Happy Sweet 16th Birthday to 4-Dimensional Girl Sun Mi

Continue to be special in your own special 4-Dimensional way!!!

Sun Mi

Video tribute by iLOVEsunmi. Collection of random Sun Mi moments.

More to come in the near future…


37 thoughts on “Happy Sweet 16th Birthday to 4-Dimensional Girl Sun Mi

  1. i m sad when i know you out from wondergirl…..:'(….sunmi ..please come back….. lim is not beautiful like you

  2. happy birthday sunmi…… you always make me smile….. you alway cute and beautiful….i collected many of your picture in my laptop…….sarangahea

  3. kakantot ngong jong
    mamaya daw kayo sa kubeta baka daw pupwede ha mga 15 mins lang daw kasi daw matigas na daw yung kanyang titi malibog daw kasi sya kakantot na daw si jong jong ng aso paa daw pala si jti si ela na bano

  4. oh my god….I love Sun Mi….Happy B-Day to Sun Mi….Always funny and happy with Wonder girls…..Sun Mi sarangheo

  5. happy happy b-day girl!!!!!!sunmi is soo cute in wg season3 episodes!!!! shes my role model of cuteness and loveliness!!!yay

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  7. Happy birth day >w<!! SunMiJung!!
    Wish you always our beloved princess of Wonderful
    and little beloved sister of Wonder Girls !!!

  8. ~~HAPPY BIRTHDAY ~~SUNMI!!!!!!!!!!!!! (alien)
    i hope your wishes come true on this special day!!!
    continue making us proud!!!! ~^.^

  9. she looks so beautiful in that pic…happy 16/17th birthday sun-mi i hope you have a great time 😀 (its obvious that you are anyway)

  10. Joyeux anniversaire SUNMI !! Already 16 ^^
    She is so beautiful here, SHe is the QUEEN today 😉

    Je l’aime bien !!

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNMI! She is so my favourite WG!
    Wishing her a posperous career and a blessed life ahead.
    I miss her old hair-do but she looks gorgeous nonetheless.

    i made a video for her birthday tooo 😀
    hope you guy’s like it ^^

  13. lol.. wat is that woman doing to our innocent sunmi?!??! haha.. j/k..happy birthday sunmi!!! ❤

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