Words of Thanks from Wonder Girls to 2AM & 2PM

Remember an earlier article where 2PM expressed their thanks to the Wonder Girls? Here’s a return message by the Wonder Girls to 2AM & 2PM.

Sun Ye
2AM and 2PM who have become our new JYP family members…congratulations! As always I’ll be looking forward to your great performances^^

Ye Eun
AM who has much more to give them ‘this song’! Kkam-Kwon {*note:”Kkam” = “kkamchik” = cutie kwon} who stole my part keke Yoobin’s biggest fan Seul Oong, JYP’s very own “Nah Hoon-ah” {*note: legendary singer in Korea} Changmin-oppa, Jinwoon who is still scared of me keke I’m always thankful~keke 10 out of 10 points PM! Leader Jaebum who doesn’t know how to treat his sunbaes and whobaes properly {*note: don’t take it literally, it’s a joke} (do you still go to that shop keke) Junsu-oppa keke who’s still awkward, gentleman Khun, cheesy Wooyoung, Chansung who always works hard, Boston Ok-kkess! keke my ‘Ilsan’ family Junho! keke I thank you all~

So Hee
bright and nice 2AM [Scandal Kwonnie-oppa, Seul Oong-oppa, Changmin-oppa, Jinwoon-oppa] the funny 7 members of 10 out of 10 points 2PM [my sibling Jaebum-oppa, Chansung-oppa, Taek yeon-oppa, Junsu-oppa, Grandpa Khun, awkward Wooyung-oppa, Junho-oppa] always thankful to our JYP family ^^

Yoo Bin
2AM who only has ‘this song,’ so ‘what do i do’~ haha 100 out of 10 points 2PM congrats congrats on your debut~

Sun Mi
In the early morning 2AM! Jo kwon~~~~Kwonnie-oppa…we’re finally running together…let’s never fall..! I believe in you Jo Kwon~ you too Changmin-oppa have strength~because behind you their are 16 dongsengs who are always with you. .Jinwoon-oppa~you seem ’empty’ these days ? I’ll be holding an eyeliner pencil waiting for you. Seul Oong~take care of your members…breakfast Seul Oong…

In the afternoon 2PM! Leader..?? Jay Jay Jay….’babo’ {*note:stupid}……..hohohohoho (to oppa, I also say slightly fighting^^) Arch Junsu-nim.~I read your ‘thanks to’…hoot! Taec~there are rumors going around how you and I are twins?? Lal-la-lal-la-la-lal-la~very pretty Khun-nim…dark horse or black hole? Wooyoung-nim, I still can’t figure out your true identity. Chansung-nim who doesn’t seem like the youngest, Junho-nim, who goes around performing in the rain alone…and~our cutie, lovely, pretty, hardworking Minjoo-unnie…Joo!!!

Our 17 siblings~~you don’t know how safe I feel when I’m with you guys…let’s create big news this year ^^….

credit: 아하궈나 @ midmee + wonderkid (translation)


30 thoughts on “Words of Thanks from Wonder Girls to 2AM & 2PM

  1. What has happened to these days? The siblings are falling apart. D: This is only about a year and a half ago. Maybe Jaebum and SunMi are riding off into the sunset.

  2. i’ve been reading this article over and over again.
    it just won’t bores me out because it’s so cute
    & funny. how i wished there would be more
    interactions between these 3 groups. love them!!
    got to mention this because it’s so adorable.
    JAEMI?! gosh, they would be a great couple.
    the way they treat each other is so hilarious.
    (jaemi vs. rimi) lol <333
    the messages were really heart warming…

  3. Sun Mi = LOVE

    JaeMi!! XD RiMi definitely has competition. I mean, let’s not forget ShinMi!! err… SunDong? Hahaha!

    Sun Mi. Gosh, I just adore her. Her message was the most heart-warming and genuine one. Not saying the others’ weren’t, but she was able to address everyone, even Joo! And all in the most amusing way! If you didn’t smile reading her message, something is most definitely wrong with you.


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  5. Haha, Yoobin’s 2AM comment was really good and Sunmi’s one is adorable “Taec~there are rumors going around how you and I are twins??”, Sunmi never ceases to entertain me.

  6. LOL at Yoobin’s comment for 2AM. lmao thats a really good one hahahah i really legit laughed out loud for that one
    and sunmi is so adorable ! i love how she puts them all together as one family. loveher loveher<3

  7. ye eun and sun mi’s were long and fun to read. so sweet of sun mi to mention joo, she’s just too cute!

  8. I love how you can feel that family connection they have! <3JYP FAMILY!!! LOL. I love that Sumni included JOO!

  9. Jae and SunMi are sooo adorable together XD


    I think Jinwoon and YeEun should be locked in a room together so he can overcome his “fear” ROFL

  10. I think sunmi has a crush on jaebum also >.> lol
    they’d be cute together if she weren’t taller than him lmao. XD

  11. LOL.. sunmi, you are so cute for words!!! ❤ Junho who goes around performing in the rain (Junho’s the one who looks like Rain)!! hahaha… good one sunmi!!!

  12. tanx for the news..JYP family is love!!!! let us hope they will all succeed this year…XD JYP family fighting!!

  13. Sunmi <33333 This girl never fail to amaze me…I love her thank you message so much..love it how she wrote it to each and everyone individually…even Joo. Her relationship with JaeBum is sooo cute..I hope they will end up dating each other or something.

  14. Coolsmurf where do you get all the latest news so quickly! Anyway, thanks a million and you’re doing a great job! I have WGs fever can’t get enough… 😉

  15. awww that is soo sweeettt!
    i cant believe it! i want to have 17 siblings tooo!
    there’s too much love around!
    i will always support that love!
    wonder girls, 2am, 2pm, and joo! fighting!

  16. awww Sunmi’s message was super adorable >.<!
    all their messages are so sweet I honestly like to see more interaction between the three groups!

  17. Sohee always sounds so cute
    when she comments others

    Sunmi’s thank yous lol
    …(in a low voice)..i think she likes jay…:)
    they are really siblings

    She’s so cuute!!
    have strength~because behind you their are 16 dongsengs who are always with you.
    I love that!
    She can always make me smile with her random sillyness no matter what it is.
    Sohee said more than what people expected I’m sure but I’m glad that the tone in her text was light and fun and thankful :))
    Hahaha at Yeeun too. xDD She’s so noona to them!
    JYPE family. 🙂

    thanks coolsmurf

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