Reasons Why Wonder Girls Deserve Their Success

The pictures tell it all. Words need not describe it.



My makeup not ruined right?



94 thoughts on “Reasons Why Wonder Girls Deserve Their Success

  1. Haha, the last picture made me laugh. :] I’m proud of the WG! They deserve all the awards and praise they receive.

  2. i’m proud as a wonderful. hope they’d win all the 3 big awards next year! and as for their perf, WOW! it’s like a birthday wish come true. yeah, i had my birthday when they won. If only i was there to watch the whole thing.

  3. I love you wonder girls~~
    they did so well!! I’m so happy for them, and their reactions made me cry too, aah

  4. They deserve it every single bit. So touched when they started crying too. Especially Sun Ye because she doesn’t cry easily. I was tearing with them because I felt how they felt. WONDER GIRLS FIGHTING!!

  5. That is very sweet. They really care for each other. They really deserved the award they all getting now. And the tears and the smiles are just proof of how they really worked hard…

    All of you are all wonderful…Go go wonder girls

    I love you

  6. @WonderS

    I agree with you.
    I think he is in fact looking at SunYe. I think they all are in that picture.
    And , no I am not biased.

  7. @SunMi&Ye EunFan
    Being a third party who has absolutely no bias in the matter, I am totally feeling you, he IS looking at Ye Eun!!
    And yay, the Girls won, whis is totally amazing and kjsahdjhgdHJGHGJASD!!!
    (Sorry about the mini spazz, forgot myself for a moment there!).
    Congratulations girls, you deserve it so much!!

  8. Congratulation again Wonder Girls for making this far. And beside that, I don’t like the 5th pic because seem like the girls left Sohee out. But the rest are great and emotionally.

  9. HAy Q’ lindas La sWonder girls No lloren ninias esten alegres ..!!!
    =D ..!1 aca se las quiere mucho ..!!!
    =D ..!!! ojala tengan muchos exitos mis Wonder girls =D ..!!

  10. @WOnder,Oh please if I wouldn’t have told you that I was a fan you wouldn’t have said that so you should have refrained from saying that… Well you say what you think,but looking at Yunho’s eyes he is not looking a sunye,and if he is then he is looking at her behind.


    Haha, the last picture was funny. MISO LOVE!

    Of course they deserve it! No question there!!!! ^^

  12. i dont think its good for yoobin…this industry is a cruel one. im not sure if jypent is nice enough to let her stay this way..cause i think yeeun lost some weight already (from my own observations). but of course im assuming its the company here. maybe its her own will..or a natural symptom of stress. oh well. then again, it may be the pictures..cause yoobin on wgm didnt appear chubby..and they always say people always appear more bloated onscreen..

  13. ^
    I dun’t think that the other girls are “STRAW-LIKE”. SunYe and SoHee have amazing S-line figures. And though Park Oppa has lost weight , she is by no means straw like ( she is on the curvy side). And SunMi is thin alrite but not strawlike.

    Love the WonderShinki here. I think Changmin was looking at Sohee and the rest were looking at SunYe and NO, its not because I am biased.

  14. To KK

    Yoobin is sexy and having someone meatier than others in the group isnt that good? Than having full 5 packs of straw singers?

    Congrats to WG love them to death!

  15. Argh…congrats to all the girls…
    You are the WONDER GIRLS!!!
    I love you girls more and more…
    God bless you….^^

  16. hahahha! last pix is soooooo cute!

    they are all sweet and cute!

    you’re right, no words can describe how wonderful our girls are!

  17. @SunMi&Ye EunFan

    it’s because your’r a huge fan of yeeun n it’s because you only like u-know……that why you think like that…

  18. Honestly, I still cannot believe that they won THREE awards & it’s a huge one too. From the beginning of the award show, I was really disappointed that some of the artists that I voted didn’t win… so then my hopes began to disappear. I stayed up till 4am to watch this and then couldn’t take it anymore, so I went to sleep (I missed out all these stuff :[). Luckily after reading this, I felt so much relieved! ;] Honestly, I was so touched by this. I’ve never seen them crying so much. Looking at the pictures, pretty much shocked me. Ye Eun, Yoobin, & SunMi cried a lot, and I can understand why. Ooh, is that some WonderShinki interaction? Lol. Aw, look at the Miso couple! ❀ Congratulations WG!!! Wonderful will always support you girls no matter what! YAY πŸ˜€

  19. YeEun,Sunmi don’t cry..
    we’ll support you until the end!! ^^
    SoHee is really strong.. =D

    wonder girls really deserved to win this award..

    (oh,wondershinki moment ^^)

  20. It’s not that it matters,but seriously do I need a pointing stick look at YunHo’s eyes he is looking down… Sun Ye is turned towards Hero. I mean I’m just saying sorry if that sounds mean,but I mean I’m just a BIg fan of Ye Eun, the only member I like is Yunho,and he is definitely looking down,don’t believe me look closely to his eyes,or save the picture and zoom in….bleh Anyways,you can say whatever you want about me,but I can say what I think just like you.

  21. I donno if anyone noticed….
    at the end of mkmf, all the groups/singers left,
    but the wonder girls remianed there, wiping tears for each other, waving to their fans to thank them….

    just by watching that scene, i was sure that Wonder Girls deserved all the success they had.. THEY ARE TRULY THE BEST GIRLS GROUP IN KOREA, and the BEST GROUP in the world for me… ❀

    I Love You all, Wonder Girls.

  22. OMG!!!! i didnt really expect them to get something this big…. awwww that was crazy….i was like yelling like crazy…. awww WONDER GIRL!!!! YEAH!!! =)

  23. last night, while i watched it was lagging so much… then suddenly i saw them on stage and crying… so i checked and read the comments on the blog, they won the best song of the year!!! my sister felt asleep cuz she was bore cuz the lagging was terrible!!! i was jumping and waked my sister up… we both jumped and got emotional!!! hahaha… my sister has now become a wonderful!!!

  24. we are all going emotional!
    they are a puddle of joy!
    we are a puddle of joy too!
    crying out loud of happiness!
    watching them so happy
    makes me super duper happy!

  25. You girls made us wonderfuls so proud!. We will love and support you guys forever!.

    All DBSK guys must be looking at SunYe, she was looking like a goddess last night.

  26. i cried when they received the best song award. 2008 is their year. They worked their butts off all year and i don’t care if anyone says otherwise, they really deserved it! LIKE TOTALLY!

  27. 2008 is definitely the year for the wonder girls. its so touching to see them get so emotional they definitely deserved the awards they got, its so good to see some miso love. how come so hee doesn’t have any tears…

  28. I love the pictures!
    The wonder moments is really touching πŸ™‚
    It’s really rare to see them hug like that on camera.

  29. have any of you guys noticed that Yoobin put on alot of weight? She’s like oober huge now. I looks like she’s even bigger than Yeeun.

  30. Coolsmurf… can you tell me how you put like only one picture and have a button to say Continue to read and then we push on it you can see the other stuff on that topic.. i am having trouble with figuring that out and I hope you can tell me…

    One more thing.. how do you put the categories on the side as well?

    So glad that they won 3 awards!! its 3!!!
    you girls hard work had paid off and everyone can see that =)
    WonderGirls stay Strong!! dont b like me..being a cry baby because im so proud of u girls T-T
    WG fighting!! <333333333333333333

  32. Aww, those almost made me cry. Of course, the girls deserve their success. I’m so glad that all of their hard work’s being acknowledged.

  33. they just wowed me..
    and look at the two maknae’s comforting the unnies..
    tnx alvin for the Pics.
    and you made me cry again.. grrrrrrrrrrrr..

  34. LOL@last pic .
    Whos attending to Yoobin in the firs tpic!?
    And aww.
    I totally missed this.
    But I can feel the intense emotions running through in just these pics.
    I really want to hug the unnies and cry in joy with them.
    As for MiSo I would love to have them just have all their emotions and let em’ out!
    I do love that 2Ye attending to each other and MiSo attending to each other.
    Bottem line.
    They deserved this and so much more.
    But I’m SO glad that they find it hard to beleive that they won the 2 biggest awards.
    Because they don’t realize how much everyone loves them and how WONDERFUL they are!

    thanks coolsmurf

  35. Haha yup,Alvin!!!
    No words can’t possibly describe the reasons!
    They deserv the awards, no doubt at all!!

  36. sunye was sick but not seriously, her health always against with winter and packed schedule ^-^

  37. this’s awesome night for me
    i’m wait and vote like crazy for mkmf
    and then they get award not only 1 but 3awards!!!!
    that make me really shock like ‘OMG is it true?’
    they really deserve it!

    tango n disco dance was awesome really awesome!

    and for some bias to leader min
    she really look stunning tonight!!!! she caught my eyes first,
    and then when i watch their perf i cant take my eyes of her
    wahhhh..i cant resist her max charima tonight haha

    and besides, leader is awesome leader, she fulfill her role completely ❀

  38. when the girls cried for winning..i cried with them…it was soo hard to not cry…yeeun made me cry hardest due to her crying hard..then at the ending when they showed sunye crying…i cried again…then seeing these pictures made me cry once more..then thinking about their success and their known struggles made me cry
    i think wonder girls made me cry more in an hour than i ever did in a day

    i love these girls for uncountable reasons and a new reason gets added each day that passes
    they deserved every award they recieved and i am PROUD of the girls….


  39. LMAO..people here are arguing about who is looking at who..who cares cos they are still WonderShinki interaction overall! haha..anyways, sunye’s acceptance speech really moved me to tears. Her words are just pure and genuine even though i don’t understand. I’m so proud as Wonderful. Like what Sunye said “The greatest gift they could ever give to Wonderfuls is to make them proud as a fan” And true to that, it’s definitely the greatest gift a fan could ever treasure.

  40. i was crying!!! they deserve it, i was just so touched…. Wonder girls… i can’t say anything i’m just speechless… i love you!!! WONDERFULS THANK YOU, YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!! LETS STAND AND GIVE WONDER GIRLS OF OUR LOVE AND SUPPORT NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!!!

  41. one thing that i always love to see when wonder girls take some awards is i love to listen SunYe’s speech, her speech so create and i know all of her words are from her bottom heart, although that was no sub but i’m always touching ^^

    i just saw vid when they take song of the year with sub hehe
    YeEun cry so hard, i never saw her like that almost all the times the one member who always cry is SunYe, was a surprise ^^ this time SunYe was tried her best, she tried to hold her tears back, good job Leader Min ^^

    LOL Maknae always be a strongest girl

  42. I cried! I’m happy, they beat all the boy bands! That’s f-ing historyyyyyy! Sunye’ speech was touching.

  43. i really love when our leader let other members give their speech and take their awards, how cute ^^

    wonder girls u always make me proud of u and i’m so proud to be wonderfuls HWAITING!!!

    ps, yehh i just notice too, since irony days to now i think leader look so thin, i dont know why but honestly i really worry about her, since their schedule was packed and i always saw her sick or look really tired, hope she ok^^

  44. @SunMi&Ye EunFan
    what wrong with ur sight?
    u-know looking at sunye and minnie looking at sunmi
    and maybe hero is who looking at yeeun

    but yehhh no matter who looking who, are u serious ?

  45. yes..i think sunye has been constantly losing weight…she seems to be getting irreversibly thin..wonder if its stress of she simply tries extremely hard to maintain her already fabulous figure..that would be worrying..

  46. OMG!!!!I just love the 1st pic and 3rd and oh!! the 2nd…
    aHHH!!!all of them…hmmm the 2nd pic just made me scream..
    lol,OMG!!!OMG!!!OMG!!! DBSK and WG 2gether!!!wwahhhh!!!!!
    our unnies won!!!love them love them love them 4ever….
    hehehe…lol Im so exaggerated

  47. ^^

    guys how does it matter!
    the guys are looking at the girls. No need to argue about stuff like this.

    SunMi&Ye EunFan and WOnders

    maybe he is looking at them both…:)

    But there is no doubt that Changminnie and Micky are looking at SunYe (hehe)

  48. @ WOnders

    LOL Do you know who the TVXQ members are?

    Yunho is clearly looking down at Ye Eun,while Changmin is looking at Sun Ye.

  49. @SunMi&Ye EunFan
    u-know is looking at sunye it’s totally clearly to see

    wonder girls fighting!
    wonderfuls fighting!

  50. MiSo love ^^

    this is really touching

    the girls love each other and support each other

    seems like there’re lots of joyful tears at mkmf last night

    i bet the girls are having a good dream at the moment



    man im so in love with them…esp sunye

  52. @ TVXQ-WGS:

    I know what you mean…in that picture Yunho is looking at Ye Eun,it would be so cool to see more Wondershinki.

    They really deserve every award they get,I’m so proud of these girls,They debut only last year and have come to international fame so fast,it’s Amazing.

  53. it was perfect! this is something i will never forget …
    Tonight was a treat for Wonder Girls and wonderfuls..
    The girls deserved it!

  54. they really deserved it!
    i thing they got 1 but no they got 3 this’s a big surpise esp. song of the year, this’s a big award of mkmf ^^

    love u wonder girls, so proud to be wonderful ^^

    *some question*
    why i feel like leader min look so thinner more n more nowadays?

  55. ^^
    He is! and so is maknae changminnie.
    Maybe because our leader looked extra pretty today.

    2008 was their year.
    2009 will be their year.

  56. some random but why Mickey staring at our Leader again!!! hehehe mayb i’m into wondershinki mode ^^

    anyway HUGE CONGRATZ to OUR GIRLS !!!!!
    2008 IS THEIR YEAR!!!!

  57. they’re work hard this year…
    so hot!nobody!
    they totally deserve it….
    i’m very proud for them also proud being wonderful….
    wg and all wonderfuls love u all….^^

  58. i was crying when i saw this !!!!
    these girls totally deserve it. they worked hard to get where their at right now. instead of sleeping they go back to their studio to practice. they think about their fans who are waiting outside the building and ask if their alright. they put smiles on everyone’s faces and try to make everyone happy. when they make a mistake on the stage they make a public announcement that “we will try our hardest on the next one” and accept the flaws of their group. they went through so many family problems but heck, they still have smiles on their faces and kept going trough challenges in life. they aren’t a perfect group, but to me, their a perfect role model for everyone. their hard work paid off and their dreams came true.

    remember season 1 ep. 4?
    “i want to be the best– world’s best” – sun mi



    hahahah I can’t believe I missed this live!!!

    I can’t express how happy I am!!!

    Congrats to WG! they truly deserved all the awards!!!

    and that tango perf….DAMN! that was HOT~whoo

    AHHHHHHHHHHH~~~ ^__^

    >>>Nobody but the Wonder Girls >>>>

  60. It’s so amazing. They’ve worked so hard and all these tears are just sincere proof of all their effort. These awards are well-deserved. The girls are truly wonderful.

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