Counting Down The Year With Wonder Girls

So Hot bought much success and popularity to the Wonder Girls in the middle of the year but it seems to have been forgotten in the aftermath of the Nobody mania. But luckily for us Wonderfuls, we will get to see them perform So Hot once again on television as we close out a wonderful, magical, successful (running out of words) 2008 with the Wonder Girls.

So Hot

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Not Quite The Music Bank Christmas Stages Everyone Wanted

KBS Music Bank has finally announced the official lineup for their Music Bank Christmas Special on 26th December which will go live at 6.35pm (KST). Just not quite the lineup that everyone had expected and hoped for.

Nam Gyuri, Tae Yeon, Ga In, Sun Ye

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Kim Jong Kook Wins K-Chart on Music Bank

Just to keep everyone in the loop. The Wonder Girls despite not turning up today was still in the running for #1 against Brown Eyed Girls and Kim Jong Kook (did not perform either). In the end, Kim Jong Kook won K-Chart but he wasn’t around to get his trophy. Feel sorry for Brown Eyed Girls. Wonder Girls wasn’t there, they promote a new song, and yet they still can’t win.

Music Bank 081114

M! Countdown was pre-empted yesterday.