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Wonder Girls (원더걸스) are made up of five girls Min Sun Ye (leader), Park Ye Eun, Kim Yoo Bin, Sun Mi and Ahn So Hee debuting in 2007. Ex-member Kim HyunA left in 2007 due to health problems, but she will always remain a Wonder Girl.

Sun Mi left the Wonder Girls at end-February 2010 to further her studies and Hye Rim was recruited to fill her spot. Sun Mi is still technically a Wonder Girl and will be welcomed back into the group if she so desires in future.

Official balloon color is Pearl Burgundy and fanclub name is Wonderful.


Stage name: Sun Ye (선예)
Full name: Min Seon Yeh (민선예)
Nickname: Leader, Min Jookie, SsoNye
Birthdate: August 12th, 1989
School: Korea Art High School, Dongguk University (acting)
Height: 162cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood type: A
Religion: Christianity
Duration of Training: 5 years 6 months
Debut: 2001 SBS’s 99% Challange!
Specialty: Vocal, Choreography, Poppin’, Street, Chinese language
Hobbies: Movies, music appreciation, sports, health
Favorite Artist: Beyonce, Yiruma
Favorite Stars: Johnny Depp, Jessica Alba
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Ddeokbokgi (spicy rice cakes), Ice Cream
Favorite Quote: If you do it, it’s done
Ideal Type: Attends church, strong sense of responsibility and honesty


Stage name: Ye Eun (예은)
Full name: Park Yeh Eun (박예은)
Nickname: Park Oppa
Birthdate: May 26th, 1989
School: Jung Bal High School, Kyunghee University (post-modern music)
Height: 165cm
Weight: 47kg
Blood type: AB
Religion: Christianity
Duration of Training: 3 months
Hobby: Music appreciation, reading, bible reading
Favourite Food: Chobap (Japanese vinegared rice delicacies), egg tart
Favorite Artist: Lauryn hill, Aretha Franklin, So Hyang
Favorite Color: Green
Ideal type: Family-orientated person


Stage Name: Yu Bin (유빈)
Name: Kim Yoo Bin (김유빈)
Nickname: BoNoBoNo (Korean cartoon)
Birthdate: October 4th, 1988
School: Myongji University (movie musical)
Height: 163cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood Type: O
Religion: Christianity
Duration of Training: 2 years
Speciality: Scuba, swimming
Hobbies: Listening to music, collecting CD
Favourite Food: Salad, raw fish, fresh apples
Favorite Artist: Eve, Lauryn Hill
Ideal type: Person who is passionate about everything


Stage name: So Hee (소희)
Full name: Ahn So Hee (안소희)
Nickname: Mandu (Dumpling)
Birthdate: June 27th, 1992
Height: 166cm
Weight: 43kg
Blood type: AB
Religion: Buddhism
Duration of training: 2 years
School: Chang Dam Middle School, Changmun Girls’ High School
Specialty: Taekwando, Vocal, Choreography, Poppin’, Street, Acting, Chinese
Favorite Artist: Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Rain, Im Jeong Hee
Favorite Color: Pink
Ideal Type: Guy who has pretty hands


Stage name: Hye Rim
Full name: Yu Hae Lim (禹惠林)
English name: Christina
Nickname: Little Apple
Birthdate: September 1st, 1992
Height: 167cm
Weight: 49kg
Nationality: Korean (But lived in Hong Kong)
Duration of training: 3 years
Specialty: Dancing, Hip-hop
Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean

Ex-Wonder Girl members


Left just before release of 2nd album due to health issues. Returned as part of 5 member girl group, 4minute in 2009.

Stage name: Hyun A (현아)
Full name: Kim Hyeon Ah (김현아)
Nickname: Sexy Ya Seng Mah
Birthdate: June 6th, 1992
School: Choong Chun Middle School
Height: 163cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood type: O
Duration of Training: 3 years 2 months
Specialty: Vocal, Choreography, Poppin’, Street dancing(?)
Favorite Artist: Beyonce, The Pussycat Dolls, Rain, UN
Favorite Color: Yellow


Left the Wonder Girls at end-February 2010 to further her education.

Stage name: Sun Mi (선미)
Full name: Seon Mi (선미)
Nickname: 4-Dimensional, SunMa
Birthdate: May 2nd, 1992
School: Chung Dam Middle School, Chung Dam High School
Height: 167cm
Weight: 43kg
Blood type: AB
Religion: Christianity
Duration of Training: 1 year 6 months
Specialty: Vocal, Choreography, Poppin’, Street, Acting, Chinese
Favorite Food: Udon
Favorite Artist: Beyonce, Rain
Favorite Actor: Song Kang Ho
Favorite Color: Purple
Ideal Type: Person who is masculine

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  1. i am an american older man who works for the railroad. when the day is rough, the going gets tough, and i am really feeling down. all i have to do is watch their videos and listen to thier music to ease away the days tensions.

    my favorite group- the Wonder Girls

  2. Wow
    My self is korean and knows the wonder girls are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome .
    Personally I think that the wonder girls is the best band ever, for ever.

  3. I respect your liking for Wonder Girls but PLEASE do not start bashing SNSD. They are great in their own way. And also consider the fact that it’s not Wonder Girls who, as you have stated, “doesn’t feel the need to release singles/albums one immediately after another (e.g. SNSD who mostly releases rushed bland songs)..willing to go hiatus and take the risk of losing fans that will go impatient waiting for them to comeback..really careful and responsible about their music.” It’s actually their companies who make this decision and each company is different in the way they operate. That is, SM Entertainment chooses to release songs that will APPEAL to the public and choose to satisfy SNSD’s fanbase at a daily basis while JYP is more careful and slow going in this process.
    So with all due respect, Sones and Wonderfuls need not hate each other (as in the past) as SNSD and Wonder Girls are both great girl groups.

    saya setuju dengan pembicaraan di bawah

    나는 아래의 논의에 동의

  4. The WONDER GIRLS has just returned with new album ‘Wonder Party’, And the featured MV new song ‘Like This’ has just revealed a few hours a ago. And what can I say it is really wonderful for this comeback. Wonder GIRLS keep up! Love^^ from : raees julbin ali malaysia


  5. former member or latest member..i love them both..coz they have their own talent..hyerim..fighting!!!! show them that u r wroth as one of WG member..:)

  6. hye..wonder u all..the former member or the latest member…i love them both..they have their own talent…so,please dont say u dont like hyerim..ok..:P..hyerim;plz dont take serious about it..:P..just keep it up..n make them realize u r wroth as one of WG…hehehe…hyerim..fighting!!!

  7. soohe is very beautiful !! i like her .. she is very talented !!



  9. Hi i’m julbin ali from malaysia

    I’m really want sunmi back to the wonder girls and formed as a six member , although many of a fans really hope so that sunmi will coming back to the group soon. Thank you


  10. Did anyone here knows the pledis ent. Just release a new boyband called Nu’est, this band is great and a single face and i’m sorry honestly just keep me melted, i just can’t get enough of it. Also i’m a fans to TEEN TOP their song called ‘Crazy’ it’s really amazing awesome marvelous. I just want to shout this out. Wonderful can you out there support this boyband too. hehe.. Saranghae wonder girls. ^^v


  11. everyone please help wonder girls beat an American group! fan groups all around are trying to help! -wonderful-sone-VIP-kissme-beauty-Blackjack-Elfs-shawols-A+ etc… thank youuu XD april 1 11:59 is when it ends!

  12. haloo! i’m raees from malaysia, yupp I think the group should just be better now, and don’t have to change anything, you know hyunA should be in 4minute cuz she extremely sexy, and as much I could see now hyelim doing well in wonder girls she’s cute, and now I just hope that sunmi can join wonder girls back after she finish her study, mimi pls comeback to wonder girls ^_^.


  13. How i miss sunmi! and i disagree i think hyerim should be in WG she’s really talented we should give her a chance now she’s my favorite member!

  14. Hey… can JYP get rid of hye rim out from wonder girls, and take back hyuna as a wonder girls member. plus I would like to see hyerim come joining 4minute. so hyuna become wonder girls back and hyerim become 4minute. it’s simple. cuz’ I think hyerim not suitable as a part of wonder girls. But hyuna should cuz’ she’s the one who debuting this group from the begining. And if sunmi want to make a comeback, she just should come rejoing miss a and be a part of miss a. it’s sound crazy but awesome!


  15. hi wonder girls.. ilike your latest song ‘be my baby’..i like Hye Rim…My friend say my face like Hye Rim..I ❤ Wonder Girls

  16. I’m so glad to See to many fans of wonder Girls in this blog. I love wonder Girls since I heard song of them it’s called ‘nobody’.. Keep it up wonder Girls.. Please love us.. Coz’ we love you.. Hehe.. Bye..


  17. hi wonder girl i love you so much because you sow beautiful and all of you is my idol oh my god hyuna,yubin,sunye,sohee,hyerem,and ye eun, mwah

  18. ˇ★jOLBiN★ˇ :i’m actually so love Min Seon Yeh,Kim Yoo Bin,Kim Hyun A.., suN yeE u’r So hoNest in stage when U daNcing anD sinGing hoPe u cAn coMe soLo aGain witH anOther seXy daNce mv.. yOO biN Ur fLexibLe anD seXy coZ first I really lOve ur aweSome rapPing in nobOdy,.hYun Ah?whY u beCome eX-wg,it well be good if u in wg back, so u can do some duet+ with YoO biN,hYun ah Ur amAZINg anD uR siNgle MV CHANGE” are PecFectly aWesoMe!! sO hee ur so cuTe.. ye Eun uR voice is Melting mE it is So greAt to heaR uR loveLY voicE.. hye Rim..i just take a sometime to love U..but I think Ur just cuTe and seXy in be My baBy.So keep it up coz I love it. I ReaLLy lovE all Of U seVen WondeR girlS.. wOnDer giRLs neoMu neOmu saRangHae.. keEp maKing an AmaZing daNce.. anNyoNg ˇ☆jOLBin★☆ˉ


  19. Wonder girls WE love you so much :'(!!! nobody is the first single I ever love., and eebaboo.,irony_hyuna_.,sohot.,BE MY BABY was so cute and awesome! I just hope wg mimi will study hard..and hye rim can do it better in wg,HYUNA’S? u seem to be a sexiest girl ever!even u now a 4minute member but I just consider u as a wg


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  21. hyunA pls come to wondergirls again,because you are my idol so much
    and i love very much
    pls come back
    when you areback i will be happy

  22. @HanoHanoKun
    I respect your liking for Wonder Girls but PLEASE do not start bashing SNSD. They are great in their own way. And also consider the fact that it’s not Wonder Girls who, as you have stated, “doesn’t feel the need to release singles/albums one immediately after another (e.g. SNSD who mostly releases rushed bland songs)..willing to go hiatus and take the risk of losing fans that will go impatient waiting for them to comeback..really careful and responsible about their music.” It’s actually their companies who make this decision and each company is different in the way they operate. That is, SM Entertainment chooses to release songs that will APPEAL to the public and choose to satisfy SNSD’s fanbase at a daily basis while JYP is more careful and slow going in this process.
    So with all due respect, Sones and Wonderfuls need not hate each other (as in the past) as SNSD and Wonder Girls are both great girl groups.

  23. What are the songs when Hyuna was there ? I can’t seem to find Hyuna in any of the wonder girls song . Is it Tell Me !? .. please TELL ME 🙂

  24. Im getting to be fonder of Wonder Girls! Since the last time I wrote something here (Feb 2010), I tried to listen to other k-pop groups like 4minute, kara, T-ara, Sistar, 2pm, Mblaq, 2ne1, Super Junior, Shinee, B2st, BigBang, U-kiss, and even the lame group called “SNSD”. And so far, Wonder Girls remains to be my fave Kpop group. Ok, to be honest I like 4 other Kpop groups: 2ne1 (because of Dara), Super Junior (I like their music), 4minute (I like Jiyoon) and Bigbang (such a great group).
    I had proved to myself that Wonder Girls is indeed the best Kpop group ever existed. They are so passionate about their craft and doesn’t feel the need to release singles/albums one immediately after another (e.g. SNSD who mostly releases rushed bland songs). They are willing to go hiatus and take the risk of losing fans that will go impatient waiting for them to comeback. They are really careful and responsible about their music. True enough, it seems like their comeback album Wonder World is so much better than anyone had expected. Seeing the teasers they released the past few days, it’s evident that both their music and image had undergo major changes.
    Each member really did grown up and better than ever. Ye Eun, my favorite WG member improved her singing powers and dancing abilities tremendously; she’s becoming one of Kpop’s best vocalists and I’m so proud of her. Sun Ye also improved a lot specially her English tongue. Sohee became more confident and hard working; I noticed that her voice is starting to shape up. Yubin is sexier and tougher than before. As for the newest member Lim, she had already proved that she deserves to be a wonder girl and a good replacement to Sunmi since the 2DT promotion, I’ve got the feeling that were all in for more surprises coming from her; actually nobody really expected that she could rap so good and could stand side by side with yubin as the group’s rapper and has her own way at that which brings a different flavor to the group.
    I would not consider myself as one of the Wonderfuls since I don’t really support ex member Hyuna, but I’ll definitely defend WG from the anti-fans and respects them as serious artists. I’ll pray that WG will have the best of their careers.

  25. The first time I saw a video of you who sing again nobody really amazed me because you are so graceful and beautiful, when are you guys concert in Indonesia
    I’m waiting for your arrival
    I love you all and especially ye eun yu bin and all

  26. Chao Ahn Sohee! Em tung Sohee a lot i wis i could ba able to com to you concert but i cant visit Vietnam please! my grandma is very ill pease come to vietnam! cam on

  27. sunmi ooo sunmi very beautiful like it !!!
    sohee soo cute
    yeeun , its so prety
    sunye very prefect
    yoobin very smart , prety and prefect

    good job wondergirl :*

  28. helllo the wonder gril
    i from indonesiaa
    i like sohee and su Mi
    sohee sun Mi verry pretty and verry cutee

  29. hay wonder girls ………..
    i love you wonder girls ,,,,,
    i’m from indonesia , i really like so hee …….
    so hee , you are very pretty and very cute

  30. hi wonder girls!!!!!!!!
    how are u all?
    im didang WG,i m from all know i love you all very much.i start like you group when you all start to singging noboody,so hot,tell me,irony and 2 diferent tears.

    hello ahn sohee lover,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i really3x like u……….

  31. Hello Wonder Girls.. I’m always waiting new song’s from U all. Please tell me if you have it. Come to Malaysia again… Good luck Shinning star… n to Sun Mi, STUDY HARD.. u still wonder girl. 🙂 Amir@Adam

  32. hai princess wonder girls i like yor song i love u all..erm..mimi,ihope that u can study hard///u r my idol… do all the best.what is favourite song;;please reply my message.;.,

  33. raga love wonder girls so much
    indonesia love wonder girls a lot
    the world love wonder girls most
    viva wonder girls………………………….keep shinning…….b’cause you’re the star who give happiness to my life……………………………..

  34. you’re out songs its a best among the best i ever heard….n it will be my best collection in my hp,laptop,n cd’s…..i dun knw the meaning…cause i m not the korean people…..the rythm its good….

  35. hi , wonder girls
    i love you so much .. please come to kuwait
    i love you .. i love you .. i love you .. i love you .. i love you .

  36. wow..great concert u all make it happen at m’sia genting highlands….me, husband & my little love u all….

  37. I am 12 years old and I have heard that you are going to reply to this! AND IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! I would be coming to the concert and i would be seeing U!!!! NEXT SATURDAY.

    Please email me back if you can…

  38. hi , wonder girls
    i love you so much
    sun ye >>> i love yur voice and your style …
    ye eun >>> you are my favourite ( i always cry>>i just want to talk to you )
    so hee>>> i love funny people so yu are so funny so i like you
    yoobin>>> i love your rap
    hye lim >>>you are so cute
    sun mi >>>i miss you and you still wonder girl
    wonder girl >>> i love you all
    please come to kuwait
    from : anwar

  39. hello,im from marikh. i watch WD performaces using our sattelite. WD are so great. hope all of you succes in future!!!!!.

  40. love na love ko talaga ang wg

    kahit na anong girl group pa yan basta wondergirls parin ako!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    go go go go go wonder girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. saya suka semua lagu dan gaya mereka,n klo lgi berjoget dia kelihatan masih polos,kapan ke indonesia lagi…………. aku tunggu.

  42. saya penggemar wg …

    gua cinta wg


    ke bali…

  43. i love Park yeeun,
    i like Min sunye.
    i miss Sun mi,
    i need So hee.
    i dream bout Yoo bin….
    All of my mind Love Wonder girls…. love you somuch….

    Ka dieu atuh…… ka Bandung Konser na……. Irfan hoyong niggal…. kumaha ramena………..

  44. i like it wonder girl….!!!!

    I like the same songs you all,
    moreover so hot that I love this song …!!!
    personnel for personnel wonder girl, hopefully I pray you all can be successful and more beautiful ….!!! yes
    let alone that his name Ahn So Hee I like with you.!

  45. Wondergirls are so cute. i love you, and my son also. he want to see you next time when you come here, which is wonderland. i am sure about it. i hope see all you soon. thank so much!!!!

  46. we love wonder girls because they all are soooo beautiful, cute and their songs very nice to heard.we will always support you all.we hope you all can come to Malaysia at Gombak to present your performance.i love you so much…we all begging to you all………

  47. 그들이 그렇게 아름다운 매우 재능이 있기 때문에 나는 원더 걸스의 사랑.
    내 이름은 크리스틴 ❤

  48. Wonder Girls
    please come to Malaysia to have a performance
    because i really like you all !
    please ~
    i want to see you all perform
    please ~
    i love you wonder girls * muak muak *

  49. wonder girls saranghea
    please come sing in kuwait please
    love you hye lim you are so cute ….
    love you ye eun i realy love your voice ….
    love you yoo bin love your rap ….
    love you so hee cute !! ^_^
    love you sun ye good singer …
    love you sun mi were misS YoU …

  50. Wish you a very Happy bday SUN YE and the best of your dream will come thru !!!…

    Belive the person you very close with “Grand Pa & Grand Ma, would wish you the same ….

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U !!!! My dear Sun Ye

  51. saya adalah penggemar berat wonder girl…

    saya berharap wonder girl mau datang ke indonesia….

    kutunggu ke datanganmu wonder girl…


  52. hey wonder girls


  53. I LOve wondergirls, especially Sun ye and So Hee..=) stay sexy and charming girls coz your’re all SO HOT..=) God bless!

  54. 와우 ..!
    wondergirl 정말 멋졌어!
    너무 멋져요 ..!
    예 자카르타 때 너희들?

  55. hie wonder girls 😀
    wld really luvv tuu meet u all XDD
    u all are welcomed to Singapore !!!!
    btw i’m from Singapore…hahaa :]

  56. Hello everyone ,, i’m kim yoobin i wanna tell you guys that i really love the new member (Hae Lim ) Because she’s lovely girl and her nick name is littele apple 😀 Hehehehe! I Like fresh apples =)

  57. Seon Mi isn’t an ex-member. It was announced that she is welcome back whenever she completes her studies and feels it is the right time. Then Wonder Girls will be a six member group.

  58. Hey, girls i just wanted to let you know that i worked the night that you came to the Tabernacle, in Atlanta Ga. and even thou you are a little young for me, i though that you put on one hack of a show. And 2PM was grate to. I just wanted to write and let you know that you have another fan. GRATE job girls love you all. PS: Thanks for the autographs the pitcher is all ready on my wall. Let me know when you will be back in town i would realy love to come see you again. Another True Fan, James Cole And Kim dont worry about the stumble it happens to the best stars.

  59. hey,sohee,sunye,yeaun,sunmi n yubin i luv u co much……….where r u nw?????i hope u to cum to malaysia…plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz come to malaysia n have a concert……..iwant to meet u personaly!!!first i dont know WG but when i heart got a song which is named nobody nobody but you.then only i knew about u u u u u u u u u u n all sohee i also was born on june 27………… wohooooo i am so lucky mysister was born on august 12……… w are so lucky u r so cute sohee,sunye,yeaun,yubin,sunmi……. y are so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee luv u cooooo muchhhh n n nn n n n n nn n n n n very hoping u to come to malaysia n have a concert bubby

  60. sun ye you are my hearts true disire.., i hope i meet you in personal.., i love you ❤

  61. I love you wonder girls!!
    You rock totally & I want to be just like you!!

    I’m american, so doesn’t seem like thats going to happend!!-lol

    ‘Back to the days when we were so young wild and free look at your swagger hotter than me!!’-Favorite part

  62. I Love you Wonder Girl . I hope I can see you in singapore.You are so petty.I like your song Nobody,Tell me and So Hot

  63. i like sunmi veru much
    ye eun
    yu bin
    so hee
    i don ike lim very much

  64. i love sunmi… i hope sunmi wil be back…..please sunmi …. pease come back… i m very miss you ….. i don like lim very much …

  65. Oi, eu sou do Brasil também!!
    Eu adoro a Coréia do Sul, e sonho muito em um dia ser cantora aí ;D

    *+~ BjoOs ~+*

  66. hai.. w0nder girl i’m wana in malaysia?please c0ming t0 malaysia please? i like s0ng n0 b0dy fr0m w0nder girl…

  67. aneong ha seyo !!!!
    i love wonder girls suuuupeeer !!!
    im ur # 1 fan
    ye eun ur so beautiful !!!
    i hope WONDER GIRLS will come to Philippines

    ….sArAngHae !!!!!!

    i hope sun mi will be part of WG again ………

  68. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………awak gila. bodoh.bahlul…………………………………………………………………………………………… n

  69. sunmi is not ex member..
    she’ll be back soon after finishing her study..
    btw, i love WG~~

  70. wonder girls come here in malaysian…
    i love sunye..
    i miss yubin….
    i need sunmi…
    i very miss ye eun
    and i want marry SOHEE!!!!!!

    you all soo…cutest……


  71. i love Park yeeun,
    i like Min sunye.
    i miss Sun mi,
    i need So hee.
    i dream bout Yoo bin….
    All of my mind Love Wonder girls…. love you somuch….

  72. for the new member: wish u luck…

    still love wonder girls….


    I will love u all forever!

    ~~in philippines u r the best~~

  73. the thing that they have was charm, explosive appeal and the word ~~swuave~~ can’t say it in English.

  74. hiiii….i’m from malaysia…i loved to be wonder gilr’s fans…i loved most towards sun min…she so cute…althoug shes already out from wg gruop…but she’s still the best..huhuhuhuh keep up all the good works my lovely girls…bye

  75. i really love this group im so happy … if i hear there song … so beautiful .. i hope ther made anothere new and beautiful songs!!! labyou

  76. hello I WG WG fans alike you I like you I like the song you are the better songs I like you just WG

  77. i love wondergirl
    please come here in malaysia
    You girls are so many fans in here.
    So please do visit our country.

    Your MALAYSIA fans are waiting.

  78. im sooo excited that they r coming here in june 2010. which i will be going to. its the 1st time i have heard an asian group coming to DC so exciting!!

  79. wOw.. ang galing galing nyo.. hahahahaha.. filipino me..
    wOW.. tHere GrOup is sO aMazinG… sO many Beautifull
    speCiaLLy “SOHEE”

  80. for all the members of wonder girls we want you to know;all of you. like your songs esp.all of the filipinos here in the philippines


    your fans:
    joanna-as ye eun
    nesy-as sun ye
    nicole-as sohee
    kathy-as sun mi
    alexa-as yubin
    kim-as hyuna
    see you all next time!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Please come here in Philippines.
    You girls are so many fans in here.
    So please do visit our country.

    Your Filipino fans are waiting. 🙂

    Loveyou Sohee. 😉

  82. hello wondergirl i am me?Argeline and my 2 cousin is?Hazel,Arsel.We wish i see you wondergirl ate so hee,ate yoo bin,ate sun ye,ate sun mi,ate ye eun your song is beutifull like nobody,tell me,food,so hot,that is my faivorite all song i dont like 2ne1 fire that is not pretty song dont be worry the wondergirl winner and the 2ne1 fire lose and thanks for your song first nobody”you know i still you love you baby and it will never change,i want nobody nobody but you i want nobody nobody but you,ohh i live in pillippines pampanga.

  83. i love wonder girls……you know? i waiting for your new song is so long time…..when you have a new song? i miss you so much….my wonder girls… you forever.

  84. I love Wonder Girls’ songs!

    specially So Hot , Irony and Tell me!

    Some of them are taller then me, while other are lower (I am 165 and adopted frm china), but all of the girls’ weight lesser then my-selv??

    All of the girls wieght from 40-50….
    Is this normal for this height???

  85. my WonderGirls will not a same anymore without Mimi….
    but i still love them n support them(Mimi,SunYe,YeEun,SoHee,YooBin) …..
    because WonderGirls will always be my fav…
    no matter what happen WG always be no.1 for me…
    n i always become Wonderful till end of my life…….

    n about new member Lim…still cant accept her…
    cozz she never show me that she was deserves to WG…..
    now i still wait she prove to me n other WF that she deserves to WonderGirls……

    ps: always waiting for Mimi back in WG…….

  86. I love Wonder Girls very much…
    They are so pretty n talented…
    Wonder Girls fighting n saranghae…
    I will be their fan forever…..

  87. O.o Fighting! O.o
    O.o 파이팅! O.o
    O.o 戰鬥! O.o
    O.o ファイティング!O.o

    Wonder Girls!

  88. So talented. If I were to pick out of all the singing groups in Korea if I was given the opportunity to meet any group it would be Wonder Girls….I hope they come to the States again and come somewhere in New Jersey or New York again! I’d love to meet them!! I have always been unable to go see them because every time I got sick! =( They’re AMAZING

  89. hey alvin just lurking around. u probably wont read this. but for the hyunah profile, you had the year of 4minte debut as 2008. its 2009. =]

  90. hei……………..WG [WONDER GIRL]

    I FANSSS YOU………………………………………………………………………..
    TANK YOU…………….

  91. i just visited it now ^^ i dont know if i will cry of what..seeing sunmi as ex member 😦 But i believe she will come back ^^:D

  92. wow,,,nice i like it,,
    by the way wonder girls is good for me…
    and i like wonder girls song………

  93. caiyhok for so hee..hope wonder girl take a tour to Malaysia soon,…kalu senang lawat kota tinggi…dapat terjun dalam sungai….hahahahahahaha……..ok…plz dont disturb so hee…coz she mines….(^,@)….

  94. @@ @@ @ @@@ @@@@@@
    @@ @@ @ @@ @@
    @@ @@ @ @@ @@@ @@
    @@ @@@ @@ @@ @@
    @@@@ @@@@@@
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    @@ @ @@ @@@@@@ @@ @@
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    @@@@@@@ @@@@@@
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    @@@@ @@@ @@ @@
    @@ @@ @@ @@ @@
    @@@@@@@ @@ @@ @@
    @@@ @@@@
    @@@@@@ @@
    @@ @@ @@ @@
    @@ @@ @@@
    @@ @@
    @@ @@

  95. i love you my wonder girls……….i am your big fan……..when you have a new song???? i will waiting for your new song na……… love you so much……..

  96. I love Wonder Girls. And their music i dont have a favourite because I LOVE THEM ALL. Lol. (I’m a female fan).
    kpop stars go Australia RARELY so wonder girls do me a favour and come to australia!! you ll make my year ❤
    @ Lee Gyeong Soo
    You cant say that vietnamese girls are ugly because you havent seen every vietnamese girl in this world ! you have no right to say that viet girls are ugly because you have no proof.
    well i have to agree with you that korean guys/girls are very cute these days.
    Chinese girls CAN be ugly but they arent as bad as you see them

    Overall I have to say – OPEN YOUR EYES

    Wonder girls FIGHTNG ❤

  97. Go…Go …GO….Wonder Girls….

    I Love u ALL…

    Now ur song Nobody hit in Malaysia…

    When u all wanna make concert in Malaysia…?


    Malaysian Fans

  98. i love you!!! but now i never seen you on concert miss you alot!!! wonder girls are the best among k-pop! i love you the best!!! m a big fan of wg!!!!

    send all my love from my heart to WG
    ~fighting wg!

  99. hi every body especially says hi big big to wonder girls and sun mi!!! i am a new member here so nice to know all of you! i am from cambodia so i’ve never seen wonder girls before but i love you guys big big!!!
    fighting wg!
    fighting sun mi!
    fighting lim!

  100. i want nobody nobody but you,
    i want nobody nobody but you,
    how can i be with another,
    i don’t want any other,
    i want nobody nobody nobody nobody……….


    Ye Eun- Most Beautiful, could speak english well and nice voice!

    Sun Ye- Good Performer, Just the Leader type!

    So Hee- The cutest, with cute wee voice to match her looks 🙂

    Yu Bin- Whoa! A girl who raps so great! One hot babe!!!

    Sun Mi- Another pretty face, and nice voice… I’m so sad she’ll leave Wonder Girls… 😦


  102. i love u and happy valentines day also take care all tahankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    i love uzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  103. hiiiiiiiiiiii im ur no 1 fun wonder girlsssssssssssssssssssssss i wish i could see u in person or meet someday. thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i m gemarie

  104. when do you come to my country? you know?
    i really love you and like you……you are my super star……..forever…….i love Wonder girls…………

  105. oh my god sun! I’ve never known that hyuna has ever been a part of wonder girls! and i can’t imagine sunmi is younger than snsd seohyun? i think that wonder girls onnie has the same age with boa. but how on earth..?

  106. Wonder girls……you know? this month…on 23th 02 2010….SHINEE will be in Cambodia…….they have a big concert in Cambodia…you know i will go to see them…….but i want you to visit Cambodia too……….i hope that you will come to have a concert in my country…….bye…..from Nita

  107. i love Park yeeun.
    i like Sun ye.
    i miss Sun mi.
    i dream about Yu bin.
    i think about So hee.
    i want to know Hea Lim……….i love you all………

  108. i hope the new member is good like my Sun mi………..i miss you Sunmi……but i hope you have a good future education…… i will remember you forever…….

  109. oh…………i can’t email to you for long time ……….sorry my wonder girls………because i am very busy…..but i still listen your song every time………..i love you all………

  110. i hope wonder girls can come malaysia,, hope so,, if get lucky hopely can come at malaysia,johor,batu pahat, University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia,, we all students so fanatic with wonder girls,, ^^

  111. I am so sad and disappointed that Sun Mi is leaving the Wonder Girls. She really is an amazing and a beautiful singer though. At the same time, I am happy and proud of her because the reason for this is her dream of becoming successful of her dream.

    Sun Mi ah, saranghae.!

  112. Sunmi………please come back to wonder girls…….I like you. I miss you……and i want to listen your song………….bye…..i miss you so much.

  113. Oey… Sunmi is out of the group because she wanted to continue her study in Korea…. but why cant the whole wonder girls come and stop the promotion in the US for a while … i think sooner or later… Sohee might quite too…. i mean…they should let the wonder girls back…:( i miss them… i want to see them perform again….. 😦

  114. bong srey, where are u? why u dont chat? did u have any problem? nowaday i so bore l-). please replay me pong. 🙂

  115. Hi wonder girls! Musta kau? Hope you can visit your fans here in the Philippines. More power and God Bless you guys.


    P.S. So-Hee, you really rocked my world..

    I dreamed of you 6x allready. Hehe!

    You rock girl ! ! ! v(-_^)

    Stay Cool!!! X:D

  116. I like Wonder girls…… especially Park yeeun…..and Min sunye……and Kim yoobin,sun mi,so hee…….and i like Nita
    also……ha ha ha…

  117. I love Wonder girls….especially Park yeeun and….Min sunye….Kim yoobin….So hee…..and Sun mi…bye……if you go to bed i wish the moon bring you a good dream na…..bye….meet you in my dream……

  118. hi wonder girls………what are you doing? you know? you are so pretty for me…..and for all Cambodian……we love you….bye……..

  119. Dear,

    .hi! i’m fr0m the Philippines, all of the wonder girls fans are waiting for you to c0me and visit our place.. were expecting that you’ll accept 0ur request.. h0pe that you’ll read it.. and I’m 0ne of the fan of y0ur gr0up.AND I ADMIRE SOHEE.! (^_^) ! GO!GO!GO! WONDER GIRLS!
    WE LOVE YOU!!….

    sincerly yours’
    Vanessa Mae B. Domingo

  120. i love Park yeeun,
    i like Min sunye.
    i miss Sun mi,
    i need So hee.
    i dream bout Yoo bin….
    All of my mind Love Wonder girls….

  121. Hi Wonder girls? i miss you so much…..what are you doing? you know? now i listening your music….Nobody.So hot,Tell me,This time, Take it, Move… so good for me…i like you………bye….from Nita

  122. Retch yua…….Are you Crazy? ok if you crazy i think you must go to hospital ok? i hate you…..You shouldn’t say like this….why you look down my Wonder girls??? If i meet you i will kill you….

  123. hi!!!!wonder girls can u sex with me sun mi,…i will tak ur vagine soft and sweet…..can i meet u in hotel….i already jinggke ur picture i will warning u….u go outsie with ur friends becaus i will take u in my house…..
    i love u
    i like u
    i need u
    look at a single drop of ur body and picture…

  124. love you.
    like you.
    need you.
    look at you.
    miss you.
    think of you.
    dream about you.
    worry you.
    all the time i alway say that: ( I love Wonder girls)
    bye,…..from Nita…i hope you contact me to be your friend ok?
    my email is

  125. you are look beutiful, i have a crush from sun mi…..
    lab u, i like u to meet u in philipines…
    if u interested…

  126. Hi………….What are you doing? You know? i want to email to you but now day i have no free time …..sorry na…….friend? i will call you when i am free ok? bye,,,,,,,,,,,from Nita
    to Maithia…………see you next time……..

  127. Wonder girls….when you come to visit and have a concert in Cambodia? you know? Cambodian people are waiting for Wonder girls. and i waiting you for long time…..but i still try….for my Wonder girls…..bye…..miss you.

  128. Maithai…..Are you Boy or girl? why you don’t me? you want to talk about wonder girls with me?
    if you free please call me na friend?
    bye…………..oh….i am forget to tell wonder girls that i Love and like wonder Girls……

  129. Thank you wonder girls. that you e-mail to me… know ? I am very happy when i saw you sms…..I like you. and i alway listen your music…….bye…….i love Wonder girls….from Nita,

  130. Jan.02,2010

    Hi! Happy New Year my idol Wonder Girls i want to see in personal. I hope you have good luck, good health, good dream, and more beautiful…and wish your family are very happy forever…….I like you and love you so much… my good singer….you are my superstar…..i love Wonder girls.
    I LOVE U SunMi & Sohee….Bye…

  131. Jan.02,10

    Hi!Sun Mi & Sohee the two of you are very pretty, cute & smart. I wish that this coming 2010 would concert in the philippines in Areneta Coliseum

  132. wonder girls happy new year! do u know i like nobody song because of your cool dance style and your sound. i hope you will visit to Combodia. you is my cool superstar and a CUTE superstar really cool. please take care of your health na. n_n

  133. I miss you.
    I like you.
    I love you.
    I need you.
    I look at you.
    I dream about you.
    I think of you.
    I Love Wonder girls……..bye…from Nita

  134. Happy New Year 2010 my Wonder girls. I hope you have good luck, good health, good dream, and more beautiful…and wish your family are very happy forever…….I like you and love you so much… my good singer….you are my superstar…..i love Wonder girls….bye…..

  135. … your so nice and cool…

    …all of you was a great dancer and singer…

    …wish you have a concert in philippines…

    …hope will see you in phil…

    …take care alwayz…

    S U U N N N Y Y E O
    S U U N N N Y Y E N
    S U U N NN Y Y E D
    S U U N NN Y Y E E
    S U U N N Y Y E R
    S U U N N Y Y E
    S U U N N Y E R
    S U U N N Y E L
    S U U N N Y E S
    S U U N N Y E
    S U U N N Y E
    S U U N N Y E

  137. Hi everyone,

    I’m looking for some info on the Wonder Girls just out of curiosity.

    I’m looking for hometowns of all the members

    I’m also looking to see if anyone knows how many siblings each member has ( ie older/younger brothers, older/younger sisters)

    I know Soo Hee has sister and I believe she is older but that’s the only one I know of.

    Any help that can be given is appreciated,



  138. hi!!………… WonderGirls


    How r U?

    I hope u can visit Philippines Bcuz many pilipinos luv you and want to see you girls live and to see you in person

    And your new picture is nice ……..

    i hope i see you soon…

    luv you Wondergirls !!!!!!!!!!!!

    because your so Hot, So Fine and so COOL!!!!!

    gooDLuck ….

  139. You know Cambodian people,my family,my friends,and me really like you so much. i hope you will have a concert in Cambodia soon…..bye….from Nita

  140. want you to have a concert in Cambodia.Please…….i will waiting for you ok? i love Wondergirls….exspecially Park yeeun.

  141. You know? …..i can’t email to you 10 day ago…i really miss you. now i just come back from Korea school….and now i email to you. bye… Sa Rang Hey yo…….

  142. hiiiii……….wondergirl….i miss you so much. when you have a concert in Cambodia? you know i really like you exspecaily Park yeeun. i like Park yeeun and all wondergirls.

  143. hi wondergirls………can you visit our country to have concert couse pilipino really love you all……,,,,,i love tohave your offecial website hahahahahahaha,,love you all;

  144. HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    hello Yubin, Yenny , Sohee ,Sunye And Sun Mi

    i hope your ok

    pls add me in your facebook……….. pls

    this is my account name i hope u add me i will wait ………………..

    luv you so much

    pls visit philippines ……………

    gudluck …………… =) sarang hae….. gb.

  145. HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    hello Yubin, Yenny , Sohee ,Sunye And Sun Mi

    i hope your ok

    pls add me in your facebook……….. pls

    this is my account name i hope add me i will wait ………………..

    luv you so much

    pls visit philippines ……………

    gudluck …………… =) sarang hae….. gb.

  146. hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    wondergirls rocks!!!!!!!!!……..

    hi yoobin and yenny…………….

  147. i wish u come back to singapore again and dance nobody dance pls come back to singapore 🙂 WE LOVE YOU WONDERGIRLS

  148. Please come to Cambodia na…..Because i will waiting for you ok? i want to meet you in concert….in Cambodia…Please…………………Wondergirl….in Cambodia

  149. i like Ye eun…. you know I alway listen your Music….i want to meet you….but i think you don’t know my country….and i think you don’t want to visit Cambodia….but i alway dream to meet you….

  150. Hello!! WonderGirls!!!!………
    I realy like your group so much i wish you will visit the pholippines soon…

    Sarang HAe Yo!!!!!!!!!!…

    Hi yoobin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. i like wonder girls,,,,, but i dont like the ex WG hyuna
    … but the new wonder girls are awesome ,,, i like the song nobody,now,irony,so hot and tell me………………………………… keep up the good work and more power

  152. i dream about you
    i 1 2 meet you
    i miss you
    i like you
    i love you
    i look at you
    wondergirls are cute…..for me….bye….

  153. hi..its been a long time since posted some message here…

    i want you to know that im very happy seeing your post in facebook acount…

    i know you’re always okay..

    love yah girls…

    and to all wonder girls fans…

    friends…. you can add me in my account…

    just always remember….
    im a filipino girl who really love wonder girls…

    love yah!


  154. Hi^^ I have same name but my last name is Kim!!

    Anyway Wonder girls’ story of ‘Murlippark Dosa’ is so impressive. And I really proud of you.

    Go! and be the greast singer in the world! You can do it!

    Bye ~

  155. hi ……………………………………………wonder girls your group is so popular here in philippines my friends and i realy like your group ………………………….always take care WONDER GIRLS……LUV YAHHHHHHHHHHHH

  156. hi…. Wondergirl.. I like you….I love Ye eun…I love all wondergirl…..sorry i can’t sent email to you 3 day ago…but i still miss you and like you and Love you also…bye……..

  157. hey wonder girls. im a huge fan from california. i love your songs and my favorite on is tell me. i so like yubin better then hyunah, yubin goes with the group better. i learned aboit you guys when i saw you perform on tv and i fell in love with your songs. my favorite wonder girl is sohee and yubin. (back to the days when we were so young and wild and free nothing else matter other than you and me so tell me why cant it be please let me live my life my way why do you push me away i dont want nobody nobody nobody nobody but you) haha!

  158. now i have to go ……….but don’t forget na………that I LIKE you…… I LIKE Wondergirl……….bye…….see you tomorrow..

  159. Sa Rang Hey yo….Sa Rang Hey yo….Sa Rang Hey yo….Sa Rang Hey yo….Sa Rang Hey yo….Sa Rang Hey yo….Sa Rang Hey yo….Sa Rang Hey yo….Sa Rang Hey yo….I love you 100% you know?

  160. Sa Rang Hey Yo…..Wondergirl… remember me? Chor Nen Nita Em Ni Da….Chor Nen Cambodia Sa Ram Em Ni Da. i like wondergirl… much…..

  161. now i just come back from school….now 6:30pm. but i don’t go home. because i go to Internet for email to you. how are you? You know i miss you so much. i want you to visit in Cambodia. and i want to meet you in concert…..I think my dream will come true… dream is meet Wondergirl…..Sa Rang Hey Yo.

  162. yoo bin huh how much do you invest for constructing your chicks nose whatsoever sorry but i merely appreciate natural beauty like so hee and (Bom,dara of 2ne1) but its ok your still cute but not so cute like the rest of WG ….wew nothing personal but yuo guys are amazing PHILS., damsel

  163. now i go home….. ok? i miss you….when i arrive home i will listen you song…..bye….see you on TV….hheheh like you….

  164. Do you see my Email? Wondergril…You know? i alway sent email to you everyday, every time but i don’t know Did you saw my email? i am Nita na…..from Cambodia…. Take care na….i like you.

  165. you know? Everyday when i come back from school i alway to to Internet . then i sent E-mail to you. i try to study Korea because i want to understand your song. i will try……..i like you. bye….

  166. hiiii…..see you again…. you remember me? I am nita.. from Cambodia….i have no something want to talk with you. but i want to tell you that i like you somuch. i love wondergirl….

  167. hiiii see you again….wondergirl….! you know I miss you somuch. Do you miss me? You know ? when i have free time i alway sent email to you, because i LIke u. i like Ye eun and Sunye…. then i like sun mi, yoo bin. and so hee….

  168. I like the wondergirls because there so cute especially my favorite wondergirls memeber yubin….
    i hope they i wish they will visit philippines someday…
    SArang hae yo!!!!!………….. =)

  169. wonder girls…

    i want to know your real facebook address…

    i want to recieve some fresh updates from you…

    because i really love you girls…. 🙂

  170. my name is Uneryz and im from philippines…
    and i really want you to know that your music really rocks here…

    you’re all great performers..

    and i want nobody nobody but you…. :..GIRLS..:

    haha 🙂

  171. i like Park ye eun….and Yoo bin. Sun ye. Sun mi. So hee….Do you see my e-mail? if you see please…reply ok?my friend…..

  172. I am Nita…Today is wednesday…. so i really miss you so much. Do you miss me? Wondergirl…. you know? you are my super star… and my super singer… i love Wondergirl…

  173. +85589494922 is my phone… if i know your number i will call u. but now i don’t know. hery….. miss you …my good singer…

  174. wondergirl….. Now i study Korea. cos i want to understand your song. you know? i like u. Park yeeun and wondergril all.

  175. I want you to visit my country…. ok? love you like you…..i am from Cambodia na… don’t forget ok? Yoo bin. Sunye . So hee. Sunmi. and Park ye eun….i like u bye….

  176. oh,,,, see you again….wondergirl. You remember me? i very miss you and miss your song. when u have new albulm? i want to listen your music every time. In my phone have alot of wonder girl song. such as This time. Irony. Nobody. Tell me So hot…… If you free please send Email to me ok? i Like you………………so much…..

  177. Hi wondergirl i am Nita from Cambodia. you know i alway like u. and i alway listen your song. i love u i like u because u dancing good . i want you to visit Cambodia. but i think u don’t know Cambodia. but i Know u very clearly. Exspecialy Park ye eun . i love wonder girl.

  178. i am ur fans!!!!!

    like ur song very much!!!!

    Sun Ye~smile sweet=)

    Soo Hee~cute xD

    Yoo Bin~cool~~~

    Sun Mi~eyes big big!! 0.0

    Ye Yun~Sweet

  179. you’re are the most cutest that i have ever met…even when i look at your pitcures, i keep saying “kakkoi”..i can’t explain why i like you so’s just something inside you that attracted me…i love all things about you..

    Love u,WoNdeR gIrLs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    n please call me_09-6674091

    i’m from Malaysia

  180. you’re are the most beautifull & cutest girls that i have ever met.. even when i look at your pitcures,i keep saying “kakkoi”..i can’t explain why i like you so much.. it’s just something inside you that attracted me..i love all things about you..

    LoVe YOu, WoNdEr GiRlS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    n,please call me_09-6674091.
    i’m from Malaysia

  181. watz up, hello guys, hope to see you here in the philippines, god bless to all of you and take care always specially to yeh eun, i really love you so much, ill w8 you, all of you here in the philippines, see yah guys (n_n)

    bye yeh eun, take care, muah

  182. hello wonder girls, specially to yeh eun, so wonderfull, i love you, hahahahahah, (n_n) yake care always, and godbless to all of you

  183. I love Wonder Girls. I love their dance, moves, vocal and songs.
    I wish they come to Singapore soon!
    All of the pubs and disco is playing their songs now. Now i must sing “nobody! nobody but You “wonder girls”. we want Nobody Nobody but You gals!” ^^

    Please remember my country, I will be there to see you.
    If you remember me, I won’t mind to be invited to dance wif u girls….So hot hot!! ^^

    Wish you all gals success!

  184. hi wonder girls,.. the frst tym i heard your song nobody i just said wow,.. but when i had watched your concert in the internet i was amazed,.. you’re all beautiful …. nice! i hope i can meet u all

  185. #15-f ml,quezon st.brgy
    san miguel taguig city

    dear wonder girls,

    ahn so hee is the most i want,but all of you is my very favorite korean singers….♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥plz sing the famous song nobody here in half korean and filipino..i so miss my other country korea….thankzz!!!!!wonder girls

    your fan,

    ann yoon hea

  186. hi wonder girls………. i love your voice also your team. also
    So Hee she is very beautiful and cute girl in the team. I hope to see your next album…………………..gud luck

  187. Wonder Girls! they all sexy and beautiful… tres tres belles!
    I do like when they dance…
    How can i contact you all? cos m also ur fan…
    kidding… u always superstars… I hope one i can go to korea to enjoy your concert…

  188. hello Wonder Girls!
    i love Yoo Bin the best but love the whole team as well!
    hope you girls come to Singapore if you can!
    I,as well as your fans in Singapore will be waiting for you!

  189. keep dreaming!!!…
    yeah…you’re probably right they might not surf this forum..
    but, hey look on the bright side It’s worth the try..(though I kept thinking that this may just be a waste of time…)

  190. hi hope that i can meet ye eun even in my dreams i really love her shes my type love uuuuuu i can do anything for u hope u can read my message

  191. hi,my name is sya yuki yoo tuki . my ageeee is 15 . my wonder girls . wonder girls so cute “N” cool . thank you wonder girls …………………………………. . wwwwwwoooooonnnnnnddddddeeeeeerrrrrr gggggiiiiirrrrrlllllsssss . good bye sunye , yubin , yea – un , sunmi , sohee and hyuna . very – very much . i love wonder girls of super . bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee

  192. Wow. Wondergirls are good, but do you really think they’d get a boyfriend off of these internet walls? Hahaha.
    These things never fail to amuse me.
    But hey Wonda Gals, you’re pretty awesome, for what it’s worth.

  193. can anyone tell me a website or link where can i download for wonder girls tv shows with english subbed except youtube?

  194. when will WGs comin’ back 2 Korea ?? Than release a brand new hit >?<!!!
    (I love u'll)!! especailly :Min Sunye & Kim Yubin!! do u guys really play Hi5 too?? i saw many of ur name but i wonder that they r WGs' fan not them (-_-) !! n I very love WGs n Miss u!! Love 2 watch u on stage!! but now never c u on (Music Bank K-chart:KBS world) anymore so plz hurry up^^!! All of ur fan espescailly me r waiting 4 ur next hit^^

  195. hi im richard again just here hoping that ye eun will be able to read my message and i have also a crush on sun ye im just here wishing and hoping that someday i can meet you in person if that happen their is nothing that i can ask for. your face is like an angel from heaven that give me an inspiration hoping that someday i can hold your hands and be with my every dream here is my friendster

  196. hi im richard from phil i just hope someday i can meet you wg specially ye eun shes so cute i love here i just want to see here romantic face and their is nothing i can ask in my life thank you i hope that ye eun can read this your the girl in my every dream nytzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  197. 사랑하는 원걸!
    머나먼 미쿸 땅에서 늬덜이 고생이 많다 ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋ
    한국에서 앨범 내기만을 기다리고 있어!!!ㅋㅋ
    열심히 활동하구! 얼릉 Come Back HOME!!ㅋㅋ
    아자아자 뽜이팅!!

  198. THANKS!! really appreciate it…anyway even if sun ye is the leader I personally think So hee is the most beautiful…anyway thanks

  199. ……who is the leader as of today?? I’m not much of a fan addict so I’m really not updated…can someone answer??

  200. Nice… The Wonder Girls have this much fans already?? I just knew about 2 weeks ago with the song nobody….What I’m about to write is somehow lame but..They have one heck of a performance..anyway please visit Philippines….

  201. we dont care what are you up to (chae-gyeong_01) for us wonder girls is the best,. they are good at dancing and singing asshole!!

  202. ^^ To everyone who thinks Wonder Girls can read this, well this is not their offical fansite or website.

    Go say that to them on Twitter, it’s better than nothing really.

  203. ……… I love you WG!!!!!

    i wish you were my elder sisters……….
    can you sign my brain? or my heart or my liver? uhhhmmm… i really am crazy…….
    great love from CDOC phils!! and uhhmmm… i think i should just tell you from the Phils… (haha im so selfish)

  204. hi wondergirls… hope you have a concert here in Philippines… nice song ( nobody) and also the dance step..
    i love it…

  205. hi so hee I really love because you so cute and beautifull

    I hope you visit in philipines, im #1 fan

    i love you so hee ^_^

    we waiting for wonder girls


  206. Omg My dream is to meet TVXQ, Super Junior and of course Wonder Girls… I voted Wonder Girls Nobody on radio disney! I heard there song Nobody on it and it was so cool! I was screaming of joy ! Oh I forgot I Live in Canada so its hard to follow them and other groups.. BUT I TRY MY BEST.. Anyway

    TTYL (talk to you later) Peace! -xox

    By the way my email is

  207. hi min seon yeh i hope you read this comment from me!!!

    many people love you here from philippines so do i

    hahahaha dont mind me im just

    a fan who had a crush on you!!!

    take care always…

    love ely:

  208. hi Wonder Girls…
    your so popular here in the Philippines..
    hope you visit us here..
    ummmm…and one thing…
    ur so cute ahn so hee…
    take care guys..

  209. nobody nobody kanchut clap clap
    nobody nobody kanchut clap clap
    nobody nobody kanchut clap clap
    nobody nobody kanchut clap clap
    nobody nobody kanchut clap clap

    i luv korea .. korea kantchups

  210. hellow I’m a filipino guy..your song is so very nice and your so young….i hope you will enjoy ur life and i hope you will be the next artist of the year.. i love you to all WONDER GIRLS…

  211. hi so hee how are u pls.,.,.,.,.,.,., add me as a friend thak’s

    ill be expecting u ^_^ hehehehehe.,.,.,.,.,

    i love ur song even thought i didnt understand yhe lyrics

    but it’s awesome daa me up plzzzzzzzzzzz,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  212. Omg My dream is to meet TVXQ, Super Junior and of course Wonder Girls… I voted Wonder Girls Nobody on radio disney! I heard there song Nobody on it and it was so cool! I was screaming of joy ! Oh I forgot I Live in Canada so its hard to follow them and other groups.. 😦 BUT I TRY MY BEST.. Anyway

    TTYL (talk to you later) Peace! -xox-

  213. “I wAnt nObOdy bUt u”….wOw!!i rEaLLy LoVe 8….

    kEeP 8 uP wOnDer girLs!!

    soHeE….u r sO aMaZ!ng….aT uR aGe??wOw….

    woULd u m!nD tO gO hErE !n Ph!L!pP!nEs….

    i’M oNe oF uR fAns!!….

  214. hello. im still quite new to the wondergirls and sometimes get confused on who is who. can you all help me? can tell me who is who on the top banner. i can only recognise yoo bin and sun mi.

  215. hi wonder girls were the wonder boys
    hope to see ya on the philippines..
    so we can perform together..

  216. does anyone know the site that they used for the picture “sun ye and snowman? ♥surprise♥ ” ?

  217. OMG !!! i freakin love the wondergirls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i was about to see their tour with the jb but i couldnt go 😦
    that was a sucky day ………




  219. HI to my classmates at qmhcec…….I really wish wonder girls have a tour here in our country….The wonder girls are my favorite group of singers!!!!!!!

  220. I really love wonder girls. I wish the WONDER GIRLS have a tour here at the PHILIPPINES…..

  221. Hi there` wow i really like them, can anyone tell me if they can play any kind of music instrument? i`m from mongolia 🙂

  222. Wonder Girls,thanks for your existence.I will always support WG.You are the best..Hope to see u in Malaysia..

  223. This girls are soo beautiful they make me crazy when i watch them performing on the STAGE…I hope they will come here soon in the “PHILIPPINES”

  224. wonder girls are so hot!!! my fave member has got to be sunye coz she’s sooo hot!!! i heard that they made a debut in the US and they will also be the supporting act of the Jonas Brothers!!! i never liked a girl group in my life before, and wonder girls is the first one so far!!!! yes i agree that they have something that are totally different from other korean girl groups. the other korean girl groups often like hip hop genres, not teen pop songs like wonder girls. i just wanna say that they will be the best girl group in asia!!!!

  225. hello wonder girls..

    i love WG sooo muCh..

    specially so

    i like their songs tell me ang nobody..

    goodluck and
    godbless everyone..

    i hope someday u’ll visit philippines and perform there..

    c yah..

  226. The first time I saw the Wonder Girls I felt like I was a Wonder Girl! The Wonder Girls are so pretty and famous. I love the dance moves and I have been practicing the moves and song. Even though all of you are not Christian I think all of you should go to Church. You (the Wonder Girls) are the best singers.

  227. awesome and great to hear that most of the girls are Christians!

    keep living for Christ !!~

  228. anyeong haseyo! it correct?..
    ahm..when i heard your song entitled Nobody wow! its awesome..eventhough, i didnt understand the lyrics…but i like it….add me up plz..^_^

  229. when i first saw these girls i really really didnt take notice coz they’re like just any asian girl band to me… lol… but their song ‘Nobody’ hit me too hard and stucked to me… so i guess they’re not too bad afta all… one of the better girl bands around ❤ great work, keep it up girls…

    Is it just me or i hear the song 'nobody' everywhere i go in different languages…. korean… english… mandarin.. Omg… no more translations please

  230. hyee..i would like to make a request to wondergirls for cming to brunei. i know its not dat easy to meet n invite them to sum other i need those who knows about this plss do help me. tq

  231. hi my name is kharie

    i like Wonder girls also sunye and Sohee
    And Ye eun,sun MI,hyuna

    I love U Wonder Girls And also to sunye and sohee ^_^


  232. hi my name is hulan i very like w.girls i love sun ye she is very pretty i love sun ye im mongolia im 11 years old i like wonder girls no bo body tell me irony so hot now bad boy friend this time gajyuga good bye i wanna wishing on g star heatach ……….. i love sun ye i love fore over

  233. im mongolian and i want to say that i like all ur songs i see that here are so many mongolian people posted a comment and we invite u;wondergirls to visit mongolia and have a concert bor sth and mongolians almost all people listen to wondergirls and love plz visit Mongolia!

  234. Anyon ne erim n kim wondergirls saranhae!apuru du chuvan hit shingu heyo!aja aja huating!

  235. Indonesian WG fan 😀
    Im Christian just like Yoobin ❤
    wanna go to church with her 😀

  236. I’m from indonesia, and i love WG so much!!, especially So Hee.
    Is she a Buddhist? I’m Buddhist too!!

  237. Hi, dis is Allan. Just wanna say that I am so so attracted by the WONDER GIRLS! WG is the best!

  238. just by looking at sohee’s pics make me smile…
    am one of your fans here in the philippines!
    wonder girl rocks! sohee rocks my heart.. wew!

  239. i love wonder girl so much…..
    i`m from malaysia….
    i`m n my friend love wonder girl n them song…
    so cool…..
    n i hope them success in them songs….
    n my favaorite singing in wonder girl is SUN MI….
    i like her so much….
    chayuk sun mi…
    u are the best…..
    I LOVE U ALL….
    n please say hello to sun mi…
    n u can replay my massage to my email…
    nice to meet u…..

  240. im sorry 4 pplz dat like hyun ah but i think wondergirls r successful bcuz yoobin is there instead of hyun ah and if u hear tell me with hyun ah without the rap it sound…… unlike tell me and im happy and happy happy and happy that yoobing is there!!!!! FIGHTING wondergirls

  241. You are say that vietnamese girl are ugly. (đồ mất lịch sự chê girls nước việt nam xấu hã.không nên quá đáng vậy chứ…Xin chào bạn có hiểu những gì tôi nói

  242. @Lee Gyeong Soo:
    I agree with you: Korean girls are cute
    But don’t u know that many korean girls have a fake face by plastic surgery (such as: SNSD)
    You can’t say that Vietnamese girls are too ugly.
    You’re so rude

  243. WG my fav. wah can’t stop listening to their song it just stick to my head. my fav is yoo bin and sunmi but i love them all. they are just fantastic. hope they come to singapore.

  244. i love wonder girls 🙂
    but i wanna know what YooBin’s fave color is! XD
    get the dirt on that! jk 😀 wouldnt you like to know? haha~

  245. hhhi again me iiiiiiiiiiiii llllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr ggggggggggggiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllllllllllllllllsssssssssssssss

  246. hello wonder girls,
    when r u guys cmin to perform in malaysia??
    we love u so bad here…really
    hope malaysia is on your upcoming tour dates….
    keep ur good work girls

  247. One last comment… another reason why I should continue my Korean Language study hahaha darn i’m studying Chinese language also…. hehe

  248. I discovered about these amazing girls when I watched a video with their collaboration with Big Bang and now I liked them equally with Big Bang…

    Reasons why:
    <— They perform good even live.
    <— Their voices are distinguishable from each other. That makes harmonious tune and that makes it extraordinary.
    <— They know how to work well as a group compared to others and they know how to collaborate well.
    <— They react fairly to criticisms.
    <— They don’t just sing, they perform =)
    <— The wordings of their song fit with the melody and does not sound to be compressed forcibly…

    Individually they are all doing well… I mean each of them improved so much…

    Another that I can say… You guys can go perform English songs because you got aces with you ( Ye Eun and Sun Ye).

    At first I was annoyed with one member but because I watched how this member changed thoroughly now I am not annoyed with her haha…

    I love Sun Ye, she really do good and perform like how a real star should and kind ❤

    I love Ye Eun, your voice is like a calm water spring that soothes one’s pain…

    I love Sun Mi, your such a good performer and comedian hahaha…

    I love So Hee, your naturally cute and you know how to improve based on criticisms…

    I love Yoo Bin, your such a rapper I mean you know how to work the rhyming…

    Lastly, you guys are the best Korean Female group, each can even surpass BoA. Your speak English with lesser Korean accent haha cause in my university there are so many Koreans who go for English study and I have a hard time talking with them if they ask me questions…

    More power and go go… Looking forward to your international album

  249. sun ye is really pretty! =O
    haha the last two (sun mi + so hee) look older than me .. but they’re like .. a year younger >___< ahhaha

  250. Hey Wondergirls,
    Greetings from a Korean ‘Unni’ in Atlanta, Georgia (USA)! I’m rooting for everyone in the group to finish gaining an education while being famous! Holy moly, I can imagine how hard that must be! And if the Wondergirl’s group ever come stumble upon this page and read this comment, just know that each member of Wondergirl’s truly are inspirational.


  251. LUV WonDer GiRls!!

    I wish Wonder girls would come to cambodia… but it’s find for me….i keep on searching for wonder girls all the time… i just knew that they were in thailand last year… i should fly to thailand on that day… well is over.. who cares about me at all..

    Every single person in the wonder girls group have excelent tallent….. they are just to good to be a fantstic singer…!!!

    i heard that yoo bin came to cambodia befor but i’m not sure..

    They are on the top of my list of my korean girl chart…!!!

    Wish all the good luck to the wonder girls for this new year…!!!

    I like all of there song but it to hard to learn there dance movment…well it took me 2 or 3 day to learn NOBODY dance..

    I belive no one will read what i wrote because is to to long to read..

  252. Hey, since I saw your videos on Youtube is imprecionada me, particularly I love pop music so I fell to their hair music fascinated listen every day you see any hope for my country come PERU, send them a kiss and a hug … and his most reefs exist because Girls … all are still my favorite for me incluno So Hee:) Cuidense … Nelda … from Lima. … I LOVE YOU!!!

  253. Hey, since I saw your videos on Youtube is imprecionada me, particularly I love pop music so I fell to their hair music fascinated listen every day you see any hope for my country come PERU, send them a kiss and a hug … and his most reefs exist because Girls … all are still my favorite for me incluno So Hee:) Cuidense … Nelda … from Lima.

  254. i love wonder girls so much and forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SunMi is very very very very very… beautiful and , she best of the group! sunmi i love you ! sarangheyo!!!!!!! я тебя люблю !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sun mi my email:
    WONDER GIRLS PLEASE COME HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO WONDER GIRLS………. GO GO GO………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I AM FROM MONGOLIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE , PLEASE…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  255. Wonder Girls!!! SARANGHAEYO!!!
    I love WG forever. Thanks Coolsmurf for all the hardwork!

    anw, SoHee’s ideal type reminds me of JaeJoong from DBSK.
    He also says his ideal woman must have beautiful hands.
    Hehes. this is kinda random. opps


  256. In wondergirl my biggest fan is sohee and Sunye and they r cute and pretty i hope u girls make a new song and i love sohee forever and wondergirls too

  257. heey !

    Just wanted to say if anyone has contact with these girls to tell them to come and perform in New Zealand ! I’m in love with Wondergirls and I’m sure that it’s not just me!

    aaaaah ; SARANGE HE YE EUN and SUN MI! ♥

  258. I was watching this on youtube, and honestly, i think the bum shaking really does it!! Goodness, the bum shaking is really mesmerizing! Pity other than noblody but you, I really have no clue as to what they are singing about! fantastic nonetheless!!

  259. @ Lee Gyeong Soo
    Hey!!Not all Chinese girls are not cute!!
    I agree Korean girls are cute but not all of them!!
    There are also elegant girls..ok?
    And..You also can’t say that Vietnamese girls are ugly…
    You are so mean..You have no rights to say that..
    You can be sued..

  260. YEAH MAN SUNYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  261. the only member that i can recognize is so hee because her face is different from the other,and i also like yoo bin and ye eun too.later if u going to have a hair cut ,please choose differently trying to remember you face and name.thank you and i love you guys so much much

  262. if only they have a website where they can reach their international fans using english. i know learning english is hard for them, but so what if their english is bad. mine isn’t any better. i bet there’ll be a fan or two who would translate for them.

  263. Just to answer my last comment,
    Yes Sohee is a buddhist.
    It has not only been seen on this bio. but on others as well.
    (Like on WGJJANG’s posts where she translated the Wonder Girls Wonder Bakery Bio.)

  264. Wow………Wonder girls
    I’m from Indonesia, My Friends told me about WG when he came to Indonesia. The first song i new is “Tell Me”, WG are amazing…..
    The next song “So Hot” and “Nobody” are wonderful…
    Do come to Indonesia someday..
    I believe lots of your lovers will be very happy..

  265. hmm.. i think the picture for hyunah is… hmm not working~
    i think its becoz the website that u uploaded it deleted it or sth…

  266. I heart Sunye!!! I’m from Brunei and when I heard about Wonder Girls from my wonderful friend. I was tottally into them or fell for them. lol. 😀 they’re so hot!! I wanna more about them. But the profiles do suffice. OhWG, je t’aime!!!

  267. Sunyee, do u know that my favorite color is blue the same like you?
    I luv Wonder Girls ever since I saw their first video ‘so hot’…
    I also luv their new song which is ‘nobody’….
    Oh, and why there is no Yubin’s favorite color?
    Is it also blue?
    I want nobody nobody but Wonder Girls!!!!!!

  268. Hi everybody,

    I’m from the netherlands (other side of the world) and even here we heared off these wonder girls!! They are amazingly good!!
    I’m shure these wonderfull gorls will be a greate succes!

    Greetz from Holland….

  269. Woah p read my mind.
    I was actually wondering that exact same thing.
    Not that it’s a bad thing but I’m just very curious.
    Has it been confirmed that Sohee’s a buddhist?

  270. Yeah I agree also, wonder girls are not really outstanding when it comes to singing and dancing…they still need to improve…I don’t know if they can have a good rendition of some of the popular and hard songs like celine’s….Actually I didn’t like them when I first saw their video ‘so hot’…however there is something in them that makes me love them so much…I’m not a korean and I just got to know them for the last month (Sept 2008)…Now I already read lots of articles about them saw their video on youtube and other video streaming sites and watch the ‘I like it Hot’ movie which So Hee [So Hui] starred…

    I just love them now…hope they will improved more and become more successful…I like them because they are really fighting and struggling to reach their dreams which keeps them on going forward….

    I hope they will stay humble, funny, youthful, healthy and passionate to what their doing, inspite of their popularity…

    Lots of people loved them and will continue loving them…

    God bless you all… Sun ye, ye Eun, Yoobin, Sunmi So hee and Hyun A…I was sad to know that you were pulled out on the group after your many years of training….

    Dont worry a better opportunity will come your way…

    I love U all….

    Keep inspiring people….^_^

  271. Yeah…i also started the girl group WG…they are so wonderful and adorable…Sunye, who is very playful,responsible leader and unnie and has a very charming smile and personality; Ye Eun who is very talented composer and has a good personality and hope towards others; Sum Mi who’s very sweet and weird sense of humor; Yoobin who looks fierce and strong but was funny and likes to laugh and So hee who’s very cute and kinda shy type, looks confuse and awkward and also the youngest….

    I’m a filipino and can someone send me their url of their official site…I tried to google it but those seems not.

    here’s my email ^_^

  272. I have always like WG. My friend made me try to not like them but I can’t help it. Love them to bits but it’s the first time I’m reading their profiles so…

    1992?????? 1992???!!!!

    That’s the year I’m freaking born in!!! So Sun Mi and SoHee is my age????!!!!

    I can’t believe this.

    What the hell am I doing in my life when there are girls my age, singing and dancing in one of the best girl groups in Korea???

    I think I’m officially adopting them as my faves. 😀

  273. Yeay!! yoobin is most popular with these comments!! i luv yoobin so cute hot cool etc etc… shes my idol i wanna be just like her but keep my own height hehe …im a wannabe

  274. AHH wondergirls i love them!
    i hope they will succeed with their next album
    davichi and brown eyed girls should not be above them!

  275. I stumbled upon their songs but so far I’m very impressed with them! I’d love to hear them live but alas…blah I live all the way in the bahamas so there’s no hope for that

  276. hey i love the WONDER GIRLS wass up
    i love more than YOOBIN,she was a really beuty and good rapper and nice voice…………….
    saranhe yo YOOBIN iam your crazy fan

  277. Wasn’t it that SunMi and SoHee both closed their cyworlds?
    I thought it was that they all closed it but then Yoobin and Yeeun remade one and SunYe made a chinese one.
    Maybe not? xD

    Oh and I think Yoobin’s favorite color is blue.

  278. oiiiiiiiii
    eu sou do Brasil!!!!
    eu e minhas amigas amamos a musica So Hot!!!!
    e tambem amamos dançar como vocês!!!!



    ♥♥ STEFFANIE ♥♥

  280. keep it up wg! and don’t ever EVER die out, cuhs we love you! this is kinda embarrassing hottt is like the only song i’ve ever listened to that makes me want to hear it everyday. ehh, strange huh? sighh so pathetic of meh. oh and I know all the lyrics. YAY ME =PP!

  281. hi Yoo Bin i’m your big fan you are very beautiful and have a nice voice

  282. Hi wonder girls.My name is Sugaraa.i’m 17 years old.I live in Mongolia.Your song’s is a perfect.I like it,and you girls are very very beautiful.Please write a letter to me.My mail ( ) SARANHEE YO bye

  283. Pingback: JYP Introducing… « Not Another K-Blog!!!

  284. Sun mi sooo cute! pls. visit the phil. make a concert tour here koreans are welcome here haha im a filipino but i like korean girls haha I LOVE YOU SUN MI!!!! SOOOO CUTE!!! KAWAII!!!!!

  285. man… for some reason i cant stop waking up and checking this site… idk whats up… is it because their so hot? or somethin… idk

  286. Wonder girls!!!! please come to the philippines!!!! i really hope you will, like an asian tour. Hope to meet you someday!!!


    – Steffanie, from the Philippines.

  287. Greetings from Thessaloniki, [Macedonia,Greece (Hellas)]

    I discover the WG over the youtube, to say the truth.
    I agree that is indeed wonderful girls and very cute.
    But also I enjoy their songs. It’s my first contact with K-Pop
    and I like it a lot.

    I am very sorry that, they would never come to Greece, and that is sad. You people in the USA I am sure that you will enjoy them live. You lucky people. And you guys in Korea you have a gift from the gods!!

    WG keep up the good work.

    PS. I really hope that we (Hellas) win the Euro2008 AGAIN


  288. Hello, I am half hmong half korean.
    I like Wonder girls so much, cuz they are so cute. They make my heart beat so fast, and make me feel the beauty of life. Korean girls are so beautiful and so cute that I could never forget. In my opinion, I think that the most cute girls in Asia are korean girls. Chinese girls are not really cute. Thai girls are also cute but less than korean. Vietnamese girls are too ugly!!! I really hate Vietnamese girls.

    However, I really love every one of Wonder girls.

    I want to meet them and have a chat!

    I would be sad if they already have boyfriends! But if not yet, I can be one!

  289. i like to meet the wonder girls.they are very beuty.please contact me the wonder girls.

  290. Thank you for adding Allkpop 🙂

    coolsmurf, have I ever told you how much I appreciate your Korean translations? ❤


  291. hey sohee i love u and i watched ur movie that u make it was funny du u have a boy friend if u dont have a boy friend can i be ur boy friend

  292. i find it interesting, according to this information, that there are many similarities between yoobin and hyunah. both weigh 45kg, both are 163 cm tall, both are type 0 blood and both have Kim as last name!

  293. I disliked Wonder Girls when the first time my I saw them on Star King and even when my friend told me about Tell Me not too long ago. But now I guess I’m their fan? Hahaha….

  294. Chae Gyeong, agree completely. They need A LOT of work still, but there is something about them different from Kara, SNSD, Baby Vox Rev, Black Pearl, See Ya, etc. etc. They are pretty much the only group that I like.

  295. I love Wonder Girls! So, it’s definitely possible for them to come and perform! Too bad I can’t make it…I live all the way in Detroit, Michigan! They should come there too!

  296. I have heard that these wonderful girls will be
    coming to USA in Februray, 2008.
    We have a special ARIRANG FESTIVAL in Phoenix, Arizona in March 8, 2008 to introduce Korean culture to Americans.

    Is it possible for us to invite to perform in Phoenix, Arizona?
    Phoenix City is the 5th largest city in USA.

    Please let us know by our e-mail address above.

    Purpose of ARIRANG FESTIVAL is to introduce
    Korean culture in folk dance, children’s performances, taekwondo demonstration, traditional wedding ceremony, tea culture just
    to name a few.

    Looking forward to hearing from this group. Thank you very much.

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