Sun Ye Crying and Saying, “Thank you Grandma”

Wonder Girls leader, Min Sun Ye cried buckets of tears while sending a video message to her grandma on SBS “The Star Show” which was shown last night.

They praised So Nyeo Shi Dae again, “Unlike us, the nine of them are all very pretty. We also like them a lot.” There was also some heartwarming moments with the Wonder Girls expressing their love for their own families.

Especially for Wonder Girls leader, Sun Ye who started tearing after seeing photos when she was little and a video interview from her grandma.

Sun Ye expressed her heartwarming love for her grandma

My grandma kept telling me that she was already very contented to see that I’ve realised my dreams of becoming a singer. So grandma, whatever you feel like eating or doing, just tell me.

The other Wonder Girls also teared while talking about their own families. Ye Eun for one teared because she felt that she had let her mother down.


53 thoughts on “Sun Ye Crying and Saying, “Thank you Grandma”

  1. dont say anything rude for WG or SNSD..who are u to saying that..just watch what they did..u guys so funny who like to release negative opinion for k-pop lover.. sad T.T

  2. He,thank you.breakermeepmeep for posting a link in this video,
    i am the number fans of wonder girls.hehe i like all the girls in this group.especially Sun ye.
    Smile dont be sad.:-)
    Go…go..GO…wonder girls.
    Happy birthday 2 u,
    best wishes

  3. WG and SNSD Is Different!!
    They’r Different style..
    But For ME!! I really luv WG
    especially Min SunYe…She’s Angel!!
    So Gorgeous!!!

  4. laughs… it is true! i think the wonder girls are awesome! especially Sun Ye! 🙂 hee… but i don’t think she was lying. they are SO humble. 😀

  5. u could watch it at youtube……..just search for wondergirls@ starshow…..or sumthing

  6. I wonder why all korean girls always cry while saying something about love and so on… kind of tired of it already…

  7. Idc if you don’t SNSD, but if Sun Ye or any of the girls gives an opinion about SNSD it’s none of your business. Besides SNSD also praises WG. Why can’t you live with the fact that the WG girls like the SNSD girls? You don’t rule them you know.

  8. OMG so I think we’re all in agreement right?

    WONDER GIRLS is wayy better than SNSD!

    Can’t even compare! >_<

    All of the Wonder Girls are so kind and genuine and most of the girls in SNSD are arrogant, ignorant, and snobbish bitches. -__-


  9. TT.TT
    thats really sweet of leader-min ❤

    dang i really wana see this vid,would really appreciate an upload.

    anyways,one thing they’re most definitely a zillion times dead WRONG about is the SNSD ughhh..
    saying SNSD’s better than WG in anything is so over-the-top wrong-ness.
    WG totally OWNS SNSD in their appearance,music,stage presence and just about everything else aight

  10. I GREATLY AGREE with IluvYUBIN and YC!!! come on Sun Ye, you and the Wonder Girls are way octillion times better than SNSD!!! but, i love how humble you guys are.. more power to you!!! and lots of love!!!

  11. they are a million times better than snsd, don’t ever be jealous of them…

    at least they know how to be humble 🙂

  12. PLEASE SUNYE! YOU GIRLS ARE MUCH PRETTIER!! MUCH PRETTIER! I hope she doesnt REALLY believe those plastic sluts are prettier than ANY of them is she NUTS ?

    SUNYE YOU’RE GORGEOUS. YOOBIN IS BEYOND STUNNING, Ye eun is PERFECT. and sunmi is hella pretty and well know sohee OWNS cuteness. PLEASE SNSD has nothing on them. NOTHING.

  13. i was about to cry when i read this news and when i saw this picture. i want to see this! it must’ve been so hard for them but its worth it.

  14. oh my….
    so sweet..
    and i cried too….

    do they have to keep praising snsd all the time? no offence..
    just wonder… hihi

  15. T___T i wanna cry
    the girls are soo touching .
    they really do care about their family
    and that is soo niceee .

  16. Unlike us, the nine of them are all very pretty …….WHAT the?????

    someone PLZ GIVE WGs some mirrors !!!!!

  17. The more I watching you ,
    the more I feeling that how you feel …
    such a nice girl…with talented ~

    I never regret about fall in love with you
    and wanna spend all my heart for you forever~~

    MIN SUN YE !! I love you MORE , MORE

  18. awww they really love their family so much.

    love ye eun & sunye i hope sun mi is now ok get well soon sun mi.

  19. umm just wondering. when did they talk about snsd? i saw the whole thing and i don’t recall hearing anything to do with them. just worried i missed some parts or something.

  20. crap they made me cry. i think this is why i love them soo much. above all their talents and charms, i know deep down that WG are good people. they are good girls.

  21. I know Sunye was raised by her grandma and her father is disabled, but what about her mom? I’ve never heard her mention her before. Sorry if it’s a touchy subject for her, but I’m just curious.

  22. even though there’s still alot of people out there who put down So Hee because they think she can’t sing, but whether she can or can’t, JYP had his reasons for picking So Hee so I think people should stop bashing her and just accept her for who she is. My god, she’s only 16-17 yrs. old?

    Anyway, I’m totally rooting for the Wonder Girls. They have so much potential and talent, and their personalities are tops it all.
    Go Wonder Girls!

  23. sun ye treasures her grandmother so much that she will do anything for her.i want to cry with sun ye..aww~~

    all the girls have been thru’ thick and thin. they truly deserve this kind of popularity and recognition.

  24. i cried when i watched this too….

    sohee was so strong but you can see her tears in her eyes and how her voice was trembling but she was still strong…she didn’t really cry….

    @ Wonderjjang sunmi was rushed to the hospital coz she cant breathe and the cause was over fatigue….

  25. i just read from krn website that sunmi had fainted during an interview. do you know what exactly happened?

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