Wonder Girls meets up with Sunmi daily after returning to Korea

The Wonder Girls have revealed schooling member, Sunmi‘s recent developments in an interview.

The girls are making a comeback after a hiatus of a year and 6 months and will be beginning promotions from November 11th.

The Wonder Girls revealed in the interview, “We have been able to see Sunmi daily since we returned to Korea to prepare for our comeback. She’s very healthy and working hard in her studies. .”

Yeeun expressed, “She (Sunmi) would watch us filming the concept shots and dance rehearsals and then show her support by saying ‘You really done well,” exemplifying their still close relationship.

Same-aged Sohee revealed, “We are all striving towards our dreams, be it through dance, singing or studies, so really we are together as one. It’s just that I am in America and Sunmi is in Korea. That’s the only difference.”

The Wonder Girls will be making their official comeback on November 11th through KBS Music Bank.


13 thoughts on “Wonder Girls meets up with Sunmi daily after returning to Korea

  1. Thank you so much for this article ❤ I don't think I saw anyone else reporting on it actually! Sohee's last statement is gold. EunSun & MiSo are still as strong as ever, and our 6 Wonder Girls are doing well 🙂

  2. Sunmi…really miss her, especially when the girls have a comeback, I think about Sunmi even more. I miss her sooo much… I still hope that she’ll comeback in the group very soon… I just want her back TT__TT Sunmi Jjang!

  3. literally crying lol :((((( i miss sunmi sfm

    and im crying tears of joy b/c coolsmurf is back fjsbdgksdjbhgfks

  4. This is so heartwarming! Fingers still crossed for Sunmi to come back to WG someday soon. For now, good luck to her on her studies! And FIGHTING, Wonder Girls!

    On a side note, it’s fantastic to see you back, coolsmurf! I can’t believe I only just found out. Welcome welcome ~ And thanks again for your hard work!

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