Wonder Girls Message to Wonderfuls 081119

The following are messages written by each member of the Wonder Girls for Wonderfuls which was posted on Wonderful Cafe Daum today.


To. Wonderful

Hello (lit. how are you)… The weather has turned very cold =)
Now it looks like winter.. heum (noise of contemplation)… it still has to become colder!!
Please wear warm clothes when going out.. I am also suffering a lot due to a cold.. hahaha..
Ah! Our Wonderfuls~ =)* The Wonder Girls received a DaeSang (big award)!
Perhaps that day there were a lot of people crying with us..
If all of you were not here, then we could not have come this far..
I am always grateful and.. Let go together til however far~

– SunMi –


All the Wonderfuls that I ♥.. =)

From everyone’s cheers, I always have strength even though it is the cold winter~ =)
It was not that long ago that we received a really huge award.. It really was like a dream… Also it seemed like there were more people with us for that award than a year before, so my heart was full and grateful..!
All the fans who we love that always cheer for us wherever we go and give us strength..
you know that from being with all of you we shine more and get more strength right? =)
I hope that all of you would think proudly… of being part of the Wonder Girls’s Fan club >_<
If you are, then we would also always have to work hard right?: always whenever our Wonderful carries their pride they help us~ so as we curl up smartly together: We can do it ♥
There is always a thing that gives us the possibility to exist you know~ the possibility that is there for us is that all of you are here with us.. I think that is really a undefeatable strength that we can display ^^*
I hope that while listening to our songs you can become a Wonderful who always gives when you are happy and can cry when you are sad.. Thank you so much =) I love you Wonderful. Always be with us!! Aja aja ♥

SunYe “Min Leader”


To Wonderful.. ♥

Hello (lit. how are you)!! It is YeEun ^^*
It’s been a long time since I have written a letter~
Not that long ago, there was really happy news right?
We, who are rookies that are awkward and amazed at everything even though it has been a year, could not even imagine that we would already received such a huge award. All of you were really surprised too right? I am still not believing it, so I am pinching my cheeks..
During one year and nine months, we have really done a lot of things. Happy things, sad things, painful things, difficult things.. hard things that we wondered if we could do, heart-warming things that we wondered how we should. With all those things, there were all of you Wonderfuls. Whenever always.. if we did not have our Wonderfuls, then really, we could not have done anything at all.
For always being next to us, loving us, protecting us, laughing with us, crying with us – thank you.
For not being able to make you laugh more, for making you hurt, I am sorry.
However, from the day I first saw you, even now, to whenever
I love you.. ♥

– YeEun –
P.S. Even though I tried my best to write prettily, bad handwriting cannot be fixed in one day..! ㅜㅜ Please be understanding ♥


To. WonderFul ♥

Hi~ >__<
Even though we have not even debuted for 2 years, we were very happy and surprised that you gave us such big awards. ㅠ~ㅠ
Thank you so much..
And also, our WonderFuls that we love so much,
in the future too, until whenever, let us go together ff~aa~rr ♥♥♥

From YooBinNyong =)


To. Wondeful.

Thank you… for always being behind us cheering and forever being “Wonderful” with us!

By. SoHee

All messages are translated by Kay@wgjjang.wordpress.com


103 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Message to Wonderfuls 081119

  1. thank u so much my WonderGirls !!!^^
    love WonderGirls 4eva !
    sooo proud to be WONDERFUL…………=)
    i hope you come here again in indonesia soon…

    saranghae..uri WonderGirls !
    mmuuaaacchhh !! ^__^

  2. thank you WONDER GIRLS…
    i hope you come here in the philippines soon…
    i understand your message to everyone…
    and give your best to being nice and good person to us…
    to smile and make her dream come true…
    your my inspiration everyday and your song…
    suddenly i dont understand your language…
    and thanks for the song,,i want to listen everyday…

    keep up the good work girls…

  3. i’m not a fan of wondergirls but i do love three of their songs-nobody,tell me n so hot..d songs r catchy bt unfortunately they cant pull the songs wonderfully..they really have to work on their singing skill because they are singers!! for some people singing is a natural talent but for others you need to practise.the latter goes to wondergirls..

    i read d previous post,hahaha..Lets have fair arrgument ok? I dont like Soo Hee too because according to rumours Hee Chul likes her (or used to like her, i dunno)and I love Hee Chul..hahaha So naturally, i’m not going to like her eyt?hahaha
    In looking department, she is not anything great..The leader is pretty n so does Yoo Bin but she is just plain korean girl.But It’s in her innocence i guess that makes her seems so adorable.I watched Golden Bell Challenge, Soo Hee was licking her lips lots of times, its cute though..
    Singing skill, well its pretty obvious right?Besides, all of Wondergirls members dont have great voices..Yoobin is doing a great job in rapping..The leader is ok but nothing extraordinary (referring to FInKl-Gosh, Ock Joo Hyun has GREAT voice!! Lee Hyori too..Almost all members have good voice)

    this is personal opinion.Dont bash me..i have right to speak up my mind eyt??PS:people,plz learn to accept that everybody has their own view..neither u can nor u shud change other’s perception!!because we are all different entities..we color the world with our unique personality and point of view =) cheers!!

  4. Love sohee<3. Hate it when people bash her like that. Not being able to express your feelings openly isn’t a crime. But, all the other msgs are so cute and sweet. But a msg doesn’t necessarily have to be long to be sweet and caring too. It’s still cute. Ye eun’s handwriting isn’t messy!! o:<3

  5. so hee is so cute and INNOCENT!





  6. lol

    GO SOHEE i like her message it is cute and short
    and i like her voice too without her voice the songs would be incomplete 🙂 this is my opinion 🙂
    sun mi is cut and caring 🙂
    sunye 🙂 wonderful
    yoobin together 4-ever with u
    ye eun like her handwriting
    i like all the messages from them

    a wondergirls without yoobin, sun mi, sunye , so hee or ye eun it is impossible for me 🙂

  7. love the wonder girls, kinda disappointed at some of the wonderfuls for not supporting the whole WG members. so what if SoHee wasn’t that good? I see she’s improving in her singing ability. Just give her time. As for her social skills, I’ve seen her on Tv shows. seems like she’s only shy when there’s live audience. Just watch Brain Battle. She loosened up to the MCs. Gotta say, if JYP and SunYe didn’t let her go, we wonderfuls shouldn’t criticize her because I bet they know she’s worth more.

  8. guys………..come on RELAX ALITTLE…if this antis and critisization didn’t stop…it will turn out really bad……

    remember……not that i want it this way….but alot of suicidal are popping out and it will break everyone heart if this critization drove ****** crazy….(god pls don’t let that happen…)

    Sohee is a person too who had feelings like everyone else…
    To me, sohee is like a bassist,,even though a bassist sometimes were overshadowed by other instrument but without it the music would not be nice…….
    Same goes as sohee….she is sometimes overshadowed by the other girls,,,but she is the link of the missing pieces……

  9. aww such sweet girls! I love them more everytime!
    Sunye and Yeeun’s message is very long lol. It doesn’t matter if it’s short or not,the most important thing is,they remember us Wonderfuls 🙂
    Sohee’s message is short but meaningful.


    Thank you coolsmurf 🙂

  10. Thank you for sharing this. I was happy until I read the comments.

    Sohee’s naturally shy and if she wrote any longer I would actually be surprised. That’s her character and her nature, if there are outgoing people and people who write long letters, there are always people who are more shy and write shorter letters. Would you like it everyone was the same? All 5 of them have diff qualities which make them an awesome group. So why the bashing and hate?

    Antis probably made her even more afraid to express. She has to be wary of all the haters everytime she does something, isn’t that stressful? Hello, she’s obviously aware of it, they even made the song ‘wishing on a star’.

    The most important thing I want to say:

    I don’t see how some of you can call yourself wonderfuls or “hardcore wg fans” if you go around hating other members.

  11. I love all their letters! It is so nice of them to write to WonderFuls! Gonna get a little bias here but.. I really love Yoo Bin’s letter HAHA! Gotta go learn how to draw her smiley weee~

    Gotta agree with capri-shiqi.

    I understand So Hee to a certain extent.. I can’t express myself very well, so if you know me, I’m usually very quiet (also online I don’t have much to say). And also I don’t dare to make eye contact with people that I do not know well. So, probably it’s like So Hee too, she don’t dare to make eye contact only cos she’s shy.

    Also when other people cry (like 1 of my friend was leaving), I didn’t cry and it’s not because I do not care or whatever.

  12. hello, im a new wondergirls fan from the philippines… is sun ye and yoobin is still studying in college? is wondergirls visit this site? thanks and goodluck to your career wondergirls ^_^

  13. So hee,
    Be strong.. we are truly wonderful always love you ..
    thanks coolsmurf for deleting all bashing comments..

  14. wow, some people are hatersssssss 😦
    i wish people would stop hating on sohee.
    i feel jealous of her sometimes because i feel that i could debut as a singer to if her level of talent is what’s required, but she obviously has a special something that korea loves. the wondergirls cannot do without her. she may seem untalented and cold at times, but she is a young girl who has been thru hardships and is making her way to the top.

    dont judge other people if you haven’t been in their shoes. you havent been in sohee’s shoes ,so stop hating.

    she’s not my favorite, but she’s a wondergirl and i support her. she’s really cute and has a lot of potential to be great. she also shows the other wondergirls care even if it’s not in a big way.

    anywayyyyyyy 🙂 i wish my korean handwriting was cool looking like theirs! mine’s very straight & proper looking :X i’m glad our wondergirls are stars who are able to show their appreciation to their supporters 🙂

  15. _backy_ this blogger is a just a little kid scared of the world out there. If I were a famous artist I’d be pleased to know what my fans REALLY think about me, good or not, instead of being covered by a lame blogger. C’MON! -.- this would be a good way to improve myself. Smurf? Why do you think companies have feedback? Just for show? 😛 Grow up kid!

    None of them are children, 16 is more than enough this days to face life challenges. I started to face the real world by 14, people laughed on my dreams, dissed me, called me mad and a bunch of bad things. I just said, “oh really? ok :D” then all I did was to work hard for years to improve myself, succeed in life and prove my value. I won and this haters failed in life. Success is the best revenge.

    Covered truth never helps us in anything, just make things worse. For So Hee I think she should train her voice and become a godlike singer, put Beyonce under her toes, so haters are going to say “OMGAD, OMGAD!!!! how did she do that?” D:

    btw, no challenge no fun! 😀

    “Strength are for those who grab it”.

  16. so..those messages are to all of Wonder Girls’ fans right? or only Wonderfuls..id get it =( so do u have to like join a club or pay to join or anything to become a wonderful?? o.o

  17. aww their letters are so sweet and i love yeeun but her handwriting is a little sloppy lol. who cars though she’s still so awesome 😀

  18. this is all i got to say

    a true “wonderful” knows how sohee is like and understands
    ….i rather “she be hated for what she is, than love for something she’s not”…………

    and her message is so her too, so you know its not fake!!!!

  19. This is why we love WGs ^_^
    So caring and passionate! Their messages are very meaningful and always give me hope.
    No matter how short or long the messages are, they all give the same meaning


  20. coolsmurf i think you have done a brilliant job! thank you!
    i still can’t believe that people are still bashing sohee… why are you still questioning if sohee is good enough to be in the wonder girls! its not fair, she has worked so hard like the other members, but you antis still can’t appreciate that! nobody is perfect you know! look at yourself, are you perfect?!!
    geez, why you keep on critisizing on someone that hasn’t done anything to you, i bet you aren’t any better! Yes, sohee is weak in her singing, but God didn’t create everyone to be perfect! she has her other specialities that you don’t notice, which i’m suprised because she has plenty! She’s shy, you can’t changed her personality… its her charm to be cute and innocent! her comment was short, but it still meant alot to us wonderfuls! she’s 16, she can’t express her feelings well… she is always so quiet because she has lost her confidence!!! why do you think that jyp picked her as a member???
    without her Omona in tell me, that song wouldn’t be as good!have you seen how many people trying the omona pause?? it still couldn’t be as cute as sohee’s! they each are special in their on ways…. you should be ashamed of yourself, Sohee has worked so hard yet she still get bashed! you don’t understand her , she knows who she really is and what she is capable of doing… no one is going to take her role as a wonder girls member, look at yourself… have you got everything?? is everybody praising for everything you do??? I guess not, because people like you don’t understand the meaning of hard work, appreciation, love, kindness!!! Although i know how much we wonderfuls tell you how wrong you antis are, you will never understand!

  21. Thanks for deleting the just outright wrong bashing coolsmurf.
    There are some comments left that are in the lighter sense of what Jeane/Lena said but I understand that you’re letting people give their own opinion.
    GUYS. Please understand that Sohee is NOT a mean person. This has been explained over and over by fans AND by the girls themselves!
    Her “mean” look? Just the way her lips are shaped and her eyes just happen to be smaller than average thus giving off the “pissed” look.
    Her quiet “I’m too good for you” attitude/feeling? COMPLETELY misread. Merely her incredibly shy and just quiet personality.
    Not showing as much affection as the other members towards fans? She shows the same level of gratitude just with shorter messages because she’s not a person to easily show their feelings. I am exactly the same way. I’m just not a very open and affectionate person it’s uncomfortable, awkward, and just strange feeling.
    This is actually one of the big reasons why I defend Sohee so much. I know how it feels to be on her side of this. It hurts. Especially when it’s by those who you thought knew you.
    So please don’t take her demeanor the wrong way. I know everyone has their own opinions but I just wanted to let everyone know again that she’s not a rude bitchy person.

    Sorry coolsmurf for going on again and you can delete this comment if you want to but I just wanted to let that out to those who truly believe she is not a nice person.

  22. i shld have posted this while the other side of the world is night time. I think I understand how Sun Ye felt when she deleted the comments. keep it coming and i will keep deleting outright bashing.

    sorry if it hurt your eyes.

  23. Damn, those girls are so sweeeeeet. So Hee message is short and sweet. Like people say, it’s not about the quantity, it’s the quality that matters.

    Sohee Hwaiting!!!WG Hwaiting!!!!

  24. misobinye: you are a wonderful 😀 wonderfuls area all over the world supporting wonder girls no matter what. it doesn’t matter if you live in the US, singapore, china, or korea, as long as you love them, that’s all that matters right?

    the messages were really cute. what i really love about them is that even though their so busy, they always give time to thank the wonderfuls who continuously supports them through thick and thin. my favorite would probably be ye eun’s . once again , she was very deep and humble. i love the part when she said that “if we can’t make you laugh more, for making you hurt, i’m sorry.

    for people who don’t know sohee, please get to know her first before saying useless notions that we don’t need to hear. first of all, sohee went through so much, that at such a young age, it’s very hard to manage all by herself. so why put so much hate and judgements without even getting to know her and actually listen to her? it’s a disgrace when i see comments like that.

    wondergirls fighting !
    thanks kay and alvin for sharing =)

  25. Who cares?
    They are a crap group anyway. Jks jks JKS!!!! =P

    The problem with Sohee is that everyone is giving her slack (please don’t misinterpret as ‘being slack’) because she’s the youngest. Whatever her attitude, everyone just says ‘give her time’ ‘she’s the youngest’ ‘she will grow up’. Granted Sunmi’s alot brighter due to her personality and hasn’t got anything to do with her ‘growing up’ faster than Sohee.
    The problem is What if she doesn’t grow up?
    What if she still has the long face, the snobbish attitude (come on, even die hard Sohee fans have to admit that it comes out sometimes) next year or whenever.
    Imagine if one of the older girls had Sohee’s personality (Yeeun, Sunye, Yoobin). You WOULD NOT treat them the same way as Sohee.
    I don’t dislike Sohee now (AKA I’m not a hater), but if she doesn’t grow up soon, I will dislike her in the future. And it will only be a matter of time before the media turns their back as well.

    Being shy is ok. Most of the time, Sohee is fine. And I don’t care about her/their singing and dancing abilities. But if it wasn’t because of three older, respectful, smart girls in the group, Sohee would not be as well received.

    I’d give her till next year, and at most till her 18th birthday. If she doesn’t snap out of it by then, then Jeanne deserves to be RIGHT.

    PS. I’m a SunMi fan. =D

  26. There is no need to bash.

    The Wonderful spirit is not just one Girl, it is supporting the Girls as a whole. If you only support one and bash another, you are just a fan to one and an anti to another. You are not even considered as a true Wonderful.

    I love Sun Ye and Ye Eun but I don’t go around bashing So Hee. Because I know So-hee still have room to grow and definitely she will shine one day.

  27. all the messages are so sweet! SunMi is so adorable! I definitely think they express their personalities well. I think SoHee’s message was perfect for her. It was very concise and thoughtful. I mean, just in that little statement you can see that she appreciates the Wonderfuls because she said they are with them. Wonderfuls and Wonder Girls side by side. I think it’s actually a beautiful message.

  28. It really does make us (Sohee/WonderGirls fans) sad to see when people don’t understand Sohee and thus bash on her when it takes just a little common sense to realize that the other members would be extremely disappointed and ashamed to have inconsiderate and ignorant fans that really hate on their beloved dongseng. I’m desperately hoping that none of this hardcore hating goes back to Sohee because she was finally letting herself go again and be not as completely shy as she is.

    thanks coolsmurf.

  29. for a korean, sun ye’s handwriting is nice. i liked all their korean handwriting but i kinda liked sun mi’s one. she cares about her fans. all the others are nice too. VERY MEANINGFUL. but sohee’s message was short. any hoo, she did put in effort. and her big signature. that way, fans can remember her but i wasnt impressed about her letter, even though it was short and sweet. all their signatures were cool. i loved them. especially sun mi’s. even though it was just a scribble her and there. if you looked carefully, she scribbled a HUGE heart….and that was cute.

  30. ahh sohheee<3
    who cares if she didn’t write a lot? 😀
    she said what she needed to say without saying a bunch of fake crap. there’s no rule or law saying that she had to say a long message so stop complaining -_-;
    and she didn’t even sign up for singing. she wanted to act, but JYP wanted her to sing and JYP is the boss. stop bashing her -_-;
    and if you haven’t noticed sohee got so much better at singing compared to the tell me days. if you see her singing the Dreamgirls song (forgot what it’s called) she did freaking good there.
    she’s shy because of antis like you -_-;
    but she was freaking strong enough to hold back her tears and comfort the other members who were crying. to be able to hold back tears and comfort the members..wouldn’t you call that a great WG member? i would.

  31. Some of you should be grateful that the girls at least acknowledged us and take time and wrote these meaningful messages for us fans. And please stop flamming SoHee, remember 5-1=0.
    How short or how long does not define a person.

  32. keke SunMi’s so cute 😀
    i hope she’s been wearing warm clothes so she
    doesn’t get sick anymore. i don’t want to hear
    any bad news about her! like the time she was
    sent to the hospital 😦

  33. i heard about jeane’s comments…. but wow…. that is some major anti-ness…

    coolsmurf, i’m sorry to ask this because i know you do not moderate comments usually, but can you please delete her comments or take down my translations?

    some people just go too far. and i do not want my work to be on the same page as that.

  34. we can’t make her write longer if that small phrase is the best to describe her gratitude….

    WonderGirls…no matter what…. we’re always here with you as your Wonderfuls!!haha…

    Ye Eun…although favoritism is not good…i like you the best!!!

  35. The wondergirls <33333333xinfinityxgooglexfoeverx9842930473928
    Wondergirls forever

    Oh ya people can express themselves through other ways
    Sohee performing is already showing that she cares

  36. sohee holds back her tears…even though she’s the youngest she was the strongest one…trying to comfort the other members…wiping their tears while she was holding back hers…sohe is that kind of person and also sohee doesn’t have to say much to show how grateful she is to us ^_^ so please don’t bash on sohee…this is a wonder girls’ blog….

  37. @justme

    Yes, I agree. In “Irony” days and even pre-debut days, Sohee was shy, but she was more out-going. It’s when people began bashing her during the “Tell Me” days that I think her self-esteem got affected, y’know? I know I’d be down if people start talking about how I don’t deserve to be in the group that I worked so hard to get in, y’know?

    Antis are just ridiculous. Sohee’s improving, and that’s all that matters! She’s still charismatic and very adorable, and in my opinion, it takes more than just vocal talent to make it in the business anyway! SOHEE HWAITING!

  38. ALL their messages were very touching! T.T Especially Sun Ye’s and Ye Eun’s as usual. They are best at reminding us that we’re appreciated as fans.

    Sun Mi has the prettiest hand-writing in my opinion, and I love Ye Eun’s humor yet again at the end about HER hand-writing. Haha! Yoobin’s such a cutie! And I adore Sohee’s letter because I can tell she’s sincere about it. She has no need to elaborate. ^^ It’s funny how she spells “To Wondeful” though. XD


  39. So Hee’s message was just as meaningful as the other girls..She said exactly what the other said, but with less words..why is that bad? It shows her personality.. I love that about her…She said exactly what she was feeling and I’m happy and beyond pleased with it.. Sohee ah! Fighting!
    I wouldn’t want SoHee to change for anything in the world.. She is who she is.. Why do people want her to be cheerful all the time and have a fake smile on her face… There is no celebrity like her. Because though shes quiet, you can clearly see that she cares. She does not need to be overly vocal about it… anyways.. Sohee AH! Never change for anybody!

    I loved all their messages.. shows each of their personalities very well.. Of course wonderfuls will always love you and try to protect you.. now and ’till forever … This is just the beginning…Lets “create big news” together! Wonder Girls Fighting!

  40. Sohee is very charming and though she might be weaker then the others in some categories she is a big part of what makes Wonder Girls, Wonder Girls just as every other member is
    if your going to support them support them ALL simply as that

  41. it’s pity for you as long Wonder Girls exist So Hee will be in.

    You know why ?

    Because JYP believes really hard in the girls he has chosen to be part of Wonder Girls.(even so Yoo Bin wasn’t there in the begining, from my point of view it’s just so lucky to have found her)
    Can you say he was wrong when you see the result now?

  42. I don’t see why people hates Sohee, she’s cute and is trying to be more open because she doesn’t want burden the others, she knows she’s too shy and she’s trying to fix it. Saying a person is a b and blah blah without really knowing the person is really ignorant.

    Sohee is not my favorite more yoobin but I still love all the girls equally, and to place negative comments like this in alvin’s blog is -_-, he translates and post for us even though he doesn’t have too and this is how we’re gonna treat his blog.

  43. well i agree. i really like sohee and everything, she’s so popular and cute but sometimes i think she take things for granted. i mean she is nice and everything.

  44. such touching letters to the wonderfuls!
    our girls are always so sweet!

    To: Wonder Girls
    “even though i am not in korea by your side, cheering you on. know that us international wonderfuls are still always cheering, supporting, and loving you beautiful wonder girls! please let the bad remarks pass you and always stay strong! till the end, lets fight! hwaiting!!”

  45. I have been notice too So hee is not nice, in this case is not if is shy or not…or innmature, she must learn be nice and more kindly with everyone with the fans because a singer is thanks to FANS . thats why JYP wants try again change her bahavior?

  46. I like how all the girls’ letters seem to convey a bit about their personalities ^^ I even like SoHee’s short and sweet message bc we all hear that she’s shy and reserved and it’d be weird and out of character for her to write this long thing.

    And I love how YooBin is the oldest with boyish thing going on, but her letter contains the most “aegyo”!! It’s so adorable how she misspelled things on purpose to write cuter and calls Wonderfuls “jahgideul” ^O^ And the pink paper!

  47. Tee hee ^,..,^ i loved all their messagesssss and Sun Ye’s was truly touching (probably cuz i’m a Sun Ye fan) 😀

  48. Wow. people seem upset here.

    I’m just happy they all wrote letters!
    I think each letter just reflects their personalities a bit.
    Some of them may not be as capable of expressing themselves with words, some of them have had more life experiences that have taught them to be more grateful for all the good things in life, but all of them appreciate their fans.

    I think they’ve definitely improved since when they first started. (I was watching an Irony performance earlier)
    i’m sure they all acknowledge their own & the other wg’s strengths & weaknesses, and they’re probably working hard to improve. I mean, they do put in long hours and live a very stressful life that’s almost completely based on their image.

  49. awww~ the messages are so sweet.
    i love sunmi&sohees handwriting!
    sohee’s message is short, but really sweet~
    you dont need an essay to express thanks and gratitude
    ahh silly yeeun, her writing is fine~ so cute 😀
    thanks for posting these up!
    really nice reading them~

  50. For me.. The most readable hand written is Yoobin’s 😀
    And the best message is Yeeun and Sunye ! Good luck Wonder Girls ! Can wait for the next addictive song !

  51. Yeeun’s and Sunye’s messages are so so nice~
    Yoobin’s and Sunmi’s too ^___^
    mmn… my least favourite is SoHee too but that doesn’t give me the right to trash her, although i do believe the group’s singing abilities are held up by her…
    and she should try to be a little more grateful even though she can’t express her feeling correctly…
    i hope she can work on it and improve her singing skills 🙂

  52. How can you compare something like that? Just because she can’t handle a family crisis better than Sunmi doesn’t mean she’s trying to get attention. Even so, its her personal life, so why do you have to stick your nose into it?

    She didn’t cry during the MKMF, but I saw a few tears.. but that’s not the point. Maybe she didn’t cry because she’s stronger emotionally than the others. Would you prefer artists who fake cry all the time just for publicity?

    She may not be the most talented in the group, but she works just as hard as everyone else. In regard to her singing, if you do keep up with Wonder Girls, you can tell that she has improved alot ever since her Tell Me days. Even so, she sings alot better in Irony than all their other songs because she doesn’t have to sing high notes.

    Have you even watched their performance of ‘Love You I Do’ @ Kim Jung Eun Chocolate? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snGMvQHWNx8

    Her singing is so much better because she didn’t have to hit the high notes.

    You know why Sohee has become shy nowadays? Its because anti’s like you who have to criticise her everytime. She has gone from outgoing to introverted because people like you don’t see things in a wider persepective. She only wrote a few lines… oh wow, maybe because she’s tired from the concert? Maybe she can’t express her feelings in words? Maybe she feels like she didn’t deserve the award and she felt that if she wrote anymore, it would be like thanking something that she didn’t contribute to?

  53. Anyways all the messages were really sweet, even SoHee’s one which although was very short, also seemed very genuine.

    Anyways its really sweet that the girls too the time to write to wonderfuls!

  54. FYI, Fabi, Sohee was really nice when she’s at Singapore. ^^

    even without make-up, she agreed to take photo with fans, smiling really happily. ^^

    she smiled and waved at fans at the airport too~

  55. yeeun said before that Sohee’s a shy person. She just probably doesn’t know how to express herself. Every single wonder girl is unique and that’s what makes the band special. Yeah, so what if she’s lacking in a few aspects? She makes up for it in different ways, and I don’t think its fair for you to just call her an untalented bitch because hell, she can actually dance you know (and I’m damn sure that dancing actually requires talent)

    The wonder girls are really sweet 😀
    Thanks for posting this up, Alvin(:
    Sorry for the language.

  56. ok coolsmurf. why don’t you just not post anything that has to do with sohee? because frankly, no one thinks that she should be a wonder girls member. i don’t think you do either since it’s handled like this.

    ok for a fact. sohee DID cry. a fan was able to go backstage after mkmf and sohee was crying quietly with the other girls together. they were all hugging each other like a group hug and the fan said that she couldn’t give them the flower that she prepared for them because they were crying so much.

    “수줍움이 많아 늘 마음으로 표현하는 우리 깜찍한 소희양..
    원더풀에 대한 사랑은 우리 소희양도 부족함이 없답니다.^^”
    she is very shy but she always expresses with her heart..
    she does not lack the love she has for wonderful.^^

    the staff wrote the comment on the bottom because people like you kids were going to go on about it.

    if you don’t like sohee then who cares what she wrote down? because it obviously WASN’T for you. so don’t start shit like this. just say your positive things about the member you like and move on. it’s great that you think that she has no talent and think she’s ugly but a lot of us…i’m sorry only a few of us still think she is the shit and think she’s the most stunning thing on earth.

    yeh eun is not underrated and the most unwanted.
    you yourself proved that sohee was the most underrated and most unwanted so maybe if people like you show more love to her, then she’ll start balling her eyes out on stage and also write a 10 page paper letter for you antifans on how greatful she feels that she’s wanted now.
    you proved my point. if people aren’t giving her love, why should she? it’s quite obviously that wonderfuls aren’t giving her the most love.

  57. lol,apparently,if you see her other comment at the nickhun&sohee rehearsal post,she’s obviously an anti-sohee.

  58. @ Jeane
    Coolsmurf is a SUNYE fan.
    I’m a SUNYE fan.
    And I agree that SoHee does lack talent and may be making the group as a whole difficult to expand into further songs that show more vocal talent… but if you got nothing nice to say, simply don’t say it at all. Seriously… if you’re so negative against Sohee and you’ve assumed that coolsmurf is a Sohee fan, then why are you on this site at all?

    @ Coolsmurf
    Sorry for adding to the fire…

  59. Those messages they had written are so incredibly sweet. Especially those of Leader Min. They worked so hard this year, appearing on various shows and performing… Promoting one song after another. They really deserve those awards and all the love they’ve been receiving.

    These girls are so much love. They are so beautiful inside and out, and I believe that without one of the members, there’s no reason why they should be the Wonder Girls. For each flaw that one of them has, the others make up for it. They work together as one, and I can’t see them as a group if one member is not there.

  60. So nice from WONDERGIRLS~ so~hee? i think she isnt so nice only writting so short post….

    i love wondergirlssssssssssssssssss…the bessssssssssst ^^

  61. anyways i have to say each letter really reflected the girls’ personalities a lot. and they were very meaningful.

  62. the others girls; cute Sun Mi, sexy YooBin, pretty Ye Eun, and the best Sun Ye, are beautiful, wrote a thank you very nice .. are very beautiful.

  63. I would like to see anyone that has half the dedication and heart that any of our WGs have. Sacrifice is something that is commonplace for our girls. They’ve given up so much. Any kind of negativity, I feel would be devastating for them.

    C’mon they worked so hard to get to where they are. It pains me to see other Wonderfuls bickering over something so trivial as this. Aigo!

  64. I think it’s awesome even for the girls to write messages to us Wonderfuls. It’s true that without fans, most celebs wouldn’t get very far. However, no one held a gun to your head and asked you to love their music and what they represent. I think it’s awesome for them to make a constant effort to remind us Wonderfuls that we are always in their hearts.

    As for Sohee, I’m sure it’s just a personality issue. We all have to remember that she’s 16. That’s really still very young. I mean I know there’s Sunmi, but I feel because of her difficult past she was able to mature more quickly. I mean at the very least I think she’s being honest.

    Some people may not like her, but I’m sure to our WGs every member is precious and they all hold each other up.

    To Our Wondergirls: We all love you too! God Bless!

  65. OMG! O_O

    Umm.. Jeane , the only reason SoHee has so many posts on this blog is because she has been the most in news. Then SunYe , then YeEun, then YuBin and SunMi. Not because Alvin wants it like this.

    In fact, if I’m not mistaken!. Alvin is a SunYe fan (me 2!..hehe).

    Hey, don’t get so worked up, you have every right to feel what you feel about SoHee but to come on a blog where people love her and diss her like this. Thats not right. You can have your opinion, but maybe on another forum.

  66. i love how they writing these kind things to us^^
    they’re really caring girls. love all of their messages.

    Park Oppa.. we should thank you to you girls, for always making us happy, being next to us, loving us, protecting us, laughing with us, crying with us.

    Wonder Girls♥ Aja Aja~

  67. YE EUN’S HAND WRITING IS SO NOT UGLY!!! I think her handwriting’s actually quite pretty. 🙂 It looks like a computer font. 🙂

  68. I`m at the airport i saw how she reacted . She`s shy not snob . Once again , use your peasized brain tho think again
    , If jyp take her out , any reactions by sohee fans ? I agree with you 1 point . She`s not yet the best singer in the team . Check out wikipedia , Her post`s supporting vocalist .
    Main`s sunye , leading`s sunmi and yeeun and rapper yoobin .


    Get your mind straight , WG wouldn`t be WG if they had lacked of any member`s effort !

  69. And Sohee is a really cute, innocent, nice girl.
    Give her a break. ^^

    Some people are born to not know how to express themselves properly, be understanding to Sohee, give her time, she’s improving! ^^

  70. Sunye and Yeeun msg. are very touchy. I also like how Sunmi cares about wonderfuls.
    Yeeun’s handwriting isn’t bad, though i can’t read korean 😉

  71. Maybe Sohee has problems expressing her feelings? Crying isn’t the only way to express gratitude on stage… granted, it’s the most effective since the audience can see/feel it directly.

    I know sohee is terrible at singing and she does hold back WG’s vocal abilities but she wasn’t signed to JYP as a singer in the first place. In her defense, she wanted to be an actress. If JYP thought Sohee wasn’t working well as a part of WG, he would’ve pulled her out already. Again, WG is a compilation of different aspects, Sohee is more for publicity in my opinion. Oh, and I think we all know what you mean by Sohee being “friendly”. Shame on you for feeling that way.

  72. Although Sohee isn’t my most favorite WG, Jeane went too far. Sohee may not be the most talented of the group, but she works just as hard as the other WG members. WG is a GROUP, each of them has their own admirable quality to contribute to the group.

    Bad call on Sohee’s part for writing such a short message allowing ppl who nit pick on faults to bash her. If it’s really hard for her to express feelings into words, she should talk to her manager to help her come up with something.

  73. though Sohee’s not really talented…and ugly (sorry, but that’s a fact, just look at some pictures when she doesn’t wear any make-up…), that was hard words and really not necessary ^^””

    just a question. even if bashing is no good, I think it’s stupid to delete comments that don’t really praise the Wonder girls – as long as they don’t contain really bad language. coz it shows people’s opinion, otherwise I think it sounds too fake if the only comments that people can read in this site are “aja aja fighting” or “wonder girls hwaiting” or whatever wonderful word it is.


  74. their message always so touching ^^

    i really love to reading and listening Leader’s speech
    she always put everything from bottom of her heart in her message, so sweet, caring and make me proud to be wonderful ^^

    i love u Min Leader
    i love u all Wonder Girls
    we’ll keep walking together ^^

  75. its not fair!! i dont live in korea, or singapore.. or wherever else..where wonderfuls exist.. i wanna be a member too!!!!!!
    T_T.. but with all my heart im always with WG !
    when i saw receiving them award i cried too .. in front of my computer ^^ haha

    Love u Wonder Girls! hwaiting

    Wonder Girls::. Mongolian fanblog

  76. wow… i ound another site about wonder girls… thank you for this….im kinda new…and its hard catching up… but thanks a bunch to you… is this really coolsmurf? wow…great job…i first saw the name in youtube..

  77. Wonder Girls, your amazing in any way you turn. No matter what obstacles you take, your always loved by your Wonderfuls. Thank you.

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