Wonder Girls, “We Don’t have Princess Complex”

It’s all about the Wonder Girls this summer. The popularity of Wonder Girls “So Hot” continues to grow day by day. Be it on Cyworld music charts or others, they are always at the very top. This is not just a storm but a phenomenon.

Sun Ye (19), Ye Eun (19), Sun Mi (16), So Hee (16) and Yoo Bin (20) gave a short “thank you” message with regards to their growing popularity. Compared with caring about their popularity, they are just young girls who just wants to show their mischievous side and doing more things.

Compared with “Tell Me”, what does “So Hot” tell us? Sexiness, maturity? Nope. They just want to show us their new transformation.

Sun Ye expressed, “It’s not totally a sexy concept frankly. Compared to “Tell Me”, we are able to show more different sides of us.

“So Hot” is a song that exemplifies the princess complex. And with lines like, “I’m so pretty”, “I’m so charming”, it totally brings out the charisma present in the Wonder Girls. We are not saying you have to be pretty but anyone can be. We are trying to do that with the song.

Ye Eun added, “You will understand if you have seen Music Bank. It’s not that we are trying to be sexy, it is a mistake to think that way. We are still a distance from being pretty. On the contrary, our expressions are very exaggerated. Just from looking at our members, you will know that most of us are just normal and who has princess complex.

The intense reaction towards the 5 of them drinking…

Sun Ye & Yoo Bin expressed, “We were really flustered by the reports. The drinks were ordered by our elders. And we just had a little bit of this and that, but it was written like we had drank a lot. So Hee and Sun Mi were at home, but it was written that everyone of us went drinking. Neither one of us likes drinking. So it’s really too much for them to say that.”

There must be many things that the Wonder Girls want to do at this age.

Yoo Bin wants to write songs while Ye Eun wants to compose. They said together, “A song is going to be born soon”.

So Hee said, “I miss school (normal) life”, who is in her first year of high school but has missed many activities thus far. “I also want to go on a trip with my JYPE colleagues at least once, like mountain climbing, going to the beach, etc.”

Yoo Bin said, “I want to try sports or in future if possible, horse riding.”

Why did Wonder Girls become singers?

“The answer is simple, because we want to. Regardless of environment or whether we are low in spirits, we will always feel good doing this. It’s just like eating. When you feel down, you tend to eat good stuff and you feel better again. I’m thankful that we’re the Wonder Girls.”

The Wonder Girls will cease promoting “So Hot” at the start of August to prepare for their next album (expected to be in September). “We are still not sure what music genre we would be trying. It will not be like Tell Me or So Hot but other kinds of music. There’s too many things we want to try.

Any burden about their new song? “Nope. We are actually anticipating it.”


23 thoughts on “Wonder Girls, “We Don’t have Princess Complex”

  1. i’m worried for my WG’s coz rain & dbsk will make their comeback in korea in the end of the year!!!!
    too much competition !!and the truth is that they can’t win against dbsk & rain TT
    hope they will comeback with a really big hit!!!!

    wonder girls fighting!!
    wonderful forever!!!

  2. i bet ye eun and yoobin’s song is gonna be great. GO WG!! i cant wait for their next abum!!! I bet wg’s song is gonna be lyk, #1 again in music shows:)) I HOPE THEY WIN THE MTV MUSIC AWARDS!! go wg!! fighting!!! :)♥♥♥

  3. lol I think SNSD album will be out in sept. or a bit later, but of course they will compete once again, but Korea pretty much hates SNSD now, lol. of course WG will win. a good album can’t save SNSD, respect and manners might though.

  4. “Ye Eun added, “You will understand if you have seen Music Bank. It’s not that we are trying to be sexy, it is a mistake to think that way”

    Well if your going to shake ur booty.. that’s what i think of.. lol!

    New album!! it’s gonna be a hip-hop song i bet

  5. they will be in direct competition with a lot of older comeback artists… DBSK in particular. can’t wait for Sept 2008!

  6. No WG updates on August! that will be a relief for me! even though i will be sad ’bout that but at the same time i have so many school work on that month like case study, defenses & of course our midterms!!! O_O so it’s really good that they will prepare on Aug! and will be coming back on September! only 1 month! hahah so happy!

    i will be looking forward for Yoobin & Ye eun’s song! hahahahaha

    im glad they cleared the drinking incident! those netizens are just TOO much….making stories like that….aish!

    i think it’s a good move to cease promoting So Hot while it’s Hot! hahahhaha good one JYP!

    i can’t wait for their new song! now what kind of genre and style will WG give this time??? ooohhh! i cant wait!!!!

  7. NEW ALBUM IN SEPTEMBER?! AHHHH! OHMYGOSH! I’m really anticipating a song written by Yoobin and composed by Ye Eun! That’d be a really great duo! =D

  8. i wonder if snsd’s new album will be out in september too…?
    hehe if it happens there gonna be an interesting competition between them!! but we all know who’s gonna win !!

    WG’s all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    * WG is the best girlgroup in korea!!!*x-D

  9. Aww they are going to stop promoting in starting of August?
    Omgosh can’t wait for their new album in September!

  10. It’s gonna be so boring without the Wonder Girls in August… *sigh* I’d better take in these moments while I can!

  11. Aw.
    EVerytime I read an article from the WG they always sound so down to earth and sincere and what not.
    Which is exactly why I love them! 😀
    Like the drinking thing. The Netizens went WAYYYYy too far with that one and they just explained the facts in a nice sweet way!
    I absolutely love them.
    I do feel bad for Sohee and Sunmi for school but I’m sure they’ll stay strong and look to other things too
    They really are the Wonder Girls.

    thanks coolsmurf!

    It pretty much made my day.

  12. They are really good speakers, they seem so mature and adult-like (I know most of them are ^^)..but Im always impressed at their speaking skills. =D lol is that weird? T.T lol

    and yess Im glad they explained that whole drinking thing, sohee and sunmi wouldnt even be allowed into a bar at their age lol. -___-;;

    Im sad they wont be promoting in August. Im gonna miss them =( who will I watch????? will that JYP boyband be promoting in August?? lol ^^

    oh well I look forward to fresh new songs in sept. ^_________^ school time right haha. xP

  13. I hope in the next album its shows their good vocals… and probly something fun… I dunno, I guest JYP is going to create something big… WG FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!

  14. Nothing from WG in in August?? Good!! “So Hot” is doing so strong that promotions are happening all by itself especially with video plays on the net (i.e. YouTube and UCC).

    I hope they are gonna get some much needed and deserved rest. Ever since “Tell Me” exploded onto the scene, the only time they really had time to stop and take a breath was when they went to New York and even there they were still working (shooting a MV for “Wishing On A Star” and a JYP concert). Remember they are all still girls who still wanna experience what it’s like to be teenagers and young adults.

    I’m glad they want expand outside of the “Tell Me” and “So Hot” genre. Don’t get me wrong I love those songs but I also love the slow songs like “This Time”. I can’t wit till te album comes out.

    Keep up the great work girls!! All of us WG fans can’t get enough!! =P


  15. WOW!! album in september?!?!? that’s only a few months away!!! *-* so quick!!! WG fighting!!!

  16. WAHT . so like a month of no WG somewaht ?
    august is so gonna be inactive for us Wonderfuls .
    hope their album is gonna be bombing in septemember .

  17. I’m glad they actually cleared up the drinking thing =___=

    and I hope the JYP family can have a vacation! How awesome would that be? lol

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