Best UFOtown replies from the Wonder Girls

No further explanation needed. This was posted yesterday. Very funny!


Many thanks to wonderkid and 꽃사슴여덕@wgstarzone.


24 thoughts on “Best UFOtown replies from the Wonder Girls

  1. Lmao ahahahahaha i LOVE yoobin’s.
    Ahahahaha sunye’s is cute.
    Yeeun, aha thanks for telling us the difference =]
    Sunmi’s is funny-ish kinda

  2. hahahhaa they’re so cute! I wish I could use UFOTown, too and be able to leave comments like those for them to possibly answer. Haha!

  3. YeEun’s reply is the best. yesh! college is tough, but there’s a lot of good foods that will make you PHAT! hahaha! But you will eventually get tired of it. Trust me. heehee!

  4. I love their replies! Such hilarious comments XD.
    If I were Sunmi, I would be totally creeped out, but she handled it very well in a quick, laughable manner.

  5. who doesn’t love food? *Can’t wait till university now kekeke*

    xD, everyone has a great sense of humour ^_^

  6. Ye Eun!! eun and her beloved food.
    Yoobin’s answer is the most hilarious..hahahaha..
    Sunye will be waiting for her dduk-bok-ki..imagine her saying “Dduk-bok-gi, Come On!!”haha

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  8. WGs are so the BEST!!
    cant spend a day without seeing them…sohee has her own style…and i lover her that way…

  9. Yoobin’s message was the best.

    Her reply to his text message was funny xP. “When exactly is my heart suppose to flutter.”

  10. ahahhaha this made me laugh 😀 “there are a lot of food to eat” hahahahahaha xDDD my hungry hippo ye eun .

    The girls are so funnny!!!
    Yeeun… there’s more food in college!
    Sunye… Ddeok bokki is …. !
    SunMi… Of course she’s still the same strangely cute 17(16) year old! her laugh! hahahahahaha
    Yoobin! LOL
    And I know Sohee’s wasn’t as funny as the others but I LOOOVE the fact that she promoted the group and not just herself.
    You can’t NOT love this group! (INCLUDING SOHEE)
    I find it to be impossible.

    thanks coolsmurf

    p.s I totally agree that SunMi’s totally SEXY HOT!

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