Start 2010 with Wonder Girls


It’s another post from me here although I am still surprised people are still coming here in hope of finding updates. It ain’t happening. It’s amazing to see that a search for ‘Wonder Girls’ still turns this site as #1 in the results.

Anyway, the girls like many of you have known aren’t returning with a Korean album in 2010. They are staying put in America and also crossing over to China as well. Hoping that they find success, because otherwise it would be a waste of 2 years, which is a eternity in this industry.

Not going to write much except to fill in people on offers for Wonder Girls merchandise which I chanced upon recently on Ebay. I was searching for fun and then saw something that caught my eye.

2010 Wonder Girls BBQ Chicken Stand Calendar

I don’t usually get fan merchandises. But calendars are useful and worth extra especially with the Wonder Girls plastered all over it plus the delicious chicken.

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