Self Composed Song By Ye Eun Sparks Interest

On the Wonder Girls’s new mini-album, one song in particular is catching everyone’s attention now. Ye Eun’s self-composed song has been included among the track list and sparked much interest among fans.

Among the 9 songs that went into the Wonder Girls’ fourth project album “Nobody”, the song “Saying I Love You” has caught much attention as it was written and composed by Ye Eun (feels great now that it’s confirmed).

“Ye Eun kept on going, studying music composition, and in this album one ballad song was included (composed by her)”, as JYP Entertainment representatives told Star News. “The Wonder Years – Trilogy is an album where the Wonder Girls have put much more heart and soul than at any other time by putting more feeling, composing, etc…. Through this album, they have reached a higher level of maturation with this music and as reborn singer-songwriters.”

On the 22th, the Wonder Girls released their fourth project album’s title song “Nobody” claimed the #1 seat on online music charts in just 3 days displaying its popularity amongst fans and the neutrals in Korea (and the world).

Wonder Girls wil be appearing on KBS 2TV “Music Bank” tonight at 6:30 PM (Korean time) to start their fourth project album’s promotional activities.

Here’s an online stream courtesy of WonderfulChannel Youtube.

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86 thoughts on “Self Composed Song By Ye Eun Sparks Interest

  1. pz
    pues m se todos los pasos d las wonder igual k mis otras amigas las k segun yo soy es la yoo bin yo komo la admiro
    komo rapea aver cuando vienes las wonder girls a mexico ok las eperamos las fans de mexico

  2. ola pz aki
    k bonita
    m encanto
    las wonder
    ver kuando
    vendran las wonde
    las espero

  3. i’m falling in love with her voice & talent!!!! She so talented & intelligent!!! she is my role model now! ^—^

    hope she will be out solo album in the future!

    she’s awesome ^w^

    but this confuses me… how come she’s like the only one that’s like not being promoted….

    everyone notices everyone but her…

    she’s flippin prettier then SoHee and can sing better…

    it’s not fair neh??

  5. really? about the plagiarising?! thats rather disappointing to know..oh well. :/

    nahh. i didnt mean to compare them…but because i was beginning to like big bang..i was just wishing they’d have more collaboration, of which chances now are near zero i guess. ):

  6. Personally, Sunye is my favorite ^_^ I think it was a good choice picking her for leader, she has awesome vocals (a fact confirmed by a solo performance at a random korean program).
    Also recently noticed that Ye Eun is a talented singer too, not that you hear her much in the songs (they really should give her more lines to sing.)
    And yes, SoHee really isn’t that good a singer. I wish people would stop being so vindictive about it though. Poor thing.

  7. ^ Agreed. They seemed all right until they started becoming copy cats. I used to really like them but then they just became WAYYY overrated -_-

  8. lol yeah there were claims that he plagiarized ‘his song’ “Lies and Fool”.

    Big bang as a group though is really just a mash up of Chris browns style and B2K songs, lol.

    It’s almost sad that people think they’re one of the more original groups when they’re COPIED chris brown in their “we belong together” video, I mean wtf?

    Their lucky no one important saw that video or BB and YG would be in serious shit. That video was a total rip off.

    Not to mention how taeyang bluntly copies Omarion.

    I’m a BB fan and all but the whole ‘compare WG to every group out there’ thing is getting old, lol

  9. Oh god would you people shut the fuck up already about “wg’s talent” last time I checked BB when they first came out was just a bunch of chris brown / B2K wannabes trying to rap, lol.

    BB wasn’t all that when they first came out, dbsk wasn’t all that when they first came out, hyori wasn’t all that when she went solo, and neither was little miss BoA.

    Get over it already, WG is just another pop group that will improve with time like any other group in Korea, you guys seriously believe BB just came out one and had all that “talent” lol.

    Hell Ye Eun has wrote and composed more songs than members in certain other groups that have been out years ahead of WG, which is SAD.

  10. but i think sunye composed though…i mean, she has like all the time in the world (okay maybe not alot) but still, without having to go to school like ye eun, i cannot see why she would not be making an effort in her music..

    okay i know im gonna get all the bashing…but because i’ve been watching big bang rather closely recently (btw im quite a fan of wonderbang) i just wished that our girls had as much talent musically (like composing and lyrics-writing) as big bang. im not saying they are not talented but they are instead diversely sohee with her acting and yoobin with her amazing rapping…i guess maybe as a fan of wg, i shouldnt be thinking too much? just my two cents worth.

  11. Uhh that might have something to do with the fact that SunYe hasn’t made any song for any album like Ye Eun has o.O

    JYP obviously favors sunye more, shes like his ‘boa’…so if sunye wanted to write and compose a song for the album she could probably get away with writing the whole album XD

  12. i am liking ye eun more and more…though initially, i thought she liked to hog the camera a little too much…but i feel kinda sad for sunye, 6 years in jyp yet ye eun’s composition is included in the album.. :/

  13. omg wow <333333
    that’s GREAT it’s such a lovely song Wonder Girls not only beautiful but talented as well =)
    what am I saying everyone already knows that!

  14. ye eun is always my favourite member.although she may not hv the popularity as other girls but she is so 2 study smart n perform well.hope tthat more wf pay attention to her.


  16. well well well………
    another “Wonderful” achievement…..
    i’m very very proud of you, YeEun!!!

    you’re the one person that amazes me the most in this industry!!
    even most of international artist could not match your characteristics….

    keep up the spirit and the good work YeEun!!!
    no matter what happens…were just here!!

  17. i cried because of happiness.
    This is so amazing for our girls.
    i’ve never been so proud to any celebrities in this world.
    (yay, yoobin sang again)
    wonder girls foghting<3

  18. omg yay!!!! can’t wait to hear it!!!

    @Lina: :3 i’ve always loved ye eun since “Sorry Heart,” her vocals blew me away there! :3 she’s always been my top girl along with sohee ❤

  19. Wow when I listened to this song yesterday I was like it’s so beautiful and Ye Eun’voice in the end is love !! And now I know it’s her own composition I love it even more !!

    *Listening to the song*

    I love the whole mini album !
    The Rainstone remix I love it !!!

  20. ye eun does it again, another great song! they should’ve also put ‘for wonderful’ on the tracklist too, it’s way worthy 😀 she doesn’t deserve to be so underrated. no matter what ye eun will always be my favorite in for the best in wonder girls! go ye eun<3

  21. She’s incredibly talented. I knew even from her Irony days. She’s a good singer and its her dream to share her music. I am so glad that her dreams are coming true.

    This is why i always wonder why is she the least liked wonder girl. T.T

  22. Ye eun is pretty unrated to people who are not fans, but if you noticed she pretty well known to wonderfuls.

    she pretty on top with me LOL

  23. OMG..
    guys guys..

    Micky in Dbsk is also a composer right?
    wonder girls is like a girl version of DBSK
    aow aow!!!

  24. YEEUN!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so glad she was able to contribute to this mini album! WHY?!

    BECAUSE! JYP himself stated that he doesn’t usually let his artists have much of a say in the production process of their works until at least their 3 full album. BUT DANG! That hasn’t even happened yet and here YeEun is with another composed original!


  25. I’m so proud of Ye Eun,even when she was selected through auditions I have to say she was the one that caught my eye.

    She is seriously the best out of all the wonder girls,she deserves recongnition.

  26. I heard that the ballad version that was in the teaser may be in at their second album =O

    I wonder how much time will they even get to record a second album when it’s already fall…>.< and they said it will come out early next year o.O;

  27. I have to say this song and the rainstorm remix is not a bad trade off for cutting out the ballad version of nobody. Actually all the songs are great!I’m pretty sure we’ll have the complete ballad version eventually, maybe in there new album? Considering it was going to be released and was removed last minute means that song was already recorded. So don’t worry bout it!

  28. wow!!

    “saying I love you” is really a good song. i love all tracks in this album.

    I want NOBODY but Wonder Girls !!!

  29. that was my favourite song after nobody!!! ye eun is so talented!!!! that song was just amazing, although i didn’t understand the song, i could feel that the song was special and the girls sang it with full emotion… i kept listning to it… ye eun should compose more songs… cuz the song she just made was the best ballad i’ve heard from the girls so far… hope this song will be promoted too… ye eun deserves the spotlight for this brilliant achievement!!! WONDER GIRLS HWAITING!!!

  30. She’s so fuckin awesome!
    I dont’ think anyone else would create a song all about their fans and how much they love em’.
    I hope she does get the recognition she deserves.

    thanks coolsmurf.

  31. I absolutely love this song, I listened to it first because I saw it say it was composed by YeEun, and it’s such a lovely ballad…
    I was actually wondering if I would order this album just because of this song- it’s so touching~
    Talented girl, YeEun… ❤

  32. YeEun definitely rocked this album!! I listened to all the songs and i must say YeEun sounds the best!!! ❤ I’m so proud of her!! ❤

  33. @maggie

    Actually ye eun has been getting more attention during the “so hot” days where wonderfuls were saying “all of the sudden she has become pretty and thinner!”.

    -_- basically now that ye eun lost a bit of weight and the new hair suits her much better people decide to take notice. Whatever though, her talent is still there, so her appearance improving will only benefit her in the long run. ^_^

    But yess people do spaz over yoobin, sunmi and sohee.
    yoobin and sunmi deserve it though since they’re talented….and sunye gets the most attention as the leader naturally, and she is also talented.

    Ye eun use to be so unknown before the ‘so hot’ promotion.

  34. I don’t agree I think that Sun Ye gets the least cheers sadly. You guys really need to listen carefully. 😦 I love all of them.

  35. i just think people look dont noticed much with wow yeeun and sunye.
    people but all there eyes on the cute sohee and sunmi & the hot yoobin..

    i sometimes think yeeun and sunye deserve more notice.

  36. @Ye Eun:

    Yeah, in my mind my cheers for her make up at least 100,000 people.

    I’ve started to notice a few more people showing up and supporting her though, so that makes me quite happy.



  38. “Ever notice how she gets the least cheers when they perform. So not right.”

    Yeah it isn’t fair. But all we can hope for is someday people will open their eyes and see how extraordinary she is 🙂

  39. M’hm.. I agree Ye Eun isn’t received much as others.
    She’s a bright person, talented and a great role-model… So her being overshadowed in a sense confuzzles me xD
    Pesonally, she isn’t my favourite, seeing as I idolize Yoobin, but if I had to pick a consistent all-around person, that’d be Ye Eun #2 on my list.. for sure.~

  40. See, why do people question me when I say that Ye Eun will always be my favorite WonderGirl.
    Because she’s so freaking talented and awesome.
    And I always get sad at the fact that so many people don’t realize it.
    Ever notice how she gets the least cheers when they perform. So not right.

    Ye Eun, will always be #1 XD

  41. @ Ye Eun

    kekeke accept for the people saying the truth “sohee ruins most of Wg songs imo”

    😀 lol

    She sounds like a cat being choked or something, lol.

  42. Oh, so it’s confirmed?
    Well that makes it 100000000000000x better xD
    I’m glad for her, ^^
    That’s a pretty big accomplishment for her too.
    Woot, Ye Eun~!

  43. I’m sure it’ll go un-noticed by “fans” as anything Ye Eun does for “fans” seems to go un-noticed.

    Ye Eun should consider a solo career…

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