Excellent article by xsimply juicy and all credits to her. I have not much time to write about them but because it’s their first anniversary, many wonderful years ahead!

I can’t believe a year has already passed since I fell into these
gorgeous down to earth girls’ charms & six months since I fell
into YooBin’s charms. I wish these girl the best in the future and
forever and ever will they stand as WonderGirls that conquer the
I’ll just write a little about each member and end it. [:

Min Sun Ye (Leader Min) – If I were to write all the good stuff about
her, it could take forever. As the leader, you know how to take
full responsibilities and lead the group onto the next level. Her talents
are beyond amazing and she has the charisma to capture everyone’s
attention. Through the hardships of her life, she goes through them all
to meet her fans who were waiting for her for 19 years. Min Sun Ye,
may you still be the wonderful leader Wonder Girls forever and ever .

Park Ye Eun (Park Oppa) – Though she joined the group the latest, she
was able to adjust with the rest of the members so quickly and become
great friends with them. Her persistence and mind when it comes to
singing and dancing impresses everyone. Though she’s the biggest eater
and non-cleanest member, we know that she ran the road of hardship for
her dream and as fans, we’re proud to say that we’re fans of Park Ye Eun.

Kim HyunA (Sexy S-Line Yah Saeng Mah) – When I first saw WG, she was the first one
that captured my eye. I didn’t know why. But though she wasn’t that much
of a singer or rapper like others said, I saw a spark in her that enabled her
something. Like JYP, I think I saw her hidden talents somewhere when she
was on stage. I had never seen a 15/16 year old with that much charisma
and stage presence on stage. She slowly became my favorite member and
I loved anything that had HyunA in it. I became sad at the news that she had
left WG before she could actually prove to the crowd that she was capable for
instance winning MKMF or any awards. But I knew in my heart, and every heart
of those Kim HyunA fans, that she would remain forever till she was ready and
we’d stand by her waiting till she came.

Sun Mi (Innocent 4D Angel) – I didn’t think much of her when she debuted.
Truthfully, I thought she was pretty ugly. But her deep voice and efforts surprised
me on how much a young teenager could do for their own dream and I immediately
became ashamed. After Tell Me I realized how talented and gorgeous this
girl was and she became the next ‘So Hee’ of the group. Her thoughts of Earth and
space would continuously crack me up and she’d be there trying to help everyone
feel better. She has definitely grown in leaps and bounds since her debut.

Ahn So Hee (Mandoo So Hee) – She’s cute. That’s one word to describe her
for those who see her for the first time. As the youngest, she was continuously
criticized for her singing. Comments were thrown at her and JYP of why she exsisted
in the music industry and such but after a while, I knew why. Her charms were hard
to fall out of and she was such a multi-talented girl. Her modeling was fantastic and
her acting was pretty good for a 15/16 year old. I didn’t care what others said. So
Hee was one who added the extra “touch” to the group and her mandoo cheeks were
a plus. I hope that Ahn So Hee stays strong through the critiscm and stay with us WonderFULS
until she’s 20, 30, 40 and so on. We love you Mandoo So hee.

Kim Yoo Bin (Sexy Tough Rapper) – After HyunA’s departure of the group in late July,
I became crestfallen. I didn’t know if I could accept the new member that came in to
replace my favorite member. I didn’t really like her in the beginning promtion of Tell Me.
But her kindess and childish actions made me fall in love with her because of her care
for the younger ones. Her rapping was really good and for the past like five for six years,
I had not seen a Korean rapper as good as her with the exception of T & Lexy. Her long tan
legs were a plus too. Though she may have some anti’s, I hope that she would stay strong
and present us with her deep rapping and perform as WG till the end, not as some other
group. I & we, WonderFULS love you Kim Yoo Bin.


73 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Why there’s only 6 member in here? Where’s Lim? By the way, I really love sunmi jjang 4-d girl and hyuna sexy yah seng mah. Wonder girls sun yee , yeeun, yubin, lim , sohee, keep it up. Wonder Girls SARANGHAE !! ☆ : from malaysia

    Raees @ Julbin Ali


  2. when you all come to Indonesia concert
    I waited for you all for coming, especially for Park Ye Eun much I admire you,

  3. hai!!! wonder girls
    my name is fatin athira
    i’m from singap0re…
    i’m ur fans…..
    i’m really loves u all(wg)….exspiacially kim yubin
    mmmm…wg..when u want to c0me here(singap0re)again????
    i h0pe u can c0me …..
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. well…i was attracted by all of them especially one…and that’s sunmi!!! she’s one damn gorgeous babe…that’s the bottom line

  5. i wish you have more blessing & the JYP FAMILY too! we love u! we will supporting all of you!goodluck!!!!!!!

  6. hi WG im so glad that you are going now in you anniverssary! congratulation
    !!!!!!!!!!i loveu so much!happy anniversary!

  7. why you keep blaming jyp it is hyuna’s parent who pull her
    out in the group so

    why still blaming him?!……

    why dont you stop!!…

  8. what is this fighting about.wondergirls can I be your biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggset biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest
    FAN.pls,if not I will force myself to type two hundred times
    can I be your biggest fan can i be your biggest fan can i be your biggest fan until 200.if not again I will type even longer sentence and type 10000000000000000 words

  9. SunMi caught my eyes, it was love at first sight ❤ Even though I'm a girl. She was beautiful ! I love her voice, everything !
    She is STILL my favourite ❤

    Oh btw… It was Hyunah own parents that made her quit not JYP. Don't blame him, no one wanted that to happen. :/


    "One Love for Five Girls"

  10. ベンチャーキャピタルの支援は私に特別な

  11. 이쁜것들 수고가 많네..

    잘 되길 앞날이 총총하길 빕니다 화이팅!!

    싸우스코리아에서 어떤 옵파가 ^^

  12. Min Sun Ye you are the best leader.
    On The 1st Wonder Concert in Thailand you give the best show with me.
    I know you sick but you fighting! for wonderful.
    don’t worry with the show if you sick.
    but i need you take care your self. i think your health important more than anything.
    I hope you take care your self. ok
    When you happy me happy with you.
    When you sad me sad with you.
    Min Sun Ye fighting! fighting!!
    love you so much


  13. From Singapore

    Min Sunye is my favourite follow by Park Ye Eun =p Powerful voice they had….

    wat is their updated offical website ?

  14. Mkkay, from what ive done my researched on..

    Hyunh Ah was removed by her parents from just a small illness, during the time she became sick, they were working non-stop and her parents thought that, that was the reason she became sick so they romoved her from WG

  15. From Malaysia!

    Wonder Girls Sarangheyo!!

    ♥ 1. Sun Ye
    ♥ 2. Yoo Bin
    ♥ 3. Ye Eun
    ♥ 4. So Hee
    ♥ 5. Sun Mi


    Wonder Girls Aja2 Fighting!

  16. Love ’em all!!! but sun ye is my top choice… i like her style and groove. she rocks!

    i’m so addicted with ibabo…whenever i’m at work, i keep listening to it and can’t resist to copy their dance step!

    they are great!

    visit philippines….

  17. Hyun A- Can everyone stop saying it was JYP that took her out of WG. It is a little irritating how one small assumption will be blown out of proportion. She was ill but it was HER PARENTS that took her out. I think being underaged, she didn’t have much choice but to follow their wishes.
    All in all, I totally love the wonder girls.

  18. Congrats Wonder Girls on making your debut year such an interesting year! Ive had a ton of fun jamming to your songs and trying to learn your cute dances!!

    Best luck in the future!

  19. Yeah, it’s sad that Hyun A was pulled out of the group after her long years of training…I love her…and It is sad that JYP didn’t let her be back on the group..I think it is still good to have 6 of them in the group

  20. I know……. for goodness sakes people……….

    it was hyuna’s PARENTS that took her away……….

    Annoying comments….grrr

  21. I liked HyunA too, I don’t mind if she comes back and join Wondergirls! I’m sure there will be more laughters with HyunA around. keke whoa..SUNMI was my fave 😛 WONDERGIRLS FIGHTING!

  22. Honestly, if you research gastroenteritis, Hyun-ah’s illness, you will see that most people recover from it within a week or more. I don’t understand why everyone just accepted this as the reason she was removed from Wonder Girls without researching it at all. I really liked Hyun-ah, and I hope she comes back for another project later on.

  23. i honestly dont know who is my favorite they all have great things about them 🙂
    sunye- she has a beautiful voice & a look to match it 🙂
    yeeun- i loove her voice so much, she’s really nice too
    hyunah- i just love personality & her dancing skills 🙂
    sunmi- she’s very pretty & so funny 😀
    sohee- i love her soft voice, her mondoo cheeks& sarcastic jokes
    yoobin- i love her rapping & her style!

  24. when i first saw wonder girls i fell in love with sunmi
    shes really pretty and she sings really good she has a very powerful voice for a girl that age .
    maybe it was just her hair that she had during irony that made her look a lil weird
    but i didnt care haha

    beautiful 4d alien sunmi !


  25. Wait…. i did not know about the wondergirls anniversary.i totally am a big fan i dont have any of your music on my phone but i know all of them!!! U R SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^-^

  26. Wonder Girls..
    my friend show me their MV Tell Me yesterday night..
    i was shocked.
    how come such a great group exist and i just knew them yesterday..
    i’m more into jpop before but after seeing this girls, i become addicted to them.
    girl that really caught my eyes was So Hee..
    she’s so cute and adorable..
    i began to download their songs and MV yesterday and i end up sleeping at 5 am..

  27. i really love wonder girls…
    actually i’ve known them because of the game cabal online..because they used the dance steps of tell me in one of their game features….

    the first one who caught my attention was sun mi…but gradually i became attracted to ye eun a lot…
    ^_^ more power WG!!!

  28. haha FIGHTING! GO Wonder Girls! SUN MI! SOO CUTE KAwaii! i like her she’s super cute for me! haha if i met a girl here in the phil. looking like her i will drop dead and drool all over haha Go SUN MI! FIGHTING! =P

  29. wonder girls♥♥♥ saranghaeyo!!! sunye, yoobin, sunmi, sohee, ye eun, hyunah unnie! ♥♥☺


  30. I think HyunA has lots of talents, thought i don’t see much of her show, still think she’s charming and attractive…
    I’d love to see her as a singer and actress, I think she’ll do well and hope she has lot of support from her fans

    my favorite is Sun Ye, love her personality, I want to have a charm, great smile and body posing like her ^__^

    althought her new look for ‘So Hot’ is not very hot for me…>__< ps. JYP, please change her outfit immediatly…

  31. aww, i really miss Hyun Ah a lot…
    even though when i started to like WG, HyunAh already left WG…
    She was the favourite member of mine in WG…
    but well~ after she left, i found that everyone in the group is just ADORABLE! >_<
    SunMi, the 4D girl… SoHee with the cute cheeks… YeEun, who loves to eat, SunYe who takes great responsibles for the members, and lastly, our YuBin, who is caring and pretty…….
    I Love Wonder Girls

  32. I’ve never read this but it’s well said !! 🙂
    Yubin gained a lot of fans by now she is so pretty ^_^

  33. it was a illness that was permanent i believe.
    she would not recovered in like 1 months time.
    i believe she will carry it for quite a while.
    she also probably did not wanna hold back the other members.

  34. don’t you think it’s a little weird for JYP to release Huynah for such little thing. last time I check, you don’t replace a member because she was “ill.”
    Usually, they just let him/her go idle until she gets well.

    I dunno…she was my favorite member too. I just think something fishy is going on behind her reason to leave WG.

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