Wonder Girls, “Vocal Problems? We Are Working On It”

Wonder Girls comprising of Sun Ye (19), Ye Eun (19), Yoo Bin (20), So Hee (16) and Sun Mi (16) have dominated the music industry last year and this year. After winning the hearts of young and old with “Tell Me” last year, they have carried on their momentum with their addictive “so Hot” comeback this May. The Wonder Girls who had stopped promotions for a four months break have won even more fans over after promoting their new mini album for a month. How did this 5 girls become so popular with the public? Let’s meet them now.

Q. “So Hot” has once again won a lot of popularity with everyone. Have you seen comedian Kim Shin Young performing this on “Infinity Challenge”?

Ye Eun: Saw it. I thoroughly analysed it from start till end. Especially towards her imitation of Sun Ye’s short hair, that was a good resemblance.

Q. During Music Bank recently, SNSD sang “Tell Me” while Wonder Girls did “Kissing You”. Fans even started many “who sang better” online discussions. How did you feel about SNSD rendition of “Tell Me”?

Sun Ye: We viewed all the related news reports after the performances. There were good reviews generally like “Although they sang other group’s songs, but they never lost their own flavor”. I felt that although SNSD and us are quite similar in age, but we all have our own different flavors. Although we didn’t practise much for the special performance, it was still pretty interesting. Everyone was able to complete their performances successfully.

Q. There were no issues about your singing when you debuted with “Irony”. But there were lots of debate when you performed “Tell Me” and “So Hot”. Park Jin Young once mentioned that he requested all of you to sing in this ‘special’ way. Tell us the real reason behind this.

Sun Mi: Different from “Irony”, the two songs are more focused on transferring the image and are not songs for vocal skills display.

Ye Eun: Sun Ye and I use vibrations a lot when singing usually, but Park Jin Young told us not to for these songs. He said we would ruin the songs if we ignore the feelings of them.

Sun Ye: If all the songs were sang in the same tone, than the singers career option would not have existed. You can’t tell what this or that song is trying to convey. As for criticisms about neglecting our vocals and feeling uncomfortable when singing live, we acknowledge that. So we are working on it.

Q. Fans are really familar with your songs like “Irony”, “Tell Me” and “So Hot”. There’s a ballad included in your mini album, “This Time” which gave fans a refreshing jolt. They all wondered, “Wonder Girls can also sing songs like this?” Any plans to sing ballads in future?

Ye Eun: We don’t really plan to just stick to doing dance songs. If there are plans for us to do ballads, we will. It’s quite a pity that we aren’t able to promote “This Time”. But we will still sing this during other events.

Q. We have questions for each member starting with Sun Ye. Your stage clothes are all long pants?

Sun Ye: Ah. I can answer this question very honestly. The legs of the other members are all very pretty. From small, I started practising dancing so my legs aren’t that good looking. So compared to wearing skirts, I love wearing pants instead. This seems to suit me more.

Q. Heard that Yoo Bin’s voicebox isn’t that good recently. And she still can’t quite rap during live performances.

Yoo Bin: It’s much better now. I really want to perform live as soon as possible so I am practising hard.

Manager: Although she would like to sing live but because we are now preparing for the next album, so from the company’s perspective, it’s better for her to lipsync now.

Q. During SBS The Star Show, all the members cried while talking about their families, but So Hee didn’t.

So Hee: Everyone cried but I didn’t…, but actually the camera didn’t take the shot where I cried secretly.

Q. Ye Eun, you were the last to enter the group (Yoo Bin does not count). Did you meet with any difficulties back then?

Ye Eun: All the members treated me well so I didn’t have much difficulties. All the members had went through a long period of training and were talented already. I wasn’t that good in dancing so I had trouble keeping up initially.

Q. “4-Dimensional” Sun Mi, do you feel uneasy about this?

Sun Mi: 4-dimensional. Hmm~ Maybe it’s because I show more concern about such stuff. For example, the earth and galaxy. But the greenhouse effect on earth, space travel, aren’t these topics that people discuss recently now? But because of my overly concern over it, others look upon me as being 4-dimensional. Haha.

Q. You’ve done many interviews. Any questions you disliked being asked?

Ye Eun: Compared to dislike, it’s just questions that people keep asking us. “After Tell Me, do you feel the pressure about future albums”, related questions like this. But then again, we like being asked questions like this. Why? Because it only means that our previous albums were very successful.

Sun Ye: We also get questions like, “Do you fight often among yourselves?”. But we don’t. I am not sure about those who are of the same ages but probably because we are of different ages. We just throw tantrums sometimes.

Yoo Bin: Would like to try quarreling. Because I’m tomboyish in nature and don’t like to conceal things in my heart. I just want to have a open hearted talk.

Q. Your opinion about being compared with SNSD? Do you detest that?

Yoo Bin: No. It’s alright since we like SNSD on the contrary. We like SNSD and also listen to their songs. The oldest member in Wonder Girls and SNSD is me. I recently met Tae Yeon of SNSD backstage recently and said to her, “Let’s get along well in future”, she immediately replied me, “Understood, unnie.” You cannot imagine how cute that was. Hahaha.

source: Sports Seoul (080715) | credit: lazenca0 (proofing)


45 thoughts on “Wonder Girls, “Vocal Problems? We Are Working On It”

  1. @ MK


    YooBin does a better job while she’s sick, tired, stressed, and hungry all together.. i dont see you doing sht?

    I would REALLY like to see you try (and fail) rapping better than YooBin and getting into the JYP family.

    JYP picks the best, unlike you, YooBin has REAL talent… mkay? got that? good, he/she/it/that

    PS i think ‘IT’ suits u better than he/she

  2. Hi can you put the SBS the star show video where in the wonder girls cried? I can’t find it in Youtube….please please I want to see It…

    Thanks in advance..

  3. MK is so fucking stupid he needs to clean his ears.
    yoobin is one of the best rapper in korea.
    if u didnt know that.
    for sure ur a soshi fans ,aren’t you??

  4. etch.
    wat do you mean by they are catching up??
    dude i think some program even begging them to stop promoting their songs coz they are so popular this days while snsd still have a problem with the other FC’s.
    and if you’re talking about their vocals u need to read the interview again. lol

  5. since they have to sang kissing u WG must trying hard to catch what SNSD have now… i belief that it’s been a while that yoo bin sing live…

    soshiwonder fighting

  6. i love them so much<3
    hmm TVXQ Suju SNSD lover.
    i agree with you.
    were just being uptight when pipol bashing our idols.
    were just like feeding them back.lolz

  7. MK…
    All the comments were so sweet and suddenly… º_º;

    Yoobin had health problems! How can be a person so rude! Saying that she will never be able to rap again…

    I’m not a big fan of WG but…
    WG Fans are very polite and respectful with everybody.
    Did you come here only to bother them?

  8. aww. so hee. crying secretly in a corner. lol.

    COME ONE SUN YE. my legs are like toothpicks next to yours. her legs are so sexy. gawd. lol.

    lol yoo bin. LET’S GET ALONG WELL. UNDERSTOOD. ahahha. i wish i could’ve seen that moment.

  9. @mk; there’s always that one childish fan that ruins it for fans of both groups.

    sunmi is so unique lolol. i love that girl.

    and yoobin&taeyeon. that’s really cute. i really do hope that they get along in the future. the hate going around now is just saddening.


  10. haha thanks coolsmurf!

    haha Taeyeon is so politeee, and Yoo Bin’s awesome.

    does anyone know where I can see a video of Wonder Girls on Chin Chin Radio? I wanna see how Taeyeon and the Wonder Girls interact with each other :] thanksss!

  11. thanks for the interview! such honest and humble girls!

    there it is again! they were asked about SNSD.
    WG always praises SNSD!
    i really want to hear someone ask SNSD about their feelings on the Wonder Girls!

  12. I love “This Time” and I wish they could promote it but when the company tells you to promote th song that’s hot right now (no pun intednded =P) they you gotta go along with it.

    I waswatching an interview WG did back in December and while the “Tell Me” sensation was going on, they asked the girls how many times a day they would perform “Tell Me” during festivals and events and they said as many as 10 TIMES a day! And that’s not including, interviews, rehearsals, and school. That’s a lot for a girl their ages to handle but they still do it anyway because they care about thier fans.

    To my Wonder Girls…

    Your love and dedication to what you do is something that can never be equaled. All the WG fans around the world truly appreciate the sacrifices you make. There is no way we can all repay what you have done to entertain us but no matter what, wherever you go, there will always be us fans cheeing you on.


  13. Man from the way the manager said it, it sounds like we’ll never get to hear Yoobin rap live before they stop promoting SO HOT..

    I hope I’m wrong. 😦

  14. AWWWW yoobin and taeyeon interaction?!?! too cute for words XD

    thanks so much for sharing! i really enjoyed reading!

  15. WG is so down to earth….

    No sun ye, your leg is beautiful too!

    Now we know why a lot of people said SNSD sang better “Tell Me”. Its because WG sings it in “special” way. I hope they can get along well. Not only the artists but also the fans…

    WG should keep working on their vocals.

    Bravo WG!

  16. MK… ass!!!
    please ban this fool from here… its an serious matter, not just a sore throat… being anti is fine, but that her health! ASS!!!

  17. its good to know both groups have such a positive opinion on one another, but it still bugs me that they keep being compared and are labeled as “rivals”. I know it’s pretty much gonna happen, but both groups are obviously different =P

    Anyway, what a nice interview xD So Hee was like…not talking ahha. Cute Mandu~

  18. HAHAHAHA!! I just want to have a open hearted talk!!
    that cracked me up… awwww, i love Sun Ye’s answer on the special sage.. PR, PR!!!
    Manager O.O”… just popped out of nowhere!!

  19. Ahh Sohee answered like one question..
    But I believe her when she said she cried secretly she doesn’t seem like the person that is open and comfortable with actually crieing on camera yet.
    Still ❤ her :).
    I love how YeEun SunYe and Yoobin had their unni feel. xD
    Aww I ❤ the WG.

    thanks coolsmurf!

  20. Uwa. They’re all so cute, especially Yoo Bin and Sun Mi! ^_^
    I liked Yoo Bin’s answer to the last question.

  21. That was a nice interview 🙂 SunMi is still dorky as ALWAYS lol. My favorite part of this interview has got to be Q3 because it’s so true and that’s what makes me love the Wonder Girls ^^

    Wonder Girls fighting!

    And thank you for sharing this wonderful interview with us Alvin ^^

  22. yes,they definitely sing the best in irony days
    so hot and tell me dont do them justice at all

    poor girls

  23. ooooo; applemilk91; cutegiurl
    Don’t be rational. You don’t need to react to such an ignorant comment. As soon as you answer it, it means you consider it as an opinion.

  24. @ mk i dont think you read that CAREFULLY the manager said that they just allow her to lip sing coz they are also PREPARING A NEW ALBUM! and so she need to FULLY RECOVER for the recordings of the new songs….please READ carefully next time….or you’re just an anti fan who has nothing to do…..

  25. @ mk,
    wtf is wrong with you?
    I don’t know if you’re blind or you can’t read. She said she is PRACTICING HARD. Are you able to read now?
    If you do not know what you’re talking about then stfu.
    If you don’t know how much her voicebox is messed up right now then stop giving judgements.
    It’s the doctors job to say whether she can start rapping or not.

    Phew >.>
    Anyway,I love Sunmi’s answer on green effect houses. Omg she’s too adorable XD
    And Taeyeon’s reply to Yoobin “Understood ,unnie” SERIOUSLY.THAT’S FREAKIN’ CUTE!

  26. MK..

    Please Leave ..and leave your comments to yourself..

    we Wonderfuls are wonderful enough not to fight with the likes of you..


    Go Yoobin.. and please dont court taeyeon.. hahahahaha

  27. @mk, if you have nothing nice to say dont say anything
    if youre an anti have fun at some anti blog
    can you not
    you sound like a 5 year old

  28. it’s been already 2 months and yoo bin still can’t rap!!!hahahahaha she sucks!!!
    during their perf at star ever league she sang completely out of tune!!!
    she will never be able to rap again!!!!ahahahah

  29. i love sunmi
    need to meet her now
    i have a lot to say about greenhouse effect and global warming lollll
    i did a project on it!!!
    i love the yoobin and tae yeon thing
    makes me happy
    i like sunyes legs
    theyre niceee

  30. “It’s quite a pity that we aren’t able to promote “This Time””
    why did sun ye say that?who asked them to stop promoting? Is it music bank , inkigayo etc…to give a chance to other artists?

    it’s really unfair ! i want them to promote “this time” i like this song and it shows their real singing abilities!!!

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