Words of Thanks from 2PM to Wonder Girls

The following are words of thanks by each member of 2PM to the Wonder Girls including ex-Wonder Girl HyunA who is still a JYP trainee by the way.

…Wonder Girls fighting. and also, Sun Mi who stares at me, I say slightly hwaiting…

…Wonder Girls! ke ke ke I’ll see you in the broadcasting station…

—and Sun Ye-ya! My lines (when i dance) have improved from before right? keke. Ye Eun-ah wait for me kekeke. Sun Mi-yah wait for me too keke. So Hee-yah! you have the shoes right?. Yoo Bin-nuna thanks for making an appearance in our music video^^…

…Wonder Girls…Sun Ye for always greeting me with a smile like a horned owl(?). Sun Mi, who is always behind Sun Ye with an expressionless face but still greets me the same way. So Hee, who always looks slightly confused and awkward than the rest. Ye Eun, who has a scary stare. Yoo Bin-nuna, who looks like she’s fierce but actually laughs a lot…

…and the charming Wonder Girls. Sun Ye, who has everyone’s respect. Ye Run, who has a cool and charming personality. Sun Mi, a 4-dimensional beauty (don’t believe everything everyone says!) So Hee, who has a lot of charm. Yoo Bin, who is 10 out of 10 points (thanks a lot for starring in our music video)…

…HyunA-yah massage my shoulders!!…
…Wonder Girls: psycho Sun Mi + mandoo So Hee + leeda Sun Ye + awkward Ye Eunie + Yoo Bin-ee (so jealous you got to collaborate with Kim Bum Soo…)

…HyunA….Wonder Girls Yoo Bin-nuna, Sun Mi, Ye Eun, So Hee, Sun Ye…

Something random. Sun Mi’s reply to a concerned fan.

credit: sunmisohot@byulha + wonderkid (translation)


33 thoughts on “Words of Thanks from 2PM to Wonder Girls

  1. SO CUTE.
    hehe jaebum + sunmi ? ;D
    jaemi love !
    and taecyeon called sunmi a 4d beauty ! haha how cute.
    taecmi ❤

  2. sun ye is JYP’s boa… if u know what i mean… and sure, she deserves all the respect, she works really hard and is so passionate about performing!

  3. XD Sun Mi’s the one that’s almost always singled out as the weird, psycho one. hahahaha!

    Our little confused Sohee. How cute!!

    I love how everyone has respect for Sun Ye. If anything, I feel like she’s the mother in JYP Ent.

    And Ye Eun, of course, is the second father after JYP. XD

    Hahha, Junsu’s comment on Yoobin. =P

    I like how they mentioned Hyun Ah, but I wish they mentioned Joo, also. Joo’s always forgotten nowadays.

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  5. Woooot it’s good to be backk.
    Although I do miss NYC 😦
    And I missed the Wonder Girls!
    I’m so mad.
    But anywho,
    this is adorable.
    I love that SunMi is the weird one always staring and silly :DDD
    Ahh Sohee. she’s so misunderstood. 😦
    I’m the same way. ;/

    thanks coolsmurf

  6. i love all the things they wrote to eachother so cute (: i feel bad for hyuna like she could have gotten all the fame like wg if it wasnt for her health conditions :/ eh 2pm and wg are soo cute hehe and so is 2am soo
    2’oclock and wg ~

  7. Chan Sung in black shirt and brown + long hair was hot, too xD

    and the guy who was wearing glasses is Jo Kwon, rite???

  8. so sweet that junho mentioned hyunah. she will always be a wondergirl in my eyes!

    lol i love how they said sunmi was mean. u know sunmi recently said to a fan who said “i’m starting to like 2 pm now..what should i do”

    sunmi’s response was “don’t worry. we are all siblings. 12 of us” something along those lines. isn’t she sweet?? lol and mean at the same time. haha. i love everyone’s response. this made my day.

  9. Aww I think you forgot to label Junsu & Jinho.
    (Junsu’s right behind Sohee and Junho is on the bottom right in the white shirt with his arms over some other guy.)
    There’s also some 2AM guys in there too~

    Haha I think Jaebum’s message was the cutest x]

    Where did they say this? In an interview? Or was it like.. some message on the internet?

  10. lolz awww Sohee always looks slightly confused and awkward than the rest xD
    awww….thats soooo cute!! ><”

  11. uwa! didn’t know hyun a is still a trainee. good thing she didn’t give up on entertainment world, she has good talent. ^_^

  12. Thats awesome that HyunA is still in JYP and the boys are in good relations with her ^__^


  13. for those who can’t find the girls in the picture =

    ‘the two on the left side having their back against each other is sunye & hyun A (blue is sunye & red is hyuna)

    sunmi is at the right side with the white & black shirt in front of the red shirt guy.

    sohee is in the center to the left in the white, in front
    of khun(in black) & junsu

    ye eun & yoobin was not a jyp trainee at that time so that why they not in the pictures. ‘

    anyway those boys are so cute, hohoho chansung is a playboy telling ye eun & sunmi to wait for him. >.<

  14. Is “Ye Run” Ye Eun? XD

    They sound awesome. And the photo is crazy. The little girl on the floor looks bored though. ^o^

  15. sunmi hahah she must be mean to them cause their cute and like them

    Wooyoung is right about sohee she always looks lost

    and knew Hyuna was still with JYP

    JYP family fighting

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