Wonder Girls Learning English Diligently to Break Into Overseas Markets

Learning english for future overseas performances…Ye Eun’s vocabulary is excellent while Sun Mi’s pronunciation is the best among the Wonder Girls.

The above-mentioned remarks came from their english tuition teacher who had been offering 24 hours lessons for them in a “passionate manner” since the beginning of May to prepare them for their overseas expansion. Once the Wonder Girls are back in their dorm, they would be conversing as much as possible in english and also try to use it in their daily lifestyle.

In order to express their own thoughts through interviews with overseas media, they are undergoing extra lessons in their free time. So how is their english language ability now? Well, each have their own strengths and weaknesses as they learn the language through “competition”.

Their tuition teacher expressed

Each has their own personality and have different areas which they are stronger in with regards to the english language. Compared to the rest, Ye Eun has a wider range of vocabulary and can construct a beautiful sentence easily. Sun Ye meanwhile has a good basic foundation and is good in grammar.

For the two younger members, Sun Mi and So Hee, with them both in high school right now and having received english language education from young, they are able to converse fluently with accurate pronunciation, leaving the JYPE staff feeling satisfied.

Since Yoo Bin has lived in America before, the general review is that her pronounciation and accent are excellent even close to native speaker’s.

To gauge their progress, the members are tested on 400 english words weekly. If they get less than 80% of the words correct, they are required to write those wrong words for 100 times each. But no member has suffered that fate yet. Because of their hectic schedule, the Wonder Girls can only start revising and work even harder to learn the words when the test date draws near.

According to JYPE, “Since their return from America in March, the Wonder Girls have recognized the importance of them knowing English well enough in order for them to expand into overseas markets. Their passion for learning English has thus increased and the competition between them to do better than each other has only served to raise their level up a notch.”


29 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Learning English Diligently to Break Into Overseas Markets

  1. yay!! go wonder girls!!! haha… i hope u come to the PHILIPPINES!!!! 🙂 good luck with your english!!! yoo bin would be the one who’s gonna be the best cuz she lived in america!! 🙂

  2. wow! I wish them good luck! and of course YooBin would be the best of them in english since she’s studied in America before. but 400 words?! that’s horrid!

  3. Aw, that’s so cute that they’re learning English! I guess I feel the same way since I’m learning Japanese and Korean simultaneously in college so I can relate to them in that sense. But in all other senses, no, haha, although I wish I did!

    Eto… I love my Wonder Girls and all but in order for them to succeed in the U.S. market(if that’s the “overseas” that JYP is aiming for) they will have to make sure their accent is almost untraceable and make sure to stand out among the other girl groups in terms of music and image.

    I’m sounding pessimistic but the US has two pretty popular girl groups already: the Pussycat Dolls and Danity Kane and if WG were to debut here, they’d have to step up their game ten times better than both of those groups. Nicole from Pussycat Dolls’ vocals and Danity Kane’s vocals are killer and I don’t think WG(not even Sun Ye or Ye Eun) are close to the level of vocal ability that these women have. And the US is really big on vocal talent so maybe Sohee’s voice wouldn’t be appreciated here… Don’t take this as bashing, I’m only being realistic and basing it from what it’s like being an American. lol

    So umm, I hope JYP waits a few years for WG to debut overseas. ^^
    I’d rather WG sing in their native tongue where they’re most comfortable in.

  4. @name
    yes,sunmi has the best pronouncation in both chinese and english
    that’s why i love her voice in Chinese and English songs xD

  5. YAY, SUN MI! It saddens me that Yoobin has to face the public after people here about this because she’s been advertised as the one who’s lived in America. Just because you’ve lived in America a few years, it doesn’t mean you’re fluent in it.

    Of course, Ye Eun would have her vocabulary down. Haha! Our little smart one!

    I’m glad Sun Mi and SoHee are doing great! I also think that Sun Ye is pretty smart with languages, so I hope her all the best, too.

    I hope they continue their Chinese, though! It’s always nice to learn many languages!

  6. i don’t understand why most people think yoobin should be the best at english. she lived in the us only for a couple of years, of course she’ll learn to speak english there but that won’t get rid of her accent….and i watched one of the fancams of the girls performing in the us, when yoobin spoke, she had a very heavy accent. lol wasn’t sunmi complimented on best pronunciation in chinese last time? now it’s english 😀

  7. from wat i heard on the shows where yoobin spoke a little english, i don’t i hear any korean accent..but maybe the hiphopish kinda accent since she loves rap and hiphop very much

  8. i think it’s understandable that yoobin’s english is not good..she immigrated to the U.S. and only live there a couple of years…
    lol.. there are many people who live in America and still their english is not good.. it sucks for her since she came from the U.S. people automatically label her as the Americanized one (ie.being fluent in english)…

    this doesn’t make much sense to me… weren’t the girls viciously learning chinese? why all a sudden the intense English courses now? +_+ they’ll probably forget all their chinese by then!

  9. BTW I would LOVE for WG to come to the US ^^ I think people would really love yoobin here alot and the girls are cool and can dance so they wouldnt be those ‘nerdy asian girls’ I really think they can do it. I hope for the best^^

  10. Uhhh wouldn’t yoobin’s english be the best since her family still actually lives in the US? I live close to her family, they go to my family church =D

  11. fighting girls! im learning korean and you guys are already awesome in english! yay! ^^

    i can tutor you guys for freeeeee! =)

  12. That is alot for these girls with their schedules and all..
    I’m hoping they’ll make through this with flying color results.
    And that they’ll come to the US with another tour!

    thanks coolsmurf!

  13. If they continue like this they are going to be better then me with english. 100 times each word… I though 10 times was bad when I was at school.
    Good luck to them!

  14. Amaze to hear about sohee; able to converse fluently with accurate pronunciation. thats good.

  15. JYP has mentioned off-hand in interviews that he was actually approached by record labels and TV producers eager to sign up the Wonder Girls after seeing them perform in New York and LA, but had to turn them down because of their lack of English.

    I guess this is his way of saying: “We’ll be baaaaack.” 🙂

  16. I’m planning on going to Korea to teach English in a couple months. I could tutor them =)

  17. I can’t wait to hear them speak English fluently!
    Imagine how many possible opportunities that would open!

    That’s right read a lot and apply it on daily lifestyle.

    As expected from YeEun! Smart girls are oh-so-hot! ^_____^

  18. jeez =___= i think id die in korea haha

    but more power to em XD itd be great to have an english convo with them =D

  19. My heart’s breaking for our girls 😦

    80% is like 320 words!!!! and the punishment’s seriously HELL!! if u take into consideration that they themselves have other responsibilities to do everyday!
    i wonder how our girls been eating 😦 whether they’ve eaten at least 2 meals a day?
    they need to dance,sing,exercise,do their homework,revise,learn english, not forgetting chinese!what else? chores in the dorm? school? schedule?
    i doubt they’re even getting enough sleep T_T

  20. Woah 400new words weekly!!! And I would love to hear them converse in English in their dorm 😀

    It surprises me that Yoobin has a strong Korean accent! o.o Since she lived in the US…

    Why has Sunye a slight advantage? Because of what?

    Man I’d be soo happy to be that tutor!! 😀

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