Wonder Girls teaches “Tell Me” dance

Wonder Girls Ye Eun, Sun Ye, Sun Mi teaches “Tell Me” dance

Korea girl group, Wonder Girls has been creating a buzz lately in Korea with their pop song, “Tell Me” and seen lots of rave reviews being created about it.

Their album producer, Park Jin Young had chereographed the “wrist dance” plus many other movements in his New York studio and recorded it down on video. It was later sent to the Wonder Girls in Korea for them to use it for their “Tell Me” song. The video of Park Jin Young dancing to the song was published online and achieved a record of a miliion views in the span of 10 days.

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When Wonder Girls received the video from Park Jin Young, there was just six hours before they would start filming for their “Tell Me” music video. Although they had already chereographed the dance beforehand, Wonder Girls decided to incorporate these new dance movements into their song. And luckily they managed to beat the clock and finished it before the filming started.

The opening of the dance which sees them swaying their shoulders and then moving their arms in V-shape style was conceptualised respectively by Sun Mi and Ye Eun. The “Tell Me” dance looks simple but when you actually do it, you would find it difficult to coordinate your arms and legs together.

And to prove how big of a hit it is with people, just do a search for “Wonder Girls Tell Me” on Youtube and you can see all sort of people imitating it. High school girls, policemen, military personnel, fellow korean celebrities have all done it. Have you?

(original article from Digital Chosunilbo)


Pop Life Is Tough Work, Say Wonder Girls

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The girls looked tired in their short skirts. “We sing seven or eight times after finishing school every day,” says one of the Wonder Girls, somehow managing a bright smile. The five Wonder Girls — Sun-mi, Sun-ye, Ye-eun, Yoo-bin and So-hee — were wearing heavy makeup and their individually unique, funky outfits. “We really feel our popularity when 30-year-old guys ask us for autographs. It’s amazing. It seems like people have been waiting for easy songs like ours.”

“People who were students in the 1980s say our retro-style song ‘Tell Me’ feels familiar. And teenagers like it because it sounds fresh. People think of us as a group rather than as individuals. I just really appreciate it when they recognize us,” says Sun-ye, the 18-year-old leader of the group.

“When we sang the song ‘Irony,’ some students were jealous of me,” says Sun-mi, 15. “But recently everybody likes the ‘Tell Me’ dance. There’s even another Wonder Girls group at school. Five students made up a group and dance to ‘Tell Me.’ They even asked me to teach them the dance.”

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The Wonder Girls enjoy watching UCC (user created content) in their free time. “I was impressed by a video from a group of soldiers who danced to ‘Tell Me’ in their uniforms,” says Ye-eun, 18. “They rolled up their pants like hot pants. They were pretty good dancers, but the video was hilarious.”

Each of the members has been through a long period of training. “My dream was to become a singer. Of course there were tough times, but I had confidence in myself that I could do well,” says Sun-ye, who spent seven years preparing for her debut. “I got frustrated sometimes during my two-year training period,” says 19-year-old Yu-bin with a smile. “But two years seems like nothing compared to Sun-ye’s seven years.”

The Wonder Girls say they were stunned by the outfits and choreography for “Tell Me” when they first saw them. “We didn’t like wearing the outfits. But once we shot the music video in them, it was fun,” says So-hee, 15. The music at the time was still new to them and it wasn’t easy to get the choreography right. “The choreography looks simple but it’s actually quite complex. Small repetitive motions with the hips, chin and shoulders — it makes a strong image,” said the Wonder Girls. (taken from englishnews@chosun.com)

I didn’t quite like the song when I first saw them on Music Bank performing it, their outfits were kind of weird too. But after their special stage with Big Bang on Music Bank and repeated listens, I have grown to like this song. Granted I still can’t fix their names to their faces, but I do like Sun-ye among them all.

Mentor/boss Park Jin Young cheoreographed their dance for them.

Wonder Girls & Big Bang – Tell me & Lie Special Stage @ Music Bank 071005

Great performance by two of the hottest groups in Korea now as they perform together,  Tell Me and then Lie yesterday on KBS Music Bank. Really infectious plus all of them were so adorable with their actions and reactions and the crowd was really into them. One of the best special stages I have seen.

Can’t get enough of just watching on YT, download it here