Wonder Girls Too Popular for their Own Good?

With “So Hot” still enjoying immense popularity now, a follow-up single is already on the cards? Even being too popular doesn’t really seem to be a good thing for the Wonder Girls. At the same time as “So Hot” is enjoying popularity with everyone, the Wonder Girls are burdened by the beautiful dilemma and pressure of having a successful follow-up single in the near future.

Just like it’s name “So Hot”, it has swiftly strike a rapport with everyone, just one week into it’s comeback, it had already grab the #1 spot in the various gayo shows. It was first on KBS Music Bank for four consecutive weeks and was Mutizen winner on SBS Inkigayo for three straight weeks (maximum is 3).

Because of it’s continued dominance on the charts, the tv stations (KBS and SBS) felt sorry for the other singers because they would have to keep giving the #1 trophy to the Wonder Girls if they continue to promote “So Hot”. There are thus many questions about the Wonder Girls follow-up single.

According to one PD, “We never would have predicted how popular this song (So Hot) would become, we were flustered seeing it’s success.”

Following the success of “Tell Me” last year, the Wonder Girls had prepared for their comeback this year with their “So Hot” mini album for quite some time. Besides “So Hot”, it also included a ballad track “This Time” and dance track “You’re Out”. “This Time” which was performed concurrently with “So Hot” during their comeback stages proved to be very popular with their fans. They had considered using this as their follow-up single but decided to give it up after considering that it didn’t go well with their overall image concept.

In it’s place, they have decided to use the remix version of “So Hot” as their follow-up for the time being while preparing for their new album! Their second album is expected to be out in late September and carry on the momentum.

According to JYP Entertainment, “We haven’t decided on the concept of the new album. Just like how Wonder Girls has always been setting the latest trends, we intend to prepare for this in earnest to repay the fans anticipation for it.”


45 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Too Popular for their Own Good?

  1. your so cute sohee even when you say omana in tell me luv have you played hi5?please tell me your email in hotmail i would really add you as a friend.

  2. If JYP is just trying to focus more on that boy band then he should be smart and maybe for their first MV, if a girl or a few are needed for filming he should use his biggest artist which I believe is WG’s now for their MV co-stars, maybe do a collab of performances with WG and have WG’s open shows for them maybe. ^^ then they could go and do their own thing.

  3. ^ but i thought 2AM will be debuted under different entertainment,which is Cube entertainment. That’s what i’ve heard.haha.not sure though.

    How can JYP pulls out the girls?? they are popular.

    WG WG WG !!!!

  4. know what I’m thinking now, JYP is trying to make sure that his new member all-boys group, 2AM will shine. So he is pulling the Wonder Girls out? The timing is simply too much of a coincidence.

  5. there’s no such thing as being TOO popular,its just nonsense to make other poorly performing artistes feel better.

    WG’s fans speak for them& thats all that counts.
    those damn awards should just be given out according to who’s in demand(WG duh~)and stop the chart riggin already.

  6. LOL Kara sucks, they sold like 7 albums lmao..I didnt even hear about those girls debut when they first came out T.T their label is so damn cheap so I know they wont go over the top with promotion / decent song and MV haha

  7. JYP is such a smart person… I’m kinda worried cuz KARA is having their comeback… and lots of other artist are having their comeback… I hope WG and wonderfuls will stay strong as ever!!!! WG and Wonderfuls Hwaiting!!!!!!

  8. okay all this bull is like making me get worked up..

    ahh who cares..

    WONDER GIRLS ROCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. It’s because JYP KNOWS how sneaky and nasty certain stations that are close with other companies will rig their stupid award shows. JYP can’t prove this though so he wont fight against it. It doesn’t matter, look at Rain, he had so much thrown his way trying to stop him now he’s one if not THE most well know star in Asia right next to BoA.



  10. i know. the M!Countdown thing, i expected that because of the partnership between Mnet and YG ent. MNet, being known for rigging award shows, will make sure to help YG ent (granted that Tae Yang may really deserve it). but Tae Yang winning INkigayo was a shock to me. There are other songs doing wayy better than his. soo i am suspicious.

    im still keeping my fingers crossed for Music Bank because the votes exceeded 10,000 votes and because they won this week. granted that WG votes decreased, but it is still big enough that Tae Yang can’t beat it.

    anyway, the sad thing here is that JYP will not do anything to address this issue. JYP is not the type to fights for suspicious things. anyway, it looks like WG is decreasing their promotion for So Hot, because JYP is focusing on his new boy band.

    WG fighting!

  11. nothing against Tae Yang or anything. Wonder Girls won Inkigayo for the past 3 weeks and that was the maximum allowed. This past Sunday, Wonder Girls weren’t in the running anymore because of the technicality and Tae Yang won Mutizen.

    think, Tae Yang has won #1 at M! Countdown for 3 weeks with Wonder Girls always second. The moment Wonder Girls is off Inkigayo Take 7, Tae Yang takes #1. Who do you think will win Music Bank this week? Just facts.

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  14. wow… that’s so annoying.
    i agree with above commenters.
    i feel like someone is pulling strings and it’s making me angry because wonder girls deserves to be still no. 1 on the charts for many many many many more weeks! 😦
    no matter what, wonder girls will always be no. 1! =D

  15. Although I know how Korea kisses Hyori’s ass, I wouldnt doubt them pushing WG’s down a bit to raise that old hags comeback, that pisses me off -.-; hyori better realize that because of her age and her status that doesn’t make her immune to the silent treatment and boo’s just like SNSD got. Hyori needs to just make her comeback, if it works well it works well if it doesn’t, it doesn’t she isn’t exactly the hot young thing anymore. lol

  16. that’s right.. i think wg should be no#1 as long as they deserve it.. and they really deserve it we can see that they work hard promoting their album^^,)

  17. Well..

    1. WG could never dominate past Hyori lee, she has a huge fan base almost BoA size all over Asia, it’s not even worth trying to be honest, she’s an older kpop star and her fan base is still strong. Coming in second to her isn’t bad at all but WG shouldn’t expect to win first when her MV and album comes out x.x;

    2. I really hope those award shows they don’t rig it to make it seem as if WG didn’t earn their win..Im pretty sure that’s not allowed =.= you cant just force other singers to win because one group is doing well, I didnt see anyone stopping SUJU and DBSG from winning anything because they were popular.

  18. “Because of it’s continued dominance on the charts, the tv stations (KBS and SBS) felt sorry for the other singers because they would have to keep giving the #1 trophy to the Wonder Girls if they continue to promote “So Hot”. There are thus many questions about the Wonder Girls follow-up single.”

    It doesn’t seem fair to cut the WG’s success to pave the way for less successful artists. It’s not the girls/JYP’s fault that they make such good/addictive music. But the girls have proven that they are capable of making hit song after hit song, and I’m sure that their follow-up single would be just as successful.

    With that said, I’m totally addicted to “This Time” and I wouldn’t mind if they promoted that next. But I do understand that it’s not in keeping with their concept…

  19. We can smell something fishy down here, first with Mnet award and now this,
    i feel that the Lee Hyori comeback has something to do with this or it’s just me,
    plus cause the Wonder Girls have been on many show, netizen have seen they are just love .
    At the end it’s maybe good that the girls have more time for themself.

    On Tablos Dreamy Radio show!!!
    Videos posted on youtube of This Time, So Hot, and even Tell Me!
    Yoobin rapping live in So Hot and Tell Me.. couldn’t really tell if she was singing live in This Time but she’s backk! 😀

  21. this is bs and very unfair to WG. they need to win more to beat “Baby One More Time” (a horrible song). its part of being in the music industry. Why worry about other artists? Then they should try harder!

    i dont think we need to worry about their next album. JYP, who i really trust now, will make sure that Wonder Girls will sustain their popularity and awesomeness. JYP does not like to lose, especially with money. He will make sure that Wonder Girls will stay at the top!

    Wonder Girls Fighting!

  22. i was stunned when i read this.. STUNNED!!! what do they mean with all that crap about them being too popular affecting other artists.. gah, its a competition…if u don’t cut it, you are OUT!! don’t take people out, just because you feel sorry for other artists.. how can they deny them whats rightfully theirs??? what in hell?? …someone is pulling strings behind th scenes.. are WG that intimidating…???

    I too feel they are trying to bully these sweet girls.. but sorry guys, they will come back with a bigger BANG… and if they try to boycott them again, i shall lose it…

  23. It really is unfair to the other singers, but the Wonder Girls deserve the awards as much as any other singers.
    Late September? I can’t wait for the second album.
    Wonder Girls, definitely an amazing group, and my favorite ^_^.

  24. Man I hope we get to see YooBin rap at least ONCE before they quit singing So Hot. They should just keep So Hot for a while. Their next single will be awesome though xD

  25. they’ve had their time to shine, but whatever happens they’ll still be No.1 on my charts ;] WG <333

  26. If the industry continues going against WG like this, I wonder if someone would come out and stand up against WG and put those haters to shame just like what happened to S**D at DC. But I doubt it. But I know I’m going to do it!


  27. When ‘So Hot’ came out, to my surprise it really did fulfill my anticipation and excitement for their new single. Hope they can do it again, but I’m really happy that they did it once, So Hot just gets stuck in your head and is so groovy. My friends never liked Wonder Girls and “Tell Me” (they are DBSK and Rain and F.T. Island fans, like I am, but I listen to girl groups more often than them) but I showed So Hot to all of them and they alllll liked it. I couldn’t believe that the Wonder Girls could ride the wave of Tell Me and make it even better. JYP and Wonder Girls <33 such charisma and talent

    and I really wished that “You’re Out” was their new single! It’s so catchy and funny, usually the other songs on the single album are kind of ‘eh’, but this one was really great

  28. wonder girls r working hard they deserve to win!! cant w8 for their next album !! ^^
    i think they r the best :DDD
    WG fighting!! ^^

  29. wow. the public sure are putting them in demand. I hope they do well under the pressure though and keep up the good work! ^_^

  30. why do i have the feeling that WG are being bullied in the industry because they’re nice and respectful?

    from those fanclubs issues to this, WG has been rather quiet and it seems people are taking advantage of them

    anywayz..WG hwaiting!! Wonderfuls will always be with you (lame, i know..keke)

  31. oh please, i dont think the stations should meddle in that, the music industry is a competition, either you make it or you dont, the WG are partially making it, because they are extremely popular and its good that theyre winning all these awards, theyre tv appearences and singles are hits, god knows that theyre album sales arent…

  32. i honestly don’t think they’ll have to worry. i think that no matter what they release it’ll be popular to some extent, because they’re just at that level of superstardom. i’m hoping their 2nd album is coming soon 😀

  33. @cutegiurl, if it’s today, then it’s E979 of Sunday Sunday Night, get the part 2 because part 1 is We Got Married.

    @wawa*, you are exactly right on that point. Maybe JYP is gracious enough to recognise the fact and harm it might be doing to the music industry if it continues dominating especially when so many singers like Lee Hyori, etc are making their comeback soon. Jewelry and MC Mong dominance came in a period where the competition was relatively weak. Or somebody is pulling the strings behind the scenes and denying them the chance.

  34. “Because of it’s continued dominance on the charts, the tv stations (KBS and SBS) felt sorry for the other singers because they would have to keep giving the #1 trophy to the Wonder Girls if they continue to promote “So Hot”.”

    I don’t get it. There are other singers that dominated the charts for more than four weeks too. For example; MC Mong, Jewelry, etc… I didn’t see them coming out saying this. I mean why would they felt sorry for other singers now? Do they have something against WG? >.>

    Anyway, Wonder Girls & WonderFul hwaiting, cannot wait till September >.<

  35. Are they serious? lol

    I’m like listening to their song “You’re out” daily, obsessed over yoobin’s rap and already addicted while trying to STILL quit my tell me and so hot addiction (yes Im sad..lmao)

    I’m honestly having pictures in my head about the video for “You’re out” LOL..WG has JYP on their side…they shouldn’t worry, they will make hit after hit. ^^

  36. LOL… yeah WG is sooooooooo popular *proud* hehehe im so proud for ou girls!!! keep fighting and yeah i feel bad for other singers coz they keep on getting no. 1 heheh…but i will just enjoy first their so hot remix prformances and i’ll wait for their new single ^_^ sooo happy! WG fighting!

  37. it’s unfair!! they should continue to promote so hot ! they keep winning and they are popular because they are the best !!!

    I wanted them to perform this time and you’re out too i’m disappointed!!!


    I love the Wonder Girls.
    I just really do xD.
    I’m sure they’ll have another fabulous single later just like their last 2.
    Tell Me will go on forever since it is just so damn awesome.
    So Hot will follow up Tell Me since it’s just So Hot.
    The Wonder Girls are just brilliant trendsetters with their cutesy/sexy/hot images.
    They make anything work!
    I would’ve never thought about leopard but they made that work!
    All the luck and wishes to them!
    Wonder Girls fighting!
    I do feel bad for the other singers though since So Hot is just too popular. :P.

    thanks coolsmurf!

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