Wonder Girls Alcoholic Outing with Park Jin Young Blown Out of Proportion

Some Korean netizens are apparently seeing red over the Wonder Girls talking and laughing during their interview recently on SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate variety as they spoke about their alcoholic outing with Park Jin Young.

In the episode of Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate shown yesterday, host Kim Jung Eun had asked Ye Eun and Sun Ye what they would like to do the most when they became adults. The both of them replied, “Although this isn’t really our wish when we become adults, but we learnt drinking from Park Jin Young sunbaenim. We started with cocktails, beer for the second round, vodka and two other types of alcoholic drinks. We drank a little bit of each.”

Some netizens who watched that episode was noticeably disappointed with the Wonder Girls talking about their alcoholic outing which lasted five rounds. They expressed with shock and chided their actions, “…they are still kids”.

Some netizens even misunderstood the whole situation since it wasn’t implied clearly, “Not just Ye Eun and Sun Ye who only became adults this year, Sun Mi and So Hee also tagged along with them although they aren’t even 19 yet.”

JYP Entertainment explained, “Park Jin Young only taught Ye Eun and Sun Ye who just turned 20 this year drinking. So Hee and Sun Mi weren’t around then, Ye Eun and Sun Ye already said that clearly during the interview.”

Because of the Wonder Girls wholesome image, their outburst of drinking 5 rounds has led to some fans turning against them. Anti-fans are seizing on every opportunity to put down the girls by blowing up the whole issue.

The Wonder Girls are now busy with promoting their “So Hot” album.


74 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Alcoholic Outing with Park Jin Young Blown Out of Proportion

  1. common things comes in common times… anyone should understand that they are not kid anymore… people are just overreacting…^^…

  2. oh my motherfrikin goodness…

    netizens need to GET A LIFE and OPEN THEIR EYES to the world around them…

    and frik not like they’re smoking.
    i think smoking is worse than drinking!!
    and at least they weren’t drivign or soething right after…
    they weren’t reckless…
    frik i drank 5 rounds of hard stuff at a party and it’s nothing.

    people need to get a life… and i can’t believe there are antis now because of this… what losers!

  3. drinking for fun with family and elders is not bad anymore! i usually drink with my dad and my uncle! YeYe were not ancolholic! people just want to put YeYe down coz’ they are jealous! I think there are no problem here! It’s just a normal thing!
    wonder girls 4ever!

  4. woah.
    they cannot let them drink becos they are still kids
    yet they love to see them acting sexy with thick makeups?


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  6. sohee say she drink when her father let and her father was beside her at sang sang plus. that was nvr a big issue that everyone discuss.
    but why is this a big issue ? hais..

  7. I’m irritated that people are turning what was a happy memory for the girls into a bad thing.

    If they are going to drink, I’d prefer that their first time was with someone older to keep them out of real trouble.

    This all distracts attention from the REAL scandal: SoHee shortening the skirt on her school uniform! 🙂

  8. Those netizens were probably drinking while making such comments… These days, what 20-yr old Korean doesn’t drink?

  9. man those netizens were probably anti fans, or maybe fans of snsd
    but its so stupid.. it was just a celebration
    and exactly like what wglover said (50) after all those good songs and hard work, now fans turn against wg because of them drinking for a celebration?
    this is bs

    i love Jay R.’s comment (28)
    sunmi will always be sunmi:D

  10. stupid freaking anti fans
    if they were really fans then they wouldnt have thought of them like that
    sheesh there 20 years old
    they can drink now!
    antis really need to think about what theyre going to do before they cause an uproar

  11. so after all that hard work and good music they trun against them just because of them drinking ONCE? they must be retarded or something

  12. oh please, how pathetic. the girls are normal people, they’re going to do normal things. antis=fail

  13. Netizens are so stupid…all teenagers will want to try drinking after they hit the drinking age. It’s not like they went out clubbing with JYP ~~

    Plus the korean culture is really into drinking in general so what’s the big deal?

  14. Sheesh. They’re making a big deal out of this? Sunye said they drank A BIT from each.
    Hmph. Anti-fans. Just ignore them.

  15. Cry all you want netizens!
    Exactly at what age did you guys so called netizens started drinking anyway? Perhaps you should take a look at yourself first before going all out on other people >.>

  16. people should calm their balls in ice cold water.
    woo, they are legal. woo, they drank. woo, they drank 5 rounds… so what?

    people who make a fuss about this stuff is like the same people who say ye eun cant sing high notes or like the same people who cry about everything else.

  17. STUPID NETIZENS. WHY DO U HAVE TO PUT THEM DOWN?? ANYWAY, THEY ARE OLD ENOUGH. gosh! Anti-Fans of the wonder girls, YOU’RE just jealous. u antifans are really making a BIIIG mistake.

    whutever anti-s


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  19. I laughed at Yoobin’s face in the first picture, “WHATCHU TALKIN` WILLIS?”

    But yeah, netizens have a stick up their ass.

    That is all.

  20. I don’t really see it as like “teaching” them. I would just say it’s for future references. Celebrities don’t get to experience a lot of the same things normal people do, ya know? so I can feel for where the guy’s coming from.

    my dad took my brother to a strip club right when he turned 18, rofl.

  21. I don’t think it’s the fact that they’re drinking in general. I think people are more upset because JYP (their boss) is teaching them things like this. It kind of cramps your professionalism :/

  22. Ok. i’m tired of all these BS. People swear like they never drank! like most of you guys pointed out “first soju” etc.! and its also a tradition in korea right? some people are just too hypocritical! pisses the sh… outta me. i know that we WonderFuls should be MannerFul, but dude! i like SNSD also [some of their members], but their fans are @$$3S. and im NOT implying this towards SNSD, but FANS. y’all needa grow up and stop being arrogant. IDK what’s up w/ you guys hating wonder girls and all, but you guys are probably drunk yourselves.

  23. I find this funny yet shoking… yoobin, ye eun and sunye are 20 which means they are old enough to drink… its not like jyp taught them how to smoke or to get drunk… It was clear that they had a little taste of each alcoholic drink..nothing wrong with that… gosh, i really hate it when people are critisizing them badly… whats the big deal? to all wonderfuls, don’t let those annoying comments about WG, support them… It is our duty as a fan to support them for ever!!!! wonder girls fighting!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Ugh, I hate anti-fans. Blowing something like this out of proportion is irrational and stupid. I would hate if this affected WG the same way SNSD was affected because like those above me said, two big different things that the groups have.

    Why the hell aren’t people getting their facts straight? Last I checked Yoobin, Ye Eun, and Sun Ye are of drinking age in Korea so it’s wrong for them to do something totally legal?

    I wished they kept this under wraps if the Korean netizens are that sensitive to topics like this.

  25. i have to say this.

    JYP is like a father to them, esp Sun Ye whose been under his wing for 6 plus years.

    WG are growing to wonderful girls, and they are very entitled to do whatever they want to do. they are respectful, lovable, talented and honest. what more can you ask for?

  26. one. netizens need to learn that things change. sure, wg openly expressing their alcoholic outing came to quite a shock, but fans like myself should eventually get over it. as for anti’s, just they gotta learn to get over stupid issues.

    two. i dislike comments that bash on snsd. what makes you so much better than snsd fans bashing on wg? like forreal. youre just setting yourself up for being called hypocrites.

    three. im not here to flame but to express. glad to see wondergirls are having a great time. keep up the work wg(:!

  27. I hope all the WG Fans will feel me on this….

    Yoo Bin, Ye Eun and Sun Ye are all in entering the world of adtulhood….

    So Hee is breaking out of her quiet/shy shell and becoming a true young woman…

    And Sun Mi….Well Sun Mi will always be Sun Mi. Hahahahaha Just kidding Sun Mi fans!!!! She’s also on her way to becoming a true young woman and she and So Hee have three uhnis as great role models.


  28. “name” the difference between WG and SN-SHIT-D is..

    1. WG never tried to play the role of innocent, without fault, “virgins”.

    2. Just like MOST of the mebers in SNSD, yes they are all ADULTS, which means they’re old enough to drink.

    3. SNSD’s bullshit was not blown out of pro-portion, that’s an insult to korea that you would take such disrespect from someone in the media lightly, it may be common among american whores like lindsey lohan and paris hiltin here but it is an issue in Korea.

    4. The netizens reacting the way they are now are almost insulting a tradition in Korea which is drinking once you’re legal. not drinking any old thing but soju to be exact, It’s like they’re insulting any parent who buys their child once legal a bottle of soju to try it. Which is alot of Korean parents actually =)

    These netizens must be SNSD fans because that whole disrespect thing towards our country is common among the comments I’ve read.

  29. according to iPigista on soompi:

    “i read some of the comments Korean people left on the article about Wonder Girls being taught how to drink by JYP.
    and a lot of them were really negative o.o
    they were saying how JYP is teaching them bad/unnecessary things
    and how they probably went to 6th round which is sex o.O
    this is starting to get really big.
    people are actually saying to search or something and sue him. lol?”

    What now?

  30. LOL. Those netizens sound pretty damn stupid.
    We should trust our girls to not drink alot.
    As they said they drank a little of each and I totally believe them. like just a taste, definately not enough to get you even tipsy.
    And of course Sohee and SunMi didn’t drink with them!
    That’s just damn common sense.
    And for the record, SunYe, Ye Eun, and Yoobin are definately not kids anymore. They qualify as adults and I think people need to realize that.
    @name, totally random and pointless comment. SNSD actually does stupid things to gain real antifans. not just little legal sipping of alcohol.

  31. i personally think netizens are making a big deal of this simply cuz the girls are “korea’s little sisters”. I mean, i guess i see where they were going, but this is just overreacting =___=

    hopefully, as i failed to mention before, this will pass.

  32. Omgees they need to stop. Sun ye nd Ye eun are old enough to drink -.-‘. at least they didn’t get plastic surgery and lipsync like SNSD(example). these are honest girls here! Screw those anti fans! the person they represent have cons way more worse then Wondergirls! It’s suprising to see Sun mi and So hee liking alchohol o_O


  33. it’s what teens do when they turn into adults.. they drink! lol.. i see no problem with that.. it’s not like it’s a crime or anything..
    dumb anti’s… trying to find ways to degrade the WG…who in the world would be convinced?

  34. WTH!

    Why the hell does this matter!!?
    It only five round. whats the big deal!
    I drink when im out w/ my friends & sisters not a lot but just for fun.
    and they made it clear they had only a “LITTLE”
    Damn get it right!

    I dont care what they think of WG!

    WG FOREVER!<33333

  35. It’s funny how this comes up now. If you go back to when WG was on The Star Show, Ye Eun talked about how when they were in New York and he (JYP PD-nim) ordered a glass of wine for her, Sun Ye and Yoo Bin. Don’t know if both instances are the same or different events.

    But in the end, THEY ARE GROWING UP!!! Like you guys said, it’s better that we hear it from the girls rather than the media. Only true fans like myself will stand by them.


  36. actually MOST korean stars drink, boa, hyori, dbsg, suju, mc mong, everyone that’s legal really, It’s just really common to drink here. It’s not as ‘bad’ as it may be seen in the USA actually, although people rarely consider it bad in the US either haha.

    Drinking is sometimes even introduced by the parents of the child when they reach sunye and ye eun’s age. my father gave me my first taste of soju and beer actually haha. ^^

  37. i’ll pass…i’m pretty sure people will get over it..
    i mean they’re legal, and growing up, people will soon see.
    i’m sure lots of idol groups drink, etc. wondergirls were being really truthful which shows how open they are.
    its better than hiding it and then random pictures coming out onto the internet with them drinking and people being more shocked…
    antifans will be antifans, but fans will be fans right?

  38. Damn netizens..stirring things up about our Wonder Girls! Its not like they are alcoholics and drink everyday..people try new things anyway. They are not still kids. They are adults. Like what Sun Ye and Ye Eun said, they tried A BIT of each.

  39. LOL

    Those netizens have some damn nerve, HELL I drink whenever I go Korea, my uncle buys me soju like it’s fucking water, please they’re old enough and not doing anything stupid, plus it is KOREA, wtf? it’s like a sport there to drink haha. XD

  40. this is really weird. guys, i hope we dont make a big deal out of this.
    they are still people you know.
    they are allowed to do what they want.

    wonder girls, hwaiting!

  41. maybe they shouldn’t say that, they are sometimes too honest !
    but i can’t believe some fans turned against them because of that !! some people are really stupid!!!

    wonder girls fighting!!!!

  42. aw, that’s lame.
    they’re just experiencing new things, they’re still
    the Wonder Girls we all know and love! ❤

  43. i think ppl immediately assumed that sohee and sunmi would have joined them T_T
    stupid ppl, *tsk tsk
    this news will die soon anyway
    yay wg! hahaha

  44. omg well those netizens need to get a life lol.

    Sun Ye & Ye Eun are old enough its like eww get over it..

    Wonder Girls ❤

  45. Moon Geun Young, who used to be Korea’s dongseng, is a heavy drinker.

    So why are people taking it up the ass when SunYe and Ye Eun is involved? They are not “still kids.”

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