So Hee and Sun Mi Were Rivals Before Debut

That was what Wonder Girls leader, Sun Ye revealed about the relationship between So Hee and Sun Mi when they were still trainees.

This was revealed by Sun Ye during KBS Joy 미남들의 포차 program on 23rd July midnight as she talked about the ‘jealousy’ between members.

Wonder Girls maknae members So Hee and Sun Mi had secretly treated each other as rivals before they debuted as Wonder Girls. Sun Ye saw all these happening in the background, “So Hee was a trainee back then and although she looked happy on the outside to see someone (Sun Mi) of the same age join her, she seemed to have developed a rival mentality inside her heart.”

It was the same for Sun Mi. After training ended, the members would be asking Sun Mi to go home together, but she would say, “So Hee hasn’t leave yet”, implying indirectly that she would only stop training if So Hee stops.

So Hee talked about the past, “To put in more practise, I would go to the dance studio in the afternoon. But Sun Mi was already there practicing every time I was there.” (Download all 19 pictures)


34 thoughts on “So Hee and Sun Mi Were Rivals Before Debut

  1. There’s been a talk about this in youtube
    in the MV This Fool, some comment that Sun Mi probably changed name and went to the forums to post SoHee’s morality

    ._. not my SoHee ><

  2. i can see why they are rivals too,it’s very common.. sohee and sunmi are both talented, sunmi’s pretty good at singing & sohee at dancing^^ u go girls!!

  3. what? are you sure about that Lelouch? how can you be sure about it? hh… but for my side, whatever happens i will still be Sunmi’s fan

  4. rivalry is always present between people in the same age so its natural for me to know this..

  5. ^ @IluvYubin

    1- Sohee IS the youngest one of the group.
    2 – if they didn’t treat Sunmi well, why would they ask Sunmi to go home together but not Sohee? HMMMMMMMM? 3 – if you were WG fans right from the start, you would have noticed Sohee was actually alienated alot by the other girls and Sunmi was always “included” in the group.
    4- Sunmi was brave enough to let her emotion out at one of those show where she said Ye Eun gave Sohee special treatment, while Sohee is more shy and didn’t say anything about being mistreated.
    5 – Sunmi isn’t “most talented”… but she’s definitely special.

    Aww thats cute! I can imagine though because when you have a group of girls, lol thats what happens! atleast they’re all good friends ❤

  6. NO WAY!
    WHOA they were rivals before?
    they are my all-time fave wondergirls couple 😦
    they are MISO couple and MISO couple is forever <333
    but I really hope that miso couple are bff now it would kinda break my heart if they are still rivals 😦
    sunmi & sohee needs eachother <33
    theyre so adorkable. i like how sunmi’s so dorky & random and sohee’s sorta the opposite and thats why they attract eachother <33
    speaking of which…I’m really really really really craving for miso interactionS 😦 😦 😦
    havent seen much miso lately…mostly I saw the yemi couple. they are cute too but I’m a definite miso couple fan XD

  7. wow! miso couple rivals in the beginning? very surprising… idk, but lately i’ve been following the Wonder Girls news, and it seem awkward to see the miso couples separating from each other now days. like in the interviews and photoshoots they have been taking. does anyone notice? i have not seen any photos of the miso couple next to each other with the Wonder Girls in their So Hot photos. our am i just blind. i think im blind. heehee. correct me if im wrong please.

  8. lol i noticed that in MTV Wonder Girls S1

    So Hee was very close to Hyun ah…sigh poor hyun ah


    Btw Wonder Girls ❤

  9. they probably are still competative but they love eachofher (: on shows it always looks like there bf which is cute

  10. Aww! That is so cute. I could see why they would think of each other as rivals. They ARE the same age and stuff, but that makes it all the better. Rivals make you work harder. Although to speak the truth, if looking at the big picture, I think Sun Mi would’ve had the advantage then because she could sing really well and dance well. Sohee was and still kindof so-so in her singing, but she dances really well, but everyone fell in love with Sohee because of “Omona” and her mandu cheeks. XD But they’re like… BEST FRIENDS now. XD MISO COUPLE!!!

  11. haha:D
    i never thought that they were rivals!! wow this surprise me! xd
    but now they’re best friends^^ and soo cute with together<3 I LOVE MISO. (my favourites:P)

  12. *laugh* they’re so cute being so competitive. but even so, they’re still good friends being in the same group.

  13. people are so stupid!!!!
    they love each other you can see that in all the show they do :

    “mtv wonder girls season3” the cutest miso moment ever at 5:15

    “keroro fighter making of” miso moment at the end

    “guerilla interview” at 5:23

    “the star show” miso moment at 6:14

    and many other miso moments………they so love to hug each other lol

  14. I can’t believe that they were rivals before XD
    At the first pic you can see yoo bin’s bigggg smilee XD

  15. I felt that maybe even when they first debut that sohee and sunmi didn’t REALLY get along as well as they seemed, if I were sunmi and constantly got ignored compared to the girl in the group who was the same age..
    I would be pissed the hell off to be honest. It pisses me off still how they act as if sohee is the youngest when she isn’t. they treat sunmi like shes one of the unnies, it’s disrespectful.

    But yahh sunmi doesn’t have anything to worry about ^^ the most talented one always wins in the end. and we all know who that is. ❤ ^^ lol

  16. i understand now why they are such good friends who can know you better than your own rival?


  17. wow what a beautiful story ! rivalry turned into love! now they are bestfriend it’s so cool!

    MiSo is love<333

  18. wow, didn’t see that coming. Haha I guess things changed? 😀
    I love So Hee and Sun Mi! ❤

    thanks coolsmurf.

  19. whaat..i mean,DUH. but still, seeing the miso now–its weird to think that way! :X hope theyre sincerely miso now & not just acting for the fans…that’d be sad. WELL, i’m glad theyre friends noww 🙂

  20. LMAOOOO!!!!
    That’s so randomly unexpected but not totally a surprise.
    If you mentioned it I guess you could kinda picture it. xD
    Lmao but that’s so funny considering they’re my FAVORITE WG couple!
    Lmao I can totally see Sohee acting like that and same with SunMi.
    I really hope they aren’t secret rivals anymore but I guess we can all see that it is now a wonderful friendship. 🙂
    Hahah this post made my day.

    thanks coolsmurf!

  21. Wow Rivals! Thats so cute xDD I can’t believe they were rivals back then… They get along now though xD Rivals make you work harder.

  22. Omg!! Hopefully they aren’t rivals anymore!! I think rivalry turned into love ^_^..MiSo couple.

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