Wonder Girls then and now

Another fan-made picture compliation of Wonder Girls then and now…
(Top to bottom: Sun Ye, Ye Eun, Sun Mi, Yoo Bin, So Hee)


(Many thanks to Wonder☆楓 from baidu)


139 thoughts on “Wonder Girls then and now

  1. None of them had cosmetic surgery. Apart from getting their eyebrows thicker and teeth fixed, that about it.

  2. Out of all, Sohee looked the most natural. She was so cute in her younger looks. And Yoobin is quite pretty. They are only considered Beautiful after plastic surgery. But in reality, they are beautiful WITHOUT plastic surgery. Why need to change your looks when you’re born with it. EMBRACE it and appreciate the way God created you! Koreans claim to be Christians but go against God and change their appearance. Sad sad sad life.

  3. Lol, at nana.
    When you say Sohee did surgery on her leg then you must not even comment about the girls, BECAUSE YOU CLEARLY DID NOT READ THE NEWS NOR DID YOU NOT WATCH “Wonder Girls Season 1”

    During Sohee’s acting role for “I Like it Hot”, there was an accident which happen when she fell off the motorbike with Kim Bum. Therefore she was absent from the group for a bit and had an injury.

    In Season 1 of Wonder Girls MTV, “Faryoung” their dancer choreography, stated that Sohee was one of the bestest dancer. Oh and for your information, Hyunah was still in the group then.


  4. They didn’t get plastic surgery. People are not always going to look exactly the same in picture etc , at different angles… This is ridiculous. Their pretty ; natural beauty

  5. excuse me princessofmarsme..there was a thing that more powerful than plastic surgery…we call it braces,do you know what it mean by ‘Braces’…i tried one and it worthy than done a surgery.by the way thx for the comment…you so amused me^_^

  6. wahh !
    na saranghae unnie so hee ❤ ❤
    she such a cute girl no wonder most of the boy in korea like her 😉

  7. nana you right..so hee has done leg surgery,this bcoz she got injuried when she fliming her first movie..i heard her injuried at her knee and something about her ligament..im not so sure..but i know sohee never do plastic surgery..maybe you think she got her cheek bones done but that not right.if you have a fat check like sohee and when you smiling you cheek bone will clearly seen…i also got fat cheek and i know it..

  8. you can’t judge about their eyes by just these pics… bcoz they could change when they grow up… but nose or face shape like shin and jaw will not change after they reach an early teenage as it a part of their skull… anw, if u love them, what’s the point to find out about this… if they had done something that mean they want u to look at it not whatever they were years ago

  9. Disposable Double Eyelids! I have them lmao! xPP

    JYPE is a FAMOUS company for not having any celebrities that have gone through the knife.

  10. you can buy disposable double eyelids that clip onto your eyes nowadays. same with fake eyelashes.
    but they didnt get surgery.. yubin and sohee for sure

  11. they really are natural beauty you can make double eyelids by using some make-up i don’t think they have plastic surgery like SNSD

  12. sun mi, yoobin and sohee looks all the same to me..
    they’re wonderfully beautifully natural.
    hard to say for sunye and ye eun..magic of make-up maybe..but everyone grows up. puberty changes everything and then…
    POOFS!! You are blossoming into a beautiful swan..guess tats wat happen 2 all of them honestly…

  13. my god… there’s a lot of plastic surgery done on them for sure…. no doubt about that… i guess Koreans are just used to it

  14. they did surgery and put on make up….
    they put on hard make up so it look like plastic surgery????
    does it matter….
    well…if they did do it then..good for them,
    if not….well being natural is better than been fake gurls…
    wonder gurls seem to do wonder stuff n make you think wonder bout them and praise super duper WONDER …
    since they are the star…and we are NOBODY

  15. Puberty. Enough said.

    If you guys arn’t plastic surgeons then don’t say they did or didn’t. Make-up does wonders.

  16. Obviously sunye and ye eun got their eyes done.. Lol but they’re pretty now. Also yes… Sunmi had double eye lids nut in pics u cam tell that they are muchvthickervand sphee looks like she got her nose done.


  18. guys, all i know is sun ye, sun mi, ye eun do plastic surgery for sure.. (the pics are obvious) Yoo bin, she may be or may be not.. (but she was really pretty so may be not?) and so hee.. she doesn’t do at all.. still cute adorable like before why I conclude that? How do I know? because..
    I did surgery too.. and I just know the difference between the ppl who do it or not..
    but what’s wrong with it.. they look better right?

  19. I think they didn’t have any surgery… I experienced it myself.. when I was grade 6 elementary, I was very chubby, I didn’t have eyelids and looked like Doraemon.. but, in grade 3 junior high school, I had a health problem, which made me always threw out.. that health problem made me lost my weight. since that, I have an eyelids and my cheek has shapes.. and, my brother said my nose became a little different than before, but he couldn’t tell what is the diffence..

    so, my opinion is “because wonder girls are singer, ppl thinks they will change their face, its effect for ‘singer status’ they have. If they were not singer? I think people wouldn’t think they had a plastic surgery..”

  20. awwwhhh……….. They are cute CHUBBY!!! Which do u lyk SNSD or WONDERGIRLS? I lyk wondergirls before i really lyk snsd but when i saw their picture… Now i’m already an ANTI snsd especially Tiffany grr…grr….grr…..

  21. they did not have surgery. they even said it themselves. they just grew up and when you grow up things change. so everyone who thinks they got surgery are just haters because they just think that stars can’t be naturally pretty. and besides these pictures are from different angles. which obviously means they lok alittle different. the wonder girls are true, wholeheartedly, kind, caring, and NATURAL people. so if you hate them just because of that then you shouldn’t even waste your time even looking them up.

  22. ..hey.. they did’nt take any surgery..!

    ..they are all natural ! cant u see ? !

    ..use ur eyes carefully !!!!


  23. There’s a difference between MAKE UP and PLASTIC SURGERY. Use your eyes and look carefully at all those so-called “Before” pictures, no make ups on. And look at the “After” pictures, so obviously with make ups.

    Use your eye and brain you wussies. Wonder Girls DOES NOT have plastic surgeries before. They are natural beauty, unlike SNSD.

  24. Sunye’s 11 year old pic ^

    YeEun’s kindergarten pic.^

    None of the Wonder Girls got plastic surgery, JYPE is famous for artists NOT having plastic surgery, unlike SME. Look at Rain, no company accepted him because of his looks, only JYPE did, and Rain did not do plastic surgery despite his small eyes.

  25. You posted such unflattering pictures of Sunye and YeEun. If you look at Sunye’s audition in 2001 she practically looks the same! Plus i have many pictures of hers that show her as an 11 year old and she still looks the same.

    And if you research YeEun’s kindergarten pics she looks the same as well -_-

  26. 😛 When I was 10, my eyes always looked small, my nose looked big and ‘Chinese’. I was also much darker. And thin.

    I’m 20 now, my eyes look bigger, I’m lighter, my nose shrank a bit and I never had any surgery.

    Its plausible for people to change completely. 😛

  27. Seriously, fans love defending their idols for not having surgeries n stuff…. but the harsh reality is that most idols do have surgery before they debut — not just in korea (in Japan, in hong kong etc) So, what’s wrong with it???

    And people saying ‘make up do wonders’ — i totally agree…
    it makes a normal person stunning, it does changes how a person look dramatically….

    But u can actually see how it does change (the difference is really big), wondergirls except Yoo Bin, So Hee had plastic surgery!!! it’s obvious…. *wake up fans*

    BUT SO WHAT????? Most idols have plastic surgery (Park Bom –double eyelid and nose, snsd yuri — double eyelid etc)

    It is proven by scientists that human being’s eyes is never going to change since they are young (so as your face grows — your eyes look smaller) so people who look the same means their face didn’t grow or PLASTIC SURGERY!!!

    By the way I am a fan of WG, 2ne1, and snsd

    sorry if i offended fans (just getting fcts right)

  28. I don’t think the got surgery, although there is a possiblility. Face features and body feature changes over times… Ok, maybe they did have surgery. Perhaps Sunye got her eyes and jawline done, YeEun got her eyes and her cheekbones done, Sunmi got only her eyes done and I think Yoobin and Sohee are all natural. These are pretty minor plastic surgeries. I heard that everyone of SNSD has had major plastic surgeries done. Their whole face, I guess, or even body. And, who doesn’t get surgeries? I LOVE THE WONDER GIRLS EVEN IF THEY HAD PLASTIC SURGERY!!!!

  29. I´m sure they don´t have any plastic surgery …
    It´s because of their make up which make them look different!

    And to be honest, some of you are only jealous of them, that´s why you guys say, that they have plastic surgery.
    People can be so self involved 😛

  30. Please, people grow up to look differently. All five look ALMOST the same. From the looks of it, they all only had minor surgeries. Unlike some stars. who look completely different *cough* SNSD’s Tiffany
    (Not an antiSoshi, rather just an ANTI-Fany)

  31. there is such thing as photoshop guys…
    and they are like so short….
    i always tot tt they were like tall-1.7+
    but, they are like shorter than me…
    I’m 1.67 and i’m only like 12 plus i’m asian!!
    and my parent aren’t tall…
    so they are short but about that plastic surgery stuff,
    even if it’s true, maybe they were forced by JYP to like go for plastic surgery if not they would not be able to debut???
    there is such a possibility….
    and even if they have high cheekbones doesn’t been tt they went for plastic surgery cause when i was small, i was damn chubby but now my baby fats are gone and my cheekbones like sort of can be seen…

  32. It was so really nice!!!I really love the song !!!It”s an energizer for me…To the wonder girls members they were so beautiful…they are so pretty enough..I want them to go to Philippines!!!

  33. Urggg:)
    I’m not surprised if all of them had surgery.
    Since most Koreans had. Which, no offense, but is disgusting.
    What’s wrong with the old look?
    I think it’s just fine. Plastic Surgery are just..iDK.
    Makes them so Fake ish. Not real.
    So if they did had plastic surgery then you can really sy they’re cute or pretty <> Cause it’s just not them so.
    I think they look cute they way they are.
    but still…i can’t be 100% sure they had so.
    i think maybe about 95% though. since yeah. a lot of korean celeb. had it.

  34. Urggg:)
    I’m not surprised if all of them had surgery.
    Since most Koreans had. Which, no offense, but is disgusting.
    What’s wrong with the old look?
    I think it’s just fine. Plastic Surgery are just..iDK.
    Makes them so Fake ish. Not real.
    So if they did had plastic surgery then you can really sy they’re cute or pretty <> Cause it’s just not them so.
    I think they look cute they way they are.
    but still…i can’t be 100% sure they had so.

  35. It doesn’t seem to me that any of them had undergone any forms of surgery. If you watch the show <>, you will realise that it is actually the make up that is making the difference, not plastic surgery.
    Anyway, its time to shake off that notion that all korean stars undergo plastic surgery.
    PS: Yoobin looks damn cute 😀 u see those big doeful eyes which she had since young. damn she’s gorgeous.

  36. I don’t think any of them had surgery at all, I didn’t even notice it may look like some of them got double eyelid surgery but if you have ever taken a picture of you raising your eye brows you can see that it looks like double eyelids or if you took a picture of you from below.

    And think about it Sun Mi probably didn’t get surgery she is soo young, And I don’t think JYP would let them have surgery unlike SM

  37. they didn’t not get any plastic surgery!
    its just because of their make up.
    thats why they are more like beautiful and
    look like Plastics .:)

  38. Seriously, what’s wrong with plastic surgery??
    Most korean celebrities had undergone plastic surgery, so it’s no big deal if they did…( not that i think that they had surgery — wondergirls)
    But from the pictures, most of the girls had dramatically changes in looks except for sohee and yoonbin….
    no offence … make up do dramatically changes someone’s looks but you can actually see that they had minor plastic surgery, but not much…. and what’s wrong with it?????
    People are always putting snsd in the picture as the ‘plastic surgery barbies’… seriously… not all of them had plastic surgery ( yoona, taeyeon, SeoHyun, Jessica haven’t had plastic surgery)
    But for wondergirls — they look pretty before too

  39. so hee the best ..

    if i propose her to marry would she accept please marry me so hee :$ please so hee 😦

  40. I don’t know whether or not they did get surgeory so I’m not going to accuse but I will say all of them except for Sohee look different in some way. Maybe its surgeory maybe it’s puberty again I’m not accusing because I don’t have proof :] I will say whoever says Sohee got surgery uhm are you serious? She’s the only one who doesn’t seem to have changed. Don’t give crap unless you have proof :]

  41. i think they didn’t have any surgery,,, i’m a girl and when i was around 5,6 i had very small eyes and i had no eyelids but around 13 my eyes became bigger n bigger and now i have deep double eyelids!!!! and my sister’s a stylist and SHE CAN MAKE MY FACE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT just using some make up and i am 100% sure that camera angle has some effect!!!!!!!!!!!!! so stop saying they got surgeries ok!!!!

  42. Just now In Korea. The channel Mnet They Said that 2 people in Wonder girls got Plastic Surgery in 2 places. No Joke! Come to Korea if you don’t believe me. And I don’t like People Who like lie 1 Example “Dude i live in Korea and they said that They didn’t get surgery” Well Come to korea And See The Mnet Channel And go to Naver…

  43. except so hee all done surgery..this really appears so clear..if you put before and after together ,you may see the difference..okay they are successfull in their job but dont need to hide that 🙂 they arent natural at all… have good day everyone..greetings from Turkey Turkey – Korea brotherhood forever w.w.b.t@hotmail.com

  44. Not very different for they, except sunye n sunmi…Oh my god!!!!! sohee is so cute….

    She is so cute!!!

    Yoo Bin look very cool n Ye Eun…she Is the best!!

  45. OMG people open your eyes and compare this pictures to their non make-up face and you will see just how natural they are.
    All of the are natural especially sunmi,sohee and yoobin.

  46. about their eyes, i don’t think it was done. they might look different because of the make-up and im certain they wear circle lenses to make their eyes bigger. i don’t see a DRAMATIC change, maybe slight changes but probably because of growing up and make-up not as much as what SNSD did with their physical appearances 🙂 and sunmi & yoobin were an uhlzzang [HADURI] 🙂

  47. (why do they require emails-_- geez. i just made it up ahaha)

    they all probably did get surgery done.
    but its common for the eyes and the nose.
    i believe that sohee did get her nose done…
    it looks pointier and narrower….
    i know for sure that she did NOT get her eyes done because thats what everyone loves about her eyes:D
    but we all dont know for sure if they did or not.
    they havent admitted
    but i did hear that they never got surgery done in an interview… they said they ONLY wanted to get some places fixed but didnt say they had surgery before.
    who knows, right?
    still, theyre all pretty =)!

  48. im not an antifan i am da biggest wondergirls fan n da world i luv der songs n luv each member
    dey r my fav korean girl group n second fav korean group after big bang
    i luv all of dem n it only takes a tru fan hu luv dems dem to point out da differences but i do fink i was a bit harsh
    n i fink dey need to stop it because dey look great right now n also n i no i might contradictin my self but dey dont looks fake from der pic, dey only look fake wen pics from da past n present r put together
    unlike snsd i saw pics from a yunga tiffany she looks completly different but i fink she lookd average den but great now
    n also ppl shud lay off tiffany n look at jessica n hyoyeon’s transformation dey lookd so UGLY seriously i can c y dey dun all dat surgery because if dey still lookd like dat dey wouldt have gone far n da music industry

  49. Omg i can really c da changes
    sun ye defo got her eyes dun n in her yunga pics she looks sooo Ugly!!!
    ye eun get her eyes n also her chin dun 4 sure.
    sun mi got her eyes dun defo her nose come on look at da third pic down on da left hand side its so pointy obviously not real.
    Yubin got her eyes dun mayb somefing with her cheeks der so big n look not real n is it me or dus she have sum freaky micheal jackson/latoya jackson lookin noise obviously all three FAKE!!! (R.I.P MJ)
    n sohee looks da same but heard she did sum ankle surgery cuz dey lookd ugly or somefing
    but neva da less still luv dem n der music n cant wait to hear sum new stuff from dem

  50. who the fuck cares. they’re hot now so thats all that matters. i’d fuck them, youd fuck them, who gives a fuck about surgery

  51. Hahaha .. EAT THAT ANTI SNSD!!!!! You guys so stupiddd with ur idol ! Don’t comparing WG and SNSD! Cuz they are not sameee!! SNSD is BETTER MORE MORE MORE THAN WG!!!!!! WG’Ѕ FACES isss so SUCKS! Iyuccckkk! Even they are had platisc surgery, hummm still lookssss UGLY!!!

  52. No matter how much we mention how MAKE UP DOES WONDERS and how PEOPLE CAN GROW DOUBLE EYELIDS AND HAVE PUBERTY, there will always be people saying they got surgery -_- They are all natural. If you watch any show with the wonder girls (manwon happiness) etc. they still look the same without makeup.

  53. sunmi and sohee look natural… it’s kind of hard to tell from the pictures though. sun ye and ye eun definitely got some work done, though. how disappointing..

  54. WTF? You guys are comparing their childhood face and their current face WITH MAKE UP! Take note, “WITH MAKEUP”. LOL… I don’t get why people are so dumb. I’m not a Wondergirl fan, I just find them “okay”. But I know what’s real and not.

  55. There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery. Nowadays everyone wants to be pretty.

    You can buy makeup, bags shoes and all to appeal beautiful, so what is wrong with buying beauty through a doctor?

    It’s neither a crime nor a sin.

    I’ll be doing my nose and chin soon. but so what?

    you must understand that in a such a world, ugly people are out. Looks are judged on!!

  56. Sun Ye and Ye Eun look like they’ve had something done, but I’m not sure.

    Sometimes my eyes change as well, depends how well I sleep etc.

  57. actually on Brain Battle
    they admit it themselves, they didnt get any surgery.
    And that time also they were asked to wrote
    how much places they wanted to be done
    if the can have plastic surgeries (sorry my English sucks -_-“)

  58. They look the same to me

    People need to realize that,
    when you age you tend to change a bit &
    that makeup does wonders
    also features look different from different angles

  59. Wonder Girls are not natural beauty. They definitely have plastic surgery. Such a shame. beside, they CANNOT even sing and dance. They are overrated!!!!

  60. Sun mi and Soo hee are the two most natural ones.. Ye Eun definitely got the eyes and nose jobs done. its good.. she looks alot prettier ^^

  61. i can’t believe they all had plastic surgery..it looks so natural i didn’t even notice it before

  62. people.

    Wonder girls are all naturAL remember, look at the after photos. it was shoot professional. with the help of make up and photoshop software

  63. Haiz
    I don’t have any proof to say the girls didnt go surgery

    but don’t you think for their looks, a little better protection, braces, make up and stuff like that can help them to look better

    sunye looks exactly the same .. LOL..
    and sunmi definitely didnt do any surgery becoz she doesn’t look like those “perfectly pretty” time since last time… just makeup getting thicker and better…

    and if you think ye eun got plastic surgery…
    don’t you think she got ripped off?

    even said in a very mean way
    I don’t think wonder girls are super pretty girls..
    they are pretty but none of them did surgery by the looks of it

  64. Umm.. For those who said that they have surgery.. Well.. Sad to say, u’ve never experienced the magic of MAKE-UP.. That’s why the girl’s eyes (Ye eun & Sun ye) looks bigger n more defined.. The look you see of the girls in covers are usually airbrushed n they have goodness knows how many coatings of make up.. I’ve seen this show before where the camera barges in the girls while they are still asleep n trust me, they look more like the photos of them in elementary school than they image the make up does to them.. It’s the whole super fantastic crew of make up artist making sure they look flawless every second every where on screen..

  65. they all look pretty natural.
    eyelids come in when u get older sometimes
    my eyes get double eyelid when i wear fake eyelashes( for parties) ^^
    or they could use the glue-thingy
    anyways i think they r totally natural! go wg!!! :]

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  67. @ gee… wonder girls did not get surgery… and neither did snsd… maybe i don’t know much about snsd like you do… but i sure know wonder girls more than you, and they did not get surgery… Lol, we’re not blind, so don’t tell us to open our eyes to see the truth… because we have and neither of them got surgery… So get over it!

  68. Look’s like Sohee is natural (and maybe Sunmi)
    The rest had their noses or eyes done.

    Hardcore fans who are in denial, OPEN UR EYES!

    If make up can do wonders then there wouldnt be a single ugly person left in this world.

    ps. not all SNSD are plastic. only 3 of 9 got surgeries and 1 got double eyelids, so theres no need for all that bullcrap

  69. I’m 100 % sure that Yoobin didn’t have surgery.

    Sohee just has A LOT of make up, sometimes way too much.

    Sunmi, I’m not quite sure about her nose…otherwise it’s make up, and she’s pretty enough without it.

    Yeeun and Sunye I’m really not sure :S

  70. awwwww!! SOhhe is sooo adorablee and omgosh Yoobinn shes hawt hawt hawt ><
    Sunye is soo pretty YeEun iss sooo my Lovee and Sunmii iss cute et pretiii 🙂

  71. @ Soshiloved: Ye Eun didn’t have surgery on her teeth,their is this thing called BRACES,by the looks of it you sure have not heard of them.

  72. uh i know people have mentioned this, but from the angle of the shot and how much of the eye is opena dn the way their eye is open, can change how their eye loooks, it can look like theve got double eyelids or one eyelid.
    as for the nose jobs, its just the lighting and make-up, peopl put ALOT of mkaeup on the face including the nose, to enhance it and make it look taller.
    but i do admit, ye eun has had surgery on her teeth.
    and as for sunmi and sohee, they cant of had surgery, its not legal to have surgery at that age.
    and this is not on a bias point of view.
    GO WG

  73. uhmm… read the comments before you post, asians can develope dual lol or double eyelids too >:O and make up REALLY does alot O_O lol im a boy so idk, i keep telling the girls i know to stop using make up O_O they dont need it, and when they take it off, it looks like a younger version of them sooo yeah…

  74. sun ye had a nose surgery right?
    but i think the other members really did not do anything to their faces..

  75. they look natural…i think it’s not just because of the make up…it’s very possible to edit their faces in software copy unless there’s a picture taken live or something. about the double eyelids…make use of concealer…that’s probably enough.

  76. whatever. they look all pretty natural to me. if anything.. double eyelids and nose jobs are really common in korea. especially if it’s done well and no one can tell i don’t really care. whatever. they’ll get a lot more trash if they look ugly. it’s a lose-lose situation basically. sohee looks exactly the same. but the onlything that bugs me is that yoobin’s nose looks completely fake. come on… the last picture. is that a triangle for a nose? and don’t say her nose looks the same cause compare the rounded edge of her nose in the haduri pics with the last one.

    oh well. people love them. who cares 🙂 they didn’t do as much as snsd. 😛

  77. they all look the same…whether they did or they didn’t the most important thing is that when they look at their younger pictures they would still recognize themselves…i also agree with CHARITEE…those SNSD pics really shocked me…but at least they(SNSD) gave hope to those who are not so,u know…lolz…

    what i love about WG is that they have inner and bubbly beauty…They are really beautiful..

    i don’t know why surgery is a big deal? it’s their own money and own faces afterall….

  78. Why do people get mad if their idol had surgery?
    Does it bother anyone?
    I will love my idols even if they had surgery. After all they would have surgery to give us a better image.
    They don’t look that different. Eyelids can grow naturally when someone is young. When I was 3 years old only my left eye had eyelid but the another one grew little by little.

    The important thing is that now they’re really pretty. (Don’t get me wrong, before debut they were pretty too!)
    In my opinion, the girls did not have surgery, It’s just the make up. The eyelids… there’s something that the stylist use … glue? Because there are times where Sohee and Sunmi
    have eyelids and times where they don’t.

    To Charitee:
    Thank’s to being polite with Tiffany! and sorry for my english…

  79. m very sure that YOOBIN didnt do any surgery…mybe sunye n yeeun did eyelids thigy..but not many difference^^soohee,sunmi still the same^^hhahaha..soohee soo cute^^

  80. I think maybe Sunye and YeEun had some eye surgery, or make up. Make up can do wonders. I swear.

    The rest apparently is weight. To tell you the truth. Sohee hasn’t lost her baby fat yet. That’s why she looks the same.

    SunMi and YooBin seem..natural?
    Wow. Such beauties.

  81. i don’t think that any of them underwent plastic or cosmetic surgery. i’m kind of upset about the ridiculous idea of them undergoing surgery. they all look absolutely the same as they did when they were younger. no offense to tiffany from SNSD, but if they had the before and after pictures that tiffany had, then maybe i would be able to understand why netizens thought they had undergone surgery. but they seriously look the same…i’m not even saying this because i’m a WG fan. even if i weren’t, i would still say they hadn’t undergone surgery…

  82. Dude YooBin is the same. If you notice the first picture, her nose is the same shape as it is now when she isn’t smiling.

  83. You guys are so stupid… What’s up with everyone thinking they got surgery? They told the truth about getting surgery, and the truth is that they only WISH they could get something done to particular places. Aging affects the way a person looks, just as make-up does. They all look the same anyway…

  84. also yoobin looks the same, sunmi and sohee are too young for cosmetic surgery in Korea according to the law. =)

  85. sohee is so beautiful and adorable.^^

    Unless ye eun’s double eyelids came over time, it seems maybe she is the only one who had double eyelid surgery done. She looked good without it though, like sohee looks good with single eyelids too. ^^

  86. if anything, it seems like sunye and yeeun had double eyelids done, but that’s such a small procedure. all the other girls look quite natural… the power of puberty, makeup and lighting.

  87. “sun mi fixed her nose”

    are you stupid? when she smiles her nose looks different that’s all! just try to search videos when she smiles she looks different she didn’t have surgery

    “Sun Ye had her eyes done”
    it’s thanks to make up!!!

    “and possibly her nose”
    yes we all know that she had a car accident and that’s why she fixed her nose

    ( i don’t really know for yoo bin)
    but ye eun, sun mi, sun ye (except for her nose) and so hee are all natural!!!!!

    thanks to make up everybody can look prettier but when you see them on tv (contrary to this pictures where they put a lot of make up) they look exactly the same they just grew up!!!!

  88. it’s true yoobin’s nose really looks unnatural and even ugly sometimes

    but ye eun is natural she didn’t do plastic surgery it’s just a relooking (make up, hair cut)

    sun ye get a nose job after an accident that’s all

    i don’t know who made this but the first picture is not sun mi !!! sun mi didn’t do plastic surgery the pictures had been taken when she was 12 or 13 ! she changed because she grow older!

    so hee is completely natural too

  89. I love all of them nonetheless.
    The only thing that bugs me is Yoobin’s nose. I never really noticed it before but I saw an episode of Star Golden Bell and her nose looks way too unnatural! It’s literally to a point and ridiculously tiny. I don’t care if they’ve done double eyelid surgery because it is completely normal nowadays. But if you’re going to get a nose job at least make it look natural. If you look at the shot of the underside of Yoobin’s nose.. does it not look unnatural to anyone else? The nose she had before (in the haduri shots) looks completely fine compared to the picture on the bottom right. What the heck?? Did they put in a plastic wedge?

  90. They look quite ok to me. Not much plastic surgery, if they ever did so….. Compare to SNSD, they are considered very very natural looking. Just take a look at SNSD, they are pure plastic surgeried girls……..

  91. I think everyone’s natural. You guys shouldn’t forget the power of makeup.

    I do a lot of makeup for people, and I can create double eyelids, a longer nose, a sharper jawline and higher cheekbones all with makeup.

    And WG wears THICK makeup.

  92. As you grow older, features change. For example Sun Ye’s jaw line, it looks less defined when she was younger, if she lost the baby fat it could be more distinct. When I was a little boy my eyes were bigger and I had double eye lids. Now my eyes are smaller and I only have double eye lid on my left side.

  93. surgery for sun mi’s eyes? she’s ALWAYS had double eye lids – look at the pics of her when she was little! of course not all of them are 100% natural, but some people are making too many assumptions, people do change as they get older you know – you can’t automatically assume they’ve had surgery just because they look a little different from pics from years ago…

  94. I think they’re a little young to be getting cosmetic surgery, even for Koreans (no offense). I had single eye lids up until I was about 13. Then I began having multiple wrinkles on my eyes, and now… I have deep double eyelids… without surgery

  95. I really don’t care what they got done, but I think Yoobin and Sohee are all natural based on the pictures. Sunye seems to have changed her eyes… although that could also be through the make-up… but it does seem like she developed double-eyelids somehow… The same goes for Ye Eun who I think had alot of changes. As for SunMi… I actually can’t say much from the pictures. I think she looks the same, but I am suspecting her of her eyelids, too. Yoobin could totally pass of as emo, and SoHee’s just too funny in the middle picture.

  96. i’m pretty sure that they got surgery since it’s common in korea. sun ye looks like she got her nose done, ye eun seems to have gotten her whole face done (eyes, nose, mouth, teeth), sun mi just fixed her nose, and yoo bin got her eyes and nose does. so hee seems to be the only natural one.

  97. Surgery? No way, Theyre beautiful but theyre not the best looking ones, cmon ppl who have surgery LOOKS PERFECT. But this girls are just cute, yeah they lost weight & PUBERTY! =] & i dk

  98. OMG…what’s up with all this crap about them getting plastic surgery? Ya kno make up could make someone look completely different…it doesn’t necessarily mean they got surgery. Honestly i don’t think any of them did anything

  99. oh please Nana, don’t speak as though you know these things absolutely.

    Of all your claims, the one about So Hee getting cheek bone surgery is the most ridiculous. There’s something called losing weight and puberty.

  100. As a girl myself, I personally feel that eye make-up and loss of weight on the face make a whole lot of difference. Eye make-up like fake eyelashes and mascara and eyeliner can really enhance the size of their eyes.. and also maybe circle lenses. And they lost weight sorta. That’s what I think. but it doesn’t feel like any surgery was done, judging from the pictures, biasness aside.

  101. first i just want to say that sunmi looked like boa in that middle picture of her when she was young(@least to me)
    and secondly, is yoobin somoking in the picture with something in her mouth(the first row second box)

  102. yep, yep. sure looks and is true that most of the members got surgery, no doubt. you can tell with sunmi and her eyes. sun ye doesnt looks so different except for her losing weight but she did get surgery. adn yeun she had her eyes done, a 2nd layer. adn yoobin she looks like she got her eyes widen but i looked at all her pictures of before and after and im pretty clear that, yoobin didnt get surgery. if i get the chance to, i’ll post a picture of when she went for auditioning. and so hee, she may look like she never got surgery but if you compare her pictures back then and now, she didn’t ahve the cheek bones that she has now back then. but, for sun mi, yeun, sun ye, and sohhe im sure they had surgery. for sunmi you can really tell that her nose is different now. and yeun and her eyes, they used to be really chinky but now thety are more non-chinky. and sunye maybe she got her eyes done. and so hee i have a feeling she got her cheek bones done. and i heard so hee had surgery on her knee or either it was he rleg because they weren’t working right causing her to not dance well as the other girls. this was when hyun ah was still in the group.

  103. It actually is possible to get double eye lids for us asians over time, I had eyes like sun ye’s when I was around that age also but I am 19 now and my eyes are even bigger than hers actually and I’ve had no surgery on them.

    People just don’t seem to think that celebs can have anything natural about them to make themselves feel better. there’s no reason why any of the girls double eye lids couldn’t have formed over time, they’re just normal korean girls.

  104. yoo bin looks kinda emo with the pic of her with glasses lol
    i thought she was kinda lyk the dark (like serious), quiet one in the group but she came out quite the opposite =]

    iluv her in teh xmas mobile thing!! SOO CUTE

    my top 2 wonder girls would be ye eun & yoo bin
    use to be sun ye & hyun ah

  105. I cant really tell because of some of the pictures there. If there were a few more with their face facing forward then it would be cleaer.
    But I didnt think they all would of had surgery and I’m quite suprised if they did have a lot more done than 1 or 2 things!
    I think it was Ye Eun had nose surgery?
    I think Sun Mi may of had her nose done. I cant really tell from Yoo Bin’s pictures and SO Hee looks the same so I dont think she has. aaww….so sweet! xD
    But I wouldnt of thought they would of had so much done at this age!

  106. Yeah… I was just making guesses, and considering a lot of celebrities get touch up stuff done, even if they are pretty, that was the conclusion I came to by looking at these pictures. But yeah, if Yoobin had something, it isn’t very obvious, and she was very pretty before too!

  107. Well I personally think only Sunye and Yeheun got double eye-lid surgery. I think everyone looks the same. Perhaps Sunmi had her eyes done, but I can’t judge with such limited pictures. I believe Yoobin and Sohee are all natural. All very pretty ❤

  108. Umm.. actually, there’s a lot of difference. Yeah, they did lose weight, but you don’t get double eyelids and that high of a nose just from that. I’m a little bit disappointed because I thought they didn’t have surgery… It looks like only So Hee is all natural…
    This is my guess here, but it looks like Sun Ye had her eyes done, and possibly her nose, and she cut her jawline… Ye Eun did her eyes and cut her jawline, Sun Mi had her eyes and nose done, Yoo Bin same as Sun Mi (def. her eyes, maybe not her nose)… They were pretty before, but they did some touch up stuff… As much as I’m sure all Wondergirls fans want to believe that they didn’t have surgery, almost all Korean celebrities get it done so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.
    Well, at least they don’t look like completely different people… Like uh..*cough cough* SNSD.
    Anyway, I wish the best for Wondergirls in the future… It will be hard to follow such a huge hit like “Tell Me”… Will always be a supporter!

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