So Hee troubled childhood revealed

So Hee of Wonder Girls, Nation’s Little Sister has always displayed a cheerful and happy image when on screen to viewers. So it was a bit of a surprise to learn of So Hee’s troubled past recently as it caught the attention of viewers.

So Hee’s father, Ahn Byung Guan expressed that even though So Hee appears cheerful on the outside, she is actually not like that inside as he revealed their family past. When So Hee was in fourth grade, her parents divorced. She ended up living with her father and her sister who is 6 years older. But bad times continued, the clothes factory that So Hee’s father was managing folded soon after he divorced. In order to survive, he ended up working as a courier delivery man on motorbike to support So Hee and her sister.

Despite So Hee possibly feeling hurt and having a hard time dealing with the divorce, she was always encouraging and egging her father on, “Why are your shoulders sagging?” “Have strength!”

So Hee and her sister still keeps in contact with their mother.

He added, “So Hee has been a very obedient kid since she was small and is very trusting of me, always encouraging me. Even if no one tells her, she knows her responsibility and never creates trouble for anyone. But I don’t feel safe letting her work in the industry. She is now not by my side and I can’t follow her everyday. Although she won’t do anything silly and can take good care of herself, it’s such a competitive industry and there’s always gossip and rumours. As long as she is safe, I will be contented.”

“Recently, she doesn’t act cute (throw tantrum) with me but rather she keeps saying, “Dad, I won’t let you suffer again in future. You just enjoy your life,” I feel like she is an adult when saying this. I am very thankful after hearing these from my daugther. I hope that I can assist her in her path to reach her dreams. To me, So Hee is not a celebrity, she is my adorable daugther.”

After hearing about So Hee’s family, netizens expressed their surprise, leaving replies such as “I thought she only had a happy past” “It must have been difficult but she’s grown up beautifully” “have strength”.

Credit: bbe_bbe_ro@soompi


15 thoughts on “So Hee troubled childhood revealed

  1. reading this made me cry.. TT__________TT
    sohee is such a very good kid.. im sure her father is very proud to have such a lovely daughter…
    sohee hwaiting!!

  2. She grown up as a beautiful girl who have strong willpower…
    She had difficulties when she was a child…so i believe that she can be a great star one day….
    This is just a beginning to become a great star…
    I bet her father is proud to have her as his an adorable children…^^

  3. wow, that was a hard life
    but good thing that she still has that cute smile, and fighting spirit behind those miseries

  4. Waaah our always-looking-dazed cute So Hee…it’s okay, she’s growing up strong. Be good girl always!

  5. @ Luxtoraa: you can include yoobin…she lives alone in korea because her family lives in the US, and she wanted to purse the entertainment business, so she came back to korea alone….but really, a lotta ppl have a “dark” past….haha…sad things happen to everyone…

    that’s great of her to be strong even though she’s so young

  6. i think this helps explain her shy, introverted personality…at least her future won’t be sad 🙂

  7. Somehow all WG memebers have a dark past, don’t you agree? Ex member Hyunah having bad rumors about her past, Sunye living at her grandparent’s, sunmi has also lost sb., yeeun’s parents wouldn’t allow her to pursue her singing career and now sohee….only yoobin misses…

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