So Hot

This might be quite a redundant page for you hardcore Wonder Girls fans. But this will serve as a one-stop for those who don’t know anything about them to get acquainted with them through mvs (from most recent at top).

2 Different Tears

Now (Remake of Fin.K.L’s song)


This Time

Take It

So Hot

Wishing on a Star

Tell Me



50 thoughts on “Multimedia

  1. hey
    the wonder girls are soo talented
    I really want you to come to Canada
    We love you!!!!

  2. 오랜만에 보는 영상들도 있네…ㅋㅋ

  3. umm… theirs a english version of nobody now….so i think you should post the english version.. 🙂

  4. Hey wondersmurf, I notice your youtube channel is gone for some time now 😦 Have been really waiting for it to come back. All that hard work posting videos now all gone… and I can’t watch them too… Hopefully SBS (that’s what you said) and Google (owns youtube) will get back your channel with all the videos intact 🙂

  5. U forgot the song called ‘TAKE IT!’

    It’s one of the best MV for me, cause the girls look so cute!

  6. Haha, I wasn’t a fan of Wonder Girls before (the name put me off) but the songs (and fun MVs) for Nobody and So Hot are so good! 🙂

  7. Ah! I love Tell me! Its just such a good song. ❤ and you gotta love So Hee’s "omona". super cute.

  8. i love u yu bin. I am from mongolia. I really enjoy you’re all songs and clips. I proud of you so much especially yu bin is the love for me. one of the you’re best song is nobody which is fantastic. when is your show?

  9. why did JYPE deleted your nobody mv? i thought they were always supportive of letting other ppl upload it. hmph. the video was so close to getting a million views. darn. keep up the good work though!

  10. I am from Ethiopia. I love wonder girls so much. Especially SO HOT!!!! I always see them on KBS. KBS also a great channal!!!
    But I dont have the CD of their music. Can any one send me one CD especially SO HOT.

    Hiwot Mulugeta
    Box – 74
    Awassa, Ethiopia

    From the drammas I saw on KBS I love Full House and Sassy girl so much. the film actors, Ilove you too. I love the foods of korea though I aint gonna taste them because it forbidden to taste such foods in my country. And I will really through out if I did and I really want to taste dumblings.
    the first country I am going to visit if I got the chance is KOREA.
    Wonder Girls are better than the Americans. Is there any one who doesn’t agree.
    Bye “Sarghe”
    love korea

  11. this is a video for eebabo but its like clips of a performance and behind the scene clips put together, same thing goes for take it except its just complied of behind the scene clips and no performance clips

  12. perhaps some radio/live performances of the other songs too (if any)? too bad they don’t have lives of all their songs (yet)….ahh…concert dvd……

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