Wonder Girls, Daesang winner for singer category @ 2007 Korean Parliamentary Awards

Talented Korean swimmer Park Tae Hwan and popular girl group won the Dae Sang for excellence in sports and popular song segment respectively at the 2007 Korean Parliamentary Awards held yesterday. The awards held annually started in 2000 and is judged by a panel of cultural and media research panel in parliament. Those who have shown excellence in culture or entertainment performance either in solo, group or work are all eligible for the award. In addition, movie, “Secret Sunshine” and television drama “Dae Jo Young” got the Dae Sang for their respective categories. The movie “D-war” got director Shim Hyung Rae a special award while donation king Kim Jang Hoon also got one.

New Wonder Girls song for video game to top Tell Me?

The latest song by the Wonder Girls called “Joyo Joyo” has once again created some interest in hardcore fans of their previous song, “Tell Me”. The song “Joyo Joyo” was written and composed by Park Jin Young for Mini Games Heaven/Games Paradise video game.

Compared to its predecessor “Tell Me”, this song “Joyo Joyo” aims to keep Wonder Girls in the horizon once more with it seemingly sounding much more addictive. The lyrics of “Joyo Joyo” goes something like this:

给我给我, 给我说吧说吧
你有多爱我, 抱着抱着我吧
传达给我给我吧, 可以感受得到的那颗心

Simple rythmn of “Joyo Joyo” that keeps on repeating reminds one of “Tell Me” chorus. Fans have commented that although it sounds childish, but it’s kind of addicting and sounds similar to “Tell Me. They have also remarked that Park Jin Young is a genius and adding that they find the song cute and anticipate watching the MV soon. CD single was released on November 26th.

Wonder Girls Baskin Robbins CF + Wallpaper

Their Baskin Robbin’s commercial is finally out and they are so cute dancing to the tune of “Tell Me” and singing Merry, merry, me me me me Merry Christmas!!!

Wonder Girls Baskin Robbin’s CF Version 1

Wonder Girls Baskin Robbin’s CF Version 2

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Many thanks to Airen & vana117724 from Soompi for the links…

“Tell Me” gets top spot in MTV Thailand International Chart

Not content with just being a dark horse in Korea’s music industry in this latter part of the year, popular girl group Wonder Girls “Tell Me” song has also manage to turn eyeballs in far-away Thailand.

“Tell Me” by Wonder Girls stormed to the top of MTV Thailand’s International Chart (Nov 24 – 30) and in doing so, trumphing established international acts like Britney Spears and Alicia Keys. Results are tallied weekly through how many times it has been shown/dedicated on the channel plus the number of views.

(Credit: WaWa*@Soompi)

Wonder Girls first album had only started to be available for sale in Thailand at the beginning of November and their popularity has been on a upward surge since then. Their top spot comes hot on the heels of their second place ranking in the third week of November. The time from which their album started selling until now, it has not even been a month and this is indeed some achievement in Thailand.

Wonder Girls management company, JYPE was delighted with this and said, “We have had a good response when we released the “Irony” single in February. We were kind of surprised and pleased when before even the album was released, the album had already stormed into the top 10 in the charts. We expect “Tell Me” to continue the Korean wave and create a similar whirlwind all over Asia.” Even the Thais can’t resist the “Tell Me” charm.