Wonder Girls shares Best New Artiste Award at 17th Seoul Gayo Awards

First, a big congratulation to the Wonder Girls for winning the Best New Artiste Award at the 17th Seoul Gayo Awards this evening. But they weren’t alone as So Nyeo Shi Dae and F.T. Island also picked up the same award.

The 17th Seoul Gayo Awards was held at the High 1 Hotel conference hall situated inside Kangwon Land Resort at 6pm today. The ceremony was hosted by Kim Sung Soo and Jewelry leader, Park Jung Ah. Wonder Girls won the Best New Artiste Award thanks to their “Tell Me” song which bought them immense popularity last year while So Nyeo Shi Dae was active with “Into the New World” and “Girls Generation” songs.

Wonder Girls was expected to win since they were leading their nearest competitors, So Nyeo Shi Dae when phone voting closed on Tuesday midnight. The award was solely decided by phone voting only so it was a bit of a surprise to see them sharing the award at this evening ceremony.

Not to say that they don’t deserve it, but the saying that whoever attends gets an award never seems to fail. Nevertheless, a big pat on the backs of Korean Wonderfuls for their hard work in voting for the Wonder Girls.

F.T. Island also picked up the Best New Artiste Award for the guys category I guess. Gracing the awards ceremony this year were F.T. Island, SG Wannabe, MC The Max, Jang Yoon Jung, Park Hyun Bin, Big Bang, Paran, Super Junior, Epik High, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Eru, Baek Ji Young, etc.

Wonder Girls were absent from the ceremony because of their vacation and their award was collected by a JYPE representative.

Full List of Winners

▲ Daesang Award – Big Bang
▲ Bonsang Award – Big Bang, Epik High, MC the Max, V.O.S, SG Wannabe, SeeYa, Eru, Super Junior, Baek Ji Young, Jang Yoon Jung
▲ New Artiste Award – So Nyeo Shi Dae, F.T Island, Wonder Girls
▲ Digital Music Award – Big Bang
▲ Best Album – Epik High
▲ mobile Popularity Award – Super Junior
▲ Trot Award – Park Hyun Bin
▲ Hallyu Special Award – Paran
▲ High 1 Music Award – So Nyeo Shi Dae


Sun Ye is now on Dankook University preliminary list

Wonder Girls leader, Min Sun Ye is now on the preliminary list for the School of Arts and Crafts majoring in Theatre and Film at Dankook University.

This was made known to the public this morning by Dankook University through phone calls and brief interviews by various newspapers to check on Sun Ye’s application status to Dankook University. The official word from them was, “Sun Ye has passed the exams and is on the preliminary list.”

Even though Sun Ye is on the preliminary list, she is not confirmed to be accepted into the course. But for those students who have been accepted but fail to register by the 11th February deadline, then Sun Ye will be automatically moved to the acceptance list.

They added, “Students who have been accepted but doesn’t register by the 11th February deadline will be automatically removed from the list. By then, Sun Ye would automatically be accepted into the course.”

“Sun Ye only applied to Dankook University so she is hoping for a good result and successfully enter her desired university,” a JYPE representative replied.

After finishing her first album promotional activities, Sun Ye is now currently in Japan with her family for her vacation.

Another Wonder Girls member, Ye Eun had also earlier in the week received notice about her successful application to Kyunghee University School of Arts and Design majoring in post-modern music.

2 New Wonder Girls Cyworld China Videos

Most Wonder Girls fans especially those that were going to see them in Guangzhou, China on 19th January were disappointed when they couldn’t make it after some issues with getting their visa approved on time. Cyworld China promised to make it up to the Chinese fans and less than 2 weeks later, they have done a new page for the Wonder Girls and also with two new videos of them talking in Chinese! Pity they can only use their Chinese on video and not at a live venue, but it’s better than nothing!

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Ye Eun to become Rain’s junior at Kyunghee University?

Ye Eun’s application into the School of Arts and Design majoring in post modern music at Kyunghee University has been accepted after passing their entrance examinations. The school term starts on 29th February but she is unlikely to be there since she is appearing at JYP’s concert on the same day.

This was made known to the public by Kyunghee University this morning that Park Ye Eun’s application for the course of her choice was successful.

According to the university, “We had to choose 4 people out of 240 applications for this music major and Ye Eun managed to clinch it at a ratio of 60:1.”

According to JYPE, “She has applied to other colleges but Kyung Hee University was the first university that approached her. She is awaiting for further notices from other colleges before deciding.”

The school is highly-rated in Korea and currently has lot of stars on its books including Park Hyo Shin, Lyn, Kim Jinho (SG Wannabe), Min Kyung Hoon (Buzz), Park Soojin (Sugar), Max Changmin (DBSK) and Kyu Hyun (Super Junior). Many trainee students are also studying in this school.

Global star, Rain also graduated from the school in February 2006 plus many other celebrities including Han Ga In, Yoon Eun Hye, Sung Yuri. This school has thus become the top choice of aspiring stars and trainees to go to.

Other artistes that are becoming university students this year are Park Shin Hye, Jung Il Woo, TOP from Big Bang, etc. Wonder Girls leader, Min Sun Ye meanwhile is waiting patiently for her results due this week.

(Credit to ~ cherrie ~ for help)

Wonder Girls ideal man

Thought that I would write this because the Wonder Girls spoke about what they look for in their ideal man. In their interview on Music Space, each of them gave a description of the man they were looking for.

So Hee
I like guys who has a good-looking smile. For example, Park Hae Il.

Sun Mi
I like guys who are shy but do things for me secretly. No names mentioned.

Ye Eun
I like guys who can whip up a good meal because I love eating.

Yoo Bin
I like guys who have character. For example, Yang Dong Geun.

Sun Ye
I like guys who gives me a sense of security.
For example, Ahn Sung Ki sunbaenim.

Saw a thread in Soompi forums by thyun who translated what the Wonder Girls said about their ideal man too on another program. This is further elaboration.

So Hee
Lately…Park Hae Il.

Sun Mi
Someone who seems gruff and brusque, but will take good care of you, like Shin Ha Gyoon. She likes his bright smile.

Ye Eun
Nowadays, I take pleasure in watching the drama, “Yi San” and I personally like the character played by Lee Suh Jin. He is good at sword fighting, and is very cool.

Yoo Bin
I like someone who manifests individuality. Someone like Yang Dong Geun

Sun Ye
Someone like Ahn Sun Ki sun bae nim. Someone who seems gentle, but has a strong and tough character.

Their answers especially the names, you can take it as PR answers because they can’t possibly link themselves with younger stars because of their idol status. But the traits that they listed are probably very true.