So Hee, Sun Mi and Yoo Bin Looking Pretty Without Makeup

You would have notice something different from the photos of So Hee, Sun Mi and Yoo Bin when they went on Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio program on 19th July.

Intially when I saw the photos yesterday, I thought only Sun Mi didn’t have makeup on. But actually, So Hee and Yoo Bin also didn’t have any makeup on. In the captions below the photos, it was stated that the “WonMalSam” trio had went to the dermatologist department at the hospital earlier. After that, they headed immediately to the radio station for recording without makeup.

The Wonder Girls always have thick makeup on when they perform on stage. According to the program PD, “I didn’t realise at first that they didn’t have any makeup on. They are really natural beauties.” Without makeup, they look really refreshing and totally deserving of the “natural beauty” label.


58 thoughts on “So Hee, Sun Mi and Yoo Bin Looking Pretty Without Makeup

  1. LMAO haters are spamming this article! What can I say? WONDER GIRLS ARE SO GREAT THAT OTHER FANS GET INSECURE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. they all look ugly exept for sunmi ,ithink shes the prettiest in wonder girls with or without makeup!!!!!

  3. Lol mango I agree with you.. Sunmi is wayy too plasticised out. And she’s too skinny! And she’s not that great at singing. Don’t mean to bash, but can’t see why the MVs focus on her so much. IMO she’s the least good-looking in WG, her skinny arms freak me out so much! Sohee is alright, she’s cute but she doesn’t deserve all the attention she’s stealing from the rest of the WG. Yoobin & Ye Eun are underrated. Ye Eun’s really pretty, but looks like Korean people have a different perception of beauty from me. Sorry, but I just really don’t like Sunmi. Makeup or not, she’s ugly as hell.

  4. I only like Sunye and Yoobin. Yoobin is awesome and she has a great body (after gaining weight). Plus it was very cool of her to come out and say it’s fine to have healthy weight on you and not look anorexic like most to all Korean female idols. I respect her a lot. As for Sohee and Sunmi, they’re fucking ugly as heel. Sohee looks like a warped elf face and sings like a 2 year old crying for the tit. And Sunmi… can you say bulimic? Sick dude. Plus she is so plastic surgeried out. And if she really never got any… then she’s naturally that nasty. Sad.

    Anyways- go Yoobin and Sunye!!! ^-^

  5. =D pretty<3 yoobin doesnt look like she wears makeup at all. in fact, other than a little eyeliner, i think they could do without the makeup =\ who cares if they got plastic surgery?? i wish i could get it too for my flaws. but thats just out of vanity. i dont think wg is plastic though, either that or its not really noticable. they even admitted on a tv variety show what they would want to get changed for, and thats pretty honest. 🙂 wonder girls rock <33

  6. omg
    they are so gorgeous (:
    i dont like it how some kpop celebs try to cover themselves up with make-up and all those slutty clothes and slutty dances
    it makes em seem so plastic

  7. look at yourselves. they are only some singers becoming successful. When i have finished reading these non-stop comments about who’s fugly and cute. Don’t you all have something better to do than judging these wannabes??
    And watch what you are saying.

    Geez, power of the internet can be scary

  8. they have something special from their performance on a stage, their looks, their behavior, etc..
    coz they’re WONDER GIRLS..
    they’re always makes me scream SO WONDERFUL..

  9. There’s so much plastic surgery in korea that people now think it’s special when a celebrity doesn’t have it.

  10. WTF!! Are you blind Mr. “……………” maybe you like clowns better than performers

  11. yup those three are absolutely prettier when they don’t wear make-up. Being their simple selves is the type that i like a lot about but to tell you frankly most members of WG looks awful when they wear make-up except for sun-ye which suits her well. I don’t know if its only me but i think Korean make-up artists are not good at it…. they turn beauties into clowns…no offence but thats my opinion and observation

  12. nobody perfect! I love the natural beauty of them, unlike other Kstars

    So Hee has 1-lip eyes but she did nothing with it, it makes her look funny and adorable when she smiles!

    Sun Mi has natural body language, she didn’t care about being ugly in front of fans, so cute!

    Yoo Bin always tells that she has black skin… that she is not beautiful… it’s so honest! she knows that she is kind of natural and healthy beauty!

    with me, they are the most beautiful girls in the world! ^O^

  13. @IluvYubin

    i take my words back. i pity you. i pity you for all the discrimination you’ve been through all your life. i pity you for the self-hate you blatantly display due to all the hatred you’ve received before.

    i’m sorry for you. truly, i am.

    it’s no wonder you hate SNSD so much. for the ease of fame they easily garnered. for the praises they got for their looks. for how they are so easily accepted by many.

    i’m sorry for you for the harsh life you have led and will have to continue leading.

    learn to live with less hate in your life. it helps.

    :from another WG’s fan to another WG’s fan, take my advice:

  14. the ratio of WG’s fans bashing SNSD to the ratio of SNSD’s fans bashing WG for LOOKS is MAD HIGH. just look at any youtube video comments. WG’s fans would be bashing SNSD for their LOOKS/PERSONALITY and not for their talent but on the other hand SNSD’s fans bashes WG for their performances.

    this shows just how immensely IMMATURE a good percentange of WG’s fans are and i am ASHAMED, truly ASHAMED to be amongst the WG’s fans.

    on another note, “And you’re right, karma is a bitch. SNSD found that out the hard way didn’t they? lol.”

    SNSD found it the hard way? they’ve battled worse and even if more worse events were to come, they will battle it even harder. Props goes to the girls for putting their head up high when they were bashed for NO JUSTIFIABLE REASONS AT ALL.

    immature people like you are bound to be hit hard in life. you’ll get it. i promise you. you’ll get it.

  15. Why would we give a crap who WG likes? WG aren’t going to insult any artist on camera, I hate SUJU and don’t like BB at all yet I know WG likes both groups, I’m a fan of WG, not a fan of their friends. I don’t have to be. If I were a fan of every artist they praised I’d be a fan of the whole kpop industry because WG aren’t stupid like certain other groups to bash or insult another artist or group on TV. =)

  16. i am a fan of both WG and SNSD and i often visit this blog to get my daily updates on WG. But it’s really really disheartening to see that almost all of coolsmurf’s posts in this blog has Wonderfuls bashing SNSD mindlessly.

    shame on those who bashes for no reason. really, shame on all of you.

    if you are a fan on WG, you all should know what good relationship both SNSD and WG have. they are often seen hugging each other, supporting each other, playing around with each other and Sunmi even has a favourite in SNSD – Taeyeon. and yet, here you all are, claiming to be fans on WG and yet, you’re bashing your idols very own friends.

    if i was Sunmi, i wouldn’t even want to acknowledge my childish fans for bashing my idol for no reason.

    karma awaits those who do wrong to others. grow up seriously all those childish fans.

  17. They’re so pretty without makeup. Even prettier than they are with the makeup <333.

    In Ye Eun’s Manwon Haengbok episode, I thought she was sooooo pretty in her school uniform, straight black hair, and minimal makeup. They’re all beautiful girls and don’t need a lot of makeup to stand out.

  18. @iluvyubin

    LOL i totally agree with you ! they got plastic surgery everybody know that! in korea people call them plastic generation !!!
    they’ve all got stuff done to them one way or another, it’s so obvious!their faces were so scary before but they still look fugly even after plastic surgery and taeyeon REALLY looks like a retard!!!lol

  19. why do some people say snsd had surgery?? where do u get these info’s from? u can’t say someone has had surgery if their faces don’t look alike from the past. As we grow our face will start to change…. anyways wg are 4 sure naturally and was borm beautiful…

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  21. On the radio they said they had just come from the dermatologist, ^^ I think sohee and sunmi are a bit young for any dermatologist treatment, just live with the damn pimples like the rest of us teens XD lol they need to experience pimple popping (lol kidding^^) but yah you dont wear makeup when going to see your dematologist =D

    I wonder what kind of treatment they get,, yoobin skin is very nice! ^^

  22. they are just the best..

    way better than those surgery girls..

    eeeww.. i am going to puke right now.. hahahaha..

  23. I don’t think we can do the same for JEWELRY lol

    I like to see them without makeup because they look more asian than with.
    And without makeup Yoo Bin looks older than the youngest So Hee and Sun Mi and it’s greatful !

  24. Even though it’s part of the “So Hot” concept, their make-up artists should try to put less make-up on since it can be skin-damaging… All of them really are natural beauties.

  25. Duhh, haven’t you guys realised they are hot with/without makeup? 😀

    BTW, that guy on the left side…… it a guy or a girl?

  26. ummmm So i jeard yoo bin rap to so hot live and was wondering why there hasn’t been a post for this yet? But don’t rush though. 😀

  27. I think Yoo Bin looks the best without make up, kinda looks the same. But overall they all lookkk pretttyy! ;D

    WonderGirls! ❤
    thanks coolsmurf.

  28. Yep thats true ALL natural unlike some other plastic groups

    No Surgery so don’t play Haters

    They look Gawjusssss!!!!!!


  29. how can you guys not noticed this???? shame on you tsk tsk
    (just kidding)

    but yeah all the girls look really nice without make up and it surprised me because with all the make up they be having on too.

    wonder girls should get the title for ‘natural beauties’

  30. all natural baby.. if anything make up is a real hindrance to their beauty… they should always wear minimal make-up

  31. WHOA! I didn’t notice that either! Yoobin looks the same, in my opinion!! So does Sohee! Sunmi has a different level of pretty without makeup! Bah, they’re all pretty!

  32. I just love the Wonder Girls.
    Like really.
    They are ridiculously talented in dancing,singing,speaking languages,acting,and being adorably CUTE and SO HOT.
    And they’re so PRETTY with or without makeup!
    They really are the WONDER Girls.
    Power to them and everything they do!

    thanks coolsmurf!

  33. Wonder girls are natural beauties… I knew that from the minute i saw them… i’m surprised people didn’t notice that..

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