Happy Sweet 19th Birthday to our Park Oppa

Our top student who never skips school. Underrated by most but always there to lend her shoulders and cheer everyone up. Our Queen and Park oppa.

Ye Eun

May your dreams come true this year!!!


49 thoughts on “Happy Sweet 19th Birthday to our Park Oppa

  1. i noe ur birthday was over a few months ago but i still wish u a very happy birthday ye eun!!!

    next year going to be adult le wors..

    best wishes ❤

  2. Happy Birthday to Ye-Eun.
    Wish you happy everytime.
    Successful in your work forever.
    and have some chance to go to Thailand again ^ ^

  3. Nice, smart, beautiful, and now a redhead, too? Oh yeah, she’s definitely my favorite!

    Happy Birthday, Park Yosa!

  4. Happy Birthday Park Oppa.
    Please be happy always!
    Wish you happiness, good health and lots of food of course.
    Saranghae Park Ye Eun, Fighting!

  5. Happy Birthday Park Oppa!! ❤
    Wonderfuls will always love and support u & wonder girls!

  6. Happy Birthday to the hungry hippo park oppa! May you grow successful and that your wishes come true! Stay strong!

  7. HBD

    I love Her in first touch

    I’ve seen her on Thailand.

    The best live Ferforms I have ever seen

    Wg fighting

  8. Happy birthday, Ye eun!!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday, and may you be successful this new year as a 19-yr old!

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