Wonder Girls 24 So Hot Promotion Outfits

Compliation of all 24 outfits worn by the Wonder Girls for their “So Hot” promotions up until 25th July by a Korean Wonderful (tagged in picture). JYPE has really splurged on their wardrobe despite some really odd-looking outfits here and there. But it’s money well spent overall for them and for us fans.


28 thoughts on “Wonder Girls 24 So Hot Promotion Outfits

  1. sun mi’s legs and thighs are SUPER skinny. SO HOT SO SO HOT. WONDER GIRLS-SO HOT…..

    all 24 outfits were so cool for some reasons even though some were quite…

  2. sun ye’s legs are hott. when you can see em! lol.
    they’re outfits are so cute!! i want to be their stylist!

  3. i really love Sun Mi’s outfits and Sun Ye’s… i think her high waisted pants (or whatever they are called) really showed off her waist and hip curves, which is literally quite hot. i especially liked the red/white outfit (HOOOT), the silver outfit, and the black outfit with the leopard sleeves and bow in front (very cute with the bow!!!). Sun Mi’s outfits always showed off her pretty legs. her hair style was always changing too, really cute!

    Yoobin and Sohee had good outfits but they didn’t stand out as much as Sun ye and Sun mi’s…. but they always showed their sexy legs, which only short shorts can do.
    not complaining with that.

    the stylist always gave Ye Eun a short skirt style… it always looked like she was uncomfortable in it and had to pull it down. it showed her curves but maybe they should have given her shorts too… then it wouldn’t be hiking up all the time. Ye Eun only had a few good outfits. i liked her blue one with the white trim.

  4. She’s wearing opaque leggings in the fourth picture.

    Sun Ye has said that she covers up on stage because she doesn’t have pretty legs. It’s come up at least a couple of times in interviews and she’s mentioned this off-handedly on the Wonder Life.

    It’s nothing to get alarmed over. Many performers have visible veins, scars or cellulite that they can’t hide with hose, and in this age of high-definition TV, it’s just best to dress accordingly.

  5. for the nth time, the reason why sun ye always wears long pants is because her image/concept was designed that way from the start so the only variations is color or design change, but the long pants are constant.

  6. yes i have noticed they have different outfits for every single so hot perf! alot of sunmi’s outfits were nice.

  7. i pretty much like all their outfits! xD

    has anyone noticed that Sun Ye wore pants except for the forth pics she rarely shows her legs, anyone know why?

  8. That’s so cool. My favorite is when their theme was red and they had their first dance break. I like the blue ones, too with Sun Mi wearing white and silver? And I like the colors on the ones that they wore for their 2nd fan meeting. The one with Yoobin in a yellow/orange starry dress and leopard tights.

  9. haha wow impressive πŸ™‚ so many! i have to say i like yeeuns outfits the best =]

    thanks coolsmurf!

  10. @GiGi,

    I lost count at eight or nine on the “Tell Me” outfits (less than half of So Hot, anyhow), but except for very early on, they were all the same set of outfits in different color schemes. “So Hot” had a lot more variation in styles.

    If SoHee’s shorts are shorter than YeEun’s skirt, and YeEun’s wearing shorts under the skirt, is it still too short? πŸ™‚

  11. i loved ye eun’s outfits except for a few but atleast they were wayy better than the tell dresses she had. she totally fit the so hot concept. sunmi and sohee had good outfits and yoobin had okay ones but sun ye’s were not so good.

  12. some outfits were outstanning. some were kinda weird. but i still love all their performances. lol.

  13. woohoo!!! i’m so glad that almost everysingle performance had different outfits πŸ˜€

    it was like ‘tell me’ but better!!! though i think the ‘tell me’ outfits were overall nicer ^^

  14. Wowza, I never realized they had that many costume changes! I wonder how many they went through for Tell Me? xD

  15. i’ve got to admit that JYP ent. has a good stylist

    since thier debut ‘irony’ i love all of WG’s cloths

    (i love HyunA’s bear suit with ‘W’ in front, sooo cute and fit her!!)

  16. Sighhh….sunye’s pants started off so terrible T.T lol but then they got sexy when they did that special dance break, she looked really good there, ye eun’s dresses were often too short to be dancing in. >.<; but she still looked good. ^^ yoobin always hot and cute <33 ..I noticed sunmi only had one or two bad outfits hahaha lol ^^

  17. i like all their outfits too^^ i have lots of favorite=P
    they’re so hot.=)

    thx coolsmurf.
    and i’m glad too that you’re still in here with us.^.^

  18. my favorite ones were the outfits they wore when they performed dance break & so hot remix!!

    sun ye had the most gorgeous outfit that night!
    high waisted beige pants with like..8 big black buttons

    Wonder Girls ❀
    They are so pretty!

  19. I like their outfits too. πŸ™‚
    Granted there has been some weird ones here and there..
    But overall they are all definately So Hot. (sorry for the pun).

    I am also glad you’re still here. Idk what I would do without you or your blog.

  20. I like all their outfits, really hot. I wonder what they’re gonna wear for their next promotions. And I wonder what Sun Ye’s legs look like? lol.

    coolsmurf, I’m glad to see that you’re still with us, thankssss ❀

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