Reasons Why Min Sun Ye is the Leader of the Wonder Girls

Now I am not sure why there’s all the negativity towards Min Sun Ye being the leader of the Wonder Girls recently. She might not be the most talented or create much headlines or you make up your own reason. But she’s the leader for the fact that the Wonder Girls were created by JYP for her. She is just contented to stay in the background and let the other members shine. When things get rough, she will step up and handle everything. That’s Sun Ye.

Everyone has a role to play in the Wonder Girls. And right now, there’s absolutely no reason to change the leader or whatsoever. Who changes a leader when everything’s fine? And BTW, I am a Sun Ye fan. Not So Hee.

The following are text written by a Korean Wonderful titled “Do you know Min Sun Ye? If you don’t, don’t say anything” and translated by wonderkid.

She’s a leader who makes sure that the other members get more screen time.
A couple of days ago, on PKL’s radio show, she told the other members that she feels guilty because she feels like she hasn’t done a lot for them as a leader, and so she apologized to them and said she was really sorry.

She’s a leader who is checks, double checks, and makes sure that the members and the mic stands stand in the right position. ^^

She’s a person who gives two big thumbs to the fans,
Whenever she makes an acceptance speech she has never, not even once, forgotten to thank WonderFul…it’s a small gesture but we’re always thankful…

The note above was written by Mark PD on his cyworld diary…
Sun Ye grew up under the care of her grandma and grandpa. A few days before their “Tell Me” comeback, her grandpa passed away. We were so worried about her, and as expected when we watched their comeback performance, Sun Ye had lost all the fat in her cheeks to the point where it was just heart-breaking to watch her. (note: Mark PD is the producer of the Wonder Girls’ MTV series and is a close friend to the girls)

Would a person like this really single out So Hee? When So Hee was sick with a cold @ MKMF 2007, Sun Ye took care of So Hee. (note: during “Tell Me” days, there were outrageous rumors going around saying that the other members were singling out So Hee and making her into an outcast)

“When we were just getting beginning to promote ‘Tell Me,’ we got into a car accident. I quickly got out of the car to check and see if all the other members were okay, and when I found out that they were all safe…I said ‘Thank You’ more than a 1000 times” – Sun Ye’s <Arena Magazine> Interview

Even though she said this, she’s the one who got hurt the most. As many of you know, Sun Ye grabbed Sun Mi, who was in danger, and rescued her to safety.

Reason why JYP believes in Sun Ye? Reason why Sun Ye is the leader? Sun Ye came to be Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye by effort more than talent. While the others went home to rest, she stayed behind so that she can practice more.

“One of the biggest reasons that motivated me to achieve my goals was because I wanted to look after and take care of my grandma…”

A message to her grandma, “When I ask you ‘do you need anything?’ or ‘do you want anything to eat?’ you can just tell me…I want you to spend the rest of your life a little more happier. I want to relieve all your stresses so you can rest peacefully, and to do that I will be a hardworking granddaughter.” – from <The Star Show> interview

“The reason why I have to push myself so hard is because right now, my dad’s health isn’t that great. Another reason is because I have to repay my grandma back for all the unwavering support that she has given me all these years. That’s why I must succeed…when I think of my family…”

Her face might be pretty but her heart is even prettier, that’s why I love Sun Ye so much. The reasons stated above are the reasons why I’ve fallen for Sun Ye and the reason why I trust Sun Ye in whatever she does. If you ask me, why I like the Wonder Girls, I can say proudly that, I might not know everything about these five girls but what I am certain is that I believe in their humanity.

Knowing Wonder Girls is one of the greatest gifts in my life.

credit: 은안대동단결@byulha + wonderkid (translation)

344 thoughts on “Reasons Why Min Sun Ye is the Leader of the Wonder Girls

  1. Min sun ye my very idol..ever sense…dont be scared whatever happen,what ever day say..for you…iwish that recieve all blessing because your such a good leader.and good grandaugther..oppa sarang hae

  2. Reading this again after knowing now that she is safely married with a husband who absolutely loves her and is kind to her, I’m so happy, it makes me cry. Sun Ye works so hard for her family and always thanks others, even WonderFuls. She never forgets and is always humble. I’ve only met Wonder Girls once, but Sun Ye left me the deepest impression. My fan skills were lacking as an international fan, and I forgot to buy presents and reach to shake their hand to thank them, but it was Sun Ye that reached for my hand after I got her autograph. I felt so embarrassed and grateful, and she gave me her blessings and thoughts after I told her I’ve been wanting to see them in person for so long. I love each member, but after meeting Sun Ye, I’ve never felt stronger towards Wonder Girls and prouder to be a WonderFul. WonderFul always and forever!

  3. 귀하는 sunye을 먹었 알고, 내가 가장 중요한 건 … 한국어 우상 우상 수입과 언제든지, 당신은 여전히 존경으로 … 제가 항상 영감됩니다 찬사를 보냅니다 라이프 있지만,,,

  4. yeah right!!! sunye is the best leader for me…she is a kind person eventhough i don’t know her personally….the most important for me now is..,,,,,i really love WONDER GIRLS especailly SUNYE…you will always be my INSPIRATION!!!!…. tangsineul saranghesseo unnie sunye yongwonhi….<3
    we love you WONDER GIRLS

  5. this is thae secont time i’m read this article, but this always touched my heart n until now, i’m very proud to be sunye’s fan, i don’t care about many people talking negatif about her, they are don’t know anything….
    fighting sunye… saranghaeeeeeeee

  6. i really inspired u because of what u have in your heart and its so nice to hear all the story about u .. it captivated my heart .. GODBLESS YOU ALWAYS 🙂

  7. i am a fan of Sun ye here in the philippines. I like her and now that i know how kind, loving & caring she is, I even more liked her because she has a good heart to anyone.

  8. I don’t know how many times I read this but every time I do, I always cry. I am so touched and everything you said here is true. Sunye is an angel. She is kind and humble. She’s very genuine. I don’t care what anyone says about Wonder Girls but I am always proud to say that I love them and I am loyal Wonderful. They can say a lot of crap about their talent but they can’t say shit about their humanity. These girls, especially Sunye, are good people to be hated on. WG ❤

  9. ouuu,,, i cried………. yes this is the reason why i’m really like and love leader min sunye………….. this article was make me sad and proud to know more of sunye personality…… everyone must know about this girl,,,,, coz i’m really don’t like many of comment who hate sunye without knowing sunye……
    go sunye, go wonder girls, i’m wonderful………. ❤ ❤ ❤

  10. Sunye’s the best leader I’ve ever known.
    She’s always so selfless and thinks of what’s the best for her members.
    I really can’t imagine how someone could hate this girl.
    She deserves so much admiration.
    Besides, Sunye is one of the few MOST RESPECTED idols/ role models in Korea, for having such the squeakiest clean image of any idol..
    i just simply love her…

  11. THAT is what we call it The Great Leader Figure. Always thinking about her girls more than herself, THATS what makes a TRUE Leader!

  12. I wasn’t a WG fan before reading this article, but I am now, and I also enjoyed reading everyone’s heartfelt comments.

  13. SUPE W.G.B (Wonder GIRL BAND_

    I really like SUN YE….

    She is lovely…

    She is a grateful grandaughter, as well as daughter.

    Please, god help her to be successful wither her career both present and future.

    EANG LONG >.. Scot

  14. SUPE W.G.B (Wonder GIRL BAND_

    I really like SUN YE….

    She is lovely…

    She is a grateful grandaughter, as well as daughter.

    Please, god help her to be successful wither her career both present and future.

    EANG LONG >.. Scot

  15. SUPE W.G.B (Wonder GIRL BAND_

    I really like SUN YE….

    She is lovely…

    She is a grateful grandaughter, as well as daughter.

    Please, god help her to be successful wither her career both present and future.

    EANG LONG >.. Scot

  16. i personally love min sunye as a fan.the reason is she can dance amazing and sing with some much emotion.the reason why jyp choose her wasn”t her talent it was her effort she put in. she would put her all in her singing and dancing.since she all grown up now she now what to do when her members are sad. all her hard work paid off jyp is calling her the second rain which she is. the reason i love am a fan is her powerful and emotion voice. when ever jyp talks about his artist he always praises sunye on how long she trained and her dancing skills even her singing skills.i think he realizes that sunye has talent. 2007 it was sad how he said she didn have talent. in your face jyp your realizing it. reasons why wonder girls don have antis is the don make fun of artist and don think their talented than any other artist.they are alson very polite and humble these are reason why the wonder grils and min sunye is liked by all artist including their seniors.the reason why sunyes the leader is she humble,kind,and caring.she is the kindess person who loves all her fans. she always thanks their fans for the love they give her and the band.when sunmi left she spoke about it in a heartful words. even on win win some lerders would just keep quiet but she spoke and just showed how much she cared for every single one of her members. she even cried which means she is a unni to sunmi. she cared for sunmi happiness and wonder girls happiness.which means she really deserves to be a leader. these are the reasons why she is the best leader in korea.she has a pure heart and it real. even 2pm 2am praises sunye how shes a good leader.she charmastics and has stage prences.accutally they all do.sunye grew to be a wondeful leader and amazing singer and off the hook dancer. she really beautiful love her smile. when they comeback to korea lets support them to the very end 2011. this year i have a feeling their going to come back very strong. lets support till the very end WONDERFULS WONDERFUL 2011

  17. i really like and love sun ye.but i was asking,why you dont like sun ye recently????
    sun ye did a great job and have the best performance in all her member….
    im not saying that sun ye is the one did a good performance than her members….
    but sun ye deserve to be a leader…….
    sun ye is the most great in all and her members too…
    the rest of member on wonder girls is blessed because of there leader sun ye……..
    all sun ye^s member need her as a leader….
    because sun ye is the one who got a kindness heart and the best performance ever…..

    so please stop saying that sun ye is not deserving to be a leader in WONDER GIRLS group…….because sun ye is deserving in a throne to be a leader of W.G. group……….

  18. you know a leader when you see one..1st tym i saw wg and i already know whose the leader…sunye^___^love her simplicity and the fact that she doesnt try to stand out so much yet feels that she’s the most loved..good job wg u’ll always be at the top..snsd?2ne1??nahh…

  19. min sun ye your so beautiful…………………………………………
    your so kind to your member,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    i’m one of your fan^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  20. After I watch this post…i tear

    Add oil:)Sunye unnie~
    i know you are hard-work and do all the best performances for us!!

    So don’t give up
    Always make us wonderful

    You are good leader after<3

    WonderGirls Go & Fighting

  21. SUN YE IS THE BEST!!!!
    GO SUN YE!!


  22. This post is very important because it is now clear to me that Korean never choosen a leader for a certain group because of famous but the leader that act as the main stream support for the other member. . . i GUESS THIS ARTICLE CHANGES MY POINT OF VIEW WITH SUN JE. . .THANKS

  23. I don’t care bout what they say…here in the Philippines the Wonder Girls is so popular!!!….more power to them especially sun ye…their song nobody gave alot of people here the Last Song Syndrome..LSS hahahaha!! Go wonder girls!!!

  24. wat happened to sunmi?…why is she rescued by sunye,,

    i know sunye is a great leader..she is just herself..
    so kind,soft and very kind hearted..
    she knows how to pay respect to others..

  25. i cry…when i read this…..

    Sun…u’r d best leader for WG…
    i believe u can make WG more success….
    u have really really beautiful heart…..
    WG so lucky have u as a leader……

    u make me more more n more love WG……


  26. lmfao… wthell am i doing,.’my tears fall… i’m a guy known as a tough guy…
    BTW i’ve read one article say that she give an apt. or something to her grandma… she’s so kind… what a wonderful person….

  27. Sun ye you are the best!!! I love above sentence that which is touching into my heart and it is tailor made for you, it’s totally talking about our nice Sun ^ 0^

    “Her face might be pretty but her heart is even prettier, that’s why I love Sun Ye so much.”

  28. i love sun ye so much…

    i don’t know bout you guys, but since i laid my eyes to the wonder girls. i already fall to sun ye, for i know that, just in her looks she posses the most kind heart ever..and i want to be just like her..: )

  29. She is just the most gorgeous person I have ever met.
    too bad I live in the states.!!
    I’m glad they are Debuting in america there needs to be more idols like her.

  30. really…
    she’s the most kindest girl i ever know.
    i always tought that celebrities only think of themself,
    but my opinion change when i read this article.

    i don’t know how to say it,
    SunYe’s beautiful outside and inside.
    her personality and kindness could’t be said by any words.
    i just know that I LOVE HER MUCH MORE THAN BEFORE… xD

  31. I never ever noticed how kind sun ye is n ow i like her lots. I never new that much. This inspires me to be like her.

  32. If people would get to know SunYe more, and watch more clips or something. They would know SunYe has a kind heart.

    She may be beautiful, but like the article said her heart is also beautiful.

    SunYe, I must say, is the best leader you can find.

    😀 ❤

  33. wow…..
    shes so kind also one of the fan of sun ye and i
    really like to see and hear her voice she got it .,.,.,
    and also thank you 4 sharing /././.
    well,, now i know what she is i will be her much .,.,.,

  34. If you guys pay attention to WGs early MTV or live concerts, everyone but Sunye wore skirts or hotpants.

    At first I didn’t know why. Then later I learned that she got a scar (a long scar) on her leg from that car accident when she kinda pulled Sunmi to her side saving her from danger, yet got her leg hurt in the process.

    That’s Sunye.

    And just look at her tear when she made the speech during the awards WG won, and in their concerts. Cos she has really come a long way with sheer hardwork.

  35. When I first heard the song Nobody and got acquainted with the Wonder Girls, I did not notice Min Sunye. I was not even interested in knowing their names until I was able to watch their So Hot MV. That is where I noticed Min Sunye (In my opinion, she was the best dancer in that MV. Or rather, she was the epitome of hotness.).

    I then looked for their profiles and when I looked up on YouTube I saw the video About Me_SUN. The first time I watched it, I fell in love with her character.

    I do not know her personally but I think she really is a great leader. Reading the things mentioned above makes me admire her even more. She really is the best leader and a good role model.

    She is my favorite Wonder Girl and nothing can change that. *wink wink*

    Saranghae, Min Sunye! Be strong! We’re always here to support you! I hope you guys visit the Philippines soon!

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  37. Lolz I’m actually a convert. I adored Sohee before, but it was purely bc of her cheeks xp. Once I heard of Sunye’s background story tho, decided to make her my future wife to be :3

  38. I’ve always like Min Sun Ye at the beginning, I get the impression on her face, she’s really kind. and she’s trained for 5.5 years, and that’s quite long but it’s her effort she puts in, effort is the best talent. As I can see now, she’s the best in WG. She dances great, sings great, and pretty. I’m proud to be a fan of her.

  39. It’s easy to see that she put more effort in everything she did… Her smile when performing in stage shows her true joy and devotion for her job and maybe that’s why she dance the best. I awed Ye Eun’s voice range, squeal at So Hee’s irresistible cuteness, like Sun Mi’s unpredictable sweetness and Yoo Bin’s cool uniqueness, but Sun Ye stole my heart with her wholeness. And she has a nice laugh.

  40. she inspired me a lot co’z i am also a leader in our dance group…. she is also very beautiful.her heart is even more beautiful.
    she is the best leader i have ever seen.
    love her dance n vocals so much.
    P.S. LOVE HER!

    kien hsin

  41. I really respect Sun Ye because of her determination. Her dance and vocal are always full of charisma and she always does her best no matter what condition she is in

  42. she inspired me a lot co’z i am also a leader in our dance group….

    for me Sun Ye was the best leader in all groups!!!



    BJC 😉

  43. i agree w/ u on that men…i also love and idolize her so much….

    i am very much wanted to see her in person…but i know it’s so impossible…

    all i want is to be more successful on her career…that’s all and good health…

    is she has a FS account or Myspace???? pls. tell me


    BJC 😉

  44. i agree w/ u on that men…i also love and idolize her so much….

    i am very much wanted to see her in person…but i know it’s so impossible…

    all i want is to be more successful on her career…that’s all and good health…


    BJC 😉

  45. If I may beg your indulgence & use this occasion (Sunye’s 20th birthday) to link to a wonderful tribute clip by a fan a year back:

    I helped translate the Chinese lyrics a few days ago, & found myself frequently returning to listen (watch) since then.

  46. This article is 10 months old and considering the comments, it looks like it was just written a week ago. I love you Sun Ye (however you spell it)! I love you Wonder Girls!

  47. i like sun ye too….
    i like the words you wrote….
    you expresses the words you need to say….
    sun ye is beautiful inside and out….
    she deserve to be the leader than so hee….

    나는 사랑합니다

    i might be a japanese but i speak english and korean……..

    there’s no way i can forget my idol….

    선예-sun ye

    by:歩 杉浦

  48. i found this site merely by looking up as to who is wondergirls’ leader. reading this made my heart stop and bawl my eyes out. this is so touching. i have to admit that i’m only a few moths old into being a fan of wondergirls. but reading this and knowing just a little bit more about SunYe has made me love wondergirls even more. i now have a better respect for these girls. and saying that, they deserve everything they’re getting now.

  49. thanks for this made me realize how much respect this girl should have… sunye’s emotion through his family is just that strong..thats why shes returning the favor through his members..a sad story bout his parents but its one of the aspects that’s making her goin at all times..

    you….Sunye.. Godbless..we love you ❤

  50. ang mahiwagang mensahe….

    someone like sun ye is rare nowadays..

    i wish she was my sister ….


  51. i really like your attitude. the way you see things are good, not only that you inspire us but you aslo encourage us that life isnt about me its about………


    so continue your goals and dreams and atiitude… it will take you there… KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. iyo ang gusto kung ugali na hindi lamang ipinakita ang kagandahan sa labas na gustong pansinin sa lahat ng tao kundi ipinakita ang kagandahan niya mula sa kanyang puso na may takot sa DIYOS….

  53. madam dre mo kmi pwede ig judge anu kba?? nagbobo’ot ka man dre pagkuan ha m pero OA ka man..imbes na makaconcentrate kmi nagiinarigasa ka lugod

  54. ipinakita niya ang lahat-lahat ang kanyang kakayahan sa mahal sa buhay at sa ibang tao kaysa sa sarili niya…. Mahirap hanapin ang isang lider tao na inaasikaso sa iba kaysa sa sarili niya…
    Any trials,troubles,and circumstaces in her life… But she never give up….

  55. … i rily lyk her… she’s a real leader… a leader on her on natural way… she’s a wonder girl, indeed… hope to see more of her… LOVE IT!!!!!

  56. how i wish i could meet her personally…..woow im in tears..yes im strong but not like here…
    she’s really one of a kind!!!
    she’s a LEADER!
    heart and soul!!
    beauty doesnt really counts!!

    i was also under my lola’s loving and caring heart,she’s the one who took care of me…until know,even though she’s not here with me i still fell her love!!!
    when she died i cried for almost one week,but Sun Ye she can still smile…

    Sun Ye posses a strenght that nobody can posses as a human being!!!!it’s not extra natural…it’s her big Heart!!!
    She think of others before her own….
    gosHow SUN YE !!

  57. i like u, u like Jesus Christ who save people from sin, u protect ur member,, it is hard to be like u but im proud to know u more….. May the Lord God Bless u always ,,,i love very much ,, i hope i will be like u but i dont know if i can do it,,, thanks

  58. i love her! her life and doings could be the humblest and kindest doings that a human had ever done..
    Min Sun Ye, you’re the best! no wonder why your group is called wonder girls, it’s not just a screen name but it is THEIR TRUE name.. inside and outside.

  59. i love you..sun ye tnx for loving me
    and making me happy every day
    because of your songs and insprng
    life story..i will always keep you in

    MIN2 SUN YE ❤ mwuahhh..!!!!


  61. i like u very much Min Sun Ye , ur the best leader in the world that i have known, kep up the good works and ,, i dont know what term i want to use for u but ur the best for me. its hard to be humble and to sacrifice for the people

  62. wow!!i almost cry!!while reading this article i cant imagen how she makes sacrifice for the good of others!!…whilke reading this i remember my grandmother who also took care of me when im still young!!but my lola is not here with me!!!she’s one of the most wonderful LEADER and Person i even know!!

  63. It’s been a wondrous phenomena i’ve been knewn in my entire life,perhaps i’am touched to knew this personality in this rare creation of God in this world, that knowing min sun ye- as a best example to encourage individual, to intinsify moral values and to inact our responsibilities to our fellowmen in extending our mutual love , care ,and considiration to our fellowmen. That she is the utmost appearance in reality to be a model and a pattern to journey life in accordance to the will of God.
    That now i can personnally, says that to be LOVEd is to LOVE, to be CARED is to Care, to be important is to give importance.
    That to be a LEADER is not necessarily to established fame and honor , yet to be a leader is a true virtue of service and it must come from the HEART and considers the HEART of others….

  64. It’s been a wondrous phenomena i’ve been knewn in my entire life,perhaps i’ve touch to knew this personality in this rare creation of God in this world, that knowing min sun ye- as a best example to encourage individual, to intinsify moral values and to inact our responsibilities to our fellowmen in extending our mutual love , care ,and considiration to our fellowmen. That she is the utmost appearance in reality to be a model and a pattern to journey life in accordance to the will of God.
    That now i can personnally, says that to be LOVEd is to LOVE, to be CARED is to Care, to be imporatant is to give importance.
    That to be a LEADER is not necessarily to established fame and honor , yet to be a leader is a true virtue of service and it must come from the HEART and considers the HEART of others….

  65. your simpLy the best !!

    I wiLL foLLow her way of Life,
    I reaLized that being a Leader is not easy !?!?!
    what a big honored to read this articLe …thanks !!

  66. w0w!!! Min Sun Ye was a great leader even she is not talented than her c0-gr0up, & she is n0t als0 much pretty than her gr0up but she has a much pretty & benev0lent heart!!!

    And I am als0 great & happy that I am 0ne (1) 0f pers0n wh0 read this article!!!. it was s0 great!

    I id0l y0u what kind 0f pers0n are y0u!

  67. i am very honored to be one of the person who have read this great article .. i could say she is really great!!

  68. Hmm .. i guess she is worthy to be the so-called leader of the group, and I am overshadowed by her resolve. I cant believe someone would be this good. It makes me wanna breakdown and cry after what I have done horribly wrong.
    Guess I’ll follow her way of life. I will change, and be as perfect as her.

    *i love you .. ayek

  69. ang galing talaga ni min sun ye, idol ko na siya… dahil hindi siya mahilig magpasikat…… simple lang kung kumilos at mahabagin………………………………………………………………….

  70. I will follow her example ..
    She is .. the model of perfection ..

    Xheska .. you should idolize her, you are blinded by pride .. you are .. trash ..

  71. i am inspired all bowt min sun ye..
    a girl na maituturing leader…she never give up….i can picture her to my life…she will my inspiration to my suceesion….

  72. enx for sharing this article becoz all of my clazmate now realized that no one can go to the top if you dont face your trails!!!!! thank you…

  73. im so proud of you!!!!! u are the best leader in the world.. we are the same my grandfather died but i am not in his side becoz i have to face my study but i always remember that is a trials only in ourlife!!! thank u for sharing your article’becoz irealized that no one can be a winner if you dont face the the big trials in our life>>> God bless u & always take care …….. muuaw

  74. even though i realLy dNt knOw hEr ., bAse oN hEr
    stOry i wAs toUch!! bEcAuSe whEn shE fAcE oUt hEr
    prObLeMs shE fAce it w/ a caLm & a siMlple smiLe!!

    hopE thAt alL peOpLe
    cOuLd hAve Sun Ye’s atTitUde!!

  75. “,she is the wonderful leader that i know
    bcoz of her good hearth she have…….

    “,and she even care for her self
    she always care for her other members……


  76. mahal kita pero d mo lang alam d mo lang alam dahil hindi mo naman ako pinapansin..

    sana pansini mo naman ako ohh.. ?? plsss!!

    mahal na mahal na kita min sun ye..!!


    i like you so much i love you so much i miss you so much…

    i will never leave you alone..!

    i will be a hero for you!
    ilove you!
    mwuaahh!! tsup! = *

  77. i think She was the great perfect leader i’ve ever know..

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Min Sun Ye!!!

    from Catbalogan samar philipines..
    ^_^ ^_^
    ^_^ ^_^
    ^_^ ^_^
    ^_^ ^_^

    ^_^ ^_^

  78. through this message now i realize how kind min sun ye,im very happy 4 her that now she express her feeling to somebody who dont know her…………………

  79. i wish u’ll be my girlfriend…ur alwayz be my dream girl…
    it’s so very nice to know u in personal’even in my dream lang…


  80. Min Sun Ye is the best!!

    🙂 i want to be like her the way she take care of her grandma and So Hee one of the members of WONDER GIRLS!!

    She’s so cute!!

  81. it’s the first time that i have read this article,and it touched my heart so much.Sun Ye is very great leader,she doesn’t only think for herself,instead se think first for her members.I didn’t expect that behind the camera Sun Ye was very loving nd caring leader.she is a inspiation for me because what she can do is very hard,it’s not easy to be a leader but for me if you use your heart like sun ye it would be easy..her story was so very touching,,,,i hope i would be a leader someday like sun ye!



  82. i love this article D= made me teary!
    Sunye really is a sweet girl.
    i dont understand how people can hate her -_-
    She deserves to be leader.


  84. aah, eventhough i havent red the article on this site i have loved sun ye in the first place ..she is talented and pretty – now i know that she has a great heart .. 🙂 just love to admire her .. go min sun ye!!!..

  85. hye people…

    u know what…
    i dont think she’s not being highlighted much or even lack of screen time affect her charms whatsoever..because the first time i watched wonder girls videos without knowing whatsoever about this group, sunye got my eyes on her…
    she dances with full-hearted, her smile is so breathtaking n sweet, n she has a distinct voice…..
    i m of the view that she shines in her own special way,even without too much exposure,she just get my attention..n urs too…

    n i know they are being compared there and here with SNSD specifically,but each of these group s bringing different concept n style…so,they should nt be compared to each other by their music…

    so i think the only reason they r being compared is only on the basis which group is more popular than the other…just to heat the moment…

    i’m a fan of both WG N SNSD and i dont ever fond less to one and antoher cause they both ARE DIFFERENT,,,

  86. i think she was chosen as a leader because she was trained for more than 6-7 years…who says shes not talented…..of course she is….if shes not why shes in WG… right..shes a good dancer and singer…shes also a good actress…even i dont know much about WG i believed that shes kind and responsible….she really deserves to be a leader….i love min sun ye… go fight3x ur dbest….. i love you and i love Shakira too….my idol…shakira dance so hot and sexy,, while sun ye dance so cool….god bless you all.

  87. yeah i love min sun ye too…..she is the best and shes really cute… i like her especially in her dance styles in out country we also have a member of wonedr girls but we only know it for ourself…and im min sun ye their…but im the tallest in our group…. keep up the good work…min sun ye and also to the rest of the WG….GODBLESS keep the faith

  88. I think min son ye had perfect personality and ability..

    She always take care all members if you watch MTV 3. i pound on her for 7 years trained.

    cuz someone cannot wait along time like sun ye. now i love every member’s WG. each have unique style. i love you wonder girl.. and i hopeful you members have a good health, good job and good relationship.

    i support you always min son ye.. my favorite girl..

  89. oh my…this article got me all teary.
    i did’nt know SunYe actually had so much pressure on her and that she’s has to raise money for her family.
    its really hard for her and considering the fact that she’s still so young T.T
    I love SunYe alot too and i think she fits the leader role more than anyone else^^
    its not easy being a leader,and though some might say she’s not the best leader in korea,at least she’s done her part and tried her best.
    Thats what i like and admire about her.
    her leadership spirit and her care and love for all the WG members.
    Fighting SunYe !
    i hope 2009 will be an even better year for the lovely WG !

  90. sunye is a truly wonder girl….she deserve to be the leader…she’s pretty inside & out…she’s my favorite…fighting min sunye!!!ur d best!!

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  92. I ADORE Sunye, and I can’t believe there are people out there questioning her leadership skills. D:

    She’s beautiful and has a lovely voice, but what’s more important is that she cares deeply for the other Wonder Girls.

    During an episode where the girls minus Sohee visited the Infinity Girls, Sunmi was about to show the IG the Tell Me dance. Before Sunmi stepped out, Sunye grabbed her and fixed her eye makeup or something, and then Sunmi hugged her. I don’t know about you, but I think Sunye’s both a great person and a great leader.

  93. i luv SunYe and i will always support her! she is the bestest leader in the world…well i think so…..she takes care of all the other members….when SoHee was sick she took care of her…and the car accident..i almost cried!! i cant believe she saved Sunmi to safety..and she was the one that got hurt the most…now that’s one gud leader rite there!!….SunYe is the best i mean THE BEST! this article just made me luv her even more!!! SunYe-unnie HWAITING!!

  94. she’s beautiful not just on the outside, but most importantly on the inside. that is what most if not all fans of Sunye unnie are attracted to…. sunye unnie we love you!!! take care of yourself

    i started of liking the wondergirls because of their catchy songs, den their appearance…i shock to find out that they were soooo young, cus they look kinda matured..

    slowly as i begin to watch shows about the wondergirls, especially ” Wondergirls MTV” i got to know each members personality better… i begin to realise why then were so matured at such a young age, all the hardwork, the pain the sweat the had to go thru …. have made all of them grow ..

    i have supported many diff idols all these years, but somehow… Wondergirls seem very diff, very special from all the idols tt i have liked before… and FYI i only started liking them in november 2008 ( yes i know i am slowww)

    i mean , it’s hard to put in words how i feel about them, i am just really thankful that there is such a down to earth, sincere pop girl group , WONDERGIRLS, in this whole big- kinda- fake entertainment industry……

    when ppl ask me, ” who’s your fave member in wondergirls?” i tell them…… if i really had to choose one, i would rather not choose at all…. because, all five of them make up wondergirls, if any of them were to leave the grp for some reason, wondergirls wldnt be the same…
    what i wanna say is that, we should give the girls all the love and support they need to carry on this music journey.. dont just scream in support of a particular member… scream for everyone of them.. because they all deserve it..

    korean wonderfuls are really lucky to be able to see the wondergirls frequently.. i really hope they can help the wonderfuls from around the world to spread the love to WG..

    last but not least, wonderfuls from all around the world shld unite=D

    God bless the wondergirls!
    sunye unnie, ye eun unnie, yoobin unnie, sun mi, and sohee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HWAITING!!

  95. ohh…how touching…i know she’s a good person…
    but more better than good person!when a read the article about their accident,i was touched when i knew she was the one who got hurt!and when sohee was sick,she was the one who took care of her!how great leader…!i “LIKE” her when i first heard the wondergirls…but when i knew so many about her, i now “LOVE” her!

    GO SUNYE!!!

  96. first time i look the picture of wondergirls
    i can’t forget this girls

    after 2 days i found her name,SunYe
    what a gorgeous girl

    and i think you’re so beautiful inside & outside LOL

  97. wow… thanks so much for telling me what a great leader she is! i wouldnt have known if you didnt post this. now i really cant wait to see her perform live tomorrow! GO SUN YE! 🙂

  98. Sun ye is the definition of Leader. She is a real leader who cares for her members, asks for perfection not only from other members, but also herself. It is clear she has a huge passion and that is what pushes her even at her hardest.


  99. awww.. Sunye is just so sweet and such an awesome leader =]
    She sincerely cares for other members and looks for their safety before hers
    I’ll always support her and Wonder Girls =]

  100. Oh gosh, what a touching article. I love SunYe too, she’s my fav member of the WG. It’s so amazing, now to know she’s this type of person, I have so much more respect and love for her now. SunYe hwaiting! 🙂

  101. wonder why there is negativity that SunYe is the leader of the wonder girls…SunYe is an awesome leader even if she is not the most talented,she is the best leader ^^im really proud of her work and i wish to be like her ^^ keep up the good work SunYe!! it made me cry causing there’s negativity about her.. SarangHaeYo SunYe! and Wonder girls
    SunYe Hwaiting!Wonder Girls hwaiting!!

  102. sunyes a great leader and all, but i think the most underrated and unpopular is ye eun and she deserves to be more knwon.
    she hasnt been training for a while but shes really a great singer and a nice person.
    im a fan of sunye but i really love ye eun and sohee and sunmi, and really all of them.
    but sohees my number one ahahhah

  103. I love SUN YE,she’s a great leader, singer and person.She’s my idol.
    Reading this made me feel prouder to be a WonderGirls fan!
    I’m Malaysian but I LOVE THEM and KPOP!
    I hope I can meet them someday.
    WonderGirls Hwaiting!

  104. I gree with all of article She deserve Leader of Wonder Girls,
    something i will say, when wonder girls come to Thai and when they perf. on stage MIN SUNYE is who is always stand in back of the girls, until Yubin pull her to front, i mean she never want to get more screentime, maybe she’s leader she can get screentime than others in only interview time, then, when they perf, game show, talk show or something they all get equal screentime, maybe in this time Sunye will be the one who get the least screentime.

    sry for my english ^^

  105. there were negative things said about Sun Ye? Omg why have I not heard of this. This makes me kinda mad… Sun Ye is the reason why I started liking Wonder Girls in the first place.

    “She might not be the most talented” – I have to disagree with that 😛 Sunye’s the most all rounded….and she gives the most energy and charisma on stage. And to be honest and I’m not just being biased but as much as I love all the girls in the group, without Sun Ye they will lose a whole lot of appeal in their performance. Hope that made sense… but basically that’s one of the reasons why Sun Ye is the leader.

    She gets too much screentime? They don’t give her more parts for nothing. They don’t let her sing in duets for nothing. Sun Ye can hold her own, she trained the most years out of the group so that’s understandable.

    All the reasons the fan wrote about Sun Ye is really true, the reasons saying that she is a very caring and kind person that looks after the members. She is strong and has worked hard to be where she is right now (and still works the hardest). Now that’s a leader. AFTER READING THIS ARTICLE THERE IS NO VALID REASON AT ALL TO HATE ON THIS GIRL.

    Min Sun Ye fighting!!! Sun Ye jjang!

  106. I’m thinking that these Sun Ye haters ARE jealous for their favorites everytime she is in the spotlight. What the heck for? Do Yoobin, Ye Eun, Sun Mi or Sohee mind Sun Ye being in the spotlight? NO! They support her and each other! They are one!

    Whenever the other four are featured in an article or praised, everybody is gushing over them but if it’s Sun Ye’s turn, they are all saying that she gets to much screen time or it is always only her who gets to duet or collab and one of the other girls could do better than her.

    C’mon people ! Everybody got their own thing! True wonderfuls know that Yoobin, Ye Eun, Sun Mi and Sohee had their moments to shine too (I’m too lazy to enumerate, just find out on your own!). And these past few weeks(?) Sunye has been the one who has gone unnoticed and the only time people will mention her is to bash her! Even in youtube!

    It is such a shame that it is actual wonder girls fans who bash her not other groups’ fans. Do you think your favorites will be happy this way? I think not!!!

    Thank god for the Korean Wonderful who wrote this, wonderkid who translated it and for coolsmurf for bringing this to our attention.

  107. after reading this i realize how hard she has worked, and she deserves every spotlight she gets
    alot of ppl dont appreciate the wonder girls but those are who are ignorant because as far as i know wonder girls is the best out there!
    DIEHARD fans are a bit scary is that someones reaction just after reading that?
    wow thats what i mean by ignorance.

    SUNYE we love you! Fighting!

    here is the website:

  109. “If you ask me, why I like the Wonder Girls, I can say proudly that, I might not know everything about these five girls but what I am certain is that I believe in their humanity.”

    Very good choice of words and wholeheartedly agree with them. Haven’t heard of this sun ye bashing, but crap like this is almost always unwarranted. Netizens terrorizing the internet.

  110. This article is so touching. It made me cry. Why would someone even bash on her? I don’t see anything that she did wrong. I don’t see why people even bother. Is it because she’s leader and they feel that she’s getting more popularity and they’re jealous FOR their favorite members? It’s ridiculous and immature. If I ever come across an anti, I would probably backlash and lecture them. SunYe is the one who always has a smile on her face even when she’s tired or sick, unlike the other members who sometimes have blank expressions. SunYe’s went through so much. I admire her even more now. How she pulled SunMi out of the way and got hurt the most herself, got out of the car, and said thank you for over a thousand times because the other members weren’t hurt is enough to make someone love her. So selfless, determined, and amazing. SunYe, you’re the best! The other WG members and PD and your fans all think so.

    SunYe is the best leader a group could ever ask for!

  111. you know? most of you guys come to love wonder girls in the first place because of “Min SunYe” i’m rite? and after that like most of you always pass her over, that’s so sad….this article is just a few about Sunye… always see loveable smile and sincere laugh on her face….Sunye is the person who always stage presence, never forget to give for others before herself….no doubt why people respect and believe in herself so much although she’s only 20….i’m sure she will be success as she want 100000000000000000000000000000%

  112. wow…..sunye has always been one of my favorites, but i didn’t know all this about her. she really does seem amazing.

  113. @aiqha
    not offense but…
    people love sohee so much because she’s cute!!!
    even she always has blank expression – -“

  114. bashing is always happen with some netizens
    i mean real wonderfuls who are always stalk them they know “what leader min be” and i believe that they never doubt about sunye’s leadership

    when i start to know wonder girls til now, min sunye always be my fav, first i don’t know why i just only think she caught my eyes, she look so mature, best vocal, best dancer, so charisma and stage presence after i find about her profile i know she’s the leader, i wasn’t surprise she deserve it!!!
    but the thing that make me surprise is she only 19!!!!
    she so young and she’s not the oldest on this group
    that make me so proud of her ^^

    i agree w/ comment that said her so underrates
    sunye’s so talents and has a great leadership
    today i see their perf on music bank
    when they recieve award, sunye let sunmi to speech
    how nice of my leader, she always bring members up
    while, she fade to their background away…..

  115. leaders are always choses for a reason… because they’re the best person for the job… whether they are the eldest or not

    sunye is amazing.. as are all of the girls ❤

  116. i never know sun ye has a kind-heart like that..
    as a leader she plays the role as a mother while she’s still
    young to do that to others for example is when she took care of so hee when she sick..and i can see the lovely touch of
    sun ye when she tried to ask so hee whether she’s okay or not..

    and we can see this tough and leadership girl is a good
    daughter and granddaughter when she tried her best
    in doing something in order to give the happiness to her family.

    and those reason is strong enough why sun ye selected and
    being choose as a leader of WG’s…and i don’t understand
    wutta heck ppl still critic of her talented of being leader?
    i’m tired hearing this critism and hope they realize that she is the best leader among other girl’s band..

    sometimes i wonder why people love so hee so much?

  117. Can’t believe that there are people thinking of that. It’s ridiculous. Isn’t most of the leaders the quiet? It’s amazing that Sunye is so responsible and takes such good care of her members. She is the perfect leader! Isn’t Eeteuk a quiet leader too The kind that let their own team mates shine and rather stay in the background like Sun ye? He is also a really good leader.

    I liked wonder girls because of Sun ye! I didn’t know why but she just attracted me first. She just seemed so nice, pretty and the type of girl who is a leader. I wasn’t surprise when I found out she was the leader of the group. I don’t understand why would there be negativity surrounding her. She is talented and she works so hard. I may be a new Wonder Girls fan but I never doubted her ability as a leader. After reading the article, it shows how amazing of a leader she is.

    People are leaders for reason. They don’t always have to be the best or outshine all members to be the leader. In DBSK, SJ and many other bands, the leaders are often not the most popular or high-profile but that doesn’t make them any less better leaders. They are chosen for a reason. The management companies are not so dumb as to blindly pick one of them to be leaders. Leaders bring their groups to higher levels. They have a great responsibility and most importantly loves and take care of the members. They need to know when they can play, when work needs to be done, what to say, what not to say, they have to mind the group image and everything. It isn’t easy being a leader. Most of them are selfless and puts other members first. Leaders are like glue. They hold the pieces together. Being a leader isn’t just about popularity or talent. It’s more than that.

    I always get angry whenever I see people debating about who should be leader or why someone is the leader. Most of the time, it isn’t even because the group is going nowhere.

    Sun Ye is the best and most hard-working, dedicated leader. I don’t think WG would be the same without her. How many leaders out there is willing to protect their members and get a scar which could jeopardize their own career or make them less pretty?

    Why should there be a change in leader in WG?

  118. I agree with this article all the way. It’s not just the music that made us fans.

    The music attracted me. There humanity made me a fan


    – Thx for adding more!

  119. this just a little form our angel leader
    do you know ?

    – Yubin sais in some Radio that Sunye is the one who said to JYP for add “Tell me” version Yubin rap to their “So Hot mini album”

    – when they go on stage for receive their award on Golden disc 2007, Park oppa trip the stair, Sunye who is in front stop walking suddenly and let Yeeun and Sunmi walk go up before while she’s the last who go on stage

    – they perf “So Hot” on Sunmi school, and when thy perf Sunmi’s mic not working, Sunye give her mic to Sunmi although she is the person who sing next to Sunmi

    – when “Eebabo day” they go to some university and while MC interview other members Sunye is the one who always hold Sohee hand because of that day Sohee was sick

    – while other members sick they can get rest but for Min Sunye she can’t, for ex at U-clean concert 2007 even though she has a terrible cold during that day but she always give us the stage presence, and she know if she don’t appear in that day wonder girls will have 3 members on stage because sohee got her incident from her movie and rest in hospital

    – when Hyuna leave from wonder girls, Sunye is the one who got bashing from netizens, they say because Sunye attend to Sohee more and more that make Hyuna hurtful and decide to leave wonder girls because like all of you know Sunye and Hyuna are very close friend and sisterly

    – but before Hyuna leave, the member always pair up each other like Sunye-Hyuna and Sunmi-Yeeun and it make Sohee look so lonely and then netizens bashing on Sunye who is a group leader who always got hurt the most about wonder girls’s rumors

    – Sunye has a scar on her leg because like you know she protect Sunmi from car accident, that why she don’t like to wear short but she say in interview is she don’t have beautiful leg, but after that scar look fade out nowaday you can see her wear short more and more

    – on above pic that she check mic on Mnet perf “Nobody” she was very sick, wonderful korea who stalker wonder girls in that perf noticed that her has a lot of sweat and always breathless, full of responsibility!

    – and many ETC.

    Min Sunye, she is the best female leader i ever know
    the person who induce you to love wonder girls
    the person who always give to others than yourself
    the person who always smile even though so tired or sick
    the person who always give more than 100% on stage
    the person who make wonder girls be wonder girls nowaday
    thanks god for give her for us, her kind make me love you more
    Saranghae Min Leader ^^

  120. I have the same reason as you to why I loved the Wonder Girls. Yeah they have catchy music but that’s not what made me be one of there fans. There personality, there caring for each other, there humanity.

    They do great performances and they have nice voices. but everything in between that is what makes me love them so much. There just different from every artist I’ve heard in my life.

  121. Sun Ye can do solo but not for now!!
    i believe she still happy in part of wonder girls
    even she do hardest working but she always smile

    from my mind, i never see people like this before
    she like an angel, that what i totally say !!!!
    that make me wonder is….
    ” in Min Sun Ye’s life, who is she ever angry???? ”
    and i think the answer is NO

    why she has hater??? its because she’s leader???
    you know?? when something happen with wondergirls
    like when Sohee or HyunA rumors
    Sun Ye is the only one who got bashing
    although is not her mistake but because she’s the leader!!!

    when she do a good stuff people dont care and overlook
    but when she fail people always come to aggravate her

    people overlook on her talents
    she maybe the one who has longest train
    but it’s doesn’t mean she don’t have any ability

    the way people can see her talents is when she do featuring
    with some artist, that’s the only way she can show
    “what she have”

    Sun Ye, i always believe in yourself, i will support you
    i love you Min Sun Ye <333333

  122. @sis

    couldn’t have said it before myself.

    she is so UNDERRATED, its not funny.
    its not like she just got the leaders post while sitting and twiddling her thumbs.
    I’m sorry, some of you might think this is so SUNYE bias, but if sunye had not shown the HARDWORK, TALENT AND DETERMININATION to JYP for those seven years that she was training. THERE WOULD BE NO WONDER GIRLS.
    so our leader min has had a HUGE HUGE role in the very wonder girls phenomena, not just by being a group member. SHE IS THE VERY INSPIRATION BEHIND WONDER GIRLS.
    SO IF YOU DO NOT LIKE HER OR CAN’T STAND HER THEN you’re NOT a true wonderful.

    sunye hwaiting!!.

  123. ummm….i think some of you still think yeeun is now underrate
    i hope you think for that again because i really feel between sunye and yeeun
    people who so underrate is sunye but she always in spotlight and in the middle
    cause she’s the leader, most of people recognize her as a best leader
    but for the talents yeeun has recognize than
    you know? i really HATE the reason that people always give to sunye that she’s
    the longest trainee in the group, you always read this reason in youtube
    when someone compare about sunye and someone in group
    sunye always receive comment like “because she’s trained 7 years while other
    trained 2-3 years”
    sunye got talents singing, dancing, composing, acting, mcing
    people should recognize her about her talents not only about her good leader be
    and i’m sure she can infinity improve herself, if you saw her since irony days til now
    you will know how improve she can do, a lot … a lot !!!!!
    like Mark PD and yeeun said before “Min Sunye is the best”

  124. sun ye is not my favorite WG, i just love mi_so

    but when i saw the Star show interview a couples of months ago, i was very delighted at all girls’ humanity!

    not only sun ye, other girls are also amazing! they are so sweet, so nice and they really care about their families, their lives…

    i don’t care about leader changing, because i think sun ye is doing her job very well. every girl has her own role, and sun ye ‘s role is to inspire others

    JYP chooses sun ye

    other WGs chooses sun ye

    so, why we don’t choose her?

    Min leader forever!

  125. keke, me too imma big fan of sun ye onni even when they first debuted. i even became more fond of her when i knew her more. ^_^ more powers to you sun ye onni ~! we all believe in you ehehe.

  126. Ahh, She’s so lovely. I just knew it if there are many people who questioned about her leadership.. She’s the perfect leader for WG !

  127. people are so strange.
    sunye doesn’t want to break up WG and neither should us fans.

    youre entitled to your own opinion but please, lets just support wonder girls till the very end and not let our own greed influence others.


  128. GOD!..

  129. Great article. It hurts me to know that there are people questioning Sunye’s leadership. I hope Sunye will get to read this article! I might not know her but I can tell she has a kind heart and she deserves all the love she can get from the Wonderfuls! Sunye will always be one of the people I admire most ❤

  130. This news really made me cry. I’m crying right now.

    I can’t believe people are underrating Min Leader. How could they! I see no reason to change leaders. She has always been the generous, hard-working umma, and she deserves to be the leader of the group. Even 2PM and 2AM have lots of respect towards Min Leader.

    Sun Ye is definitely not my favorite member, but that doesn’t mean I see her less as a leader. Sun Ye has done so much for the girls and taken care of them. If you watch in alot of videos, she always does little things for each of the members, and she even acknowledges her fans so much. She’s always been considerate, and she’s been through hard times.

    Plus, yes, Ye Eun would make a great leader, but I mean, Ye Eun was trained for like what? 2 months? Ok, so that may mean she’s very talented for being only trained for 2 months and debuting so soon, but Sun Ye worked so hard for 7 years.

    I just want to say “HOW DARE YOU!” to all those that don’t see how Sun Ye’s the best choice as a leader! She’s charismatic, well-spoken, talented, and ever so generous, and really, in my opinion, she works the hardest. =[

  131. thanks for posting this 🙂
    Made my heart feel warm and fuzzy knowing that people feel the same way about sunyeh like I do ^^

    why you always say to yeeun even in LEADER’s story
    i don’t want this beautiful article and all comment become like recently article that have many bashing on sunye compare with park yeeun, the girls have own way but they’re unique

    yeeun always got many praise and if i’m not wrong this article is first time that i see many people show their love to leader min OK please support her and wonder girls and if you can do i hope you guys can post support sunye in other article like you do in this, leader min want disclose supporter like other girls too!!!!

  133. yeeun always praised cause she always do big things that obviously seen, conversely sunye always do little things that if you didn’t notice you will didn’t know
    for ex. yeeun composing the song for wonderfuls but for sunye she just only say thank you to wonderfuls like in article say
    1.much but rarely or 2.little but usually, which are you like ????
    look like most people like the 1st choice, that what a sad for our leader

  134. SunYe really is a wonderful leader. I hope she continues to always be such a great leader not only for WG but for us fans as well. ^_^

  135. i think if i’m not wrong wonderful ever said something about yeeun like this before like someone above say, and this article said about sunye’s leadership PLEASE don’t change the issue and PLEASE give some little space to our leader, nowadays other girls receive so many praise esp. yeeun who is always receive from netizens NOW other girls are shine while the girl who is always stay in their back look like fade out, min sunye always do her role best but ppl always overlook on her, most ppl attend to talent more than personality WHY???? if you guy came to this article for request about other story PLEASE keep away this article, i don’t want to see some bad thing PLEASE

  136. yeeun can’t be a leader and so as yoobin,
    yeah they can but just think about it.
    SOHEE SUNYE SUNMI and hyuna were all trained together for more than 3 or 2 yrs(but sunye is still trained for about 6yrs) then after that long period they met yeeun who has only trained for 2 or 3 weeks and then followed by yoobin.
    Isn’t that unfair that you’ll change sunye as a leader its just because the other person is older or the other has more talent??
    Being a leader is not all about your TALENTS nor AGE but what talent of the other members that sunye can’t do??, yeaun has more powerful voice??so what??sunye still have a powerful voice too and she’s the best dancer. Anyways,JYP chose her because they trusted her longer and she almost grew up with the JYP stuff. And she’s the leader cause she’s like the mother of the members then yeaun is like their father(that’s what mark PD said. lol)

    yoobin was trained for long time too but she wasn’t in JYPE.

  137. Min SunYe deserves all the success and love of the world ~~~<3

    I love you Min SunYe, cuz you are really wonderfull.

    We’ll be always here to you, the same way you are always here to everybody.

    SunYe fighting!!

    [gawsh I can’t stop crying now xD]

  138. i could imagine only sun ye or ye eun being leader of the wg’s, maybe a lil bit of yoobin. sunmi ? na, sohee? LOL DONT MAKE ME LAFF – STICKS TONGUE OUT WHILE READING THIS CUS I GOT SAME DISEASE AS HER

  139. finding a person like her in the entertainment business is very rare…if others can’t see it, its their problem…we know what a pearl she is….she will forever be the heart of WG! leader Min be strong, we, your fans, love and support you!

  140. i really think that Sunye is so underrate leader
    most of people think Sunye be leader because she is the one
    who trained longest among them
    and people always pass her over on her many talents
    i always think Sunye has the best vocal, i see her try out
    in 99% show when she was young that make me sure
    she is the one who has talent, people never focus on this thing
    they always think because Sunye trained 5 years
    and Yeeun trained about 3 months
    its make many people thing Yeeun has talent than sunye

    Sunye ever show her acting on mini SBS Drama
    and on GayoDaejun w/Bigbang and she did it really well
    but like people pass her over again and focus on Sohee
    because she act on movie that its big project if compare
    with mini drama of Sunye

    her dance is so amazing if she dance you can’t resist
    and you can’t take your eyes out of her
    she always full of charismatic when she dance
    but all the time people think Sohee or Hyuna is the
    best dancer in wonder girls but i thing the best dancer
    must dance to various kinds of music sometime
    i always see Sohee/Hyuna do only sexy dance
    and this’s just my opinion that Sohee sometime
    she look like uninteresting and Hyuna always give
    too much on her dance

    and @cute
    i thing no reason that why the other member are in the group
    we all know they come to fullfill and for make
    wonder girls to be wonder girls like nowadays
    or because you guy think it’s not fair to other member?
    you wrong because i think this article was created
    because Sunye said on GQ Magazine interview
    and on PKL’s radio that she’s lacking leader
    and she has many defect
    and these make wonderful korean make this article for her
    who is the girl that always do hardworking, caring, efforting
    and always smile to us

    Yeeun ever receive her props from wonderful korean too
    one for when her tired and her write on her cyworld
    after that wonderful make mv for her
    one for recent her receive her props again
    wonderful write article like Park Yeeun is a nice person

    i think Sunye isn’t in quiet type
    she’s always in “underrate” type
    anyway if wonder girls are still
    if wonder girls’s leader is Min Sunye
    i’m totally sure i will always support you and wonder girls

  141. Oh wow, I always knew Sun Ye unnie was awesome but I didn’t know just how much! Thank you for sharing all those stories of her kindness and selflessness. I’ve always believed that Sun Ye was an exceptional leader and I can’t imagine why people would want anyone else to do it. But out of bad comes good because the haters inspired you to write this post and now lots more people know about Sun Ye’s kind heart. Thank you for sharing that. Sun Ye fighting!

  142. This is my MOST FAVOURTIE FAVOURITE ARTICLE EVER. i will always come back to read this article again for SunYe. Before..i didnt really noe SunYe that much..but i still wanted her to be the leader 🙂 She is the and will be the ONLY leader forever in Wonder Girls. I love her..she is a sweet pretty heart-warming and BESTEST GREATEST LEADER. Reading this article makes me feel so emotional all of a sudden..i just cant believe what SunYe had done shes such a kind-hearted girl…i am a WG fan and love all of the girls equally in deep down in my heart. When i read up to the part SunYe saying about her gradma..makes me cried for her..shes soo sooo SOO SWEET, shes just like an angel came from the heaven that god sent her ..i agree with coolsmurf..that knowing the Wonder Girls IS our greatest gift ever! Especially when there are all 5 of them no ones more popular or anyhting..everyone of them shud be equal-loved 🙂 and..that what makes the Wonder Girls that we all LOVEE. =)

  143. WHO SAYS SHE SHOULDNT BE THE LEADER??!?!?!?! SHE’S TOTALLY DESERVING OF BEING THE LEADER AND SHES MEANT FOR IT! THERE IS NO QUESTION, NO DOUBT ABOUT THIS. she’s so hardworking ,dedicated, warm hearted and caring…no one else in the wondergirls can do what’s she’s doing. not even ye eun ,not even yoobin. they all have their own qualities, but sunye’s make her the best leader. the one who is meant to be the leader.

  144. Ahh! im getting all teary eyed!!
    Sunye has always been my favorite,
    & this made me like her even more ❤

    Youre so nice for writing this!!! thank you!

  145. You made me cry coolsmurf.
    I would never imagine that somebody is quetioning WGs why SUNYE is the leader.
    Ever since i’ve watched their mtv season 1 and their self cameras and etc., i realize that when i heard the name MIN SUNYE i will know what is the DEFINTION OF A LEADER.
    She’s the best leader i’ve ever seen and YUNHO.
    SUNYE and YUNHO are the best leader i’ve met in the world of kpop. Taeyeon is good but she’s not that mature yet, she’s more like DORKY.

  146. I’ve never had a thing against “quiet” leaders. In fact, I think they’re just as good, if not, better than the more outspoken leaders who look like true leaders. Not only do they treat the other members with respect because they feel like equals, almost like as if she were embarrassed to be one above the team mates, but they also care a lot more and are more observative and close with their members.
    “Quiet” leaders like TaeYeon (SNSD), SunYe, and G-Dragon, etc are great leaders. they may not be the eldest (or much older than the rest) but it’s evident they were choosen for a reason and it had nothing to do with age. They make the group feel like they’re all on the same level and when there’s something to be taken care of, they are the most responsible (good or bad). It also just so happens that SunYe and TaeYeon have the best/strongest vocal ability, probably another reason why they are the leaders so they can help/teach everyone else with their experience and technique. YeEun may be older, but SunYe’s had more experience and in my opinion, has a stronger voice.
    Even from the beginning, I’ve always thought that SunYe had the best vocal talent, but everyone focused on Ye Eun’s vocals and how she only trained for 3(?) months and that the group was filled with three 15 year olds at the time. But SunYe never showed off, nor did she ever complain that no one noticed her strong vocals (never once getting shaky or tired). Instead, she continued to lead Wonder Girls and let THEM shine; SoHee with acting, Ye Eun with her vocals, SunMi being the dork, and HyunAh/YooBin with their rapping. So I do agree/believe that maybe SunYe does stay rather quiet/behind the scenes so everyone can have their own label because she will always be labeled as the leader.

    I think that’s SO cute that SunYe covered SunMi ;_; those two are my faves.


  147. what? i don’t see anyone bashing sun yeh EVER.
    we need to make some translations on why other
    members are in the group because some people
    aren’t convinced. just like sun yeh, other members
    deserve to be in the group. i read this post in korean
    lol maybe you guys should credit them too ^^

    her talents are endless and her determination inspires all of us!
    ive never doubted her once.
    she rockssss

  149. 100th!

    I stayed out of the whole “who should be leader” discussion, because I thought it was rather silly. Each of the girls is special and wonderful, and together they are even more so. I’ve always liked Min Leader, and I’m really proud of her.

  150. Who’s dumb enough to hate on Sun Ye? Just watching their appearances on TV and listening to their songs you can tell why she’s the leader. You sets an awesome example for the rest of the group and cares for all of them deeply. Reading her message for the rest of the group you can tell how precious she thinks each member is. I wish I was as pretty as Sun Ye on the inside and outside… LOL… Don’t hate, appreciate!!!

  151. One of the best posts ever. I only grew to love Wonder girls solely because of Min SunYe. I can go on and on about her and I’ve already stated why I love her so much numerous times. But the fact that she cares so much about Wonderfuls is one of the main reasons why I adore her.

  152. omg…i would never think negative of her….
    she’s pretty both inside and out…and im proud of her courage and thoughtfulness…for the other members and for her family ties…. Such people who treasure family ties so much impresses me…and she’s insensitive to her own needs..

    sweet unnie…always support ya!!!

  153. it’s so touching… i almost cry..

    we all love you sunye<3
    just because you’re the best. just because you’re min sunye.

    be always that girl who you are right now and i will be always a wonderful. a thankful wonderful.

  154. You have my attention. Your article/testomony on the WG leader is very touching and inspires me to respect this young woman beyond her musical talent and beauty.

  155. If you see their video Wonder Girls MTV-3, you will know how great Sun ye is as a leader and their friends.

    Touching post.

    BTW, I manage to get the K -Pop concert ticket.

    Anyone know when they will be reaching Singapore? I will like to go to the airport.

    email me pls.

  156. This gave me a whole different view of Sun Ye. I just know she’s the leader, but I didn’t know that she IS a TRUE leader. Good job Sun Ye!

  157. wow this is a really nice post ^_^ sunye isthe most humble, kind & really reliable leader of a group that i know! she’s ooo kind ^_^ and who says she’s not talented? lol of course not only by effort but also by her talent that why she’s in WG ^_^

  158. OMG in really touched from read this article i don relize that sun ye is really nice nice person even they have work hard to achive the popularity but i proud of her and the other member and now i like more of wonder girls and i know why sunye being the leader of wonder girls group not just she have talent or everything but she is HAVE a thing that anyone haven’t..

    thanks to u that give us and translate this article…


  159. Who says Sun Ye shouldn’t be WG’s leader?
    Really, Sun Ye IS the leader. No one can take this position except Sun Ye. Imagine So hee, Sun Mi or Ye eun as a leader. *roll eyes* no offence but they look too childish, well ok Ye eun is more mature but not as much as Sun Ye.

    Yoo Bin is the only one I can imagine as a leader but she’s just joined the group, anyhow though she was there at the first place. I’ve found Sun Ye is the best. She’s cool, calm, collected and mature. She’s the best dancer & singer for me. No reason why she shouldn’t be the leader.

  160. Sunye ! She’s really a wonderful leader 😀 Others like to say that Sunye’s only the leader because she’s trained the longest , but I think there’s more to that . (points raised in article)

    I’m really proud of Sunye ! ;D And definitely more proud to be a Wonderful ! Our leader-sshi , hwaiting ~

  161. Oh gosh i want to cry now..
    Idk she is so kind for her group..
    She’s the true leader, that always keeps, cares, and teaches the members..
    Its an importhant thing to be a leader..
    I want to have a sista like her..
    Don’t bashing to her anymore and also the other members..
    Wonderful + wonder girls are one..

  162. Very nice tear jerking article. 🙂 Made me appreciate them a whole lot more. Thank you very much for sharing this story.

  163. Ever since i first saw a WonderGirls video i’ve liked Sun Ye the most.

    Is there actually people who hate Sun Ye? Well it’s not Sun Ye its wrong with, its them.

  164. BTW, Coolsmurf, is this post the reason to rearrange and put Sun Ye in the middle for the banner?
    Haha..just curious!

  165. This is for you fucking haters .l.(`’).l.
    She is a gift from heaven.
    A immortal being from the celestial realm.
    What are you haters?
    T H R A S H, that is how you guys are labelled.

  166. This is a really touching and inspired post, and of course Sun Ye is the only one who is actually capable or good enough to be the leader of the Wonder Girls. And it shouldn’t change.

  167. when i saw some of her interviews it is so touching i really cry shes such a responsible and a great leader for me shes really deserve it training in over 6 years its really hard if you are her can you stand it? i really admire her for being a whole hearted person in loving the fans and most importantly her members….


  168. I’m always crying here…
    I like her, she looks like a little bunny ^^
    Thank you for posting those ‘reasons to know min sun ye’ ^^

  169. i’m a Sunye fan too!

    lOve Sunye most

    she’s beautiful outside and inside



  170. I don’t know, i just love WG as whole group and yes i do extra love so hee because of her cuteness. I didn’t know how great sun ye is. Now i know, and that just make me love WG more and more ❤ ❤

  171. damn you for making me cry at 6 in the morning
    it’s cool how my iTunes was playing ‘Saying I love you’ when I first started reading this.

    SunYe is wayy more than awsome
    idk why ppl say she’s lacking confident
    i was really impressed by her talent first of all, cuz when i started liking WG I didn’t even know she was in JYP for such a long time that’s why she was the leader, she just really stand out to me as someone who’s talented than other members, that’s what i first thought of her, but then getting to know her better she’s everything a leader could ask her.

  172. I must say I truely touched by this article. Thanks to coolsmurf for the redirecting, 은안대동단결@byulha for the write-up and snapshots taken, and wonderkid for the translation. The message will be clearly sent across the world.

    SunYe is not simply a girl who stands out with her looks only. Her efforts put into every performance can be clearly seen by anyone in front of Korean TV or any of their performance clips. SunYe is a girl who dances with vibrancy and sings to perfection, while no other member of the Wonder Girls persist on that! Just look at her facial expression for every performance, SunYe would never bring any negative feelings on stage, and always lit a smile on her face. This is what I call Professionalism.

    SunYe out-shined the other members during the “Irony” & “Tell Me” times. This made me suspect that JYP or even herself forced her to snip off her long hair for “So Hot”! Purpose?? To bring more attention from the audience to the other members, ie, SunYe is lowering herself to let the others standout!

    I thank all the commentors above me for your support for SunYe. I hope no bad comments reach SunYe’s ears.

    Anyway, I’m Singaporean. I wonder where does coolsmurf comes from?

  173. the korea wonderfuls who write this article because of
    sunye say in Starry Night of PKL’s Radio that she said
    she wasn’t be a good leader….
    so, they write this article to resist that what she said ^^

    Min Sunye, you’re the best
    Best of Leadership
    Best of Everything
    i’m so proud of wonder girls that they have such
    a great leader like her ^_________^

  174. AWW!!!!
    i bet she’s the best leader ever!!!!
    she saved sunmi when she was in trouble!
    and put herself instead…
    she’s so wow!!
    Nobody should be saying that u shouldn’t be the leader of WG fighting!!

  175. i really don’t know where the negativity exactly came from… but i think it was just immature new WG fans that were talking favorites. then some korean wonderful read it and got pissed that the newbie wonder girl fan was so ignorant about Sunye… thus – backlash – and the person wrote this article.

    i think Sunye is a great leader. she really rounds out the group in terms of talent and also her maturity in interviews allows the other members to goof off and show the fans that WG is cute and human, while Sunye keeps them on a professional level at the same time.

  176. I read this entire article…I never new any of the past history of sun ye. It would be nice if you could do this for the other members to! I always liked sun ye being the leader.

  177. Wow after reading this i felt like i wanted to cry.
    Truth be told yes I’m Wonder Girls fan since I do love their songs & i have some it & i do love watching their performances/appearances & what not but I wouldn’t consider myself a WonderFul or a fangirl I’m just a mere fan & after reading this I just felt like crying.
    This was beautifully written.
    I have always thought the reason she was a leader was because she trained longer than them all & i honestly don’t see why ppl are complaining. She’s a great leader to the girls. You can see she doesn’t mind being in the shadow. She doesn’t mind letting her other members get the spotlight. She just works hard at taking care of them.
    The part that really touched me was the car accident one. She was hurt the most but she worried about her memebers first before herself & she saved Sun Mi.
    That shows more than leadership that shows sisterly love. She loves her members like they are her real sisters so she worries for them & wants to protect them like any real sibling will do for one another.
    I think Sun Ye is the perfect leader for Wonder Girls. She is humble & respectful.

  178. Leader Min Sun Ye is not the type to rest on her achievements. She has spend almost half her life as a JYP trainee berfore setting out as a member of the wonder girls. She is one of a very chosen few to be successful but yet be humble at the same time. She truly is a rare gem as are the other members of the group.

    One of the reason I feel the Wonder Girls are very successful is that not only can you enjoy the entire group, but everyone has thier own favorite induvidual member as well.

    It doesn’t matter if SunYe is the leader, YeEun is the leader, YoBin, SoHee or SunMi are the leaders.

    All I see are 5 talented girls who have accomplied a lot and will continue to only get better and better over time.


  179. Does anybody notice she is always smiling kindly in spite of tireness or the situation?Certainly u do!She has a beautiful heart plus she is so caring towards other member.I am starting to admire her P
    She is GREAT leader

  180. How could anyone find a reason to dislike Sunye? I certainly can’t. She is the reason I became interested in WG in the first place, and remains my favorite of the girls – which is saying a lot because each of them are special in their own way. But Sunye is such a great singer, great dancer, great beauty, kind heart, and seems to have such amazing determination that there’s nothing she cannot do once she has decided to do it. I cannot imagine anyone else as the leader of WG!

  181. I don’t know why Sunye is questioned as the leader of the wonder girls.. there are different types of leaders and yes, Sunye may not easily noticed as the strongest or the most confident but she brings out the best in her group.

    The first time I saw Tell Me, it was her dancing skills and movements that I notice. Yes.. of course Sohee is cute, Yoobin exudes sexiness, Sunmi is pretty and the most stable vocally, and Yeeun is a power belter… but all of these aspects were shown because they have a great leader.. who is not threatened when her members are gaining attention.. even more than her.

    She is selfless and a good role model. At 19.. 20? she is one of the more mature artists in Korea today. She has spent most of her life to improve herself and nurture everyone around her. I’m sure what JYP has seen in her years ago are the exact reason why whenever 2am, 2pm and other JYP artists are together, there is an unspoken respect towards Sunye.. she is afterall on of the formidable personalities in idol groups today. I am ahead of her by a few years but I see some maturity in her that I didn’t have when I was her age. She has also gained my respect.

    Sure she may seem boring sometimes… opting to cook for her members instead of goofing around. She may seem all the right words and sound rehearsed during an interview.. but that is Min Sunye.. someone who spent most of her life trying to achieve perfection.

    She is always apologizing for her faults not because she is lacking in many aspects.. but because she knows there is more she could give.. she is a nurturer, a caring friend, a talented artist, a responsible leader and basically a good person.

    And we know that bashing comes naturally to some people.. but we should all know our limit.. I don’t see any reason why anyone would want to put her down.. she has not offended anyone in any way.. she has never acted inappropriately.. she has never spoken ill against anyone.. read the article above and see how selfless her reasons for working. Why anyone would want to put down a person like her is just pure evil. Someone who is not contented on his/her own life and tries to drag down others with him.

    I hope this is the last I would read about any personal attacks on Leader Min.

  182. I love Sun Ye!!! I read that she is the reason the rap version of “Tell Me” is on the ‘So Hot’ album. She wanted Yoobin’s version to accessible to everyone.

  183. Like as you said in your topic
    “Everyone has a role to play in the Wonder Girls.”

    But what would Wonder Girls be if they changed there leader, would it still be Wonder Girls like it is now or would it be way different?


    Thanks for writing this topic.

  184. Sunye was always my favorite for the get-go. She has a work ethic unlike any other. Her love for her family and the other members have no equal. She’s so strong and inspiring and the fact that she draws her strength from her faith makes me love her even more. She has the prettiest singing voice to boot in my opinion, which further enhances her being “perfect”. Only the best for our Sunye! God Bless and keeping shooting for the stars! We love you!

  185. go leader min!
    wonderfuls are behind you!
    i love her so much and reading makes me wanna cry!
    good hearted leader min love you so much!
    she’s the reason theyre this far

  186. Sunye is also the one who pushed JYP to put the “Tell Me(with Rap)” in the So Hot single juz because the “Tell Me” in their Wonder Years album doesn’t have the rap parts where Yoobin rapped..Leader Min is a Wonderful Leader!!

    and haters..plz get lost..we love our Leader Min so much and she’s the reason why Wonder Girls is on top now!

  187. yes, i also want to know who said those stuffs about our leader? how could they talk like that about her? she’s gorgeous outside and inside..why oh why? Did they do this because they want to see our girls suffer? Hope leader min will stay cool and calm, just be yourself and ignore those antis…MIN SUN YE fighting!!!

  188. can someone tell us WHO exactly is questioning sunye? korean netizens? international fans? wonderfuls? WHO?

  189. woah………………………i haven’t keeping up latelly and im confused………im singaporean actually and have to keep going to this website(which i love) to check news on the wondergirls and i have no idea that sunye’s leadership was being questioned……….anyway, i totally agree that sunye is a great leader….i admire her………..she is so strong and caring for the wonder girls…she’s like the mother of the WONDERGIRLS…..i SERIOUsLY admire her………..

    sorry if u can’t understand wad im writing… the type of person who cannot express their feelings…

  190. tanx for the article..i never knew people questioned her leadership..i think SunYe is the best leader of all and even the WG members recognised that..she is very dedicated to the members and the fans, and she keeps them together..when things are hard, SunYe is the one that motivates them..she is the best leader and WG is the group that has the greatest bond..they understand each other, and keeps going strong by day..ignore the haters, cos they are not worth it..sunye fighting!!Leadah Min Zzang!! we’ll always b there 4 u~~~ WG fighting!!!

  191. also it was really sad seeing her as a kid and have to explain to jyp how she gets jealous seeing other kids w/ their moms but b/c she doesn’t have a mom she tries harder. i’m surprised that isn’t up there.

  192. I cried while reading this. Sun Ye fighting! i kind of don’t like her, but my mind changed after reading this article.

  193. The article is heart-warming and persoanally i dunt get it why ppl has to question her credibility as a singer, leader, and dancer? I assume ‘they’ never seen her perf before. She is the very reason why i like wonder girls. Hopefully this article will be an eye-opener to those who makes ‘ridiculuos’ comment at her. Sunye fighting!!! ^-^

  194. I’m not a huge fan but this freakin’ made me cry. And she’s only what? 20 or so? Gaah, WONDERGIRLS FIGHTING!! ❤

  195. Thank you so much for writing this.
    people need to hear this kinda stuff.

    i’m not a die hard fan.
    but who knows i just might become one.

  196. “Knowing Wonder Girls is one of the greatest gifts in my life.”
    i guess … for me … its the same…
    i’m not loving them for their pretty faces, great dances or talents…..
    I’m loving them for the effort they put in…. for the trust that i have placed in them over these times…
    WG fighting
    you guys will always have my support and love

  197. i want to marry that woman.
    im so in love with her.

    sunye, you are the reason i’m obsessed with the wonder girls as well. AHHHH! ❤

  198. Wow! Never realized ppl wonder why she is the leader.
    I always love her! She is great! Been doing a great job all this while! Go Sun Ye, go Wonder Girls!

  199. I haven’t heard any of the negativity that’s apparently being directed at Sunye recently, but that is just ridiculous. She’s an amazing artist who always tries her best; I always notice that she tries to give her members more screentime, and that fact is so endearing. She’s not like a lot of girl group members who seem very catty, superficial, and artificial; she seems like a genuinely nice person. Plus, she has a great voice, dance ability, and work ethic to boot. There’s no one better suited to be WG’s leader.

  200. dang…i really love sun ye but the thing about taking sun min out of the way from danger broke my heart!! so touching!!! gotta love her:)

  201. Coolsmurf thx for doing this, I always get so angry when ppl criticise SunYe, and end up bashing them and getting a warn.
    I think shes a great leader and friend to all.
    This blog gets ALOT of hits a day, so hopefully many people will see this article. cheers!

  202. oh my gosh reading this made me want to cry
    everything you said about her is right
    i dont know why and who in their right minds would say such a thing about her but it pisses me off. she is a GREAT leader. she is so selfless and cares for everyone BUT herself. i dont think anyone can be a better leader than her. and she deserves that leader role. especially after all shes been through and all those hard years of training, damn right she is the leader of wondergirls.
    sunye hwaiting!<3
    and thank you, coolsmurf, for letting those stupid ignorant people know that they’re absolutely wrong.

  203. cried this is so touching!!..i love her even more and i also feel sorry for sunye. she’s so kind, always taking care of others and she feels guilty about not doing enough.!!’re still young!!!. lol..But i admired that side of her. … FIGHTING!!! SUNYE WE LUV U!

  204. Whaaaaaaat? I havent been keeping up lately so im confused.

    People are questioning SunYe’s leadership?
    Whats the story with “calling out Sohee”?
    And i never knew SunYe saved SunMi from danger?

    But regardless, leaders are leaders whether they are good are bad. Once youve asigned someone the task of being a leader that title sticks with them forever. If people think SunYe isnt a good leader, would any of the other girls make any better leaders? Honestly, YEAH RIGHT. Im not even a huge SunYe fan but honestly, none of them would make better leaders than her.

  205. how… could anyone question her authorata~!!!

    😥 Sun Ye’s grandma passed away T.T she is strong to move on with her life~!! go go sun ye~!!!!

  206. OMG.. I’m crying right know, i’m just really touched about this article… thank you coolsmurf for showing us how a great sunye is… i can’t describe in words how spectacular sunye is… she truly is and will always be a great role model.. i’m so proud of her! she’s just amazing, no one can replace her place as a leader… although there are so many idol groups out there with their own leader, sunye is the best… i love sunye so much, she doesn’t deserve all the hate, her heart is pure gold… i will always support WONDER GIRLS till the very end.. i will always pray for them.. i’m just inspired by each member… i hope the antis read this and feel her pain, i don’t want her hearT to be crush by your bashing… she has sacrificed so much, and if she is sad because of those immature antis i swear to God you’ll never live your life in happiness ever!!!without sunye wonder girls wouldn’t be complete… WONDER GIRLS HWAITING!!! SUNYE UNNIE <333

  207. My heart goes out to Sunye. She is a great leader. I’m very proud of her. Without Sunye, I don’t know if the Wonder Girls will be able to stand on their own feet. She is their strength and courage to keep them from going forward. Sunye, your the warmth in Wonder Girls. Keep your leadership up high. – krysti (sohee’s fan)

  208. I’ve always thought that Sun Ye was such a good leader! You can tell in the way she performs, she always gives it her all! She always knows what to say, and it concerned for the other members! Out of all the girls I really couldnt see anyone else being the leader!

  209. She’s such a wonderful role model. I hope I can become as caring and generous as she is. I hope all those haters will shut their mouths now.

  210. Could you imagine what would happen in Sun Ye’s grandma died? I try not to think about it but it would probably be disasterous to Sun Ye mentally.

  211. This is news?

    When all the girls are fully decked out in their make up and clothes, Sun Ye’s always easily the prettiest face. Sure So Hee’s just so damn cute, but it’s Sun Ye who makes you say ‘Hot damn.’ Not to mention the best vocalist they have, bar none.

    And it helps to know that she has a heart of gold. My favorite member since day one.

  212. she is the best of all leaders in a group, i remember watching golden disk and yeeun tripped on the stairs she went back and guided her and all the girls she made sure they were ok and she went last, and if one of the mics are not working she’ll give hers instead even if she is the next one to sing, she doesn’t show any weakness on stage and I beleived that she gives the girls more opportunity on the camera, you can always count on sunye!!! nothing will go wrong with the girls and the show when she is there!!! WE LOVE SUNYE-unnie!!!
    sunye fighting!!
    wondergirls fighting!!

  213. i like sun ye, she’s my favourite! it’s nice that she’s kind hearted and i think she has the most talent vocal wise…

  214. that just made me cry.

    I dont understand why anyone would question her sincerity talent or genuineness….

    the things she went through and how she undertakes challenges should prove what a great person, not only leader, she is

    these antis should just shut up

  215. i came to love wg because of sunye. i first discovered how wonderful her voice is when she sang that drama ost, then i wanted to see more of her and checked out wg and i just love sunye!

  216. Every time I read this, it makes me want to cry. She’s gone through so much as such a young age but she still stays strong and supports everyone around her. People who don’t want her as leader obviously don’t know who she is and what she’s gone through both personally and with the Wonder Girls.
    I’ll always support Sun Ye. <33333

  217. All those haterzzz better realize that their hating is all for nothing.

    SunYe is loved. Wonderfuls (korean and international) love her because of everything this wonderful mentioned.

    SunYe, we’ve got your back. Keep up the great work!!

  218. I’ve always wanted to know a bit more about Sun Ye, especially the car accident. I admire her the most out of the five girls. If I had even 1% of her determination to succeed, I’d probably be #1 of my class right now…
    This fan really knows how to care for his/her idol ^_^.
    I ❤ Sun Ye even more now.

  219. im honored to be the first one to comment im so proud of this girl and the fact that she worked so hard for this group shoud be recognized to everyone and anyone in korea and america. when the wonder girls come to america we will welcome them with open arms. and the first one that should be hugged by us is sun ye. she makes the group have a bigger heart than many american groups today.they have talent that will take them far.

  220. these are the times when you wonder why some idol groups choose their leaders based on age…
    sunyeee <33333 you’re the reason for wonder girls’ existence!!

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