Counting Down The Year With Wonder Girls

So Hot bought much success and popularity to the Wonder Girls in the middle of the year but it seems to have been forgotten in the aftermath of the Nobody mania. But luckily for us Wonderfuls, we will get to see them perform So Hot once again on television as we close out a wonderful, magical, successful (running out of words) 2008 with the Wonder Girls.

So Hot

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Wonder Girls @ Music Core & Inkigayo 081018 – 081019

Didn’t blog about Music Core yesterday so I would add this here.

Nobody @ Music Core 081018
The Wonder Girls had actually performed Nobody a week ago for Music Core but it was cancelled as MBC chose to show a generic baseball game instead. But the Wonder Girls once again managed to have the honor of being the last to perform for the 3rd straight week. Another good consistent performance. The retro outfits are growing on me but the wigs have gotta be an eye-sore.

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