Preview of what will the Wonder Girls be doing @ MBC Gayo Daejun tonight

Their third festival in as many nights excluding extra performances outside of this. It has been an extra hectic week for them as we usher in 2008 tonight. Hope that they will give another good performance, stay healthy and don’t fall sick and then head for their well-deserved January break as reported earlier.

There are previews of tonight’s show on MBC’s Gayo Daejun website which Kris (has been a godsend thes past week) has translated and summarized what the Wonder Girls would be doing at tonight’s festival. To sum it up, we will have another Wonder Girls and Big Bang collaboration to end the year!

1) Wonder Girls + JYP: They are going to SING TELL ME TOGETHER ON ONE STAGE (we’re going to see a re-enactment of the tell me vid JYP did)! Park Jin Young is also reportedly prepared to rival So Hee’s Omona in a cute manner! This would be something new and worth anticipating for!

2) Big Bang: A PAPARAZZI HAS SURFACED. Big bang hangs up their job for wonder girls in a club. A cute and wonderful LOVE STORY. 2008 hot scandal will be revealed! They will perform together singing and dancing to the popular musical “Grease”. They will swing and dance to the jazz music. Another music drama which unlike SBS would be live? Interesting!

Wonder Girls will also be dancing to Park Ji Yoon’s, “Adult Ceremony”.

Some might be getting sick of these Wonder Girls & Big Bang pairings and feel like it’s been overdone. But how often do such collaborations happen and it’s nice to see it one more time again. Besides, both are hot and have chemistry with each other. Heard that Seung Ri, TOP and G-Dragon have fallen sick over the last couple of days due to injuries and fatique, hope that they will recover soon! Let’s see how MBC utilises this pairing tonight at 10pm (Korean time).

(credit to I.said.hi, ~ cherrie ~)

Wonder Girls @ KBS Music Festival 071230

Wonder Girls became “FinK.L” last night at the KBS Music Festival 2007 as they did a cute cover of their hit classic, “To my Boyfriend”.

The KBS Music Festival 2007 held last night at KBS Hall saw Wonder Girls doing a perfect rendition of Fink.L hit song, “To my Boyfriend.” The Wonder Girls who have created “Tell Me” mania this year has often been compared with Fin.K.L and deemed their successors due to their immense popularity.

Dream Girls segment with SeeYa & So Nyeo Shi Dae
SeeYa started the ball rolling with a “Do Somethin” performance which was followed by Wonder Girls performing “Don’t Cha” which was disappointing considering that this had been done before by them previously. Ye Eun was great however and the middle dance interlude was a good one. 

To my Boyfriend performance
This was nothing but a horror show despite looking cute especially seeing Sun Ye and Ye Eun in skirts. But all of them including Ye Eun herself cracked big time during the song and others singing out of tune. Certainly not something that we know they are capable of. I think that they aren’t suitable for such cute songs.

Tell Me performance (Battle with Super Junior)
This was a girls vs guys battle with Wonder Girls singing, “Tell Me” and Super Junior singing, “Don’t Don”, nothing really special because really been spoiled lately by all those special stages/collaborations. Just a normal song performance which they did well. They didn’t manage to win the sms voting of course losing by more than half of the percentage points. But Wonder Girls was top in the female category so that was great. And what was with the blinking lights in the background, it was so distracting and an eyesore!

But frankly, this KBS Music Festival concept is kind of unbalanced with this boys vs girls thing. Who in the right mind think that the girls would win the boys especially when it is decided by sms voting? Super Junior was even awarded a big glass award for winning the Wonder Girls, what’s the freaking point? There was a distinct lack of star power and thrills on the night. All in all, the KBS Music Festival paled in comparison to the wonderful SBS Gayo Daejun the day before. Bring on MBC Gayo Daejun tonight!

Wonder Girls reheasal pictures @ KBS Music Festival 071230

Rehearsal pictures from this afternoon’s rehearsals for tonight’s KBS Music Festival. It’s one after another following SBS Gayo Daejun last night and then tomorrow’s MBC Music festival. Hope that the girls won’t tire themselves out seeing that every one ends at around 1 plus in the night.

Regarding what the Wonder Girls are going to do at tonight’s festival, apparently they, So Nyeo Shi Dae and SeeYa will have a special stage called ‘Dream Girls’, that sounds interesting. And they are also going to do another Fin.K.L song, “To my Boyfriend.” They are also going to be in a dance battle right at the end against Super Junior and the winner are determined by sms voting, no guesses on who will pick up the win here.

Ye Eun & Sun Ye in skirts, now that’s a first!

(credit to ~ cherrie ~, I.said.hi, vana117724, kpopjunkie13)

So Hee destined to play character in movie…

So Hee seems destined for her movie role in her debut movie, “I Like It Hot” because in the original comic, “10, 20 and 40” from which the movie was adapted from, the comic character image mirrors the real So Hee in real life.

Her selection for the movie was because of So Hee’s canny resemblance to the character. According to the production company, they knew So Hee was in Wonder Girls but the latter wasn’t that popular back then and this was not their criteria for picking her anyway. Many new faces auditioned for So Hee’s role but they were rejected and So Hee was picked instead because she was closest to how the production wanted for that character look.

“I Like it Hot” will be shown in Korea starting January 17, 2008.

2007 SBS Gayo Daejun, possibly one of the best shows in history

The 2007 SBS Gayo Daejun (Song Festival) kicked off last night at 9pm (Korean time) and saw the most popular groups/singers this past year come together to create a fun-filled three hours music extravaganza. It had earlier announced that it would not be holding a music award show but instead change it to a music festival format. The festival was divided into two parts, the first was special stages while the second was a mini-concert concept.

The show was hosted by Lee Hui Jae and Lee Hyo Ri who looked elegant and stunning in her low-cut cleavage light turqoise evening gown. Some of the performing artistes even took the opportunity to run over to where they were standing and started dancing. The first part of the music festival saw many different singers collaborating together to put on special stage performances. The opening act was performed by Shinhwa member, Lee Min Woo together with three “dancing queens” Stephanie, Chae Yeon & Seo In Young. Stephanie perfect rendition of Beyonce’s, “Beautiful Liar” led to big roars from the crowd.

In the middle of all these was a musical drama skit which was pre-recorded and starred members of popular groups, Wonder Girls & Big Bang in a high school romance story. What it did was to integrate all the songs that got No.1 over the past year on SBS Inkigayo as the background music for each scene to develop the love story. Songs included, “Love Love Love”, “Love Sick”, “Loving One Person Is Enough”, “Toc Toc Toc”, “Love is Delicious”, “Tell Me”, “Lie”, etc. This concept was really special and interesting to many including me.

The 2007 Rookies representatives, Younha, F.T. Island, So Nyeo Shi Dae and Wonder Girls was put together as they did a special stage that saw them singing classic songs from the past that were No.1. Three members of So Nyeo Shi Dae, Soo Young, Seo Hyun, Yuri did Park Ji Yoon’s, “Adult Ceremony” dance and also S.E.S, “Dreams Come True”, “I’m Your Girl”. Wonder Girls meanwhile performed Fin.K.L, “Now”, etc and also, Hyo Ri’s classic, “10 Minutes” which saw Hyo Ri unable to resist dancing along to her former songs.

The second part of the festival was broken up into mini-concerts of different music genres plus music companies representation. It started off with four R&B male singers, Brian & Hwan Hee (Fly to the Sky), Wheesung and Eru singing Big Mama’s classic hit, “Break away”. This was followed by each of them discarding their ballad image and present a solo dance of their own. The second group to appear was three female ballad singers, Baek Ji Young, Yangpa and Lee Soo Young. Third was three hip-hop representatives, Drunken Tiger, Epik High and Dynamic Duo who performed each of their hits together as one.

Then it was time for company representation performances which was started off by as singers under it which included, SeeYa, SG Wannabe, F.T. Island, Supernova performed. SeeYa ditched their usual demure image and wore sexy costumes as they performed, “Toxic”. Supernova became SeeYa’s dancers and pushed the festival to another high. The four groups then perfomed PSY’s, “Champion” which got the crowd really high as they sang along.

SM Entertainment was next and you can’t count them out in such an event. They paraded CSJH The Grace, Super Junior, So Nyeo Shi Dae who performed hit songs produced by SM in the 90s which included those from H.O.T, S.E.S, BOA, DBSK. JYP Entertainment who was having a roll this year, also saw its artistes like Park Jin Young himself, Wonder Girls, G-Soul, Lim Jeong Hee and first public appearance for new face, Min.

Big Bang who has been red-hot around the nation also saw it’s entire company artistes appear in full force. The MC announced beforehand that there will be a mystery guest besides Big Bang & 1YTM when announcing the list. Big Bang and 1YTM performed their own songs and suddenly, the subtitles wrote, “YG’s old sunbaenim (senior) Jinusean” which led to a sea of applause from the crow. The two veteran hip-hop founders from YG appeared and sang their classic songs, “A-Yo”, “Telephone Number” with their juniors. This was not all, the spotlight was focused on a piece of white cloth and the singers on stage started counting, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7!”. The white cloth fell and SE7EN made a SURPRISE appearance as he performed a dance segment.

The final highlight of the festival and the last performance was one that was anticipated by many. A tape showed Shinhwa achievements since it’s debut in 1999 till now and led to lots of cries from the crowd waving orange balloons. Eric appeared first with a rap followed by Dong Wan, Min Woo, Hye Sung, JunJin and Andy. They sang four full songs and definitely made the crowd keep the Shinhwa legend in their hearts for a long time to come.

The format of the music festival might have changed which may lessen the thrill of watching it, but to be able to see the singers come together as one and celebrate music in one setting makes for a moving story. SBS certainly deserves a pat on the shoulder for this well-run show from start to finish with a stellar cast and excellent performances. Undoubtedly still the king when it comes to producing variety shows.