“Rivals” Wonder Girls and So Nyeo Shi Dae Music Bank Special Stage Details

It was announced last Friday towards the end of “Music Bank” that Wonder Girls and So Nyeo Shi Dae would have a special stage this week.

Their special stage promises to be a night of fun for both sets of fans. According to the “Music Bank” PD, their performances will not include “So Hot” which is what the Wonder Girls are currently promoting but instead, So Nyeo Shi Dae will perform last year’s popular song, “Tell Me” with the Wonder Girls. The Wonder Girls will perform So Nyeo Shi Dae’s “Kissing You” by themselves while the latter will perform “Baby Baby” and “Girls Generation”.

Since debuting, both groups have been frequently compared by the media and fans whom have labelled them as “rivals” although they are frankly just good working partners or friends off-stage. Despite their busy schedules and the difficulties in getting them to appear on the same stage, they have managed to work it out and it promises to be one hell of a special stage if all goes right. You can certainly count on “Music Bank” in getting the special stages right.

If you look at the Wonder Epik special stage on “Inkigayo” yesterday, it was quite poorly executed. “One More Time” was too short, both groups didn’t interact much, Wonder Girls were “overpowered” by Jewelry’s background vocals. “One” was invaded by “Breakdown” at the beginning but they were so professional and didn’t get flustered but it wasn’t that good overall.

The mid-year episode on 4th July will be extended by 80 minutes to accomodate the various special performances which also includes a special stage in the form of Son Dam Bi, Bae Seul Gi, Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls) and Joo who will be performing Jewelry’s “One More Time”. MC Mong and Lee Seung Gi will also carry on their chemistry from “1N2D” with a special stage.

Wonder Girls Wins Mutizen Award at Inkigayo for the 3rd consecutive week

Wonder Girls notched their third Mutizen award in a row on SBS “Inkigayo” today. They were up against Baechigi, Shinee, Tae Yang, V.O.S, Super Junior Happy, Epik High having won Take 7 for the past two weeks.

Wonder Girls and Epik High special stage was kind of underwhelming. It was first of all pretty short and it was obvious that their styles didn’t mesh at all. Wonder Girls came out first lipsyncing to Jewerly’s “Baby One More Time” before Epik High came in and then rapped a little and then the whole thing ended. Epik High’s “One” next but it only featured Sun Ye as she sang Ji Sun’s part. She was trying her very best but she couldn’t quite hit Ji Sun’s range.

Epik High then did a little of their “Umbrella” number before Wonder Girls checked in with a remixed version of “So Hot” which had quite many extra dance routines and made the song looked way cooler and slick than the usual fare. I thoroughly enjoyed their solo remixed “So Hot” stage I must say. Was kinda worried at the start where Sun Mi and Ye Eun did the shake and the latter’s shirt strap came off. But thankfully she realised it and adjusted it back.

Sun Mi was so random with her “Umbrella” at the end. ^^ The crowd was red hot throughout. Yoo Bin and Ye Eun also added their “Umbrella” comment too before their encore performance. Hope they consider performing this again because it gives their “So Hot” a new lease of life.

Wonder Girls News Wrap 25th June – 28th June

The following is a brief summary of Wonder Girls news over the past week.

Epik High will have a special stage with Wonder Girls this afternoon on SBS “Inkigayo”. They will perform Jewelry’s “Baby, One More Time” and Epik High’s “One”. Epik Wonder or Wonder Epik in the making possibly?

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Wonder Girls performing So Hot @ 45th Daejong Film Festival 080627

The Wonder Girls were one of two performing guests (other performer was Ock Ju Hyun) last night at the 45th Daejong Film Festival held at the Seoul Samsungdong Coex Convention Hall. The girls looked great in their shimmering silverish outfits. But the same cannot be said of their performance which sounded nervous and lethargic. Even the normally reliable Sun Mi and Sun Ye struggled with their lines. Not a very good performance.

Too many pictures, so I only posted some from the entire collection.

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