Wonder Girls @ Inkigayo 081102

Wonder Girls performed Nobody Rainstone Remix for the second time on Inkigayo today and it was a million miles better than on Music Core.

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Ye Eun @ Inkigayo 081026

The Wonder Girls were originally scheduled for Inkigayo earlier this week but were missing when Inkigayo released their official list. But Ye Eun still turned up today as the sole Wonder Girls representative as she completed her trilogy stage with H-Eugene today on Inkigayo, performing Baby I Love You.

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Wonder Girls @ Music Core & Inkigayo 081018 – 081019

Didn’t blog about Music Core yesterday so I would add this here.

Nobody @ Music Core 081018
The Wonder Girls had actually performed Nobody a week ago for Music Core but it was cancelled as MBC chose to show a generic baseball game instead. But the Wonder Girls once again managed to have the honor of being the last to perform for the 3rd straight week. Another good consistent performance. The retro outfits are growing on me but the wigs have gotta be an eye-sore.

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Wonder Girls Nobody @ Inkigayo 081005

The Wonder Girls performed “Nobody” again today on “Inkigayo” and again, they gave another good performance overall except for a minor Ye Eun hiccup. Visually, it was awesome seeing them in their magenta outfits and nicely-done hairdos. Love their expressions and the camera angles were excellent, capturing every moment of the song perfectly. Best stage in my eyes.

They didn’t win Take 7 but neither did DBSK. It went to Lee Hyori who signed off today with her Goodbye Stage and the end of her album promotions.

Last week, all of you voted Music Core as the best. How about this week?