Wonder Girls Ye Eun Honor Student in College Too

Wonder Girls Ye Eun has managed to keep her ‘honor student’ streak going from her high school to her present college life.

In a recent interview with Sports Hankooki, Ye Eun said, “My first semester grades are out, I got 3As, 1 C but it was mostly Bs.”

It isn’t really easy for Ye Eun to achieve such good grades partly because of her busy schedule where she has to perform and study at the same time. Especially during the period when she had her finals which counted for a big portion of the grades, she had to rush between tv stations and school.

Thankfully for her, Ye Eun’s average grades added up to B+. This has continued her honor student status dating from her high school days.

According to Wonder Girls manager, “Ye Eun never once skipped lessons or forgo going for tests no matter how difficult it is for her, although she isn’t quite satisfied with her results. For those subjects which she got less than ideal grades, she would be working doubly hard for them in between semesters.”


32 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Ye Eun Honor Student in College Too

  1. People need to STOP bashing SNSD on this site. Coolsmurf’s site should be clean of bashing of -ANY- group. That would be RESPECTING him by keeping his site clean.
    If you have a problem with them, go to a freaking anti-fan site.
    There actually are people that love BOTH Wonder Girls & SNSD, like me.

    Anyways, Yeeun’s amazing. It must be super difficult to balance school and her idol career. Man, I have trouble dealing with just school. (:

  2. my ultimate idol!! wow i’m so impressed with this girl! college is hard but being an honor student while being a top artist is harder. i hope she doesn’t stress herself out too much. yeeun<3

  3. And wasn’t se7en pretty much reduced to a cell phone salesman in the USA? lol oh yeah they’re lives are worth something in their country maybe but American stars get more respect and fame than they do all over the world. lol you think they’d make beyonce sit her ass in a cell phone store in Korea to greet fans? uh no, they pull out all the stops and pamper her american self. =)

    American celeb. > Korean celeb.

    In terms of talent, looks and fame, and money.

  4. Celebrities that aren’t world famous or make half as much as US stars aren’t worth that much trust me, esp. when they all including WG can only hope to serve US celebs. water. lol

    Hell my father makes more than your average Korean “celeb” lol..quite sad.

  5. Ahh, blogs. The best way to release all your pent-up anger, especially if your life is worth about 0.000001% of the celebrities that you read about.

    Well, thanks coolsmurf, I think I’ve started seeing your name pop up everywhere now LOL. I think I’ll just go stalk your youtube acc right now. HAHAHA.

    Ye Eun is so dedicated <333 Most people can barely manage to get their act together for normal school, let alone adding a job, and then when the media is part of the job? Ahh~ I wish I could be even half as much as her. Then I’d be motivated in school. Hahaha.

  6. @ wondergirls4ever_94 – I dont think they DONT go to college. I think some of them are in universities, but some have decided to focus more on their career. There was an article on Asianfanatics a while ago about it.

    You guys really need to resolve your problems OUTSIDE this blog. I’m sure other people don’t want to see arguing. Go make a blog post about WGs vs. SNSD and argue on your own blogs. This is ridiculous.

  7. @ logicaldeath & SunMi’sHymen: wanna see some WGs bashing? Go there: http://www.soshistalker.com/. It’s a PO9’s fan site and still they bashed WGs in EVERY FREAKING POST! So plz don’t come here and play like you PO9 fans are nice and innocent. I’m sick of that!

    On topic: Ye Eun’s really a perfect combo, Pretty-Smart-Talented 😀

  8. why do people say snsd don’t go to college??? just curious… I think some of them does… can anyone tell me??? sorry if I had to bring up snsd again… Ye Eun is a very good role modal, Wonder Girls Hwaiting!!!!!

  9. Yay.
    i’m glad YeEun is getting attention now
    I always felt like she was under the radar 😦
    YeEun fighting!

    thanks coolsmurf~!

  10. hey, why don’t you guys email each other or something instead of spamming coolsmurf’s blog. He’s gone through a lot of trouble and time to give this news to you and I’m sure he’s not happy to see how you guys are arguing over something completely irrelevant from the topic. If you’re gonna fight, do it somewhere else.

    Anyway, Ye Eun unnie ❤ she stays strong in school and the media. What a role model =]

  11. ^
    Oh my! You thought that was meant to be funny? HAHA
    The only stupid one here is you when you started resorting to insulting posters, not very nice but I’m fan of your secret snsd love. The thought of you rubbing one out to them is more exciting. Three cents? When was the last time you worked the alley?

    Have posted your unrelated bullshit in the new topic yet?

    WG Hwaiting!

  12. IluvYubin

    I like you! “I love Taeyeon unnie” topic of course will get bashing, understandably. You’re the only snsd basher here that’s gets a dig at them even when the topic doesn’t concern them. How very insecure you are. I think that’s GREAT! And you don’t notice people are starting to get tired of your same old shit? Oh, wait…even your shit smells better than snsd correct? HAHAHAHA! And now you’ve started insulting posters as well…AWESOME! And don’t you worry about me wasting MY time reading your posts and responding cause like I said, you’re so entertaining! So happy I found this site!

    But enough with the subtlety already!

    Just begin every post crapping on snsd because your
    wg thoughts are bullshit just waiting for your ZINGER!

    Oh, what a teasing cunt you are! <33

  13. GO GIRL !!!
    This is good to see that Wondergirls keep going to school because it’s a great message for girls : Glamour is not a finality, you have to get something real behind it !

  14. wow show that wonder girls fans is really mature o.O

    anyway i wish i was like her, i mean she hell busy but still she
    get honor students? she is a great role model =]

  15. @logical death

    LOL go message coolsmurf to ban me too cause i hate snsd and i will not stop mentioning their name ! it’s not my fault if they SUCK!!!

    like you said this is wondergirls wordpress so if i want to bash these bitches i can! snsd’s fan should go on snsd site if they’re not happy with that!

    but it will be hard for you to avoid the snsd bashers cause they are everywhere! lol everybody hate these direspectful and talentless girls!

  16. the only person who makes reference to SNSD no matter how discreetly he/she thinks is IluvYubin.

    ALMOST every DAMN BLOODY post that coolsmurf’s makes has IluvYubin making reference to SNSD even though he/she claims he/she isn’t.

    this is a WONDERGIRLS wordpress. STOP mentioning SNSD’s name or making reference(s) to them.

    if you want to bash them, go to their anti-cafes. like you said, they have plenty of anti fans so finding on anti-cafe shouldn’t be a problem.

    KEEP THIS SITE CLEAN. if possible, keep it SNSD clean.

    if you’re a really college student, then this won’t be a problem getting it into your head.

    the next time i see you making reference to SNSD, i SWEAR i will message coolsmurf to ban you from this blog.


  17. A’s & B’s in college is pretty good considering she has alot more on her plate than the average student. Shows those that simply complain and whine about the work can obviously get it done if someone whose as busy as her can get it done and do well. =P

  18. Why do people have to metion SNSD every post in this blog? WG is WG and Soshi is Soshi, no one it’s better than the other. They’re different. If Soshi doesn’t attend school it’s their busy and this’s not related to WG. I’m really sick of this.

    I’m proud that Ye Eun got amazing marks. She’s a very hard working girl. I wish her the best.

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  20. I didnt know the grade system was the same in Korea^^ and she is a great role model, Most korean singers seem to attend college I notice, I like that since it shows they can live their dream and still get an education. one of the reasons I love hyori too lol she went to colege despite being korea’s highest paid female artist. Its amazing. ^^

    that’s why it’s sad when 9 young girls decide to just blow off college.

    GO WG ❤ ^_^

  21. She’s my role model! i mean it! how can someone be as hardworking as her?! she’s really great! very hardworking, talented & Pretty too! ahhh! i love her more and more!!!!! keep n working hard Ye eun but don’t over work yourself ^_^

  22. She is a great role model, and I find myself similar to her (grade-wise). I’m glad she’s doing well.

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