Wonder Girls reveals the body part they are unsatisfied with

Wonder Girls who have risen to become a rising star in Korea revealed recently the part of their body which they was dissatisfied with.

Wonder Girls in black

On a recent recording of MBC program, “3 Color 3 Women Talk Show” shown in November 2007, each member of the Wonder Girls gave a frank answer regarding the part of their body they were displeased about.

Sun Ye revealed that she was unhappy with her small mouth. Ye Eun revealed that her chin was not symmetrical which gives her stress. Adorable So Hee meanwhile claims that “her lack of ankles” makes her look ugly when she wear pants. Yoo Bin who has an eviable tanned skin isn’t too pleased because she has a skin condition which makes it rough. Sun Mi claims that she can’t gain weight no matter how much she eats and so girls feel jealous of her. 

(many thanks to lilily2 for correction)


24 thoughts on “Wonder Girls reveals the body part they are unsatisfied with

  1. ^ no i dont think so i mean everybody has something that they r not satisfied with about one thing but that doesnt mean they want a surgery

  2. that means they would get plastic surgery because they’re not satisfied with themselves…agreed??

  3. but i heard that JYP doesn’t like yoo bin’s voice and because of that she went for some throat surgery or something. but if JYP doesnt like her voice then why recruit her in the first place?? it ain’t fair to her! her voice is so unique and sexy!

  4. i think..they have nothin wrong with their body. honestly, so hee’s ankles arent really noticable to me. sun mi, she is pretty, what more to say. everyone’s pretty.

    they shouldnt change a thing.

  5. thank you lilily2 for the corrections. I had held back on releasing this but decided to even though I find it wrong in some way. it makes sense now.

  6. actually, coolsmurf, the question the hosts asked WG was, which part of your body are you most dissatisfied with…
    not where did they want surgery

    so the WG indicated their least favorite body parts. ie, YeEun said her jaw is not symmetrical, which gives her stress; SunYe, that her mouth is too small; Sunmi said it was hard for her to gain weight and so was quickly dismissed ^^;;, Yoobin has a skin condition which also gives her rough skin, and Sohee said that her ‘lack of ankles’ made her legs ugly in some sort of pants…..

  7. Its to do with the culture in S Korea. Like said above, so many celebs and people do it that it is pretty much normal and accepted. Its no big deal.

  8. plastic surgery is a major turn off i hope they dont do it cuz i most likely will stop liking them =/

  9. LOL! Why is it that Sun Mi always has the best/funniest answers to most things?

    I’ve been so behind on background info on WG. can someone tell me why Sun Mi is nicknamed 4 dimensional?


  10. Yeah I love them the way they are! hehe I fell inlove with these girls because they are being themselves and they aren’t really part of those plastic surgery freaks…I hate those people that does so many surgeries on their bodies justto be pretty and perfect…you can be perfect even without it and a great example of it is the WONDER GIRLS!! woot woot! hehehe please don’t do them….

  11. awww..
    but i like the way wonder girl is!! they look great without surgery!! i no they hv temptation hah XD cas almost most girl is unpleased about one part.. or some… parts about their body XD and want to make themselves as perfect and pretty as possible..cas im a girl too haha XDD but yaa i agreee~ i hope its only an ambition =D
    PLEASE DON’T GET SURGERY!! or else.. they would be like.. SNSD @__@… i don’t mean to be mean!! im sryy for any fans who likes them n r reading my comment. ><;

  12. I guess this was expected at some point.
    Almost ALL Korean celebrities go through plastic surgery.
    But the Wonder Girls shouldn’t. Like Moi said, they’re fine the way they are.

  13. I agree too! And in that pic I don’t think that sohees ankles are thick, I never noticed it! Well, Yoobin looks great on that pic without the damn wigs! Ilike yoobin unnies skin colour! I have the same dark tone and I also used to dislike my skin colour, too because my friends are all white as ghosts… But now I like my skin colour because wonderful yoobin is also so tanned 🙂
    Wondergirls Hwaiting, have a good rest and have fun in USA!^^

  14. I’m sure everyone has a “plastic surgery ambition” where they’re not pleased with a part of their body, but I hope WG never actually acts upon it. They’re perfect the way they are!

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