Dae Sung and Ye Eun, the unlikeliest idols in this world

“The most unlikeliest idols in this world!”

This was what I (the reporter, not me) felt after watching SBS Family Outing variety. Could it be I am getting on or not knowing Big Bang well enough? But I never thought that Big Bang would have a member like this.

What I meant was having a wide range of emotions, friendly, kind-hearted “ultimate idols”. Ye Eun of the Wonder Girls is the same. They are not “fake” and extremely candid. They don’t act cool but are very straightforward.

That’s why both Dae Sung and Ye Eun are in the upper echelons of our “ultimate idols” ranking and are our focal point this week.

The biggest reason behind idol groups ending up being boring is because of the “idol groups = good looking guys/girls”. As these young boys and girls look and pose for the cameras, seemingly asking, “Am I pretty?”, your curiosity and concern just ebbs away. These idol groups look extremely unnatural as their bold and mysterious actions aren’t befitting of their age.

Dae Sung and Ye Eun are however direct opposites. Even though they might look plain compared to others in their group, but they are able to display the energy and personality that a 20 year old youth should have. Dae Sung singing his trot song “Look At Me, Gwi-soon” and Ye Eun’s candid personality onstage and offstage. Whenever we see them, confidence just ebbs out from them.

Dae Sung
Real name: Kang Dae Sung
DOB: 1989
Group: Big Bang
Nickname: Jong Kook
Special skill: Skincare
Known for: Big Bang’s Bag of Tricks
Other Duties: Music show host/musical performer

Ye Eun
Real name: Park Ye Eun
DOB: 1989
Group: Wonder Girls

Nickname: Park Yosa (Lady)
Special skill: Eating
Known for: Wonder Girls ‘Gag’ Center
Other Duties: Student/future composer

If you go through videos of Wonder Girls and Big Bang collaborations last year, you will realize that they are always coupled together on stage!

WonderBang Tell Me + Lies Music Bank Special Stage 071005

WonderBang Tell Me + Lies Music Bank Special Stage 071228

WonderBang SBS Gayo Daejun Hit Parade 071229

WonderBang MBC Gayo Daejun Grease Musical 071231
The last collaboration of 2007 but the camera angle was pretty bad.


60 thoughts on “Dae Sung and Ye Eun, the unlikeliest idols in this world

  1. They are also very close. They attend the same university and are good friends on- and off-stage. Actually, there was this incident where dae sung admits he receives and sends back text messages from a girl idol group member. We all speculate it’s Ye Eun. ^^

  2. Korean people are strange.. I don’t think Ye Eun looks plain at all. She has a cute face and a very sexy body, people think she’s fat sometimes because (i) she’s compared to stick skinny Sun Mi & So Hee and (ii) Ye Eun’s naturally fairer than the other girls. We all know dark skin gives the illusion of more muscle tone.

    I prefer Ye Eun’s shapely body much, much more to SoHee or SunMi’s stick insect figures.. Korean media must be blind!

  3. LOL, the second picture of “WonderBang Tell Me + Lies Music Bank Special Stage 071228”, GDragon looks like he’s checking Ye Eun out… XD That title sure was misleading, but it was good article :]

  4. 2:48 ish the messed up song, not really messed up, its kewl but yeahh… i did that last year for a dance xD i was the best one 😛

  5. Oh yeah…
    I totally agreed that Ye Eun and Dae Sung are good couple…
    They have chemistry between them…
    Thats good…and they doing the duet again for last year…
    Wonder Girls and Big Bang Special Cross Stage…
    Both of them have powerful voice…
    Love the song,’Haru Haru’ when both of them sang that….
    Good…and both of them enroll at the same university…
    Well..its seem that theres a red string tied at their pinky fingers..ehehe

  6. superrr adraoble?!?! thee copule ish so kute?!? and ye eun and dae sung are so smileyy and kute. l0ve tem 😀

  7. ye eun is beautiful! she does not have typical korean girl looks,she have that kind of classic look. she’s my fav member! actually wg,all the girls are pretty. i don’t know how the koreans define the plain.

    and daesung. he have that angel smile and also dorky personality! his vocal=super. to me , i don’t think looks or appearance is that important. daesung my fav too!

    dae-eun couple hwaiting!

  8. They just think she’s fat because she has the other members that are skinny, and she has to compare to them. But for her age in this world she is skinny compared average girls. So in a way she is skinny, its just that the other members are skinn-eir.

  9. ye eun is so not plain lookin compared to the rest. she has such charisma and she really does ooze confidence. i like her because she seems very sure of herself and she doesnt seem big headed or cocky in any way at all.
    as for daesung, well he’s jus hilarious. and he really does show a range of emotions. and ‘nickname: jong kook’ HA!

  10. I really adore Wonder Girls and Big Bang.
    They are one of my favorites in Kpop.
    Actually Daesung and YeEun have been receiving unpopularity rate but both of them are really talented.

    YeEun and Daesung are my truly favevorites from their repective groups. I know both of them shine in different way compared to their other co-members.

  11. omg she is so not even plain shes really pretty
    beatiful to them is having a tiny face, plastic perfection, double eyelids & big eyes..
    gawd asians wouldn’t be asians with out the slanted eyes.. -__-

    Ye Eun You Rock Girl!!!!!!!!!

  12. Why would Ye Eun be considered plain?
    She was the first Wondergirl that ever really stood out to me. Something along the lines of a classic beauty. Honestly I think that Sun Ye would be the most “average” even though she’s very pretty too. Either way I love her and all of the Wondergirls. They should be noticed more!

  13. Yeeun is definitely not plain looking. She looks even more gorgeous now with her hair but i like how people are finally noticing her personality and such and how great she really is

  14. so did they just notice that?? i’ve known that ever since i heard of daesung and ye eun. both are so cool, outgoing, lively, caring and cute! omg they are my favorites in each group and my favorite pairing. daeeun<3!!!

  15. Really? They think Ye Eun is plain-looking??? =/
    That’s odd, when I first discovered WG, I thought she was the prettiest, with her cuteness and elegance and her exotic Asian sort of look (not to mention, that beautiful HAIR and that mesmerizing, genuine SMILE). No lie, that’s what drew me towards her at first, but then I got to know them all more and she is STILL my fav DUE TO that wittiness, boldness, and confidence they perceive her with. Not to mention, she’s laid-back, yet VERY intelligent, and in my opinion, the most talented singer out of WG, not saying that the other girls aren’t great as well. ❤
    And Dae Sung. Don’t get me started on him. I love him to BITS! hehe :DDD That exquisite smile of his says it ALL. hehe
    Anywhoo, I’m glad these two are getting more recognition (they’re both my favs out of their respective groups), because they definitely deserve it. =]
    AND on a side-note, they make an ADORABLE couple. LOL.

  16. Dae Sung is my Favourite of Big Bang ~
    even G-Dragon look like a girl-dream or whatever and he have the most fans…I am totally against the dream boys everytime XD
    dae sungs smile is more cute as from the other members

    and Ye Eun was one of my favs of Wonder Girls ~
    I dont like her red hair at all but she is still so pretty and she have a normal girl-body ~
    all other members look like they dont eat (but I still like all of them (haha))
    I think other people just think Ye Eun is kinda fat cause they see sun mi and so hee beside her but Ye Eun have great body :]

    both are so great :3

  17. I’d just like to point out “age: 1989”. xD She’s 1989 years old? :O Wow! But seriously, Ye Eun is not average looking. Yes compared to the rest of the WG she may not be as mind blowing, but she’s definetly not average either.

  18. Daesung and Ye Eun . my favorite Wonder Bang couple =)
    this must be a sign , let Ye Eun go on Family Outing ! =D

  19. And ye eun I think is the most ‘average’ one in WG, she is very beautiful but not really the kind of beauty you see everyday in Korea. ^^
    Sohee is the cutie pie, sunmi has that adorable angel smile where her eyes turn into half moons lol, and sunye’s image is really different, she has a really warm look, then theres yoobin who is just beyond sexy, gorgeous, stunning and beautiful, she’s just WOW….lol XD

    Ye eun is average among the other girls in Wonder girls, but she’s def. above average in comparison to normal girls. =O

  20. How strange is it on the backstage video of that musical, ye eun had her arms around that guy LOL..and she like pushed him away when HaHa came bursting into the room with a camera o.o;;

    They look good together, I dont really like big bang but yahh they’re ok. ^^

  21. ROFL I love this wonderbang couple xD

    but man, Park oppa isn’t getting a break at all @___@ she’s receiving so many blows everywhere. Not cool.

  22. i disagreed with this part

    “Even though they might look plain compared to others in their group”

    are Korean people blind? i mean come on ye eun look just as pretty as her other member. I mean she like BEAUTIFUL and her look is not plain at all. I mean Daesung maybe is true but ye eun tho?

    but whatever WONDERBANG forever and finally someone noticed that they always get pair up with each other.

  23. They’re awesome!

    Anyway.. I thought WG wasn’t gonna promote “So Hot” anymore? I just saw them on MNet Countdown.. They won 😀

  24. omg i loveeee yeeun. i think she’s my favorite one in the WGs because she’s just like me; i can relate to her.
    and this article was kinda confusing; what is it pushing? what’s the main point?

    i know… i’m stupid. please explain! D:

  25. i really love wonderbang!
    yeeun is so cool and real, you know.
    you get a warm feeling just by looking at her, same with daesung.

    wonderbang is so perfect!

  26. aww cutecouplingg<3
    anyways yes yeeun is confident and has good speaking abilities but sometimes i feel like she tries too hard to stand out and tries to form for herself a leader vibe..
    but you already stand out yeeun with your wonderful personalityy. dont changeee! :]

  27. I love the WonderBang .
    They’re just so. down to earth!
    They’re so chill. and they don’t act like stuck up pop stars.
    I also love the couplings that happened in the WonderBang collaborations. 🙂
    Although I’m not exactly sure who Sohee and SunYe should be paired up with..
    SunYe and TaeYang were really hot in their collab. perf.
    But the whole leader of the groups thing is so cute.
    But I think I like SoYang.
    And SunDragon. hahahahhh.
    Just cause TaeYang looks really good with Sohee. 🙂
    But anyway!
    I love YeEun because of how she is and who she is.
    She’s different but in the good way.

    thanks coolsmurf

  28. what is wrong w/ these people these days! i like park yosa as well as i like all the other members of wonder girls!

  29. The reason why I like these groups is because they really aren’t that “I’m so adorable and perfect” type. I feel that I can actually relate to them. Groups that are “hot” and “sexy” are too fake…

  30. I think YeEun knows her weaknesses,
    that’s why she works so hard to be memorable…

    I sometimes felt like she acts herself out a little too much and over SunYe’s roles…

    but she does helps her group a lot though…

  31. Aww, Ye Eun isn’t plain looking. -___-

    Koreans have to stop regarding their standards for beauty as the “plastic surgery perfected” type. I guess looking like your natural self is plain. @_@

    This article is kind of a good and bad thing. It both compliments and degrades them. >__>

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