Wonder Girls So Hot Known Worldwide Thanks to Youtube

There are numerous UCC websites in Korea like FreeEgg, MNCast, Daum, Cyworld, etc which mainly cater to the Korean audience. But thanks to Youtube which is available to a worldwide audience thanks to its 20 different localization versions, Wonder Girls newest “So Hot” video has become a worldwide phenomenon since it’s release on 22nd May, slightly more than a month ago.

Just two days after it’s release, the “So Hot” videos on Youtube had amassed over 100,000 views and 3,000 comments. One of the videos in particular has garnered 885,963 views and 3,638 comments alone after just one month.

Netizens commented, “It’s an amazing feat to see a Korean video in recent times, generating so much interest overseas and showing no signs of slowing down in future”, “The rapper skill is really cool”, etc.

The comments have come from netizens from many different countries like America, Australia, China, Greece, Japan, etc showing that the Wonder Girls is becoming really popular overseas, just like back in Korea. What’s common among them is that everyone likes the rhythm and beat of the same song.”


49 thoughts on “Wonder Girls So Hot Known Worldwide Thanks to Youtube

  1. LOLOLOL. everytime i introduce wondergirls to whoever people, they like em too!!! i can’t stop blabbering about em, now almost all people who knows me, knows em too! LOL

    Proud to be a Wonderful. Proud to have Wonder Girls. Proud to love them too. XD

    Spread the love. Spread the Wonder. ^^

  2. lol!!!i lovee WG!!!
    some company want to bring them to malaysia next year!!
    but not yet confirmed tho..
    but i hope it’s true!!!!!!!!!!!
    i want to see WG!!!!AAAA~~

  3. omona!!
    many from Philippines here?
    same here!!LOLS!!

    EVER since I saw them perform I love them and the documentaries I’ve watched I loved them even more!!!


  4. Haha! I remember that my friends and I all found out about Wonder Girls thanks to Youtube too =D and I’m glad we did ’cause now we’re all big fans <3.

  5. @coolsmurf: If it’s not too much trouble, a screenshot of the world map and traffic graph in the Views tab of the Insight page?

    It’s good that JYPE opted to leave the video up. 🙂 I hear Universal and Sony usually go for a DMCA takedown instead.

  6. @jaime, not over my channel. JYPE just has access to that So Hot MV because they only filed a copyright claim for that. Stats for that video will be sent to them and they can edit the broadcast options. I got the notice on 12th June.

  7. last piece of my curiosity.

    which videos do they actually have control over? including WGM? X-Man? WG’s perfs? technically it should just include the WG’s MVs since their perfs are by the broadcast stations?

    rreallly curious on how “open-minded” JYP is. hehe

  8. may i ask when did you get this “notice”? and how do you know if anything gets changed or editted? do they leave you messages and warnings?

    just curious. ^^

  9. wow. i didn’t know that JYP has control over your channel. now thats wierdly cool. the coolest thing is that he doesn’t control it too much. he knows that YOU also have a huge fanbase and that many netizens will be pissed if your vids get deleted. that’s why JYP is my fave. he thinks. ^^

    btw, the chances that the girls know about you and your work is immensely huge.

    imo, one of the reasons why they are soo popular on YouTube and worldwide is because of you, well duh.

    coooll. fighting, oppa! =)

  10. OMG coolsmurf you have to msg JYP back and tell him that I love yoobin and that my brother wants to marry her T.T lol jk

    that’s cool though that they didnt delete the vid >.< JYP actually has an official Youtube but it’s not as popular as coolsmurf’s page so I guess they figure they have to get the views and comments some way. and coolsmurf’s videos always has so many viewers. ^^

  11. me too(from malaysia)..i know aout WG from youtube…if not bcoz of youtube..i think i dont know about WG so much…

    from youtube i know all their scheaduel n performance..

    wg you the best group ever…i have all their song..hehhehe

  12. I’m from Malaysia… I first noticed them in a klick magazine, and then I starting liking them, my friend who was crazy about the ‘tell me’ showed it to me… and now I’M A BIG FAN OF THE GIRLS!!! wonder girls fighting!!!!

  13. Wonder Girls, please come back to Thailand with Nichkhun soon, i missed your last visit

    i’ll be waiting and def. buy your concert tickets ^ ^
    (it’ll be my first concert in a past decade)

  14. BRAZIL loves Wonder Girls too \o/

    [Tell Me is very popular in pump games…]
    And So Hot, gosh, I love it ♥———♥

    [sorry my bad english ;-;]

  15. i dunt if people from my country know them.. but an arab.. the last few yrs i’ve been listening to korean music more than anything eles…i jus luv it! and i luv WG! 🙂

    i’M a Fan FrOm PhiliPPines..I HoPe tHeY cOuLd coMe hEre…
    aLthough I aDmiT thAt theY are not rEaLLY grEat singERs bUT thEY are grEat EnterTaiNers…GO WG!!!!

  17. @dooberap, they can place advertisements which they did but it was removed. It means they can edit the video details and how it is broadcast like me. they have control over that video just like me. But they allow it to remain which I’m glad. JYP is so open-minded. They disabled embedding so it can’t be hotlinked on other sites. I can change it back but I respect their decision.

  18. I know some Americans love the WG and I have a friend in the UK who totally fell in love with them after seeing So Hee in Tell Me and bought the album without checking them out and now he bought So Hot. I’m so slow on making my first Wonder Girls purchase. I already have So Hot as a ringtone.

  19. That’s so great to hear that WG are so popular!!!!!!

    Please Wonder Girls come to Germany one day!!!!!!!

  20. @flipflop, screenshot of which part of Youtube insight?

    Yes, the video is the one I have on my Youtube channel, but since the Korean article didn’t state, I didn’t want to be shameless and include it. By the way, JYP had sent a copyright letter to me via Youtube. But it wasn’t to ask me to remove it, just telling me that they have some form of control of my video.

  21. hey don’t forget malaysia too!!haha..all thanks to youtube especially coolsmurf’s channel!

  22. so proud of wonder girls!!! i always go on youtube to find anything Wondergirls related, and so hot is sooo catchy that even non Koreans (such as me) can get addicted to it.

    WONDER GIRLS ❤ FROM ENGLAND, come to London girls lol.

  23. eiiii~Don’t forget SG too!!The whole world loves them. They are ‘world singers’ literally. So HOT is booming everywhere right now(including the recent weather climate!!lol~) name it…on the charts, radio station, tv broadcast, internet forums, etc…they’re basically EVERYWHERE. And even though your post is based on your own personal view, it’s a basic fact actually.There is no doubt on their increasing popularity right now..They deserve it..I agree whole heartedly with you on this=))

  24. HAHAHA! coolsmurf they were talking about your video!!!!
    I’m soo proud of you and the girls..
    Wonder Girls you have fans from everywhere!! CANADA LOVES YOU!!

  25. coolsmurf, I was wondering if you could post a screenshot of the YouTube Insight page for the So Hot MV you uploaded?

  26. ัำััyep,

    get update with WG vid in youtube is my new religious routine now…


    way to go Wonder Girls

  27. xprezionz
    ei your from philippines too? me too.
    anyway the amount of Wonderfuls here in the Philippines are growing too and yes wonder girls are really getting popular overseas.

  28. Is this an article u traduced or is it ur own statement? because i would be so happy if wg hear about us and see all the videos of them on youtube!

  29. i definitely agree with this.. since im not from Korea.. people here in my country (Philippines) that knows the Wonder Girls are growing in numbers.. thanks to youtube! i personally discovered them in this site february of this year.. and since then, im loving them even more.. i even share WG to all my friends.. and they are liking them too!!!


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