Ye Eun is a bookworm

Even though Ye Eun is currently enjoying a hiatus from her hectic schedule of being a Wonder Girl, she has not been taking it easy and is actually undergoing music education outside of what JYPE is providing.

According to someone from JYPE, “Ye Eun has been learning how to play the guitar recently and also taking lessons on song writing and composing as well.”

Ye Eun had last week received notice from KyungHee University that she had been accepted in their post-modern music course. Ye Eun wanted to immerse herself in learning other forms of music before beginning her course which starts in March 2008. A JYPE colleague commented that Ye Eun was undoubtedly a “bookworm” for her dilligence in learning even during her break.

This colleague also mentioned, “Ye Eun quest for learning has become her habit. The Wonder Girls have had a tough hectic work schedule during their promotion period, so most of them are currently enjoying their vacation by resting, relaxing and travelling. But only Ye Eun is busy occupying herself with learning this and that. Colleagues who are in the music department have readily lend their assistance to Ye Eun after learning of her music education.”


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