  10. cool,. our wonder girls are very smart ne.. 🙂
    and lol., ^^ sun ye looks so tiny~ XD and her clothes look big. she’s so cute hehe ^^

  11. haha.. i feel u yeeun.. math used to be fun until i hit calculus.. gosh.. -_-;;
    maybe it’s becuz yoobin was in the states.. that’s why they didn’t have her scores? :/
    and haha.. leader sunye looks so short in that pic. XD

  12. i understand where yeeun is actually coming from coz when i was in high school my parents expecations when it comes to my grades are pretty high so i had to maintain all straight “A” all throughout highschool ….

  13. ye eun thinks that’s a bad grade??? well i kinda undestand her…well not to boast r anything i have quite high grades when i as in my 1st year & 2nd year of high school and i seldom got a grade below 85…once it’s below 85 i would be sad…but then when 3rd year come up to now that im in college…i will be fine with a grade as long as it’s not line of 7 hehe…..well my parents are also TOP students so they expect so much about me so i was really studying hard on my 1st 2 years of high school but then i got lazy…hehehe

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