The Wonder Girls story so far…

393c88dd8f4e92e376c63811.jpg picture by Coolsmurf

Wonder Girls has been a real success story thus far with their “Tell Me” song being known to nearly everyone in Korea, be it small children to senior folks. In fact, “Tell Me” song is quite a possible candidate for song of the year in 2007 despite its simplicity. It has been quite a while since the days of S.E.S and Fin.K.L that another girl group has managed to get so much attention as them.

Their success has not come easy as they had to cope with So Hee being sidelined while filming a movie, Kim HyunA leaving the group through illness, a serious traffic accident that had casualties and the introduction of a new member, Yoo Bin. All that happened over the past year. They may have caught a lucky break with their retro song but there is hard work involved as well.

For those who have just hopped onto the bandwagon and unfamiliar with them, the following will be a picture guide to the Wonder Girls from their formation till present. The wonder begins now:

First up is our leader, Min Sun Ye. She came out tops among thousands of people from an audition. She had to train and wait for five long years before finally able to perform on stage. Doesn’t she look like Eugene from S.E.S from her audition pictures?

4b3fc2c3ecd44f58b319a899.jpg picture by tokieda

Wonder Girls became a reality because of her presence. Under her smiling face lies a strong and warming heart, always there for her group members and moving the fans.

040716ec4fe670dc2f2e217c.jpg picture by tokieda

Although Mandu So Hee is the youngest member but she is considered to be the most experienced member as she has a movie to her name. Doesn’t talk much but is the cover girl for the Wonder Girls. Her doll-like appearance and in-born talent in posing makes her destined to embark on this path to stardom.

305df9eec03a7c242df53458.jpg picture by tokieda

Her debut really made eyes turn!

208bbc5888b22a8c800a1840.gif picture by tokieda

Her now infamous dumpling face! 

7689083808dad72e97ddd840.jpg picture by tokieda

Sun Mi just like the next door girl in class, pretty and lovable.

e2d6e0b1f0f50c5909230299.jpg picture by tokieda

Now capturing the hearts of many with her beautiful looks.

85084c3f1191cde554e723d7.jpg picture by tokieda

And now more often than not, her eccentric behavior.

400aff450fd1023787947308-1.jpg picture by tokieda

The Queen was once the last member to join the Wonder Girls. A girl who harboured dreams of being a star and became a Wonder Girl.

305df9ee956d2b202df534e1.jpg picture by tokieda

Becoming an established vocalist in Wonder Girls after hard work and training!

2bd4cc446ff2d589b2b7dcb8.jpg picture by tokieda

HyunA is a real pity and evokes painful thoughts when her name is mentioned. No matter when or where you are, we can never forget her child-like coolness and her dancing vibe.

3dc254db430d956cd1164e61.jpg picture by tokieda

She is unlikely to return to the Wonder Girls but we wish her all the best in her future career. We will always remember her and keep a lookout for her!

31b8a61342bb7f28dc540160.jpg picture by tokieda

Yoo Bin’s arrival got us all excited once again with her cool persona!

0ef22e16775eb04020a4e9f5.jpg picture by tokieda

Her incredible rapping ability will no doubt push Wonder Girls to another level!

816438fbaa80bc1c6d22ebf4.gif picture by tokieda

Debuting with “Irony” and getting lots of attention…

d93161d7e46c41d5a144df06.jpg picture by tokieda

And how can we forget the storm that “Tell Me” created in 2007!

73f573171467fc0c4a90a799.jpg picture by tokieda

Popularity are like bubbles but their friendship is everlasting…

db00a43dfbb92eca9f3d62e9.jpg picture by tokieda

Another one showing their friendship…

0f12dd515ebfc015367abeda.jpg picture by tokieda

Their child-like smiles and looking pretty w/o makeup…

ac313e4305fef41c9313c640.jpg picture by tokieda

Their achievement of “Best Newface Female” award @ MKMF 07

6930db00c2187f8ae850cd67.jpg picture by tokieda

We have gained a lot after following them from their debut days till now, we have learned and grow along the way. Here’s to a wonderful future for the Wonder Girls and us fans, remember to give them all the support they need!

9cad2b2309b18d5f9822ed39.jpg picture by tokieda

(many thanks to 石小艾 from wondergirls baidu for pictures)


16 thoughts on “The Wonder Girls story so far…

  1. Sun Ye was little when she auditioned?!
    didn’t know thanks for the info 🙂
    just like Yoon A from SNSD XD

    ooo DUMPLING FACE!!!

  2. wow, i liek this post much. *sigh* hyun ah, gosh, i miss her. wish she was still in the band. it would be awesome. but i am also glad yoobin came into the band too. :] everything happens for a reason. they are still very pretty with, or without make, but i prefer without makeup to show their natural beautys.

  3. Yah very good resume about WG 🙂 🙂
    Sohee dumpling face !! I love that picture she is so so cute !!

    Isn’t Sunye trained for 5 years ?

  4. It’s called “I Like It Hot” and it stars Kim Bum. Not yet released yet though I think. You can catch a subbed interview on the movie set.

  5. oh wow. that was nice! i didn’t know sohee had a movie. what’s it called? definetly gotta check it out

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