Sun Ye, Sun Mi & Ye Eun sad stories

Sun Ye’s childhood is quite known to most Wonder Girls fans. She lived with her granny since she was a kid and then learned that her mother passed away a long time ago while her dad didn’t really take care of her. She sees her grandparents as her real parents instead. You could feel her pain when she mentioned on Wonderful Outing about her grandfather who passed away without waiting for her. But she had willpower and endurance as she toughed it out for six years in training before finally debuting.

As for Sun Mi, her childhood is about the same as Sun Ye. Most will have visuals of Sun Mi growing up in a well-to-do family because she always gives the impression that she has a great childhood. But it’s not like that actually. Sun Mi’s father passed away when she was little and she lived in the rural area with her mum and elder brother. As life was difficult, she often had to pass on the chance to come to Seoul for study. This meant that Sun Mi grew up in a single-parent family but her character is so outgoing, bubbly and always optimistic. But you do feel that there is some hurt from Sun Mi which you won’t really feel it most of the times which shows how good she is at hiding it. This probably explains her weird 4-dimensional behavior and always seeking attention.

And Ye Eun, her examination results has always placed her in the top 10 in school. Her parents had reservations about her becoming a singer and objected to it. This was because the status of a singer in Korea is relatively low but she was determined to become one.

Their stories are kind of sad but yet they remain strong and put on a good show for us each time they stepped onto the stage. It isn’t easy for them so let’s not be too harsh on them and acknowledge their blood, sweat and tears!

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24 thoughts on “Sun Ye, Sun Mi & Ye Eun sad stories

  1. Wonder Girls are so strong ! Even though they had sad pasts, they still fight to achieve their dreams. :]

    And SunYe’s mother passed away when she was a baby.. And her dad has a disability so he couldn’t take care of her. Its on Star Show. TT_TT

    SunMi, my love, stay strong, your dream to become the world best singer, will be achieved !

    Work hard Wonder Girls !

    Fighting !

  2. Oh…thats sad…
    I bet SunYe really love her grandmother as she the one who brought her up as who she are today….
    And SunMi too…

  3. yeah these girls are so strong! No wonder jyp adores them. sunmi looks really pretty without the heavy make up yah. Liked her look before debut, hate the bangs!

  4. oh.. i dont know about these..
    i though they’re hav a goodlife..
    saw in their perform with their power..
    sad when i read these..

  5. don’t know about sohee, but yoobin’s parents and rest of her family live in US. She used to live there but moved to korea all by herself to chase her dreams. Still it must be tough for her to have her family so far away. On one show she mentioned that on some days, when the other band members go home to their families, she’s left all by herself in their apartment and sometimes cries while she eats alone.

  6. Haha.. Well Shaffy, you should watch their “Human Theater” episodes… Everybody in Korea fell in love with them all over again after those episodes aired. I think YonnieYonnie on Youtube posted them a while back…:)

    Can’t remember every detail but basically,

    Dong Ha was really sick when he was little… His dad’s business failed and so their family lived really poorly… I believe his dad passed when he was young. And of course, his first solo album failed miserably…

    Yong Joon… Well, he didn’t have that hard of a childhood really. I mean, he got in fights at school and didn’t really do his work or anything… but really, that’s kind of his fault. He wasn’t in situations that he couldn’t control like the other 2 members. I believe he had a not so great relationship with his father. (But his mom, dad, and lil sis are perfectly healthy!)

    Jin Ho’s, I think, is the saddest of them all. His father died when he was in his tween years from cancer so he lived with his mom. He had to take care of his mom but really, what can a child do? And when he tried to become a singer, no one would accept him because of his physical appearance, even though he has the most awesome voice I’ve ever heard. (He met K.Will during these years!:)) You know the song called “Father’s Shoes” (Rought translation) on their Sentimental Chord album? He wrote those lyrics… He still gets very emotional talking about it because I think he’s family was very close-knit.

    You should really watch those episodes… They made me cry!

  7. What exactly is meant with the term “4-dimensional behavior “? I am unfamiliar with the term. I know Sun Mi supposedly has a quirky personality but couldn’t you say that about a lot of teenage girls in highschool?

  8. but then i saw on sunye’s cyworld a pic taht says
    “happy birthday daddy and mommy!”
    -and there where her parents and her holding a cake -_-‘

  9. You can’t really say that wawa, I’m not too sure it just sounds a bit off, I hope ur not taking offense to what I’ve said.

    After having watched so many performances I realized that something didn’t look right with Sun Mi so it made sense when I found out about her life… I kinda do hope they give her the attention she needs, I know she seeks and could seem annoying but theres nothing she can do about it as she doesn’t know when shes seeking.

    I also feel for Sun Ye, I know what its like to loose grandparents you adore so much and I might not have lived with mine but I also might as well have.

    As for Ye Eun I don’t really see that as a sad story O_o its just what a parent wants, and I’m pretty sure most parents don’t want their children put up on a pedestal especially at that age.

    FTLove you got me interested in SG Wannabes back ground lol…

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  11. Wow, I never thought.
    But I’m glad that they are now able to support their loved ones.
    Sun Ye’s childhood sounded the most sad. It’s great that her grandparents were there for her.
    Sun Mi’s life is bit less sad than Sun Ye’s. At least she got to live with one of her parents.
    The situation about Ye Eun is not unheard of, but when it comes to Korean parents, it must have been tough since Korean parents are (sometimes) strict about education and such.

    I hope they all find peace, which they probably already found.

  12. Quite honestly, I don’t think Ye Eun’s story is very sad. I mean, for parents to object to their children becoming singers is quite normal and happens all the time. And I saw her mom when Sun Ye and Ye Eun took their college entrance exams… Her mom was wearing some really nice clothes (fur, jewelry, etc.) so I kinda guessed she came from a well off family.

    I knew that Sun Ye had a rough life because of the whole thing with her and Lee Hui Jae… He said that she called him when she hadn’t yet debuted (don’t know how she got his number though) and he asked her who she lived with and she said her grandmother… And her grandmother is number 1 on her cell speed dial…

    I would never have guessed about Sun Mi. I love that she is always smiling and happy… Now I know there is more to her than what we’ve seen and I’m so glad that WG succeeded for her sake.

    Go WG! (This story reminds me a bit of SG Wannabe’s, although I think their’s was sadder) 🙂

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