MTV Wonder Girls, most successful local production in recent times

This is an article taken from Discovery Channel magazine regarding “Adapting to suit local preferences”, basically talking about when it comes to television, viewers want programming that is in their own language. 

The Wonder Girls reality series has been MTV Korea’s most successful local production of recent times.

Localisation In Action: MTV Korea’s Wonder Girls

The show launched its first season in December last year tracking the formation of the five members all-girl band, the Wonder Girls. Given the dominance of local music as opposed to international work in Korea, a key element of MTV’s Korea strategy is to generate platforms for showcasing hot home grown talents.

The program was developed in collaboration with JYP Entertainment, the music label and artiste management company behind many big name Korean stars, including current king of Korean pop music, Rain.

The series quickly gathered a loyal following among viewers, both on-air and in the digital realm as well. A special online showcase was one of the main points of the promotion around the launch of the group, and the new MTView service was there to promote high-quality digital content around the event.

MTView is an extended offering of MTV’s Boombox, working with four leading websites and portals in Korea to offer customized on-demand music, music videos and other content.

The show was not only a success on the screen but also in the music charts, helping propel the Wonder Girls first album to number three. A second season, beginning in April 2007 was created on the back of that success.

Season three is currently scheduled to be filmed on location in New York City and other American cities. It will be aired subsequently on MTV Korea in March.


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