JYP reveals Wonder Girls strengths and weaknesses

Park Jin Young (JYP) who is a master in discovering and grooming talents, gave a frank assessment of each Wonder Girls member strengths and weaknesses.

Sun Ye
Sun Ye
Strong sense of responsibility
Singing and dancing skills are superior
Innocent and a beautiful complexion along with the glitter of her eyes
Her kind heart is a big portion of her thus she is lacking a meal (???)

Kris didn’t quite understand the last part of Sun Ye’s explanation so it’s really weird. (the meal part. lol)

Ye Eun
Ye Eun
In a good way, she has a lot of healthy greed
She is smart and is good at understanding
While on a televised stage she cannot display her skills 100%

So Hee
So Hee
She has a variety of emotions
Her singing ability has to be supplemented (improved)

Sun Mi
Sun Mi
Stable vocal ability
In dancing and singing, lacks a little bit of strength

Yoo Bin
Yoo Bin
Has a stylish/flavorful feel (compared to the prettiness of other members)
Since she received hip-hop training, besides those parts she needs to apply more to the others (skills)

Do you agree with his assessment? I think he was spot-on. (Credit to Kris)


12 thoughts on “JYP reveals Wonder Girls strengths and weaknesses

  1. in the case of ye-eun, her lack of experience really showed in the beginning. but she has gone a long way and has improved so much since they were first launched. i hope she continues to further improve her skills. along with her talent in song writing, she will definitely be a force to reckon with the years to come…

    i’ve always said this, sun ye is a professional. her long years of training under jyp shows with every performance. her passion about performing is likewise commendable.

    jyp is a master! he knows the market and knows his talents best!

  2. First, that just probably means Sun Ye has no weaknesses. muahaha 🙂

    Second, I also think that he is spot on with his assessment. The producer knows best!

  3. i agree, they’re all pretty right on. give or take a bit.
    about what jyp states as sunye’s weakness, it sounds like he’s saying her heart’s too big so she doesn’t eat a lot therefore she lacks a meal everyday. HAHAHA.
    or her heart’s too big so she tends to other people’s needs more than her own. which could mean she chooses to help others instead of eating HAHAHAH.

    kay, sorry. it sounded like that. my bad 😛

  4. if only Sohee improves a little in the singing department, it would make a huge difference in their songs. I love Sunmi’s voice even though its not as strong as the other girls. Ye eun’s voice may not not be 100% on stage but its still hecka awesome. i think Tell me was just hard for her to sing since the notes were so high…. its just Sohee that really needs some improvement.

  5. Omg, Yoobin unnie looks so freaking gorgeous in that pic, thats the only wig i like, the others aren’t pretty x.x And she has lots of more positive sides than just a stylish feel!!!
    Go Wondergirls! Have fun in the break and in USA!

  6. i think sun ye to jyp is near faultless and he even picked her as his partner for the duet track. and in that cool interview, it did imply that sun ye could have debuted as a solo artiste. but he decided to form the wonder girls with sun ye as leader instead.

  7. so he’s saying sunye is too perfect…i don’t know about that….
    but i think you can tell he really favor’s sunye…with all the positive comments, plus other comments/actions…makes sense since she trained so long with JYP…….but still…..kinda makes the others looking lacking in comparison

    for so hee, he should add her strength behind the camera. she’s really photogenic. great in model/fashion pictures.

    i think singing is one of sunmi’s strengths. i agree about the dancing, but she sings well, just doesn’t get to sing a lot though.

    ye eun can’t always show her singing ability, but it’s bcuz jyp doesn’t make songs to showcase voices…..at least for WG. it’s allabout the catchy-ness and beats…

    yoobin’s on is pretty general. she’s only good at hiphop?….can’t be!

  8. ahahaha sunye basically has no weaknesses… how is ‘Innocent and a beautiful complexion along with the glitter of her eyes’ a bad thing?!?!

    those were good critiques of the other 4. sohee most definitely needs to work on her voice because she doesn’t sound so bad on the CD ^^

    and SO true about ye eun!!!! she is SO talented but for some reason on live perfs… it doesn’t quite translate. :/

  9. About Sun Ye …”Her kind heart is a big portion of her thus she is lacking a meal (???)” I think it means that she is too kind meaning she gives everything thus she has nothing left for herself.

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