“Rivals” Wonder Girls and So Nyeo Shi Dae Music Bank Special Stage Details

It was announced last Friday towards the end of “Music Bank” that Wonder Girls and So Nyeo Shi Dae would have a special stage this week.

Their special stage promises to be a night of fun for both sets of fans. According to the “Music Bank” PD, their performances will not include “So Hot” which is what the Wonder Girls are currently promoting but instead, So Nyeo Shi Dae will perform last year’s popular song, “Tell Me” with the Wonder Girls. The Wonder Girls will perform So Nyeo Shi Dae’s “Kissing You” by themselves while the latter will perform “Baby Baby” and “Girls Generation”.

Since debuting, both groups have been frequently compared by the media and fans whom have labelled them as “rivals” although they are frankly just good working partners or friends off-stage. Despite their busy schedules and the difficulties in getting them to appear on the same stage, they have managed to work it out and it promises to be one hell of a special stage if all goes right. You can certainly count on “Music Bank” in getting the special stages right.

If you look at the Wonder Epik special stage on “Inkigayo” yesterday, it was quite poorly executed. “One More Time” was too short, both groups didn’t interact much, Wonder Girls were “overpowered” by Jewelry’s background vocals. “One” was invaded by “Breakdown” at the beginning but they were so professional and didn’t get flustered but it wasn’t that good overall.

The mid-year episode on 4th July will be extended by 80 minutes to accomodate the various special performances which also includes a special stage in the form of Son Dam Bi, Bae Seul Gi, Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls) and Joo who will be performing Jewelry’s “One More Time”. MC Mong and Lee Seung Gi will also carry on their chemistry from “1N2D” with a special stage.


35 thoughts on ““Rivals” Wonder Girls and So Nyeo Shi Dae Music Bank Special Stage Details

  1. YAY i loooove SNSD<33 ! i love WG too but im a big snsd fan hehe ^.^ have you guys heard they're new songs Run Devil Run and Echo and Star Star Star* << their vocals in that song are amazing and if you dont like them just give the songs a try trust me they are REALLLYYY good 🙂

  2. actually,among all of the special stage Wonder Girls did with other artists, WonderBang was the only collaboration that became so popular.

  3. I somehow think that SNSD is benefitting from this experience more.

    Tell Me was a hit. MOST popular song of WG.
    And all WG gets is Kissing You? and the experience of the cutsey feel of SNSD.

    slightly unbalanced. but snsd has 2 unwavering vocals like wg. so yay!!!

  4. hehehehe i also love comment so maybe i will post another one….i also agree with ilovesoshi SNSD has strong vocals because they have Taeyeon and the others but they still lack training and confidence which makes them lose against WG..
    but ilovesoshi i think you really love sushi ^_^

  5. WTH! isn’t it obvious.. WG will sure dominate against SNSD.
    WG has Sunmi and YuBin
    SNSD has Sunny and Yuri
    WG are greater singers and performers
    SNSD has 3 good dancers
    WG are more matured even at a young age
    SNSD are still young in mind so they lack confidence

    that’s all what i can say………by the way if anyone loves anime and you can’t watch your favorite anime anime at crunchyroll and youtube sucks because of its slow streaming why don’t you try this site…..www.ifyouwas.com

  6. omg cant wait for the outfitss
    soo awesomee
    a lot of people are worried about bashing
    who caress
    just enjoy a good performance by the most talented girls in korea
    the only thing im worried about
    i love WG more than snsd but i have to admit
    there are many stronger vocals in snsd
    such as tae yeon, seo hyun, jessica, tiffany, etc
    soooo… kissing you actually requires some vocals
    i guess they’ll give all the big hard belting solos to ye eun and sun ye?
    idk excited to see yoobin too!
    wow my 3rd cmnt

  7. OMGGG
    is it true tiffany is doing yoobins rap and they are gonna do omona!!!!
    prob seo hyun or yuri or yoona

    i had a dream about this before it was announced i swear
    except WG was doing girls generation instead of kissing you
    im so excciteeddd
    i was waiting for something like this to happen
    i actually love it when these two groups do something
    the dance off was okayy
    but i really cant wait for this

  9. ^ hahaah of course they can pull off the omona part..everyone has done it. a simple surprised facial expression and palm on the face…seriously.

  10. idk if SNSD will be able to pull off SOHEE’s “omona” part in ‘tell me’!.
    and beside, i’m just a little bit worry about the fans! takecare Wonder Girls! please come out of music bank alive!..lol

  11. i’m not all that excited for this special stage.
    i am looking forward to how Tiffany handles the rap I don’t think it’ll be that hard for her because it’s in english & it’s not a hard rap, so i think she will manage but i would like to see how she does.
    other than that i’m not looking forward to it, i was disappointed as well with the Epik Wonder. I expected more but there was just nothing.

  12. This is so freakin exciting idk why no one is happy about this. Just ignore the few rude fans and don’t discriminate! Can’t we all just get along?

  13. sigh*
    I hope they will at least interact..its pointless to have a special stage without interactions…
    still not excited about this, but I wish all the girls good luck… Fighting! *sigh

  14. I can’t wait for the performance with Wonder Girls and So Nyuh Shi Dae! I love them both! ^_^

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  16. rofl. I’m nervous for BOTH WG and SNSD. lol There’s going to be some immature fans from both sides. But, I really can’t wait. Cause I like WG and I love SNSD (but I’m not going to be biased towards my soshi girls)… so it’s like a happy moment for me. lol Since also the girls claim that they look up to each other. (:

    ROFL, SNSD in retro outfits… and WG with Lollipops. lol
    (It was confirmed that they’re going to perform Tell Me and Kissing You btw)

  17. ahah this collab is gonna be awesome!

    i wonder if the fans are going to be into it though

    and i just realised. is it just me or are there regular quite sexual sounding grunts in Tell Me?

    first one is at 0:08 and second at 0:16 and so forth at 8 second intervals. or am i just being stupid -____-


  18. i love both wg and snsd. but i worry about the bashing towards snsd. most likely people are gonna blow things out of proportion again…..and fanclubs wars and such.
    it’s one of my dream to have my two favourite girlgroup perform together but goodness..my poor snsd.

  19. I’m not really excited but worried… I think people are going to critisize wonder girls and comparing them… I hope they do well, everyone please give your support… I wonder what they will be wearing.. i suppose yoobin isn’t singing… who is going to do yoobins rap in tell me… I’m kinda worried about the SNSD’s fans.. to all the wonderfuls, just ignore the nasty comments that the SNSD’s say about WG…
    wonder girls 4ever!!!!!!!!!

  20. Ehhhhhhh okay how is SNSD going to perform that song? every member gets 3 or two words? lmao…whatever, tell me craze is over pretty much so they can’t exactly screw the song up I guess.

    But atleast they wont be on the same stage as WG at the same time. plenty of free moments for antis to boo them and only them lmao.

  21. uh.. i dunno bout this collab..
    duh.. with snsd?
    emm emm….. *thinking*

    i just wanna watch WG..
    that’s all that matter…

    bour wonderEpik..
    kinda rush..but yeah..
    it’s so not something must watch perfs…

    wonderBang still top it!!!

  22. Ahhh excitement!
    I LOOOVE the Wonder Girls and am just a regular fan of SNSD but am still nonetheless hyped for their performances of each other’s songs.

    I was actually wondering on how they were going to split “So Hot” into 9 people but now I guess it’s not a problem.

    And since the fans are just so damn crazy I think there’ll be bashing either way on if they do good or not cause if a group does good they’ll say they did it better than the other and if they do bad well you know. But I’m hoping that by putting these 2 groups together people will see that they’re good people and they’re good friends.

    ❤ to Wonder Girls and SNSD!
    (Maybe just a little bit more to WG..) xD

    Thank you coolsmurf!

  23. ^agreed.

    i’m half excited and half not excited, because already
    i read some bashing of people saying that ‘wonder girls going to do bad’ or ‘snsd going to mess up wonder girls song’ i just felt like the whole special stage was weird to begin with.

    and i can already feel the bashing coming if the performing
    dont go well. if they performed like a whole group as in 14 people on stage then there may be a chance it be not so much bashing but if they split up in small group or they singing each other song then yup fans going to go bashing big time.

    sorry poor english. c[=

  24. i think, they (Wonder Girls and people managing them) are doing an experiment by collaborations..
    checking who or what groups the Wonder Girls will click with and probably expanding their music skills..

    and also, everyone would love and be excited to collaborate with them because they are so popular..

    performance wise, they’re doing good.. just need to practice more.. but, i think.. having a hectic schedule is reasonable enough for their tired bodies to have that kind of performance.. but of course, dont settle for less but for the best..

    charm wise, i love them.. no matter what!!!


  25. This is like a reversal if Music Core’s Special Stage with SNSD goes well. In their comeback, Music Core was like bleh, but Inkigayo’s was amazing.

    Epik Wonder just didn’t work well. If they do a special stage again one day, I hope it’s better.

    I’m actually not that excited about SNSD and WG together because I feel like there’s going to be haters, and they’ll be compared yet again. I’d like to see them perform each other’s songs though. =)

  26. im gonna take this performance with a grain of salt lol

    i dont feel like being immensely disappointed as i was with epik high.

    and im not much of a SNSD fan according to my blog, sooooo i’ll just sit back and relax

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