Wonder Girls ideal man

Thought that I would write this because the Wonder Girls spoke about what they look for in their ideal man. In their interview on Music Space, each of them gave a description of the man they were looking for.

So Hee
I like guys who has a good-looking smile. For example, Park Hae Il.

Sun Mi
I like guys who are shy but do things for me secretly. No names mentioned.

Ye Eun
I like guys who can whip up a good meal because I love eating.

Yoo Bin
I like guys who have character. For example, Yang Dong Geun.

Sun Ye
I like guys who gives me a sense of security.
For example, Ahn Sung Ki sunbaenim.

Saw a thread in Soompi forums by thyun who translated what the Wonder Girls said about their ideal man too on another program. This is further elaboration.

So Hee
Lately…Park Hae Il.

Sun Mi
Someone who seems gruff and brusque, but will take good care of you, like Shin Ha Gyoon. She likes his bright smile.

Ye Eun
Nowadays, I take pleasure in watching the drama, “Yi San” and I personally like the character played by Lee Suh Jin. He is good at sword fighting, and is very cool.

Yoo Bin
I like someone who manifests individuality. Someone like Yang Dong Geun

Sun Ye
Someone like Ahn Sun Ki sun bae nim. Someone who seems gentle, but has a strong and tough character.

Their answers especially the names, you can take it as PR answers because they can’t possibly link themselves with younger stars because of their idol status. But the traits that they listed are probably very true.


2 thoughts on “Wonder Girls ideal man

  1. thanks for the elaboration!

    i totally knew these were PR answers since everyone seemed like they were 40 or older haha.

    i’m sure JYP has taught them not to start any rumors, though sometimes i wish they can just speak their minds. 😀

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