So Hee looks upon Sun Ye as a sister she can trust

The following are translated messages which So Hee wrote on Sun Ye’s Cyworld before they debuted as she showed how much she relies and trust Sun Ye as a sister figure during their training days. Sun Ye already looks like a leader.

Message #1

So Hee: Unnie…yesterday was so scary.
I won’t be late again next time….
I never knew that it would be so tiring
Because I still have to attend school…
so I am really tired in the morning
Lately, I have been thinking whether I really want to be a singer…Hehe…

Sun Ye: Still a lot of time, so think carefully before deciding…

Message #2

So Hee: Everyone looks like they are having a tough time recently
I don’t know what I should do…
I haven’t even solve my own problems…
Because they really treat me very nice…
I am not sure what I should do…
Unnie, are you alright…? Don’t be too hard on yourself
If unnie also (finds it tough), then please tell me…
Although I am not sure how much help I can offer…but I will try my best…
See you in dance studio on monday ^-^

Sun Ye: I’m not tired ^^ Hehe
But really, it would be a big lie if I said I wasn’t tired…Hehe
But we must be strong~~~~~!!!! Hehe
Alright ^^ See you on Monday!

(Many thanks to sunyelove from baidu for original translation)


11 thoughts on “So Hee looks upon Sun Ye as a sister she can trust

  1. Sun ye is very responsible sister and very mature for her age. Yeah, since she experienced a lot of hardships that’s why she was molded into a great person now…Keep on fighting sunye Ilove you…

  2. i would do the same, though i’m older than her, i think i can talk to her about anything
    sun ye has a aura of warm and kindness, i bet she’s the best consultant and friend….

    go go Sun Ye….^ ^ v

  3. though it’s old but yeah, sun ye is like a big unnie to so hee.

    she leads well and i just love her.

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