How Wonder Girls individual nicknames came about

Thought it would be interesting to know how each Wonder Girls nickname came about because even though I know what they are, I didn’t really know how it came about which takes away the fun of actually knowing it. For those who are new fans of theirs or old fans of theirs, this is a good handy read.

So Hee is called Mandu (Dumpling) is because of this picture.

She puffed her cheeks during an episode of MTV Wonder Girls and that was when her fans gave her a nickname, “Mandu So Hee”. This is totally unrelated to Kim Hee Chul because most thought it came from him. Hee Chul revealed that he felt So Hee was cute around November 2007 while So Hee’s nick was already known to many fans in April. Sun Ye was one of the first to call her Mandu.

Sun Ye is nicknamed Min Jookie because of this picture. Also known as Leader.

Sun Mi is called 4-dimensional alien because she’s 4-dimensional and always does the most bizarre things that’s unthinkable of any normal human behavior. Just watch recent Wonder Girls related clips of her on Youtube and you will really understand the true meaning of randomness.

Ye Eun is nicknamed the Queen because she has the aura and authority of one. Also known as Park Oppa because of this picture where she looks tomboyish.

Yoo Bin, I’m not sure. Sexy rapper?

Even though HyunA is no longer with Wonder Girls, she’s still the favourite of many. Her nickname is Sexy Ya Seng Mah (Sexy Little Wild Horse). This was known to many when she was a trainee because she’s very mischievious and loves to play around. Also because she’s energetic and lively on stage!

Thanks to ~ cherrie ~ for the help.
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29 thoughts on “How Wonder Girls individual nicknames came about


  2. Yoobin is called “요빈 용,” or Yoobin Yong because a lot of people think she is like a big brother because of her deep rapper voice.

    And, a younger boy will call an older brother or respected older boy “형,” [hyoung]. So they shortened Yoobin`s nickname from hyoung to yong~~

  3. yoo bin i love her soo much…. she is soo hot and full of charisma… plus she is so mature and cute… i just love her…. nick names???? i like it as “secret star” because whenever she sings you can always tell and you are always blown away by it because she is so good. plus she help wonder girls recover from hyun ah downfall…. i like her too but she got to take care of herself so yoo bin is their secret star….

  4. If I may answer: They sit in front of the TV and their producer JYP is airing. Then they’re making fun of him because he is so old-fashioned. 😆

  5. MiSo i think it’s because they are always together… same age… and play around together a lot.

    Alvin I have one question… do u know what the fans say during the intro of Tell Me ?
    It starts with Kim Yubin, Park Yeeun, Sunmi Ah or Jang, Ahn Sohee, Min Sunye, Sarang Hae. ……. Wonder Girls ………. Tell Me “Fever ?”

    And about the Irony one ? haha

    Thanks 🙂

  6. me and my fellow admin friend, steel, we call yoobin
    wig (假发) coz she always wears one.

    other than this, she is known as 老大 too yea. Now that she s the eldest instead of sunye. HAHA. and the one i bet you alr know, 小优..

    Happy Chinese New Year!

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